20. There is no only religion on this planet that would not be influenced or created directly by the makers of negative entities

   We are going back yet once more to the earthly religions in a portion of God’s word at a high level. The functioning of Christianity towards the New Nature of the Lord Jesus Christ as well as towards the whole Creation is described in detail in the first portion of the New Revelation (Chapter 3, „Betrayal of Christianity“). In continuation of the explanation on this topic, we acquaint the beings on the way of the second portion of the New Revelation, transmitted here by Me in the body of Jana, in Chapter 5, „Religions on Earth“. Now is the time for us to look at the system of beliefs in the most comprehensive way, and in general to sum up characteristic points for individual beliefs that affect billions of people and determine world developments.

   For a start, I remind that there is not only religion on this planet that would not be influenced or created directly by the makers of negative entities. Let’s first look at how looked the relationship of beings to the only God before the so-called „the Fall“ – by activating the negative state. All the sentient entities of that period of the Multiverse history had a direct and unmediated relationship with Me. Even as the Most High I did not have in absolute totality the masculine body of Jesus and the female body of Jana, so I was perceived more as the ubiquitous energy which I am really, but now I can show Myself  to everyone in a concrete form. No systems of orthodox faith were needed, so there was no falsification, iniquities and distortion. Thanks to communicating with the Creator, every has entered into his/her inward, where he/she has been given the necessary advice for life in joy and sufficiency. The situation has changed completely over the course of several million years when the question was asked how it would look like without God. The Pseudo-creators with their minions, step by step, encapsulated the spirit of those who placed under their domain. By these acts created a controlled descent into the appropriate levels of the zone of displacement, where all were brought into a special modal arrangement to targetly forget their origin and interconnection with Me. There has been the creation of many false pseudo-religions in all areas of hells. We will now focus only on the planet Zero, because describing the evolution on other planets of the anti-universe would be unnecessary and incomprehensible at this time.

   The evolution of the last human generation has occurred by the cultivation of a caveman, from which he became homo sapiens, who has all the prerequisites for that to can to be in the final phase of the negative state chipped and serve his masters. These creatures from the beginning were born and still gives birth themselves into total ignorance. Because of this, it is very easy to achieve for the negative entities to involve the individual in the system of control programs and „feed him“ throughout life with untruths. Of course, an influential system of false religion image, which contains only small fragments of truth which can be found in True Creation, is of course taken into account. All religions worship of the Pseudo-creators, thus Satan, the dark side. Believers, in an overwhelming majority, do not know what this is about, so they are easily exploitable by spiritual leaders of all kinds.

   When we return a few thousand years back to the past, we find that the first natural nations have invoked natural deities. I mention that everything that has the purpose of worshiping anything, just not of the Lord Jesus Christ (formerly the Most High) is misguided and false. The leaders of the zone of displacement have succeeded for the beginning in that the last human race themselves incorrectly realized its connection with nature and its elements. Of course it would be okay, as in the positive state, but there is no one there who by the external ways worshipped something external. When to the Pseudo-creators have succeeded in that human beings followed  external rather than spiritual things, has been reached of event on which they could build on, such as the fact that humans themselves began to explain life and its laws in the physical, natural, tangible and later scientific ways. Spiritual principles were totally denied. In the next stage of mankind, the earthly people returned to these principles, but in a way that conformed to their creators. We will return to that when describing the main religions.

   Not only in Sumerian civilization, Mesopotamia, China, Old Egypt, Greece and Rome, the creators of the human race were directly involved in. We have already informed about the ways of control humankind with the New Revelation by God’s Family through the 28th Chapter: „The History of Humankind on Zero under the Rule of the Pseudo-Creators“. Because they had unprecedented abilities before the incarnation of the Most High in the form of Jesus Christ, they could enter into human bodies with their faithful associates (the draconian and lizard races, the grays and until recently also the Annunaki, who later turned to light) so that in the form of pharaohs, emperors, kings, priests and others bind the entire nations and its inhabitants into enemy claws. They have built up their power on fear, unlimited worship and devotion under the threat of punishment. They claimed to be gods, because they indulged in that, and until this day they ridicule to the only absolute God of the Lord Jesus Christ in this way. Their concept of worship, which, by the way, you will not find in a positive state, because I require no worship from anyone, has become the basis of what had yet to come, i.e. the creation of ingeniously sophisticated religious systems that endured to this day. Predicting that someone who would be commissioned and sent directly to Me on their territory would come to reveal the fact, they began to construct the contradictory belief systems in order to make the world even more into the chaos of what is right and what is not. An important component of their actions before the coming of Christianity was the emergence of Hinduism and Buddhism.

   Hinduism is one of many directions, the teaching of which is based on the worship of several gods at once – such as Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. In New Revelation, we have revealed to you the important truth about Pseudo-creators: They have performed under different names as gods on all the continents of this planet. Among the best known belong Zeus, Shiva, Quetzalcoatl, Jehovah…. It is clear from this that they not only stood up for the origins of the religions which they governed in the course of human history, but it was just they who were  portrayed in the form of various gods which are now being invoked by billions of unknowing people. The holy books that were brought here by various prophets came to the forefront. Not everyone, but the vast majority of them were envoys of hells who wrote up would-be „holy“ texts into comprehensive books, and these books henceforth developed the growth of given system which originated in a predetermined territory. The „holy“ texts also served after departure of the creators of the negative state from this planet to maintenance of the main ideas of their pseudo-religions. Yet far in advance of the birth of Jesus, they created Buddhism, which takes stray souls further from the only true Source of all life. Judaism is, on the contrary, formed on the concept of worship of one particular God, but this „God“ is punishing, profitable, unbalanced and as a dictator, he commands his followers various commandments and restrictions, without which you are not worthy to go to heaven. Would you like to have such a God?

   When I was born into the body of Jesus Christ, I did so from endless love to all beings in Creation. I knew that in a world under the rule of the „Evil“ I would not be accepted by almost anyone, on the contrary, I will be accused of all possible and impossible things. It was only listening to Me to „a few“ people who were able to believe to God’s truth with their heart, not on the basis of external actions. Those of you who have not read the New Revelation can not fully understand why I, as an absolute Creator of Everything and Everyone, had to incarnate in the relative form more than 2,000 years ago into the human body, to come through My 33-year life with many life experiences here to be crucified (of course, according to a perfect plan) and then I could enter into hell, where I captured the Pseudo-Creator so that they could no longer directly interfere with the development of humanity. The impact of My birth on the planet Zero was enormous because it was the most important event of the history of the Multiverse. If I did not take exactly the steps I did, Creation would succumb to the destruction by the negative state. Even before My incarnation to the zone of displacement, the negative state began to threaten the first area of the heavens, and soon it would prevail over the positive state. Like Jesus Christ, I taught the truth of the Most High tailored to the inhabitants of that era. My teaching was based on one very important, universal and eternal fact that you should remember forever: you can not find the true God in organized religions of all kinds, at religious authorities, in churches, somewhere outside you, but only in your inward, in spiritual heart, in yourself, because I am your eternal and integral part and you are Me, on the contrary. We are all one, one God’s body, divided in the infinity of self-conscious beings who, in their freedom, create and maintain the spiritual, intermediate and natural worlds of Multiverse.

   I have never encouraged in anyone to creation a religion whose followers are held in fear, uncertainty or misinformation and other things associated with it. Believers are often in fear and underestimate themselves thus they do not feel or want to feel Me in their hearts which it would otherwise be deprived of those negative influences. The evil entities are well-conscious of this from the beginning thus continue in deceiving of the herd to get even more stuck in their control network. Since I was their number one enemy 2000 years ago, they invented a hellish plan which was the creation of the church. They have misused and overturned My teaching about it that there is no need for any idolatry. They committed one of the greatest crimes in this experiment because the one who was sent on the Zero spoke the highest liberating truth with the aim of later ultimate elimination all evils and untruths, he had been abused by the Pseudo-Creators in his reference to the creation of one great world religion whose influence was unparalleled. That was Christianity. Everything happens on the basis of My permission and consent, there is nothing I would not know or anticipate in advance. Because I am absolute, I know how things will happen and will not happen for all eternity forward. From the Almighty position, therefore, I knew well that the Evil takes an opportunity to distort the teachings of Jesus, so in advance I created the conditions for the creation of the true God’s word, which will be written in the spiritual language so that it can not be distorted. What I’m talking about here is the New Testament. The vast majority of human beings, when reading the Bible, have the problem to distinguish the true God‘ word from that satanic one, which in most cases contains the Old Testament (originating both from demonic and angelic). Only a very small thousandth of people in gross bodies then understand the significance of individual passages of the New Testament, which have a profound spiritual meaning that is correlated with the coexistence of the negative state beside of the positive state and all things involved in the plotting of events in this cycle of time. The New Testament, as I have said, is written in the spiritual language so that it does not become infected with untruths, and therefore to take literally his words has no meaning. In complete form and with explanation, the literal meaning of his passages is again shown in the books of New Revelation by Peter D. Francuch. The New Testament was censored throughout his existence, thousands of words were omitted, but his true spiritual significance could never be garbled and distorted. No matter how many people on this planet understand or do not understand the meaning of passages, it is important that there are real sacred texts presenting the undistorted essence of the truth about evils and untruths, as well as about the events in the future. The evil entities could not do anything about it, so at least the Old Testament placed next to New and continued the effort of establish a church which had and has no positive features. To make things worse, Islam was formed a few centuries later, the consequences of which are more evident at present than ever before.

   The evil entities could not do anything about it, so at least the Old Testament placed next to New and continued the effort of establish a church which had and has no positive features. Since the Middle Ages the differences between the individual faiths have worsened, so wars, territory struggles, crusades and more have arisen. Since the Middle Ages, the Church has dominated virtually all areas of human life, and people were constantly frightened of eternal damnation if they would to sin, an one evil God once again appeared on the agenda, whose entirely contrived spiritual principles fit perfectly to those who stood for the creation of all this.

   When she came one’s turn of Renaissance and Humanism, it could have at first look like that a rebirth to greater human freedom takes place. Nothing was further from the truth. Otherwise, Humanism has dealt with human himself and he has taken it as an individuality that can independently think regardless of the powers of the heavens, can enjoy life and express their feelings and thoughts full. But as everything, this also led to the growth of the negative state because humanism was taking majority into account only the cultivation of his egos (from a right spiritual point of view), he did not try to restore the long forgotten entry into the inward and to seek God in his heart, on the contrary, he claimed man as a creature that surpasses everything created and uncreated. It played to the later rise of atheism. Do you notice of another split already in such a divided world? Behind the curtain were pulling the threads the actors of the whole act, who, after I have imprisoned them in an unknown location, could not act directly on Zero, only through their representatives as it will be until their second coming.

   After the spread of atheism and abuse of Darwin’s evolutionary theory, the planned splitting of the world into thousands of pieces was completed, the inhabitants of which did not find a common path to development and unity. Instead, the Pseudo-creators could control their sheep, who did not even believe in false religions, by means of scientific, political, musical, mainstream and other authorities so that of the other still believer half of the population they could finally bind through the pope (who were by the way everyone from hells) and another leaders. This is how we are getting to the present.

   As many of you know, the elites with their lords of Nibiru, who will take over the reigns over humankind in a few years, are preparing the greatest scam in his history – the creation of an artificial holographic image of Jesus in the sky which will be seen from all corners of the world. In this way, the believer Christians will be caught in the trap, but also others who will not see through their deception. I repeat that this will happen until after the revibration/relocation the positive part of the earthly people into the 5th dimension of the True Creation, so you, light co-workers, do not have to worry about anything. Only after this event it can for a short time win the negative state in this reality. The holographic image will serve to create a single world religion which unites all existing beliefs under one roof. Concurrently, one of the Pseudo-creators in the human body with the form of Jesus Christ will preach melodious words that will confuse all the strays. His image will be in public spaces, in the media, everywhere, because he will be celebrated as the true God. The false Second Coming of Christ will be accepted by almost everyone, even those from whom the least would be expected. Why? Because Antichrist will solve all the world’s problems, both cultural and economic, war, racial, natural and other. The Dark Side with the help of the technological and mental deceive the souls, which will be triumph over the wonders that does the wolf in sheep’s clothing with hidden lizard essence in front of the eyes of millions of viewers, plunging into their arms. Please be aware that this will happen only on the basis of external actions, because people with low vibrations do not have the ability to feel by the heart. Negative state works only on the basis of external actions. At the same time, realize that the true Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ takes place at all levels since 1957, when I was born this time for the second time in the female body, and will continue until the elimination of the state of evils and untruths. It is a gradual process and does not have much to do with the passage of linear time.

   For a moment, a false peace will prevail on the planet, but only in order to calm down the situation. The new order will bring chipping and totality when people become controlled puppets without free will. What happens after God’s adversaries arrive cannot be communicated at this time, since no one can accurately know the chronological development qualitatively and quantitatively, in addition it is not the goal of this Message of the Lord Jesus Christ.

   In conclusion, I will generally remind you of the current state of the Church. In 2013, Pope Francis, who is the last pope in history, comes to the papal table, after which comes the Antichrist (in the true spiritual sense, the term Antichrist is used for everyone who works with darkness). Francis is gradually preparing the ground for the Pseudo-creators and has the exact tasks assigned to him, so he knows what to do it. It is worth mentioning, for example, the unification of all religions, the promotion of political and economic elites, the recommendation of chips to people for convenience, further then he openly talks about controlled immigration from Muslim countries as a solution, does not despise to condemn the true legacy of the Messiah (see the comparison of Jesus to the Islamic state) and his original teachings. In the coming years, such statements will come not only from the pope, but from most top politicians serving the dark side, because she does not try already for a long time to hide from sleeping citizens, but on the contrary, they is revealing more and more plans for the ultimate enslavement of humankind, which is also related to the revelation of the vicious nature of the negative state that will be revealed during its elimination at the end of this shortened cycle of time.

  Maybe you were waiting that I will be talking more in detail about individual religions, beliefs, sects, cults, doctrines, etc. in this part of the Messages, but here more than elsewhere applies that by the task of this portion of God’s word was not and even will not go into detail too much so that everyone can make their own picture and preview on the negative state theater. You can find more than enough of true information, just choose and come to them by intuition, thanks this you do not have to worry that you would cease to orient yourself in the complex events of the world and and eventually lost in them. Everyone reads information tailored to him, seeds of truth are sown into him  which will sooner or later germinate. Not everyone, in your soul, keeps the earth fertile and mild, but even the driest individual who is unable to accept even the most basic level of vital information will be swamped by the Love of the Lord Jesus Christ, thanks to which the seeds germinate at the right time.

Your Lord Jesus Christ

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