18. In the Multiverse everything is connected, it is one living organism, and each, though small, the particle affects the whole

   Before the eons of years when there was not yet Creation in active mode, I existed in My original substance of absolute state without any relative beings. It is a holy truth that I was by no one and nothing created because I am alpha and omega, the beginning and the end of everything. I exist in the absolute of the 13th dimension where, at the moment HERE AND NOW, there is no time or space. It contains all the developmental lines of all times and para-times from eternity to eternity as they will become and will not become because at Me/in Me is possible everything thinkable and unthinkable. The fact that I have no beginning or end can only fully understand beings living in the highest dimensions which are the most close in and resemble God’s constructivity. Therefore, make nothing of it that you do not understand, because you are tied up with time and space, in addition you are in an anti-universe, where you are exposed to the effects of the negative state during your stay, hence you have established false pseudo-conventions about God and life as such.

   If you ask Me for help, you will be able to receive without problems the latest God’s word, which begins with the study of many alternative spiritual teachings, leads through further degrees of detection of truth and ends by reading both portion the New Revelations of the Lord Jesus Christ along with the surrender of your life to the loving Creator. This succession is general and every journey of the soul is different, so now I’m talking about people from the narrow part  of spectrum. With the New Revelation, the key God’s word for this cycle of time, are once become acquainted all the sentient entities, thus even those who have the worst evil and violent inclinations, and who are staying at the lowest levels of hells. All I control and I have the perfect plan on the evacuation into freedom those who have been trapped in the trap of darkness. Know that when the true nature of the negative state is revealed, there is hardly anyone who would be reluctant to enter into the positive state because there will be nothing that would motivate the low entities to live in the state of misery and suffering.

   Let’s get back to the original topic. When I existed from eternity to eternity in My loneliness, I could not share My elements of life, love, beauty, good, harmony, satisfaction, and many other aspects of being and existence. That is why the process of movement began, when I released the first ideas from the absolute mind which became self-conscious beings. By this step was create to the Creation how this know the beings in Love, but remember that something always precedes something else, so everything that is given to people on the planet Zero and in the form of the God’s word is very much abridged, generalized and simplified because more you would not be able to take in a limited reality. Even the previous steps of creating the three levels of the worlds of the Multiverse are not just coming from nothing. It is a continuous process of the precede without beginning and ending. The firstborns have helped and forever help to create the spiritual, intermediary and natural worlds of Creation. Everyone, including people, helps to make life, but on its own qualitative and quantitative level. In the Multiverse everything is connected, it is one living organism, and each, though small, the particle affects the whole. I will return to this later.

   As some of you know, Firstborns are spiritual „parents“ of those who were created after them (see New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s family in Chapter 27: „(Re)Incarnation“). In the degree/dimension below them, the newly originated are again „parents“ of those who were brought into being and existence in the next step, so it is until infinity. For the spiritual growth of entities of all kinds there are innumerable universes, which is an infinite number. The sum of all universes then gives rise to the term „Multiverse.“ Imagine a vast desert. When you take sand into your hand, you hold thousands of grains. Each grain represents from my point of view a one whole universe with billions of suns, trillions of planets, and quadrillions of sentient and non-sentient beings who, in accordance with the spiritual laws and principles of love, form their lifestyles and generations pointing spiritual development. This one universe consists of 12 dimensions, each distinguish from the other in all unrepeatable aspects and looks. If you would count the grains of all the deserts of the world, this number would not even come close to the actual number of still emerging universes. Yes, it’s all so grandiose, but you will experience the grandeur personally on the way through life when you will be also creating in a large. This journey starts in the 5th dimension where some of you will move on the basis of vibrations, attitudes and acts.

   As it stands in the title of the chapter, everything is one living organism. Multiverse creates the life energy that comes out of the sentient entities, while I „encircle“ him and watch over everything. Creation is relative towards the Lord Jesus Christ, so I everything overrun. This can be interpreted also as when you imagine the whole endless (towards the Creator finite) Multiverse as a ball on the table. Around it lies the outer world, which contains at one instant and there are more things going on in than it what happens in that ball. And just this world is in absolute sense the absolute state, by Me, the Lord Jesus Christ, who has only the difference that your world is bounded and finite, while I reach on and on beyond all boundaries. The surrounding world (absolute state) therefore supplies the ball (Mutiverse), into which it draws potential life experiences to eventually become a reality, experienced by its own existential freedom. The ball is growing steadily, as everything evolves in constant approximation to the Lord Jesus Christ. That way it would be very easy to explain, in the era of ongoing transformation, the relationship between the universe and God.

   Everything is visibly and invisibly interconnected, because life appears to be as a one whole which contains both large and small parts, ensuring in this way the flawless function of the whole. Let’s start from the lowest elements up to the highest one. Even though there are more and more smaller particles then the atoms, we set the starting point for better memorization like this. Gravity holds the atoms together. These atoms make up all  known matter in this and several other universes. Matter makes up of bodies on many bases (carbon in 3D, crystalline in 5D, …) for all evolving entities, which means also for planets and stars. There are incarnated the souls of varying degrees of development there, so that they obtain the inexhaustible amount of experiences. The higher the vibration plane, the smaller the matter, so the atoms oscillate faster and are more distant from each other. The development stages of the whole one plane in all natural, intermediary and spiritual worlds are called dimensions that are separated in the current cycle of time, but in the next step of Creation there will be interconnection of each of them, since there will be no negative state. Planets make up in their own solar systems of the family, whereas the associated star around which they orbit is their „parent“, emitting a nourishing energy for their „children“. Stars are the most advanced souls of heavenly bodies of solar systems, followed by planets.

   The individual sun again make up in configuration the families, so that continues to the central sun which is in the center of every galaxy and nourishes all the associated stars and celestial bodies which transfer out of him life energy further to the planets on which there is a sentient and non-sentient life, what also uses radiated energy to their own growth. All the inhabitants of the given body, and fauna and flora then transmit the life power further into molecules, atoms, and others smaller building blocks which yet unknown for you. Even in central galactic suns, the development into a larger denominator does not stop, because into them flows the energy from elsewhere and that from the central cosmic sun around which all the galaxies of the given universe are rotating. The cosmic sun is the governing body of every universe, a sort of representative of the absolute state in relative condition, a point of support, from which it deduces all the movement of dimensions in the Creation which occupies and manages. It contains a summary of highly developed beings – creators who keep it running with My commission. And just the cosmic sun I supply directly from My infinite Source in absolute condition. I, the Lord Jesus Christ, I am the shining sun of all. My rays of love affect on everyone with an equal boundless extent, because so boundless I love of each one of you. The most and the least advanced souls occupy the same position towards Me, because they are all equals. Do you already understand that we are one living interconnected organism? There is no any separation, and if someone experiences it, such as the members of the negative state, just so only illusory and temporary because the zone of displacement is also part of the Creation in which everyone lives, in this case only with the difference that in the anti-universe is an insufficiency of Love. More about the management and laws of the positive state, we wrote already with Peter D. Francuch in the book „Fourth Concepts of the Spiritual Structure of Creation“ in 1982.

   Just to the correlation of the negative state towards the whole, I will return at the conclusion. The negative state threatens the whole very dangerously. Even before the first incarnation then of the Most High into the zone of displacement in the body of Jesus Christ, this state could be equal to the positive state, since it prevailed in the anti-universe and began to threaten True Creation. If the Most High was not in the human body, when he entered into hells after His crucifixion to conquer all evils, the whole of Multiverse would sooner or later be destroyed under a self-destructive attacks of evils and untruths. I could never let that happen, so I intervened. Remember, only I have all the means to the salvation of Creation. There is now in order an important note, and it is that it does not matter the size and value of a particular place or point that occupies in the structure of Multiverse. The living proof of this phenomenon is your planet Zero, which illustrates the results and consequences of life without true spiritual principles. It is precisely this grain of sand (compared to the whole) currently the most important place of this time cycle. Let it be repeated again: right here are the beings from both directions of duality, right here he was conceived, he will win for a while and the negative state will also be ended, which was alive throughout his activation thanks to this at first glance petty place. So you can see that that odd place of the planet Earth/Zero, this tiny particle affects literally the whole infinity Creation, because it is the key to ending one complete great important stage of Creation, the value of which you will understand later.

   The importance of everything is transmitted to you as well, the importance of your unique and unrepeatable soul, as well as the present earthly life, thanks to which you have the ability to do so much in a short period of time from the point of view of linear time what otherwise would you do during dozens of incarnations in other corners of Creation, if you were not present on the Zero. Even though it is inappropriate to compare almost anything with anything, this comparison here can be used to remind you of the privilege which you have thanks to earthly life. Therefore, you must not underestimate or exalt yourself, but be grateful for your originality and gifts of spirit, thhanks to which you can be one’s own man, regardless of the place, time and current position of your unique life path – this concerns eternal residence in the positive state and also temporary stay at the edge of the zone of displacement. Everyone is a full-fledged segment in the colorful mosaic of Multiverse, where for ever we create side by side life in the most beautiful manifestations and substances, so to speak „we pull together“. No one can miss in the mosaic, otherwise the whole work would be devalued. I’m looking at these colorful pictures and I’m experiencing joy and pleasure with you for it, that all are being such what you are because I am you and you are Me.

Your Lord Jesus Christ

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