2. Look only for it what connects you with others

My beloved children in human bodies….

   Find strength and courage in yourself and show that you are able to love every human being without distinction. Against the negative state, you can not fight with violence or hatred, because you are just adding energy to what you are fighting against.

   In every being, look for God’s spark. Even the most bad souls do only what they themselves can do. I ask you to send them Love. I do not ask you to approve their deeds, but about it, to love them, because they also serve the whole and show how life without God and His/Her spiritual laws would look like. Look at them and see their divine essence, which is temporarily perverse and overturned. They are also once a „cell“ of My body as well as you. They do not know that if they had not Me, even they would not be, but you know it, so love them just as I do, for I, the absolute Creator and the parent of all infinite beings, love everybody indiscriminately.

   If for a change you focus on yourself, I also have advice for your life. Look for in yourself and in your neighborhood only what connects you with others, not what divides you. In this significant time, you are here for it to take place the unification of the divided humankind, on which the forces of the negative state work for a very long time. I am here in the human body surrounded by highly placed beings to we get rid of heavy burden of its.

   I will soon open up with My closest co-workers the Spiritual center of God’s family in Prague, where I meet with those who wish to. More information will tell at the right time, My direct incarnation of Jana so that you too will be brought into God’s vibration.

Your Lord Jesus Christ

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