23. The revealed truth of God’s Word

   The highest and absolute truth is only one and dwells in the absolute state of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Creator gives us in our hands the valuable spiritual information we should work with. They are to help us in our own spiritual growth and general wellbeing for the whole. Then there is a second type of information intended for His/Her closest co-workers in the bodies who perform the multiversally important mission on whose successful execution depends the smooth course of transformation of humanity and planet Earth into the 5th dimension of the positive state of True Creation. The truth, however, has more degrees and angles, and adapts to each of us individually to can grasp it into our hands, with this point of reflection to bounce into our inward, and then intimately it further with the Lord Jesus Christ to develop and build its other floors. Entering into the inward means to let you intuitively lead. Each of the closest co-workers of God’s family uses this gift more or less and puts it into practice. There is, therefore, no absence to enter into inward, because if that were the case, there could be no absorption of the difficult spiritual tests to which all those who are actively and consciously involved in God’s mission are exposed up to now.

   The truth is dynamic and changing, not stagnant. This means that if it was revealed to you something spiritually very important in an external way through a third person, you can never rely on filling this information at a pre-announced time. Take into account that time is linear and from the point of view the absolute does not exist. However, the Lord Jesus Christ, due to his own followed cosmic laws, has the right to communicate this modified information in order to provide the basis for the realization of these thoughts even in matter, in a time that will be exactly harmonize by its circumstances and correlations to its final external manifestation. It is called the truth at another time. Because it works upon us limited perception of space-time reality, many may argue that God’s word can be false and misleading, leading only to difficulties and problems. Nothing is further from the truth. God’s word is always true and pure in the ultimate sense of the word, only its manifestation and realization can come in different linear time. The reality is such that „the truth at another time“ leads to the conclusion and resolution of many problems caused by the negative state, while at the same time overcoming the individual spiritual goals that serve as a springboard for further steps of life growth, at the end of which it will happen what the lyrics of God’s word have already foretold to the most faithful co-workers of God’s family.

   The most important point of this collection of information is the opening of the Spiritual center of God’s family near Prague, where some of the first line of this Mission will soon be moved to together with others, who will regularly be meet with us, fulfiled their unique and unrepeatable mission under the appropriate conditions, stable vibrations and sufficiency at all levels. On this reality, all participating are being prepared gradually so that harmonize themselves with God’s plan and to shake off more quickly the deposits of evils, untruths, falsities and connect even more effectively with their higher Self and the Lord Jesus Christ, they have demonstrated the mastery of all the necessary tests after which relief and deliverance come. The truth has to be given step by step. Once it is bridged, it is replaced by the truth corresponding to the new achieved degree of the individual. It is precisely thanks to the free choice of changes and resulting therefrom consequences and results, it is not possible to bind and rely on time data relating to pre-announced predictions and events that have not yet occurred at this stage. However, these revelations and truths in another time (but which ultimately become a tangible reality) correspond to the present spiritual state, the needs and readiness of those to whom these aspects of truth are communicated. If everyone knew at one and the same moment everything that awaits him, whether unpleasant (is it relevant to the passing negative state and life in him) or pleasant (is it relevant to the eternal enduring positive state and life in him), it would be denied the principle of very relative sentient of life and it would be extinct.

   Your minds and souls continue to purge and go into the process of long-awaited changes at the physical level. Once cleaned up enough, a quantum leap forward will take place. So far it has been spiritually and mentally. Keep in mind that we are constantly approaching to the common meeting and the dream goal which will start for the next phase of our lives, when we will be able to do for what we were created for. We are closer and closer every step and the fact remains that everyone can do it without harm. Change does not leave you waiting long. Remember that this process is driven by the absolute and does not matter to the human circumstances of the earth system. The next point of transcendence we go to brings joy, abundance and love. The Spiritual center of God’s family and Bifrost is already ready for its use. No one will remain in the current place and position because the positive state is a constant change and flow. So let God’s plan flow freely so that it can be unmolested showed. Changes will come and no one will wait longer than needed.

Michal Rafael & The Lord Jesus Christ

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