12. The ascension, or the revibration into the higher dimension of Multiverse, is the abandonment of reality without the experience of death of the physical body

   Only those who are spiritually mature enough to leave this reality in a way of revibration during the division of humankind are able to continue in their life without interruption by physical death. These are souls, mostly from the 7th and higher dimensions of Multiverse, who, in their various long life, were inspired by positive patterns, established contact with Me, radiated light and love into darkness and hatred, and greatly deserved about the increase of the vibrations of humankind and the whole planet, so they helped lay the foundations of the way into the higher spheres of the positive state for all. For a brief explanation of the process of ascension, we will again use the description we have already mentioned in the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s family, this time enriched with the new knowledge. There are more variants to move into the higher dimension, but the purpose of this message is to bring closer to human beings of the variant without experiencing the death of the body.

   The individual who has fulfilled his light mission to 100% will no longer has reason to stay in this reality not even a second longer. At the latest in the latest wave of revibration just before the second coming of the Pseudo-creators, each light co-worker will be liberated from the shackles of this world. When the long-awaited time comes, they will notice the disappearance of tens of thousands of people in a short time also still sleeping people who choose the life on the planet that falls deeper into hells. But they will not want to think about why this is happening because their level of control will increase to the maximum and they will be assured by a wolf in sheep’s clothing (dark side) that nothing serious is happening and „paradise is waiting for all without exception“, which is the password that Satan will be proclaim to all who will attend the closing phase of a typical human era. Decrease of the spiritual intelligence of the remaining people is just one of the many elements of the pseudo-life in hells, where more than two-thirds of humankind will fall through from free will. This number is only indicative and do not take it as a dogma, because everything is constantly changing and no one is destined to be where he does not want. Who will be liberated, only I know, the absolute Creator and no one else, which is understandable. Still remember that nobody gets 100% true information because it’s absolutely impossible. If that were to be the case, every inhabitant in the zone of displacement would succumb to self-destruction. Only when consciousness is open to all without exception, the entire Creation and also the zone of placement will be acquainted with everything, as far as the nature of the negative state is concerned and everyone will get guaranteed true information. This will happen at the end of the cycle of time.

   Let’s go back to the mere revibration. This unique event will happen in a relatively short time. Individual first gets the telepathic information, that it is time to leave this reality. Once again, the third eye will be opened also for this who has never used it before. It will „hear“ Me without any side-effects, which may occasionally occur due to imperfect bodies without the full connection between the ego and the spirit in classical telepathy. When he is told that it is time to „pack the suitcases“ and go to the true home in the 5th dimension, there will be a gradual increase in the vibrations of the body. A message of leaving the planet Zero can not occur immediately before it disappears from 3D, but it must be given enough time to solve the last things in the old life and to be mentally prepared for this amazing ride. I proceed individually, and as well as the Event, also the understanding about the transition into the new world will be perceived differently by everyone. When I acquaint of the individual about the situation, it will mean that he has the last week to 14 days of time to preparation which concerns both to the old and of the newly arrived life. During the transitional period, as has been said, day after day it will be increase the vibrations of the gross body in which you are living, and therefore you will feel lighter and much better. The vibrations of your body is aligned with the vibrations of your soul and spirit. When the process of increasing body vibration is over, you will reach the point where the right moment will come to leave this reality. You start vibrating very strongly, you literally start to emit light. Vibration will be caused by this that the atoms that make up your physical envelope will vibrate very quickly. The exact time, place and circumstances of your revibration are determined by you only. When you are fully prepared and willing to leave this reality, you suddenly start to shake and resonate pleasantly, you will be surrounded by light and feel the lightness to come. Your feet will unstick for the last time from the ground of this reality and you will literally fly up a few centimeters into the air. If anybody is observing you, the surroundings will see you in a white-golden light bath and you will gradually lose sight of all living and „inanimate“ things in 3rd dimensionality, you literally disappear from this world. When it happens, in your view the old world will also disappear. The mass, by which you are created, at one point dissipates in all directions. At this point, you reach the boundary between the 3D and 5D frequency bands.

   After you reach the band, you will move through a light tunnel to the 5th dimension most often on the New Earth. Your new body will be re-composed and restructured into a new crystal-based form, called a duplicate, when the mass of the old body is disintegrated. That duplicate is no longer from Pseudo-creators, but from Me, the Lord Jesus Christ. It is cleansed from all the imperfections, no elements concerned of the negative state are present there. The entire interior with organs is unrecognizable from the old one. It is not important to describe the functioning of the duplicate at this time, but it is worth noting that the heart is not in the shape of a strangely shaped muscle, as it is here, but has the shape of the heart which you know in the pictures. It is a spiritual heart that serves to communicate with Me, to the establishing loving relationships with all, and many other productive things. I placed him in the middle of a chest.

   How can be describe the experience of ascension? Like a wonderful ride full of excitement, positivity and light, at which a loving embrace with your beloved brothers and sisters is waiting for you at the end, along with an endless cognition of the endless aspects of life in Creation. After revibration, you will also have a wonderful touch of the spiritual atmosphere of paradise on earth. When you look around and acquire new (but otherwise ordinary) ability to travel in time and space, perceiving more aspects of your being, etc., you will become by honored advanced people who have had the privilege of going through everything. For this experience is worth a couple of years „to wait“ – I assure you; but at the same time I remind you that you do not have to wait idly on the things that come, but you have to use the remaining time to do your mission.

Your Lord Jesus Christ

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