4. You will find Me in your heart, devoid of fear and self-depreciation

   This is a universal rule for all human beings on the planet Zero and elsewhere in the zone of displacement. I am always present in you, otherwise would not live nobody, but it is up to you, how you will have a private and intimate relationship with Me.

   You who are reading these words are spiritually mature enough to establish a conscious connection with Me and left to lead by Me because no one other you knows absolutely. Only I know what is best for you on your unique life journey. I know every cell of your bodies, I see in your heart, and I know the most secret wishes of each of you.

   If you get rid of fear and self-depreciation, so you are on the right path towards the positive state, where its inhabitants are constantly approaching to My perfection on eternity, because that’s how to play the game of life.

   Rule 1 – you must not fear.

You have to realize that everything is perfect, but you can not understand it in the limited human bodies from the Pseudo-creators. Fear controls you and binds you. Negative elites over this world feed on your fear and want you to be afraid. When you look at everything with insight, so you give Me for the truth that to have fear doesn’t really make sense. Spiritually awake individuals never afraid, because he knows that I’m protecting them with absolute protection. The incarnated beings from heaven are here on the Zero in enemy territory, yet they are at maximum safety because they fulfil My plan and I will never allow to make anything happen to them.

   Rule 2 – don’t underestimate and don’t compare yourself with others.

Do just what your heart and intuition tell you – so I, the Creator of everything and all, the Lord Jesus Christ. Many of you do not believe in your abilities and your own originality. If you vilify and artificially humiliate yourself, you will not get far on the spiritual path. Accept yourself what you really you are and do not flatter yourself and do not always go with others. In each situation, ask yourself: What would my heart do?

   I have created infinity of various beings. In the whole Creation, you will not find two identical beings, not even the same two snowflakes or blades of grass. I have given to all the necessary qualities to they be happy for eternity and to approximate closer to the absolute state. I am talking about the abilities of your spirit and soul, not the temporary human body which is fabricated by My opponents the Pseudo-creators. For those who revibrate on the New Earth during the division of humankind, I have prepared perfect subtle bodies free from all the ailments.

   You give Me and our co-workers the truth after you move to the higher reality of being when you will feel the divine splendor yourself.

Your Lord Jesus Christ

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