3. The only medicine for all sick, defiled and stolen from True Life is Love = higher vibrations

   If you realize this simple formula and start live according to it, you will be full of joy in these difficult conditions of the planet Zero. You have temporary bodies from My opponents of the Pseudo-creators who have devised all possible and impossible perversions that feed the dead human life. When the negative state was activated, the principles of True Life were stolen to manifest the life without the spiritual laws of the Creator after realization their overturning.

   You often complain that you are sick or not feeling well. This is because the temporary body envelopes begin to break up over time. Why? Because into them flows the lack of Love from the Source of all life, that is, from the absolute state of the Lord Jesus Christ. The overwhelming majority of beings in the negative state are not aware that if there was no Love which emerges from the Source, it would not even be their existence.

   They are not just bodies that suffer, but mainly souls which are isolated from the energy of Love and mercy. I have used a comparison earlier that the souls living in the zone of displacement are like the plucked off flowers they are drying up. Residents of the 5th and higher dimensions, unlike isolated souls, literally bath in Love because she are everywhere present – around them and right in them.

   The existence of the negative state chokes you, although you do not even need to know about it. You can only feel good and calm with Me, and this is true of the law that says: You can have eternal life only with the Lord Jesus Christ. Life from Pseudo-creators is temporary and will not last long. You have the freedom to choose what life you choose: True or false?

   „Who loves his life will lose him; whoever hates life in this world will save him for eternal life.“

Your Lord Jesus Christ

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