11. The more you ascend after the spiritual spiral, the more truth you are able to accept

   Spiritually sleeping people, which are the majority of them because of the encapsulation of their spirit, are unable to accept even the most basic information about the functioning of the world and the universe, let alone to be interested in the spiritual world. These people are disconnected from communicating with Me, their level of control is now over 95%. They mostly follow their own ego, they do not feel intuition, so their perception of Love, which is all around, is at the point of frost. Their god is money, the true Love is replaced by appetency for achieving and enforcing their own goals. They laugh at everyone who bring any truth in the spiritual form because it disturbs their perception of the false world and just irritates them. For these controlled beings it means that there was not yet time the awakening from the illusion of this reality.

   Then there is a second category of individuals who are initially spiritual paths. There is a gradual reduction in control by negative entities. They are only able to accept the truth to a small degree, an individual approach to spiritual study must be required. Many alternative texts are destined to them, which are often contradictory but have one thing in common: they deny the existence of the evil and dark forces, or foolishly claim that good and evil are two compatible concepts, so evil is also the essence of the Creator. They believe that this human life on planet Zero even with its problems and imperfect bodies is controlled and maintained by Me, the Lord Jesus Christ. Nothing is further from the truth. I created and I again and again create only the positive state that manifests the elements of the absolute state in the relative form. I repeat that I have not created a typical human life and the zone of displacement! Anyone who thinks that there is nothing like Satan (Pseudo-creators) is not yet able to accept this fact. For them, I together with N. D. Walsch prepared for them the book Conversations with God (3 parts) and his other books I dictated to him. My plan for their spiritual ascension is perfect, so it is necessary to the truth be present at different degrees.

   Another broad group of terrestrials on the spiritual path is in the advanced stage of the spiral. They are those who have lowered the control below 50% and are receiving additional (and this time very crucial) information. They now know that good has nothing to do with evil, because evil was not, is, and will never be part of God. They are well aware that the functioning in what they live in is unfair and difficult. They perceive the evil around themselves and do not deny it, but they often blame God (with any name) for tolerating it and letting millions of entities suffer. Humankind and everyone in the zone of displacement are separated from God, the Lord Jesus Christ and others in Creation because of the experiment and their choices. I will not say here why it is happening, for everything is explained in detail in both portions of the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ by Peter D. Francuch and My direct incarnation of Jana at www.bozirodina.cz.

   The fourth group of spiritually awakened people is diverse in their studies. The degree of control decreases drastically, ranging between 30% – 20%. They are attached to Me, that is, to their intuition. This is mostly unconsciously, but also for many consciously. It depends on the plan of the soul as the individual perceives the connection to the Lord Jesus Christ, the angels, archangels and other entities of the positive state, such as ascended masters or universe people and others…. There is also a different form of perception of the spiritual world. Someone perceives the angels constantly, other regularly travels to higher dimensions and other may not perceive anything. Again, it depends on the plan of the soul, it definitely does not matter the maturity and origin of the spirit. This group includes a large number of light co-workers from around the world who bring the truth to the less awakened, as well as eyewitness accounts of life outside of this world. They are dangerous for elites who try to keep everyone in ignorance and lie. I coordinate all of My co-workers to expand at the time of transformation to all corners of the world the teachings about incoming changes and to sow billions of seeds into the souls of those who try to listen to them.

   The last group of awakened people is able to constantly accept the highest degree of truth that is possible at this time to provide everyone. More truths can not be understood and given at this time, because none of those of temporarily incarnated into the human bodies by the Pseudo-creators, in addition with a sophisticated system of control in the territory of the negative state, they would not able to bear the weight of another truth, they would literally go mad. It also concerns to the most advanced beings which temporarily took on human form. I repeat that no one is loaded more than he is carrying,and this also applies to this. The control rate is constantly below 20%. Just for an example: the female direct incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ – Jana – is controlled by the negative entities for 2%. Those that intuition will lead to the books of the New Revelation in which is the highest truth in the complete form that can be transmitted to this planet, they are able to receive the only true name of the Creator of Everything and Everyone that is called the Lord Jesus Christ. This name has a deep spiritual meaning, so it is not a mindless name. People at the top of the spiral of growth at the last turn there is enlightenment. The penultimate and last group are beacons in the darkness, the transmitters of God’s word. To be able to transfer also you, just have Love in your heart, get rid of prejudice, control, expectation and overmuch negativity. Every day they live according to the divine plan and let to lead by Me. They act with purity in the heart, they do not force anyone, but they are only for ready here, so they don’t throw peas on the wall.

Your Lord Jesus Christ

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