22. Several additions to the Last Judgement

   Most of humanity chooses to be negative because of its free choice because it has not yet recognized the nature of the negative state that will be revealed in its pseudo-victory on this planet Earth/Zero in the 3rd dimension. When the members of the zone of displacement get to know the consequences and results of all their evil choices that have been carried out against the spiritual laws and principles of the love of the Lord Jesus Christ, they will conclusion themselves that their state of darkness, anger, hatred, ignorance, selfishness, separation, madness , blindness, control and all other elements of the anti-universe, is completely absurd for their further being without a justification for its further duration. This state can not be permanently deactivated and abolished before be answered question that activated it: What would life look like if it were to derive from a different than the absolute state of the Creator of Everything and Everyone?

   Getting of the instruction of whole Multiverse on this issue is a very serious and essential thing, because all the inhabitans of True Creation will get the answer, and to all of the inhabitans of hells will, at the same time, exhaust the motivation to continue in their dead life. Then the present form of evils and untruths will disappear from these sentient entities and will be inducted to a neutral state where the Last Judgment will be proclaimed over them, i.e. a personal appreciation of their present life. Because this judgment will take place on a global scale, it will concern every degree, level, dimension, world, and state of mind both in the Zone of Displacement (which will subsequently be deactivated) and in True Creation, which in the next cycle of time will experience the qualities of true life without limitations, thereby activating such a mode of being and existence which could never be released from the absolute state. At the Last Judgment, the New Nature of the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s family, as well as the quality of the above-mentioned true life of the positive state, will be introduced. On the other hand, before all the memories of the members of the hellish society are withdrawn from their minds into the multiversality of totality (the lake of fire and sulfur), it will project to them at one point all the experiences and adventures which have been lived through from the first point of activation of the negative state to the point of its deactivation itself. In the conditions of neutrality on our own they get to know that life in love is fulfillment, harmony, light, beauty, freedom and almost limitless possibilities, security, kindred, velvet tenderness and amazement in the creation of new universes on which everyone will participate. On the basis of balance and comparison, it will also be presented to them the true essence of evils and untruths that entails stagnation, immobility, disharmony, darkness, ugliness, indifference, oppression, limited possibilities, danger, rivalry, rudeness and death.

   At the end of this cycle of time, everybody will be placed in a situation which can be outlined, for example, as if on an inhospitable desert (symbolizing the elements of the negative state) moves from last of his strength, haggard, infatuated and hungry human (that is, all serving the Pseudo-creators, incl. themselves). Suddenly before him appears the Lord Jesus Christ offers change, the gift of liberation and salvation, with rebirth in the worlds of the heavenly company. The lord Jesus Christ offers the juicy apple out of pure love, which not only satisfy, but also to save him. Who, even with an open consciousness, will still be unwaveringly blinded by that, to what he has served for ages, he will prefer to feed himself with sand, so he will adopt the negative state, believing that his trillions of grains found all over are a better way to defeat hunger than one little apple of pure love offered by the absolute Creator of Everything and Everyone. However, the dry grains of evils and untruths contradict to the survival of an individual rejecting the divine apple because there is no love, nutrient element and energy in them. As a result, his eternal life will be taken away and will turn into nothingness. Do not forget that no one is asked to vote blindly.

Your Lord Jesus Christ | February 2, 2017

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