16. Sexuality and sexual relationship between man and woman, more precisely between masculinity and femininity, is a basic prerequisite for co-creation in the spiritual, intermediary and natural worlds of Multiverse

   It is now generally necessary to explain the functioning of the intimate connection of woman and man in the zone of displacement and True Creation. More about this topic can be found in the books of New Revelation by Peter D. Francuch, but it is already for advanced. It is appropriate to give this important area of life in own form even for readers, co-workers and followers of God’s family on her web-sites.

   The Pseudo-creators distorted all areas of the the real life to the dead life, there stayed almost nothing original. All the structure of the souls and especially the bodies that now inhabit the zone of displacement, have been transformed. They have used all kinds of animal genes to build the body in which just you are living. But it gave them but a lot of work before achieving the desired result of the earthly human who would manifest their purposes and serve them. When experimenting with the development of the fabric, Pseudo-creators had to focus most on the sexual area. They walked cautiously step by step so that, according to the bodies in the positive state (= duplicates) that are perfect and from Me, they copied and distorted all 100% good elements on elements of 95% negative and left only 5% of the positive aspects. Most of it, were things related to sex.

   First of all, it should be stressed that the sex organs, as you know them, are not created by the Lord Jesus Christ, but it is the exception in human bodies in the zone of displacement. The Pseudo-creators had to create reproductive organs, but first they gave to themselves the task of transforming the pure sexual energy, that rises from the inside to outside of the duplicates in True Creation, to the energy that would be manifested only externally and would be minimally affected by the inward mind. There was a disconnection of the perceptions which were previously in direct communication between the soul and the body, thanks which your counterpart could be experienced what you experiencing – and on the contrary, you could experience what he/she did. Sexual vibrations have therefore been replaced by mass, and „they gave“ to man the penis and to woman the vagina. During sexual intercourse of human beings, everything, unlike beings from the higher dimensions, takes place externally. The creators of the anti-universe were well aware that without Me, there would not be a full experience of orgasm, which happens in duplicates. Therefore, they limited its duration to the genital area, which takes only a few seconds, and it does not happen to both partners at the same time, but each at a different time, if it occurs at all. Sex can be accompanied even by annoyances, often by resistance or pains. In addition, human beings contact in intimate parts in places that are located just next to the secretory organs, which may not always to be a nuisance, but from the point of view of beings of the 5th and higher dimensions, this paradox appears to be very unnatural even though people naturally do not realize it. Why am I talking about the paradox? Would you like to make love in heaven with your counterpart in places where it normally excludes waste products? Fortunately there is no such thing there because the bodies from Me are perfect. I will more explain the operation of duplicates on this topic.

   You need to understand that God’s opponents take pleasure in all sorts of dirt, so they have „put in“ openings for waste products into the gross body. This also applies to the secretory glands you have all over the body. You produce a huge amount of substances that have nothing to do with the positive state. I will focus on this topic in another Message where I will deal with the many differences between the duplicate and your current physical envelope.

   Sexuality and sexual relationship between man and woman, more precisely between masculinity and femininity, is a basic prerequisite for co-creation in the spiritual, intermediary and natural worlds of Multiverse. Without this rule, all life energies would be dwindle and all motion would stop and nothing could be created. Thanks to that, not only I but also the relative beings can create loving ideas, from which they can eventually create self-conscious, unique entities. Duplicates in the 5th dimension are without genital organs, there is no menstrual cycle in women, fertile and infertile periods of both sexes, there are no perverse deviations, fluctuations and a steep rise in sexual moods, the resulting harassment of anyone as you have it here and many other negative influences that do not need to be listed further because you can add them yourself.

   The topic of sex was and still is labeled by negative entities in the zone of displacement as something unclean and inappropriate, for which people should be ashamed and would rather call it socially inappropriate. On the other hand, the ruling elites produces a inexhaustible quantity of pornography that leads people away from true spiritual connections in the area of the second (sacral) chakra with orange color. Because of this, there is a mental tension in people, when they have forgotten what is good for them and therefore frequent feelings of guilt or resignation occur, are lacking in the power for fully expression of emotionality, feelings and creativity of life that does not know the exact way to go, and stagnates on the spot. And you were brought up to talk as little as possible about the most inward experience and „removed“ its into the second category. But how do you want to get to know and compare the true nature of duality functioning when you are not able to look at any topic with the same insight, measure and weight? The time has come for those who are ready to receive new spiritual knowledge have received another portion from the well of knowledge written by the Source of Life itself, and it concerns a topic that many are looking through their fingers without having to.

   How does sex work in the 5th dimension of human beings? When a woman and a man meet, they resonate together and want to live in a couple, nobody and nothing inhibits them from doing so. After many adventures and experiences of mutual cognition of one’s counterpart, moment is coming up when it is time to get to know him/her in a full-blown fashion, thanks to which one partner knows of the other in the fullness of harmony and soul interconnection. The partners snuggle and embrace each other, during with time starts the mutual resonance of the souls and the interconnection of the light crystals of the bodies whose „owners“ penetrate into the interior of their counterpart. Kissing as such does not exist in a known form. Since no body fluids are present, there is no penetration of the saliva through the mouth into the other and the love kiss is not accompanied by the use of the tongue. It sounds drily, but I can guarantee that the kiss is far more amazing and fuller than you have in the 3rd dimension. It similarly proceeds by pressing the lips, but it does not only act on the external feelings of a person, but it completes the joining of bodies and souls to the fullest possible. In sex in 5D, all chakras are connected by a strong bond, but the sacral chakra, which is located in the lower abdomen area, assists of course the most helpful. In all things I assist, the Lord Jesus Christ, from whom all things are coming to be this act perfect and full. By the whole culminate of love is an orgasm that comes early and lasts for a long time. It is not limited to the area of the genitals (which do not exist in True Creation); on the contrary, on the contrary, they permeate your and your partner’s soul by delight that you have never experienced before. It is literally a heavenly delight which can not be achieved anywhere in the zone of displacement. Sharply picks up the vibration not only to those who have loved, but also to the whole neighborhood, the planet, the Multiverse. The orgasm takes place both at the same time. To make matters worse, one partner is experiencing all the time, what experiences the other and vice versa.

   All the quality of life improves with never ending approach towards the absolute state. Even you once you reach the position in which the highest spiritual beings are located, so that you can overcome this state and continue in the new cycle. You will become the creators of the infinite, the integral part of which is always present sexual energy present in Multiverse, the most beautiful celebration of life, love, beauty, good,… God.

Your Lord Jesus Christ

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