19. The law of free choice is the condition of Life, but can not be understood as absolute

   From the very beginning of the being and existence are running the true spiritual laws of the Lord Jesus Christ with the principles of all-encompassing love. Whoever wants to become acquainted with them can do so in particular by reading the first portion of the New Revelation, especially of Chapter 10: „Update, Modification and Redefinition of the Spiritual Laws“, as well as in Chapter 24: „The Ten Commandments Revisited“. I remind and advise that this most important book should be read in sequence, and it is not appropriate to skip its parts. These laws are perfect and flawless, although this constructivity, like everything in a limited world, you can not fully encompassed. Some are only valid for this cycle of time so that they are later restructured and restored, others apply for eternity. These have nothing to do with the infernal pseudo-laws for your planet, which are a bundling and ordinary citizen has not basically nothing of them, because they are setup by negative elites and entities so that damage and benefit from them have only those of the highest (but not spiritually) and the richest immortalizing the state of non-love not only on the Zero and helping his short victory. I have already communicated that practically no one is orientated in earthly laws, regulations, instructions, and whatever you have here, because naturally he does not have time, strength or taste to study them. This paradox plays into cards to the rulers of their „herd“, because they want disorientation those who come into contact with their system. In case, they have devised the law of all laws, which means that their ignorance does not apologize and will be punished. Negative state literally loves the complexities and nonsense that must be under what circumstances inducted into practice and fulfilled to the letter. Beings in the zone of displacement have long been accustomed to having to follow them. Even people can hardly imagine the existence of life without the thousands of commandments and prohibitions that they may and must not to do.

   Notice how more and more commandments are approved on the part of multinational institutions that even more restrict human freedom and dignified rights of the individual. This is because there is a gradual end to the typical human era and the agony of anti-universe, but before then, human problems still increase for the last time into unimaginable proportions, which will again be one of the components of the victory of darkness on the Zero. This experiment will then be ended. I know it sounds harsh, but everything is done on the basis of free choice and selection of sentient entities. All the individuals agreed that some will  voluntarily participate in life in hells. I have given to everyone an absolute promise before this time’s cycle, in which it is that separation from Me will not last beyond one cycle of time, and I will save everyone who would remain in the dead life to the end so that he can eventually return to the point which he originally inhabited before decided with some of the others to directly participate in life without the Lord Jesus Christ.

   Everything in Multiverse is happening and takes place from free choice. This rule applies from eternity to eternity. But here comes the dilemma and stumbling-block with the negative state. Although the law of free choice is a condition for the existence of life, it can not be understood as absolute, because without the existence of spiritual laws destruction of the whole Creation would have taken place. It is precisely because of their neglect that there is a negative state with all its distortions, perversions, degeneracy, killing, illnesses and total unnaturalness and strangeness, which can be everything but not by a likeness of substances coming out of the Lord Jesus Christ in the positive state. The evil entities fight against the true nature of the Creator of Everything and Everyone and will not suffer anything that would resemble the elements of true Creation. That’s why the Pseudo-creators invented the exact opposite of the true spiritual laws, but it was and still it is necessary to keep at least the minimum degree of truth in the many levels of hell itself, because thanks to though petty God’s truth and love, everyone is alive wherever they are. Because of this, God’s opponents had to leave the 5% small opening for the flow of life energies to all who are under their domain. No one can do what is inconsistent with its essence. Even the Pseudo-creators are relative, so they can not succeed in their mad plan to dominate the whole Creation and „take down God from the throne“. How it could be when I am present in everything (Multiverse is my „body“ and beings are my „cells“), I live in absolute condition, I am not tied to space or time, I am omnipotent, omnipresent, and supply everything alive? I only allow it for what evils and untruths were activated, and that’s only getting the answer to the so many times mentioned question. I do not directly interfere with the development of the zone of displacement, because I myself abide by my own laws of liberty, I only regulate her development to avoid imbalances towards the positive state. Thanks to love and mercy, I have sacrificed Myself to all in the two bodies of My direct incarnations and also send millions of angels from heaven throughout history. Now I have a large representation in the domain of the „Evil“ which gives a helping hand to all who want to be salvaged.

   I will reveal here a secret related to the topic. Anybody can not absolutely violate  the spiritual laws, not even the Pseudo-creators. If this were to be the case, would have to the one who would want to do so be the absolute entity, because how can something relative violate something absolute? It also follows that, if I had to enter the zone of displacement with all the glory and pompousness in My absolute fulness, everything in her would evaporate in a fraction of a second. That’s impossible. Do you notice of the correlation and order of being and existence in the matter regarding of absolute against relative? In „waste bin of the Multiverse“ each more or less violates the positive order, but never at 100%, as it would amount to spiritual death, the definitive denial not only of God, but also of himself. This would lead to elimination and own annihilation. Therefore, you can also rightly conclude that nothing is completely and definitively at 100%, and that in both directions of duality. Even in the victory of darkness above the light here in the 3rd dimension, agents of the positive state will constantly be represented. These will be especially people from the Hollow Earth, whose most famous figure is Adama of Telos, but of course many others we will not write about here. When the negative state is brought into its final stage, the chipped people and biorobots lose free choice completely (at 99.999%). As you know now, the definitive loss of choice would lead to their immediate and total destruction, but at the right time I will intervene and put an end to the efforts of the controllers and puppeteers. The mentioned above dilemma and stumbling-block of the negative state it is ultimately the fact that it can not for a while be able to live alone, because by causing the complete end and the impossibility of free choice for all its inhabitants, it would destroy itself. It really walks along this path, but so for many reasons, the entire experiment would be destroyed. It can be likened to a tree and its apples that symbolize its inhabitants. Gradually they ripen and fall at the end of time. If I did not intervene, they would fall to the ground and rot. So they would go waste. But I will catch them in flight while they are falling (when is threatened the possibility of choice), I will clean up them and I will let them freely decide whether they would like to lift up to the sun and not end up on the earth before a terrible fate. If this privilege was not granted, none of the apples (inhabitants) would have any choice but to fall and rot. By this step was revealed in the Messages another of the essence of pseudo-existence that I have previously revealed in a different form in the books of New Revelation with Peter.

   Finally, I will mention about how humankind treat with free choice just before its final division. Together with the increased vibration of the planet, greedy people are even more aggressive and thus accordingly the already so debilitated body of the planet looks like, so the answer is clear. Elites, under lead by their masters, will continue to devastate the natural beauties of Earth/Zero to complete their work of destruction. It does not matter whether they will exploit (abuse) a highly ranking director of a multinational corporation or „ordinary“ human with malicious intents. Forests and primeval forests are burning in many parts of the world, such as in Indonesia, the stands are cut down, toxic waste is poured out into the oceans, therefore fauna and flora are dying in both water and land. Killing animals and people is a well organized crime that drives the reptilian entities themselves. Their temporary agents here are indifferent to everything alive, even to themselves, because individual clans constantly fight for power and want to take control above as many sleeping people as possible. I have everything under control and I will not let suffer the beings in the infested environment who want to live in Love. Whoever remains here, already shortly after the division of humankind, will not be able to see any beauty in all its aspects.

   Do not be sad My beloved co-workers from the fate which awaits this planet. Always be aware that this will only happen in the 3rd dimension of the anti-universe, but in the 5th and higher vibrational planes it will wait of you the breathtaking beauty of the harmonious purity and bliss. You will soon experience it when you revibrate. A part of it, I have brought to you already in one of the previous Message: „How to simply describe life in the 5th dimension of the True Creation? As a dream that is called utopia“. Remember that we have not been come to save this going down reality with its uninspired elements from Me, but we have come to take that good from it so that it could be transferred to the New Earth, planted there and without fear, it could grow in freedom and constantly develop without threatening with weeds. In the meantime, please send to Mother Gaia harmonic vibrations so that you not only increase the vibration of her material body until then your long-awaited move to untasted paradise worlds takes place. You do not help with vibrations only to this reality, but even to others because everything is interconnected. Even from your temporarily limited position, you are doing a multidimensional job.

Your Lord Jesus Christ

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