21. Humankind is separated from Me, God, the Lord Jesus Christ and from others in Creation, lives in isolation due to experiment and its choices

   This theme connects all the books, chapters, and texts of both portion of the New Revelations of the Lord Jesus Christ as well as another holy word that I dictate to selected highly developed beings in the bodies. I have provided (and still provide) the all-comprehensive  multiversal God’s word to all relative beings in Creation so that in the right time everyone can get to learn the circumstances of past, present and future life. There it could be many more be written, but the most important of them was already revealed through Peter D. Francuch, who performed his mission here to 100%, wrote hundreds of pages of the highest truth due to the handover of which he was here. In this communication, I will not repeat what is right written in somewhere else, but I will focus more on the structure of a separate humankind that lives in isolation from everything and everyone like a torn and gradually withering flower in a vase that does not even get that water.

   Activation of the negative state was a very complex process at the end of which the final product was arisen – the true human life, which with its unusual and dangerous activities outweighs everything what has ever been and will exist. Earthmen from the time of the caveman, when the last era of mankind began, represent the results and consequences what it is to live without Me and spiritual laws. Thanks to the live illustration which, after the current cycle of time, will be stored in the multiversality of the totality (the lake of fire and sulfur) for eternity, all newly created sentient beings, who will have not the experience life in the zone of displacement, will be able to experience thanks to the law of free choice all the possibilities of the state of evils and untruths in this „virtual“ archive under My protection to separate the idea of breaking God’s laws out of their minds and this state of being did not choose like the only true. By entering into the archive, everyone will entail the chance to choose the once saved path of the individual who experienced the negative state personally. The chosen path will eventually be lived through as it was at the time of the populated zone of displacement. To all of this, I want to say that your experienced pain, misery and all suffering serve the highest goal, good, benefit and life of Multiverse. Without you, who have been incarnated out of love from the positive state into hells and especially on the planet Zero, could not fully flourish in the new cycle of time the reality of the new quality of the fullness of the true life of the positive state. No one will ever be able to imagine what the unbelievable splendor is ready for you. I repeat that this completely new kind of life, released from the New Nature of the Lord Jesus Christ, has never lived since the beginning of Creation.

   Many of My closest co-workers complain every day that they have to drag that heavy cross, claiming that they need not be here anymore, and that they suffer even for you who cause all this. Thanks to the system of control, imperfect bodies and the „matrix“ reality, people from higher dimensions tend to blame Me, Absolute and Perfect God, for their miseries, problems, falls and everything else. I have already spoken of this paradox, but I will return to it again in more places. First of all, it is good to be aware at any moment of the fact that I, earlier the Most High, now, the Lord Jesus Christ, do not stand behind the origin of the negative state, I do not approve of it, but I tolerate it only, and from My unconditional mercy, I undergo a long process of ascending from the swamp of the anti-universe into the True Creation with you for the second time already. You may argue that as the absolute one I could have provide an existential question of life without God immediately, at one point, without the presence of everything for which this theater is taking place. I could not. Do not you understand that I myself are abiding My own spiritual laws? There are many reasons for this, out of which I list the main ones. I could not answer the question from My absolute position, because:

– In the absolute state of absolute good, love and all positive elements, the elements of the negative state were not and never will not be present, so there is no answer to this question in God’s totality, which does not contain it.

– According to the law of free choice, the asking beings, later activators of evils and untruths, had to answer themselves, experimentally and completely freely and after their, no one else could do it for them, not even the Most High. The answer was completely unknown, so there was an agreement between Me and later Pseudo-creators, which included, among other things, that they would respond themselves to it. Only those who have so decided themselves to reject love will be under their domain; steps will be taken to eliminate evils and untruths and the negative state will not go beyond one cycle of time.

– Otherwise, if I did not give free choice to the Pseudo-creators to can leave the heavens and answer by their steps to a important question, the Multiverse would be over.

   None of the zone of displacement, which is now inhabited by sentient forms of life, I did not contain, nor could I direct its development to the benefit of the positive state before My first incarnation into the body of Jesus Christ, because it was not under My government. Only after the crucifixion and My entry into hells, where I captured the Pseudo-Creator and gained much experience with this dead life, I have cleansed the negative elements on elements of true life and incorporated them into the absolute state. By this step, when the merger of Jesus Christ with the Most High occurred, I became the Lord Jesus Christ with a totally New Nature, through which I could now manage this „multiverse waste bin“, to direct its development to the benefit of the whole, to appear to the hellish members in My human form and give them the permanent ability to convert to the positive state. This possibility did not exist until the end of the 1980s (according to earthly criterions). However, this has already been ongoing and is still taking place the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, which began with My second birth into the female body of Jana Kysliková, with which we will form a couple, God’s family on New Earth, and have two children, a girl and a boy, who will also be the direct incarnations of the Lord Jesus Christ in relative form. If I could do otherwise, I would do it, but the path to achieving New Nature was the only way to achieve survival and a gift of salvation for all those involved. I had to go from the outside to the inside, that is, the path of the first incarnation began at the most outside and the most exterior degree of anti-universe – in the natural world of the fabricated reality of the planet Earth/Zero – and ended in the innermost level of hells.

   Humankind is separated from Me and from others in Creation in an unusual position between hells and heavens. Only in this unusually abnormal position 0, which is unparalleled, can the possibilities of incarnation from both directions of duality, from both the minus and the plus positions, be realized. You know well that there are beings from lower and higher dimensions among you and also the true human beings, whose souls were created by the sexual intercourse of their parents in a special area of the intermediary (mediating) world. By a mix of sentient and non-sentient life thus clearly shows that the emergence of life is possible even when using non-spiritual principles, when its creators are consciously or unconsciously in a certain mood of arrogance towards the Source of Life. You are in such extreme isolation on Zero that you can not even imagine it. For millions of years, Gaia  in the third dimensionality, has been separated from the rest of the surrounding civilizations, and its inhabitants practically can not get out of place because their fabricated bodies have very weak, virtually no abilities. Just a journey into the store takes a lot of time, ideas are very slow in the mass to reach their goals (whatever they are), so they must do a great deal of work, at the same time are fighting with the various challenges and wiles of their surroundings. When they want to visit a place on the opposite end of the globe, they are moving by airplanes that are cumbersome, primitive and backward compared with, for example, the spaceships of the Pleiades. However, the elites have, for a long time, immensely advanced technologies of all kinds from the extraterrestrial entities of the anti-universe with whom shadow government has been working for decades. For a „reward“, the secret government gives these entities the permission to hijack citizens in their UFOs, where they are subjected to painful testing and examination, often get a chip into their body (it do, for example, Reticuliants from the constellation Zeta Reticuli and many others). The presence of secret technologies is concerned of course also a means of travel, with their antigravity boats being able to reach the moon and the edge of the solar system in a few tens seconds. To ignorant people are told that only with spacecrafts and probes can be travel by space for the time being. As I just said, nothing is further from the truth. Selected insiders move not only by spaceships but even multidimensional gates almost anywhere in the anti-universe, which is a thing previously revealed already.

   The environmental conditions of human beings supporting life are very limited and the environment as well. Their bodies must breathe air with a ratio of oxygen 21% and nitrogen 78% and one percent of rare gases. As the air ratio begins to change, the brain no longer has the driving force for its functioning and the body breaks down, after which then it can even die. It can, of course, die easily and quickly also otherwise if the conditions change. The body of earthly creatures needs optimal temperature, pressure, air, also requires regular care with frequent discharge of dirt, produces waste materials, must be nourished by regular drinking regime and appropriate food. If something of the lack, it once again languishes. It can also be taken ill in a variety of ways, which be suited to a system that makes up new illnesses while also providing chemical drugs for their healing, which in the vast majority cause to the patient the supply of poisonous and dangerous substances into the body to he become even more ill and better controllable over time. This is just a narrow spectrum of the consequences of life in separation from Me and others which the inhabitants of higher dimensions do not know at all. In this dangerous and perverse way of life, the inhabitants of the zone of displacement live, all from free choice, majority unconsciously, believing that this is the only right and possible lifestyle. Earthmen also consider this life as the only possible one, mostly they do not allow themselves life anywhere else at all, believe only in pseudo-science and its research results. If they perhaps should be able to believe in something spiritual, they demand concrete and tangible evidence. To this, those who stay on after the division of humankind in this reality, swallow the bait, because „Project Blue Beam“ creates in the sky a holographic image of Jesus with a sound background. Almost everyone will accept a false image like his own and then will blindly obey the orders of false messiahs and gods, Pseudo-creators.

   This aberrant cosmic position of the planet Zero is allowed for the purpose of final demonstration the negative state in its short pseudo-victory. I remind you that it was only activated here and will be also finished. Whoever did not read the first portion of the New Revelation can not understand these serious spiritual things. When the whole dramatic event is over, they all heave a sigh of relief. New aspects of cognition will come, just then the interconnection of all dimensions will take place, and permanent spiritual bridges will be created between them and its inhabitants. There will be no isolation, separation, segregation and division, but the shared beauty of life sharing, continuity, interconnection and unity.

   Now, let us briefly outline the main points of functioning of the pseudo-system of the negative state to the inhabitants of the anti-universe:

1) The evil beings are built in so that during their incarnations collect more and more variations of evils, thus incorporating in themselves a new degree of negativity, which is manifested by the fact that after innumerable incarnations in different regions of the planets in the anti-universe, they are able to cross to the next level hells, which is even more distant from the positive state. When these beings entering the higher dimension of the zone of displacement, they rise from the perspective of the Pseudo-creator domain, descending downward from the point of view of the True Creation. But let remind again: Every creature that has fallen into the zone of displacement now has all the means and ultimately also the support of the Lord Jesus Christ to convert over time into the zone of placement. In fact, even those who take pleasure themselves at first sight in life in misery are in a state of constant fear and uncertainty, running away before My all-pervading love, thanks to which they survive. But why run away from Love and hide from Me when I am an integral part of them? At activation of the negative state, there are different madness in existence and being. Even the worst beings have the possibility to change themselves. This is an absolutely valid law for this time cycle.

2) Many entities are allowed to incarnate on the planet Zero, the only point of contact between good and evil, where its population in this 3rd dimension is exposed to both negative and positive influences, and there are embodied souls from hells, heavens and true human beings (majority). Beings from the higher dimensions of the anti-universe can be found in top political positions, such as directors of multinational corporations, generals, leaders, billionaires, but at first glance „inconspicuous“ individuals with whom you also come into contact every day, though you do not know their origin. Those who originate in the highest dimensions of „the Multiverse waste bin“ are the most secret conspirators who run the world, thus the most influential families of the world, branched into many lodges across the continents, participating in bloody rituals, causing artificial conflicts, printing artificial money, sucking nations economically and otherwise, having on conscience the death of millions of people. In this world, they feel like a fish in the water, unlike angels who often feel right here as foreigners. There is no need to mention specific names of families and organizations on our sites which are behind all this, because the one who seeks, finds.

3) The situation is completely different for those who have origin in the positive  state of Multiverse but have turned away themselves from My unconditional love by their own actions, attitudes, ideas and choices. Before they were incarnated here from the free choice to help in the transformation at an important time of ascension, they were acquainted with the conditions of their earth mission and the risks that include life in hostile territory, knowing that they would always have a helping hand and leadership, but thanks to selection will face the risk that they may fall into the zone of displacement. Those who transform themselves into a being which has turned away from true spiritual principles, after the death of the physical body, newly live pseudo-life in hells. Unfortunately, this kind of beings suffers most because they recall memories of the life in heaven which they have lost, and now they are faced with their consequences in an environment that does not match their original preferences. Fortunately, the Zone of Displacement is not in active mode forever, so I repeat for a number of years that the suffering of anyone, as well as along with the end of the experiment, is approaching its end, although it may seem like eternity from the point of view of the linear flow of time. It is still to be noted that because of the pressures of the other side and the ego bombarded by the control programs, the closest co-workers of the Lord Jesus Christ have the tendency to accuse Me directly from the state of their life problems, but just that is on the contrary. Everyone is the creator of his happiness and misfortune. Whoever asks eternal parents everything and everyone for help will be deprived of lack and problems in all aspects.

4) True human beings, on the basis of their life, take either hells or True Creation, depending on what they had thoughts and attitudes during their time on the Zero, whether they were inspired by positive patterns or not. Like everything, even their departure to the spiritual world is based on vibrations and preferences.

   In conclusion, I will give you some information about the action of God’s mission, I will express myself to the spiritual truth and I will remind the unsatisfactoriness of being in isolation.

    The reason why the dark side does not want to „advertise“ to My closest co-workers of our Team of God’s family on Earth/Zero is that if we were to reach out to the media, the highest degree of truth would have gradually spread from Me to all corners of the world and it would enter into the subconscious of the vast majority of the planetary population. None of the low entities would be able to prevent the spread of God’s word, which would be beneficial and freely expand across all of the continents. If it really should happen, the experiment with dead life would soon be over and everything what was experienced in the current time cycle would be useless indeed. Therefore, until the very division of humankind, the earthly and extraterrestrial elites will play dead beetles so that the experience of God’s mission and the second direct incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ may have known as few as possible number of people. It will eventually remove even our light link. The rulers of the zone of displacement, on the other hand, present and will present the religious authorities, self-appointed spiritual leaders, gurus and other similarly oriented people coming from hells, even on public spaces so that to dispel even the smallest grain of truth from the true God from the hearts of all. Their efforts to disturb My plan on the evacuation a part of humanity into True Creation is manifested at the other end of the spectrum so that in a few cases they actually present, for example, some real lightworkers in the media, but only for the purpose of their dishonour, questioning their work and ridicule. As an example from the Czech Republic, I will introduce Kateřina Pondělíčková, who presents herself as the incarnation of Archangel Uriel. The situation is more complex because the direct incarnation of the given archangel is always only one and she is not this, but it is actually part of the multidimensional being of Uriel; in simplified words it is his „lower self.“ However, she was told that she is directly this highly advanced spiritual person from the 11th dimension. This is because so that she can fulfill her mission more easily and better. Everything happens on the basis of a prior agreement between everyone and Me before you incarnate on this planet. She hands over a lower degree of spiritual truth, according to My plan, to address as many spiritual seekers as possible, who are not yet able to receive the highest degree of truth brought by God’s family, of which most of them have no idea. Everyone is interested in information matching with its level and maturity, as everyone goes through life and development differently. It does not matter how many people will know about our presence and the Goddess of Jana, but it only depends on their vibrations of love, which is the only ticket to the 5th dimension. Again, do you have to feel every piece of information with your heart, not with brain, bombarded control programs. Thanks to the false directions, but also because of the mentioned ridicule of My co-workers, there is coming even greater control of the sleeping population, which is governed only by the ego and on the basis by external actions.

   Billions of sentient beings still choose pseudo-life in hells, and as they do not understand life without property, money, golden calf in the eternal light of higher dimensions, My co-workers, angels in the bodies do not understand how someone may give precedence, at sight, to the pleasing claws of the negative state, in which people take pleasure and then go there. Nobody in fact can be happy in existence without Me, even if somebody is saying it. When people fully realize that to live without true spiritual love is hell, when they understand that money and all material goods are transient, when they give themselves the truth that to hold in hand worthless pieces of paper broken on dust, it filled them with emptiness, they will finally be able to see the helping hand of the Creator who has always been there for them, but until that moment they ignored him. Just then the negative state ends. And it will be early because the relative source of the state, which is the counterpart to Love, is already running dry. The necessary short victory of darkness above the light will be a quick process, I will make even quicker the end to this to celebrate the end of the tribulation, misery and suffering. Separation and isolation is in fact just an illusion, because we all are one. And that’s all about it.

Your Lord Jesus Christ

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