13. Transformation is the way to heaven, transhumanism is the way to hells. Transhumanism will bring more enslavement, transformation will bring liberation

   Only the way of transformation leads the path of eternal life. You can not approve the pseudo-conveniences of the negative state while wanting to be in the positive state, that is, in heaven. You have to choose which side you choose.

   By the external means of improving the quality of life in the fabricated human body that I do not created, spiritually no one move anywhere. Whoever chooses the path of transhumanism will still stagger to the same place, only delays the irreversible fate, once finally recognizing the true nature of life in the negative state to objectively compare whether it is worthwhile to live in constant sufficiency, abundance and especially true spirituality , in conjunction with the Source of Life.

   Elites offer their technological advances to selected people. They promise a more convenient, easier and supposedly „better“ life, when they will be use the means for the service to the mass, rather than giving priority to work on yourself and the growth after the spiritual spiral, having the goal to get rid the habits of the dead life, who created god’s opponents. Why is human life dead? From the point of view of the 5th and higher dimensions of the Multiverse, this mode of existence seems to be dead, though those who experience it (people) are accustomed to a limited way of living without connection with their higher Self, without communicating with the beings of light, completely separated from it what is natural. Soon, the beauties of true life will be experienced by those who do not cling on being in matter which temporarily hinders in flight into freedom.

    Transformation is the way to heaven. Who doesn’t love ephemeral things, such as money, material goods, preferment over the other, exploitation, favouritism one over the other,… and simply the earthly system, which is based on the phrase „divide and rule,“ but thinks and acts positively, not to worry, that he will have to lament in the New world order, which is going to on mostly unsuspecting residents of the heavily tried planet. There is no need to list things that will secure your place in paradise on earth. As we have told many times, the only ticket to paradise are vibrations. Everyone has the responsibility for himself, and therefore, the vibrations of all individuals are an undistorted mirror of the degree of good (otherwise the degree of evil) that you carry in himself.

   Transhumanism is the way to hells. Its goal is to remove illnesses, poverty, improve physical and mental capabilities by means of alleged „progress“. The Pseudo-creators, upon their arrival, will introduce a massive introduction of transhumanism for their closest, that is, the main minions and participants in the short pseudo-victory of the negative state on the planet Zero and elsewhere in the anti-universe. These „improvements“ will not be apply to ordinary people who have not idea what’s going on here, and with a tape over their eyes they are walking along a wide paved path to hell that has a span that even the blind (in the spiritual sense) can not encounter any obstacles. On the contrary, the awakening people are rising a narrow thorny path to to heaven, but they have what the blind do not have – direct support, guidance and protection of the Lord Jesus Christ. At the end of their journey I will reward them by a eternal life. Even the unawakeneds will be „rewarded“ by the devil in a way – by pseudo-life in the intermediary world of the due dimension of the zone of displacement, in popular terms in hells.

   Transhumanism will bring about greater enslavement that people who will live under the government of the Evil, will not notice, on the contrary, they will even more still enjoy the privileges they were able to get. Their dwelling of the soul will be improved by implants in the body, nanotechnology, genetic code improvement (further manipulation of DNA, greater incorporation of evils into it), devolution of their personality into virtual reality, widening of intelligence, prolonging life, psychological immunity to surrounding things (will be misused to receiving of true Love), telepathy, teleportation and, of course, introducing the chip into the body to increase their control level to 99.99%. We only name a number of things that relate to so-called overcoming human constraints, as there is a wide range of „body improvements“. The privilege of improvement will not last long and will end during leaving this dimension into the spiritual world. Then the soul of every a bad creature will be exposed to the bone to feel what it is like to be in the negative state without the promises by which she was so captivated by the time she lived on Zero. Promises are mistakes, and entities from the anti-universe very like to promise all sorts of things, but the deal with the one who puts their souls on their side will soon be canceled and only used to achieve their own goals, or „when they are catching bird, they are singing to him nicely.“

   Transhumanism will also serve to create supermen that try to attack the positive state of Multiverse. Nothing natural will be present on these entities, because they will differ from human beings that even their souls will be artificial and will respond with a self-destroying explosion when contact with anything positive. That is why this army of bio-robots must to bring outside of the dimensional structure of Creation, when all the achievements of the Pseudo-Creators fail.

   The only natural way is the transformation that is now going on and will culminating by your relocation into the 5th dimension on the New Earth. Anyone who is already using the chip under the skin to pay for electronic transactions by simply enclosing his hand, can not take part the uplift into a new reality. Nothing compares to the capacities of subtle bodies on a crystalline basis in True Creation because they are created directly by Me, thus they are perfect. For further information on this, you will learn in the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s family in Chapter 24: „The Difference Between Transhumanism and Transformation.“

Your Lord Jesus Christ

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