9. The time is coming of the division of humankind into two main directions:



   The division of humankind  intensifies at the spiritual level, especially since the beginning of the new millenium. Physical division is taking place already from the end of the year 2012, first in a small number of the revibration individual groups of people. The number of people leaving this reality this way, is rising year after year. This is because as the planet Earth/Zero with all humankind is approaching to the date of the last wave of the revibration of positive people before the arrival of the Pseudo-creators, all the beings who do not deserve to live in the fullness of the negative state must gradually go away of this dimension.


   I, the Lord Jesus Christ, I have My lightworkers all over the world, with their number reaching millions. In cooperation with Me and contact with the positive state, they bring witness to the upcoming changes that concern everyone. Among other things, the purpose of their action is also to warn people who have not yet been awakened so they do not have to suffer on the planet that falls into hells.

   When it’s in the very near future divided humankind on the physical level, there will be a sharp reduction in the vibrations of humanity and the body of the planet (only applies to this dimension). The Pseudo-creators will come along with other extraterrestrial entities on the planet Nibiru and one of them will sit on a papal throne, which will be handed over by the last Pope Francis, who is their co-worker. The one who sits down on the papal throne will have the dazzling human form of Jesus Christ. He will be also perform miracles and proclaim wise words. He will be celebrated and glorified as the true God, but it will be the wolf in sheep’s clothing with a lizard essence. He will solve all the problems and wars, the whole planet will immerge in the peace that will sleeps even more sleeping people who remain in this reality. There will be a unification of all nations, one religion which will be accepted by all will be established because it will contain what people want themselves. Keep in mind that Pseudo-creators have the skills and power people never knew, so it will not be a problem to rebuild this world according to their ideas within a short time.

   At that time when everything is quiet, mankind will be in the false interest of peace, unity, security, fraternity and other intrigue chipped, most often by inserting the RFID chip under the skin. Those who refuse the chip will be chipped in concentration camps (for example, there are hundreds in the US – the so-called FEMA camps, where hundreds of thousands of black plastic coffins are for those who will not collaborate with the system). After the chipping, people will be controlled at 99.99% and will no longer have free will, they will become robots. Pseudo-creators share the reins of power over the world and the zone of displacement, they will assume the the reins of government over all aspects of dead life. Omnipresent censorship and the system of the New World Order will oversee everything. There will be a mass extinction of all kinds of plants and animals on land and in oceans, air and water will become poisoned, earthquakes, volcanic activity, tornadoes, storms, windstorms and acid rain will be on the order of the day. From the contaminated environment on the surface, some will have to resort to the underground. It will not be nowhere to run already.

   To make matters worse, from the false peace, there will be reinitiate more and more wars, conflicts and everything what has the negative state on the order of the day. A new superman-biorobot will be cultivated in which the greatest possible evil will be implanted, coming out of the black heart of the Pseudo-creators. The supermen army will have goal to attack Creation and the positive state for the purpose of total defeat of all its members and even Me, the absolute God of the Lord Jesus Christ. This action is absolutely crazy and impossible, because cannot be defeated the absolute Creator, from which Life and Love spring from, thanks to which even the maintainers of the negative state are alive. Of course, I will not even deny attack on the positive state. Then the true nature of the negative state will be revealed, which every one will perceive differently. One of the many things is that in destroying the Lord Jesus Christ all the being and existence, including the negative state and all its members, would be become extinct, that is, simply:

the negative state can not be alive without the positive state, which I direct I-Love.

   To everyone, without distinction, will be answered the question, „How would life without God and His/Her spiritual laws look like?“ Than I eliminate the entire negative state for eternity, because after answering this question it will lose any sense for it to exist and further prolong the agony of all. Every being without any difference will be asked whether it wishes to live in the fullness of the positive state, in other words, in the quality of life that has never lived since the beginning of Creation. Those who do not choose to enter into the new cycle of time without the negative state, it will be take away eternal life of them on the basis of a previous agreement that was set up before the mere activation of evils and untruths.


   Paradise and ascension into Heaven (to the higher dimensions of the Multiverse) awaits those who carry the Love in the heart, inspire with positive patterns, do not support the development of the negative state and do not want to remain in this reality after the division of humankind. Again, without distinction, I will give the choice to everyone, where in this time of changes he/she wants to go. My mercy and love for you is endless, so I will be show up everyone during Event/Warning when you will have direct contact with Me. Those who have not accepted me until then, but will accept Me at that time, I will also liberate.

   When you revibrate most often on the New Earth in the 5th dimension, you will see the infinite beauty of everything and everyone, you will feel Divine Love and you will be constantly connected with Me, the loving eternal parent.

   Your life will become very pleasant, full and harmonious. You will not experience any restrictions. In the perfect environment, nothing negative will be present, what you know from the human life on the Zero. Everyone will otherwise perceive paradise on the earth and with human words cannot be described the splendor that awaits those of you who are setting out on the path of light. As you ascend the spiritual spiral of development, you will get abilities about which do not even seem to you. Telepathy will be a matter of course from the very beginning and soon you will be able the teleportation. Your multidimensional being will live many lives in different places in the universe simultaneously – and you will perceive all your lives at once. As you will travel through the universe, you will recognize new civilizations and unrecognized beings. Not only on New Earth, but anywhere in Creation, I will give you the opportunity to live in an environment that suits your preferences.

   Meanwhile, from the first row you will look at the pseudo-victory of the negative state in the reality of the planet you left before. Anyone else before you or after you had not and will not have the opportunity to watch this act live from the first row.

   When I will free all the beings who have remained in the negative state, you will welcome this with enthusiasm as they will, because for you it will mean that they will finally meet with you and together all of you will enter into the new cycle of time, where there will be no more the present of the negative state. Creation has been created to live in the fullness of the positive state. In the unanswered question of life without God, it was impossible for the Creation to live in the fullness of what I created for him in the history of the Multiverse. Fortunately, the time will soon be fulfilled and everyone will live in what they have never before experienced. Since then no evil for ages of ages will ever exist in neither in a snoozing form as it was before activating of the antipole of Love.

Your Lord Jesus Christ

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