15. Finally, cast away the fear of anything, let to lead by Me, the Lord Jesus Christ. No one knows you, does not love and does not protect you as perfectly as I, your best and most loyal Friend and Love

   A large number of human beings, whether they are from higher dimensions, true human beings, or the souls of the zone of displacement, tend to worry about almost anything. No matter whether they are worry about their life, their loved ones, the future, … the soul. This is why they tend to plan their life to be „best“, and copy it according to their surroundings which lives in an routine system of the negative state for thousands of years. Fear reduces vibrations, planning of anything once again play up into the cards  to extraterrestrial entities – to the controllers who are in charge of you and the majority of humankind control to 95%.

   Finally, cast away the fear of anything, and let to lead by Me, the Lord Jesus Christ. This can be achieved by stopping paying much attention to the things that are part of the set system for terrestrial living, when information rolls in you from all sides, and you do not have time for what is really important to you, that is, to let to lead by the one who created you. Just open the door to the true spiritual love that has little in common with a love which most of you know. The elites are well aware that by the involvement of intuition ( = establishing a conscious contact with Me) drastically reduces the level of control and there is a gradual dissolving the cover of spirit and soul which have been closed in a special envelope from energoprotoplasm, which is the work of Pseudo-creators and other negative entities. In addition to the gradual reduction of control, you get rid of fear in all its forms. You are ascending on the spiritual path and after reaching a certain point you are able „to be over the thing.“

   Only very few incarnated beings in human gross bodies have direct contact with God. It also applies for large parts of light co-workers who do not need to have a direct connection to the Source of life, but they help in an individual way to bring less developed people into the light. Therefore at first glance it seems that almost every teaching about spiritual truths is contradictory and at the same time contradicting to the previous one, but that is because each of them brings here a different degree of truth. It can be said with certainty that there are so many truths, how many people. You certainly know that no one accepts the 100% level of truth, because it is not possible for many reasons, while you live in the zone of displacement. In revealing the truth, it is necessary to act cautiously and not to accept any information as guaranteed, as there are also tricky and sometimes dangerous „truths“ that come not from light, but from different people who are either agents of the negative state and know that spreading false testimonies helps even to the gradual victory of those who live on this planet, or to those who do not thing it badly, but because of the closed spiritual heart and disconnection from Me, they are exposed to the influences of the other side, and that is why they can „stick on“ of the various bad entities who like impersonate the carriers of light, but it’s just their appealing mask. The misleading texts from the dark side are intended for those who do not feel the intuition, but the brain, the ego, the eyes.

   I emphasize that you will judge the truthfulness of your texts by feel heart. Texts from Me and from beings from Heaven may be identified thanks by the presence of a radiant light and Love, when reading you will feel harmony and consonance, will literally it do good on your soul.

   No one knows you, does not love and does not protect you as perfectly as I, your best and most loyal Friend and Love. So why surrender to politicians, bankers and elites which are controlled by the entities of reptile origin? Do you want to have anything to do with the monsters which bluff you in, daze you with various benefits in a short earthly life, to get to know at the physically end what you have voluntarily served was not productive, lacked emotion, empathy, Love? I always have over the very Pseudo-creators the edge on, because no one but Me is absolute. Their power appears compared with the abilities of the Lord Jesus Christ as a grain of sand, in addition darkness is temporary, and after answering the question of life without God and spiritual principles will be eliminated and forever abolished. Can not be sit on two chairs, is to be to choose who you will serve. I tell everyone that even those who take pleasure in evil, live in fear, even the very creators of all hardship. Covered by themselves are afraid of Love, even though it is she who nourishes them. By handover yourself into the loving arms of the Lord Jesus Christ, you are constantly protected, empowered and loved. I love everyone and everything constantly, but by accepting God into your heart you will be able to perceive this love. Even in this body, made of elements of the third dimension, you will realize the perfect plan and order of the Creator, you will establish the long-lost friendship of your best friend and girlfriend, which is otherwise eternal and never ending. I know perfectly every atom of all universes and I have an understanding for everyone. Talk to Me and dry up the tears which caused you separate from the Source of life. Do not expect to hear a voice when you establish a contact. God is everywhere and in everything, so He is also part of the thoughts. That’s how telepathy is manifested, and you find the Lord Jesus Christ in silence, not in noise.

Your Lord Jesus Christ

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