5.  The basis of transformation and ascension to the higher dimension is the increase of vibrations, the expansion of consciousness

Another message to beloved beings on the Zero from the Lord Jesus Christ.

   No gain no pain, it is true throughout the Multiverse, because only by self-knowledge and self-discovering of infinite diversities and variations of life can ascend after the spiritual spiral, constantly approaching to the Lord Jesus Christ, that is, to Me. Life is change, never stops.

   For you to be able to easily move into the 5th dimension when the division of humankind, you need to fully manifest your hidden potential and pursue your mission.

   You who read these lines are, for the most part, spiritually awake, and your primary goal is to spread the consciousness of others, not just yourself. Share with your loved ones and friends about what you already know about the events connected with human transformation. Meet them gradually with the essence of the functioning of this world and later bring them on the spiritual path in the form your own. Even they will soon experience a quantum leap in the perception of existence and of themselves.

   By acquaintance of the others, you increase the vibrations to them and even yourself, because you perform a great deal of work. In any case, you can not force your „truth,“ because every human being has a protective system in his DNA that only accepts such spiritual information which are tailored to her. If you were to tell a spiritually sleeping individual right away the whole truth, would happen to damage his encapsulated spirit.

   If friends reject your messages about spiritual worlds, do nothing of it because they are not yet ready to go on the path to the light. Know that they will give you the truth when I come to every human on this planet in the form of a gift of mercy called the Event/Warning. At that time, they will have some time before division of humankind still for a while, whether they will listen to you and be inspired by positive patterns.

   If I did not incarnate again into this world in the form of My direct incarnation, if there were not a great number of highly advanced beings with Me, there would be no transformation the parts for the present, and later of all humankind. You are our extended hand, and with humility I urge you to help with the transformation of humankind from your free choice. Because thanks to you, after the division of humankind, he can get into the higher dimension, for example, your husband who is still spiritually sleeping.

   For every being that wakes up thanks to your help from the illusion of this world, I will reward you with a heavenly reward, which will have innumerable forms. I look forward to seeing you soon when all the beings connect with Me.

Your Lord Jesus Christ

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