6. The higher the vibrations of the Love of the being, the more she helps others, the less she think of her profit

   In the hierarchy of Creation, I am above all I, the absolute Creator the Lord Jesus Christ, absolutely intelligent, creative, loving, caring and powerful. Perceive Me rightly as a bisexual being which experiences yourself in infinite variations of life through you.

   There are new and new self-conscious (sentient) beings who, at their creation, placed themselves at the lowest level of spiritual development to steadily approaching the absolute state.

   The first relative being I created at a point where the natural worlds of Multiverse still did not exist. These souls are called God’s firstborns and are at the top of the imaginary pyramid above all. It is still to be mentioned that I am spreading out over the pyramid and around its, since there is nothing outside me that exists, because I am infinite.

   In a very simplified language for human beings I will explain another cycle of creation of beings. There are more and more inhabitants of Multiverse under Firstborns. For you, it is important to know that the archangels are standing between the Firstborns and the angels, after the angels, who represent other innumerable entities of a broad existence, are human beings at the next „level“.

   The higher the vibrations of the Love of the being, the more she helps others, the less she think of her profit. The most advanced relative entities serve with Me to all without distinction, the archangels are engage in the salvation of humankind and are the extended hand of the Firstborns, angels and humans are a direct family group of mankind (this applies only to the angels moving in this material universe where humankind is located).

   Those at a higher level serve those on a lower level, not vice versa, such as in the negative state, where in hells, those in the lowest positions must serve the highest ones. In any case, all the minions of the negative state serve a narrow group of purely negative beings of reptilian origin, which we call Pseudo-creators. They tie and exploit everyone who is in their sphere of influence.

   You can also recognize the degree to which you spiritually developed. When you think of helping others and less on yourself and the needs of your ego, you are on the right track. Incarnated beings from the positive state of the 5th and higher dimensions (= angels) are sacrificing themselves for so far dormant and controlled humans (= true human beings + incarnated beings from the negative state) so that they need not unconsciously suffer not only them but also the whole Multiverse of the positive state, whose inhabitants are indirectly influenced by the negative state. Last but not least, masters and already mentioned archangels are present in the human bodies to together with the Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ, which is also present in the human body HERE (this time a female), take away part of humankind to heaven and later to end this cycle of time after the manifestation of life without God by the bad people and the Pseudo-creators will be answered the question once asked.

   Try to help others in the good heart, because you are helping even yourself by it.

Your Lord Jesus Christ

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