14. The event I described also as „WARNING“ is another important „acceleration“ of the transformation right after December 21, 2012

   In the 31st chapter of the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s family (31st chapter – Event = Warning – www.bozirodina.cz), in 2015, for the first time ever in the history of the Multiverse I have communicated the truest information about the God’s mercy, which I have called the „Warning“ under the specifying designation. From that moment on, another piece of truth is present not only among human beings who come directly from the one Creator. Since the completion of the second portion of the New Revelation, in addition there has been another shift in the sphere of Creation, which is aimed at even more intense changes to accelerate the transformation of humankind. The event that soon awaits all individuals living on the planet Zero will have a vital value, for it is thanks to her that terrestrials will decide whether to accept Love and Me into their hearts so they do not have to suffer in a deteriorating condition on the planet that falls deeper into the zone of displacement.

   The messages of the Lord Jesus Christ are especially intended for our co-workers and followers, who for the most part already know what is the matter here, have read at least one of the New Revelation portions, and are able to absorb further important information from the spiritual world, which further extend their horizons. That’s why I will not talk here in terms that try to generalize of light texts, but I will continue to use the style and terms that you can see in its second portion. Even in this message, I will not repeat exactly what was written, because nothing is repeated twice, but I will use the technique of „repetition in a spiral“, which is based on the truths previously revealed, sometimes reminds it and mainly complements about the new knowledge.

   How you already know, by the purpose of the Event will be for the light co-workers to confirm their faith in God (under any name), sleeping people, who are most often true human beings, will receive the first direct proof of My existence for the first time, and the agents of the negative state, thus souls from hells, unlike their species living in the zone of displacement outside of planet Zero, will have the privilege that they too will see Me by their inner sight and will make a rapid shift forward – into True Creation, literally jump from the swamp of evil and untruth into the warm cotton of the good and beauty. Otherwise, their hearts will „burst“ and they will prefer to serve their masters, often until the end of the cycle of time, who promise them what they want to hear, but here they pay more than elsewhere, that promises are mistakes, because the dark side is earlier or later breaks. Only the absolute Lord Jesus Christ promises you and guarantees you the most joyful life in heaven, experiences, adventures, and things you do not even seem. You will experience it very soon, when you revibrate from this world where you belong.

   The event is described by many prophets to make humankind better prepared for it. But the vast majority of human beings do not understand what it means exactly. There are also tendencies in which it is redrawn and minimalized into a false form. Due to the complexity of the situation, I had to allow especially Christian believers to receive from the selected prophets the message that the Warning comes almost parallel to the Second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. I repeat that the Second coming has been taking place since 1957 by My second incarnation on this planet, this time into the female body to be began the final phase of the end of the negative state in being and existence. In the absolute everything takes place at the same time, only beings living in matter at different stages of development experience a linear flow of time. That’s why I almost never say the dates of anything through My co-workers, because time is not important. I know that you would love to know the year and the month of that and the point when occurs to the external manifestation of so-called „God’s intervention“, but believe it would do more harm than good. My plan with all is perfect, so things that happen in you and around you always accept with humility. I know very well how hard it is to endure many situations with life here because I have experienced them in the body of Jesus and I still experience in the body of Jana. Everything proceeds from the inside outward, as I wrote in the previous portion of New Revelation with Peter, and Second coming at first manifests itself internally and then outwardly. This will be in parallel with elimination the negative state at the end of the cycle of time. Then God’s mission will be completed. Maybe you take notice why God’s mission with the transformation of humankind will be completed only then? Since, even after the division of humankind and the revibration of so far the parts of the Earth’s inhabitants, God’s family will not end her activities, only then begins the undistorted enjoyment and joy from her cooperation, when the whole Creation will gradually learn about her important mission. Together with humankind, she passes by the development from the 5th dimension up to the point where everything was before the Fall.

   I will go back to the Events theme. When I will reveal Myself to all the people indiscriminately, I will show you all your actual life, like on the tape you will see your most important life moments, no matter whether they were good or bad. Of each of you I will get rid of the control by negative entities for a few minutes so that you can rise above all and look at the whole thing from an undistorted point of view. Within 15 minutes (from the perspective of linear time) I will consult with each of his worries and joy, he/she will be in the sea of love and I will embrace him/her. It will be the most intimate, private and personal dialogue with Me which you have experienced since what you live on the Zero. I do not force anyone to follow Me/Our even after the Warning, but there are appropriate consequences that I do not cause in any way, but the free choice of ministration to the Pseudo-creators.

   What more specifically will happen during the Event? Cannot be tell everything and in detail, but it is time to I bring it closer to you. At first, the entire sky by a white, no-glare light will light up. In the hemisphere where will be the night in this time, of course it will also be. This glow will attract billions of people. In that moment, all parts of the dark side will be in great alert, as they will lose control of each human for a moment. But they will not be able to do anything that would stop the Event. On the planet Zero, such a large amount of pure Divine Love is poured in one moment that you can only imagine it when it happens. It is no coincidence that you can perceive increasing energy values on the Internet and around you, such as the energy of Bovis. These values will rise steadily until the division of humankind is completed. Energies are constantly sent to your planet from the Central Sun, where the highest consciousness is anchored in this universe. From it, positively charged photons flow into the solar system through the Sun. Permanent energies increasing is intended to accelerate the transformation and spiritual regeneration of part of the population which will culminate in the above-mentioned the Event. Elites is trying to hinder the supply photons and its increasing vibrations by the so-called chemtrails. Everything happens under My oversight, and they are only allowed what is absolutely necessary to answer the question of life without God and spiritual laws. If My presence was not even in the zone of displacement, it would be long ago broken.

   After lighting of the sky, the light descends from the sky to the earth. At that moment all the human rush, traffic,… movement stops. Your immortal consciousness will come out of the gross body, where everyone will see Me by his/her inner sight. Keep in mind that this will take place inside each of you and will be an experience that will be livelier than a dream but will not be captured by any technical means. The perception of the Lord Jesus Christ will vary from individual to individual. As I am almighty, I will use for everyone the form of God which will be most suitable for him/her. To the most advanced beings, awakened and Christians, usually I will appear in the perfect body of Jesus, to members of other religions I will appear in the forms in what they are imagining the Creators. I will also choose the appropriate appearance for the convinced atheists. Everything is perfect and there is no need be worried about any shortcomings. I’m revealing here only a small and limited section of what happens when your soul meets the Lord Jesus Christ. That’s because nobody is getting 100% of information and also because you need to ask yourself what this experience will mean to you and look at it the way you feel it. There is no need to enter into details of meeting face to face with Me, since it will vary from individual to individual.

   Positive beings will jubilate by joy, negative beings will grip their heart because they feel sorry for what evil they have done. This will happens to those agents of the negative state, who will experience awakening and conversion in the direction to heaven. Those who do not show an interest in converting, will stubbornly scrape their nails down the wall and scream against Love, but as a result, this scratch will  be sound dissonantly only on their ears, because everyone behind the wall (in the positive state) will devote much more pleasant things and will not even remember their old life. Warning precedes the revibration parts of the people into the paradise on earth, so you will still see how the system which moves by the world, will behave. The divine experience will be distorted by the media, will be labeled as a delusion and hallucination, but it can not confuse nothing else to you because, by the end of your mission in 3D, you will walk along the illuminated path to heaven without stopping more.

   With this action will initiate the final countdown to the arrival of Pseudo-creators on Zero. It’s also another assurance that your deliverance is close. After the revibration the last wave of co-workers, the supply of the light energy will be stopped. After the reality of this planet falls to position -1, all areas of life will worsen. Then nothing will be prevent the typical human era in this theater from playing the last scene, the curtain last time withdrawn, and the remaining „actors“ behind it could once again choose whether they want to live in the positive state.

Your Lord Jesus Christ

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