7. The transformation of humankind would not have been possible without the help of more advanced universe civilizations that work closely with Me, the Lord Jesus Christ

   Positive beings who are committed to saving humankind in the cosmic space around the Earth/Zero planet, are called Universe people. I called them earlier to monitor the negative activities of people who would destroy the whole planet without the presence of extraterrestrial brothers and sisters. If that were the case, there would be no answer to the question: How would life without God look like? This would lead to the self-destruction of the whole Multiverse, because the existence of the whole being depends on answering this question.

   We will not mention too specific names of civilizations and their representatives, because everyone can find information about positive extraterrestrial races by themselves, because the one who seeks, finds.

    It must be mentioned that most of these loving beings who care for humankind have their origins and home in the constellation of the Pleiades system, where in many dimensions orbits around these stars many planets with diverse beings at different degrees of spiritual and technical development. A large number of volunteers – both men and women – I have asked for cooperation, especially from the planet Erra, which is very similar to New Earth. Selected beings from the planet Erra of the 5th and 7th dimensions of the natural universe are participating in a very important mission at this time. Around the Zero in the 3rd dimension, millions of Universe People are deployed in hundreds of thousands of starships to pick up part of the prepared humankind into the 5th dimension in the near future (true for those who do not have enough vibrations for so-called ascension, but do not deserve to live in the fullness of the negative state).

   The most famous representative of Universe People is Ashtar Sheran, whose multidimensional being is Ivo A. Benda, through which many positive cosmic civilizations have come to the forefront of interest of terrestrials. He is the author of well-known websites www.vesmirni-lide.cz, which are sometimes denounced by negative or spiritually sleeping people. Ashtar is the commander of the Great space fleet, and with Ptaahem after half a year, alternates about guarding of the cosmic space around this planet from bad entities.

   They love all the people indiscriminately and are looking forward to seeing you as well. For those who have an open spiritual heart, they can also appear in the sky in the form of bright stars, or will take you to the space ship and other planets during your sleep. It is a great honor for them to participate in the transformation of humankind. Their task is not easy, but they accept it with love and humility. Already very soon, together with you, they relax when the physical division of humankind is completed. Then they will withdraw from the space of this planet so that not to hinder the necessary short victory of the negative state.

Your Lord Jesus Christ

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