24. Revibration the family to the 5th dimension or how the media is lying to us

   These days, the Czech Internet media reported a sudden disappearance of a four-member family from Nový Jičín. The official media reported the outcome of a police investigation, which showed that the father had signed off children from the nursery and that their mother had canceled the shifts in work for one month. This brief and devoid of facts notice was published by some Internet servers, such as Novinky or iDnes.

   The article contained a family photograph and the registration plate of their vehicle. But both were removed after several hours, and the auto-portraits were replaced by a police car. This happened in connection with the publication of a new follow-up article that came out on the same day, i.e. 12 April evening, about detection and finding this „disappeared“ family. From a few lines, we read that after the police call appeal was issued, several witnesses from across the country heard the mother and father were found and summoned for questioning. But no one could know exactly what important things happened in the first sight of the ordinary news. We will tell you the real and objective developments relating to this fundamental event which the media has overturned.

   The husband Petr and Nikol Bartoň were a loving couple who brought Natálka and Tomáš to this world. All four members of this quiet and orderly family come from the positive state of True Creation, and have incarnated on this Earth/Zero planet with a specific mission to spread certain elements of good and truth that need to be anchored in earthly reality at this time. The exact content of these missions is known only to Me, the Lord Jesus Christ. But what is important to know is the fact that they lived in maximum consistency with spiritual laws, read the books of the New Revelation brought by Peter D. Francuch and helped it to spread to spiritually prepared people. Because they practiced the ideas of New Revelation in their everyday life and lived under universal cosmic laws, they at all times had everything they needed for mental development and physical survival to meet the purpose here for which they came here. They were in constant intimate contact with their only Creator, they knew My true name and consulted with Me about all possible matters. Because they handed over their existence into God’s hands have never been suffered on any page. Although they were by the agents of the positive state being in the enemy’s territory of the negative state, it did not has the destructive influence on them which some envoys from heavens are experiencing. Six years ago, Natálka  was born to Bartoň, followed in two years by Tomáš. Both of them also have an Angelic origin, just like their parents. These siblings were born here with the mission to show to other children who become slaves this system already since birth, that it is possible to keep your spiritual heart open, and thus resist negative patterns of behavior from an early age. They also came here to gain selected negative experiences during several earthly years.

   They lived in a state of knowledge and universal of top view, they were not controlled by the ruling class and its minions, as is the case with the overwhelming majority of the unsuspecting population. With non-encapsulated spirit and soul, they had a highly developed intuition, and when they entering into inward, they received information and advice about anything from Me. The mission of Peter and Nikol was given maximum turns after 2012, when due to the increasing light and the beginning the period without time, which is characteristico for the final stage before the final division of humankind into two directions, they reached on the basis of the perfect timing of the point of personal enlightenment in order to they can execute out and then conclude the key part of the sense of their action here. Details of this can not be the content of this information for many reasons.

   After completing that specific part of their mission, they received telepathic information about leaving this reality and revibration to the 5th dimension. A message of leaving the planet Zero can not occur at the immediate moment just before it disappears from 3D, but it must be given enough time to handle the last things in the old life. It is also necessary to harmonize the psyche with the vibrations of the body. It is the vibrations that are gradually increased in accordance with this natural, but for most unsuspecting people, an unusual process. The event sequence before the revibration remains the same for all but differs in detail. I announced this to husbands Bartoň and their children at the end of March, so that they have a few weeks to prepare for the end of the old affairs, as has been said above. But they had known for months ahead that their earthly pilgrimage leads in this rebirth into a new world, well ahead of the main wave of division of humankind which will precede the second coming of Pseudo-creators. During this period, the father signed off the children from the nursery and their mother canceled the shifts in work for one month. This is the only true message about which the media have informed the public. The rest are just misinformation and lies. Day after day I increased the vibrations of their bodies so that the ascension from this reality could run smoothly. It was on the morning of April 9, 2017, when the family was revibrated in a forest near their home. Now they are living in the 5th dimension on the New Earth. They have received a perfect subtle duplicate, which is not limited like these gross bodies, through which they experience full-value and happy being in all aspects. They love you very much and are looking forward to a meeting together when also you move to your new home.

   To the ascension of the inhabitants of this planet occurs first in small groups from the turn of 2012. How the planet Nibiru will approach to  Earth / Zero, the number of individuals moving on the New Earth will rise in the following years. In the last and main wave of revibration it comes to the ascension of hundreds of thousands or millions of beings in a relatively short time, which will make it obvious even for the spiritually sleeping and blind people, who will not participate for any reason in this process and they stay here with the chip under the skin to display a short, but necessary victory of the negative state. Earthly and extraterrestrial elites are well aware of the upcoming changes, so they do everything they can to prevent them by all possible and impossible ways. Because the dark rulers can not harm the positive people in any way and stop the process itself, they try to influence it at least to the extent necessary. They do it for example by playing „dead beetles“. At the same time, they seek to trivialize all the information leading to the reality of ascension, which is getting more and more in the forefront. Due to the distribution of the population into two directions, first to the mental and now no longer even on the physical level, development will indicate that sleeping people do not notice anything until the last possible moment and continue to manipulate, but spiritually awakening and awakened individuals will to make these changes more and more feel and perceive. The elitists know that those who have higher vibrations and widespread consciousness will no longer be influenced by them therefore, in this respect, the rulers are focusing on the second part of the earthmen spectrum, thus the blinded herd of overwhelming majority, which is serving them so that no true messages about revibration have been received. If it get some facts to the surface, they must be captured at the very beginning and twisted into the proper form as the mainstream consumer asks.

   The case of the Bartoň family is an exemplary case of what is said here. On the very day in which the „disappearance“ of these people appeared in the Internet media, we are you, our co-workers of God’s family informed about this by linking to Facebook, and added a thematic quotation from the second portion of the New Revelation, which deals with missing and lost persons. This post has been shared by some of our friends and did not take away as much attention as many might think. Still, this shared link, published along with an important quote pointing to the fact of the evacuation from 3D reality, has caused an immense alarm with agents behind the scenes who are watching our activities closely. E.g. only our Internet activity is monitored by several top secret divisions of the US CIA, NSA and other institutions operating in our territory. On Facebook, we are being watched by Czech censors paid by this multinational company directly from Jacob Greenberg’s (Mark Zuckerberg) pocket, David Rockefeller’s grandson, assigned to the post of owner of this social network. These censors, like all the other minions of the negative state, do not know what they are doing and do not understand that they harm themselves in particular. You, My first line are under My constant protection, and it can not to you happen anything wrong, as I have said many times. This is one of the reasons why the effort of anyone who tries to disrupt or eliminate us is a futile business.

   After publishing an important post with a high degree of truth, the Facebook agent will usually send this „dangerous“ content with additional code remarks to the headquarters of one of the secret services to the United States, where it is further sorted into the individual components that are forwarded on. Some information from us, representing a big obstacle for the elites in their overall plan, will only get to the very highest places where they continue to be discussed and resolved. The machinery of the slave system on which this world is built presents a very ingenious web of the power pyramid, where no one (except for a narrow group at its peak) knows everything.

   One of these articles, which got to the highest places, was the one about the Bartoň family, which we added with a quote. Just a quote revealing the essence of the problems has caused a stir among Pseudo-creators. It was Allah, the highest of them, who issued a direct injunction to George Soros, to one of his groups involved in the distortion of information from around the world, to take action to sweep the whole case under the rug. In any case, the public did not have know the truth, instead it had to get brief and facts devoid of a report on the finding of the family. The elites responded by return, so on the basis of Soros’s endeavur, the order was issued to the lower positions, which ensured that the Czech intelligence sites were given and subsequently expanded to the public’s awareness in cooperation with the police a „guaranteed objective“ report issued on the same day, that is April 12 evening. E.g. on the Novinky it came only about three hours after the event was linked with the New Revelation quote explaining the nature of their disappearance. In this follow-up media article, readers could read that, after the police call was issued, several witnesses from across the republic came in, the mother and father being found and summoned for questioning. This was not true, but a pure lie, which was supposed to take care in it to nothing is dealt with by the public.

   Whoever feels by the heart, finds the truth. To believe to the official media and let manipulate is a way deeper into the slavery of the negative state, from which the being will often be liberated after another many incarnations in the natural worlds of the zone of displacement. Everything that happened even in context in this case serves to teach the whole. The Bartoň family helped by their reference in this reality to the manifestation of light and to the final victory of the positive state in this anti-universe which comes after the short victory of the darkness in this reality. Now they continue in their mission on the New Earth and prepare with the other ascended beings from the Old Earth in cooperation with Me the background for the new arrivals. You, who are still living in these bodies, have all the prerequisites for successful completion of the work started. It will not take long when the time comes the revibration also for you. For everyone who moves to the 5th dimension, I have a „tailored room“. Only I, the Lord Jesus Christ, know all the desires of your heart which will be fulfilled. Soon all, in happiness and joy, we will meet in paradise on earth, and we will go on, in the longing to discover endless variations of true life.

Your Lord Jesus Christ | April 17, 2017


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