8. Whoever surrenders his power to another becomes helpless

   Letting yourself be lulled by the false appearance of this world is unsuitable for a human being who wants to ascend on a spiritual spiral with the view  to liberation from control. You would not get anywhere and still stayed at one point. If you want to get rid of fear and control, do not adhere to the set pseudosystem.

   I do not mean that you have to live in a rebellion, but that you have come in into your inward and to follow Me. You have to get rid of the noise of external thoughts and control programs. If you do not think by the brain but by the intuition (spiritual heart), you will stop worrying about anything that is connected with the survival of life here.

   Whoever surrenders his power to another becomes helpless. Your life (physical and mental) does not depend on the ill-nature of elites, bankers, politicians and other positions and institutions that serve the growth of the negative state in the zone of displacement, but on the receiving Love and the Lord Jesus Christ, the handover oneself into His/Her loving hands.

   As the Creator of Everything and Everyone, I have all the information about anything in the Multiverse. Against to Me, he appears to be relative because he is created, so he can not be as absolute as I am. I’m the only one who gives you everything you need for a happy eternal development. I am present in every atom, because even the smallest particles are part of My body. Who else should you surrender than who absolutely loves you and understands you? You are I and I am you. Thanks to that, I share and experience a free life, I getting to know myself.

   The elites don’t matter about anyone of you. They try to wring their flock to get the maximum of them. Then the controlled person literally throws away on the junkyard as you throw away the squeezed toothpaste. The soul, which no longer provides them energy, is mostly thrown into the appropriate part of the zone of displacement (hells). I know it sounds harsh, but how can the being get to the zone of placement (the heaven) when she has been collaborating with the negative state for the whole life and still clinging on him? How can she be accepted into Love when she can not perceive it and refuses to surrender of passing things? No one is condemned to stay in hells against their will, everyone has the free choice to go where they choose. Since My First Coming to planet Zero in the body of Jesus Christ, no one in hells is locked. In addition, to the members of the anti-universe is offered the ubiquitous help of My ambassadors who work there.

   Use your power and energy for your own spiritual growth. Only in this way can you be internally and externally truly free, whether you are in the human life by anyone. But one thing is certain: You are Love and it is up to you how much you will be willing to receive and radiate.

Your Lord Jesus Christ

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