17. How to simply describe life in the 5th dimension of the True Creation? As a dream that is called Utopia in your on the Zero

   The New Earth is another reality of the planet Earth/Zero, which is found in the 5th dimension of the Multiverse of the Lord Jesus Christ. Its surface is very different from the surface in this reality because the 3rd dimension can not express the beauty of the positive state. 5D is the first step to the top, where I am, the Prime Creator of Everything and Everyone. All the paths begin just in this plane of existence and there is nothing negative here, because there is no room for darkness, but only for light, warmth, Love.

   The entire globe encompasses an one undivided continent that is washed by two oceans – the North and the South. In the oceans you find the most fantastic manifestations of non-sentient life in all its forms. All non-sentient entities (animals and plants) live in harmony and telepathic connection not only among themselves but also with people. You will find millions of new species of fauna and flora that do not exist on the Old Earth. The world in which you are now found was fabricated by the Pseudo-Creators, and in essence nothing remained of the original, so even the bodies of fauna and flora do not come from the Lord Jesus Christ. You can argue that plants and trees are really beautiful on the Old Earth, which are indeed, but also those roses, carnations, limes, maples, oaks … and all other plant species were created by God’s opponents. Their beauty on this planet lies in the fact that Pseudo-creators tried to faithfully imitate the outer structure and appearance of the plants found in True Creation. That’s what they did, but what you see in nature is just a glimpse of what exists in the 5th dimension. The exterior of fauna and flora in many species may indeed resemble what I created, but their interior is already deprived of a positive charge on the Zero, that is, it dissapears all the pervasive spirituality, colors, brightness, contrast and, last but not least also the behavior of the non-sentient kinds of entities. These are reflection of the quality of life of sentient entities, thus people. In the paradise on the earth, naturally, you will not find a negative animals. Go back on the land. There are a number of harmonious biotopes that mingle with each other. But there is no seasons here as you know it. If you love one of the four seasons of the year, you will find a suitable place where the some character of the weather is constantly. Do you want a fragrant spring with flowering trees whose blossoms never fall down? Or is it a radiant summer when the eternal light of the divine sun is you at hand? Or you want a multicolored golden-red autumn which is light as a cobweb in the wind? Snow lovers will find places with sparkling penetrating snow, but it is warm snow because New Earth has other physical laws.

   What about nature, how to describe it? It is like a beautiful dream which is real in the positive state. Even the most beautiful places on the Old Earth take rank with the beauties of the New Earth. The meadows of thousands of flowers, forests of all kinds, hundreds of thousands of islands and small islands along the coast and also very far from it, atolls, bays and meanderings of all sorts of endless beaches with fine sand, hills that cross into the magnificent snowy mountains which once again cross into the valley where are streams and wells with infinitely pure water. The waterfalls again replenish the relaxing atmosphere in the virgin jungles, where everyone can enjoy the most privacy. Not least, the surface creates plains with grass as soft as cotton, caves, canyons and others. All in the presence of the aroma of the positive state, clean air, a fresh temperature around 25 ° C and a mild amorousness into everything around.

   You will not find here factories, roads, cars, landfills, cities, bad weather, floods, droughts, clouds of sky, money, corporations, warehouses of economic products, any manipulation, overpopulated areas… in short, absolutely no „conveniences“ of the negative state. The New Earth will be a place for anyone who move there, because there will be only about 600 million people who will choose the place to life, depending on how the environment is in tune with them. You will be transported first by using a high-performance flying saucer (more precisely an antigravity spacecraft) which will transfer you through thought to not only anywhere place on the planet, but anywhere else in the universe. Soon your skills will be improved, as you will not need machines any longer, you will move around with teleportation, you will begin to materialize things and objects as you wish in a matter of seconds. When you are at a higher level of spiritual spiral, you divide the aspects of your spirit into multiple levels, become a multidimensional being, discover hidden talents. It waits you a wonderful, never ending journey alongside the always loving parent, Mother and Father in one – the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s family, who will also live physically in the male and female body among people. People will live in families, by themselves or otherwise, depending on what one chooses. Everyone will be in constant quantity, the quality and the quantity will be improved so that it can not even be expressed. Here too, children are born, but in another way in a special biological bag outside the body of a woman. They grow faster, they learn to be loving and from a child they are in a conscious direct contact with Me.

   I have prepared the heavens for those who do not want to remain in deteriorating conditions in the fullness of the negative state on this planet, where the New World Order will be introduced in the next few years under the baton of the ruling elites and the Pseudo-creators themselves. The endless harmonious worlds in the positive state of Multiverse are ready for you, it was never different. They are waiting with their inhabitants for the return of lost sons and daughters. Imagine your place that you dream in the mind of the most wild phantasy. How would it look? That’s exactly how countless places look like in the higher dimensions, where you will soon move if you have Love in your heart. The cleanliness and harmony of those places will be just for you. But if you rather prefer material things without Love, in a world that goes deeper into the zone of displacement, I can not prevent you from remaining in this reality when will the division of humankind. However, the heavenly gate is open to anyone who accepts Me as your own.

   It is no longer necessary to divorce the quality of life in the positive state because God’s Word is intended only to outline the amazing things that are waiting for you in this case. You can imagine other things resulting from this. It is necessary to lay the foundation to you can build other spiritual things on it, then it is under My leadership also to live. For more information about life in the zone of placement, we wrote with My direct incarnation Jana in the 14th chapter of the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s family: „Life in the Positive Condition.“ If you wish to live in the perfect world, pack your suitcases and join us in the 5th dimension not only on the New Earth, but also on other infinitely diverse and equally amazing planets in many universes.

Your Lord Jesus Christ

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