10. The Old Testament is not from Me, the only Creator of Everything and Everyone, the Lord Jesus Christ!

   As anyone might believe, the Old Testament Bible is not from Me, the Lord Jesus Christ! The texts in this part of the Bible are mostly full of negative acts, evils, slights, consecrated by constant changes in the mood of God, which has the qualities of human entities who let to manage by the control programs. Whoever feels the truth well through the heart will know directly at the beginning of the reading where the Old Testament originates.

   During the initial compilation, words were passed from generation to generation orally, until later thoughts were written up on paper into compact texts. Because the Old Testament was written even before I, then the Most High, now the true name of the Lord Jesus Christ, captured the Pseudo-creators, all the inhabitants of the planet Zero and the zone of displacement were under their direct government and control. Only later did I in the body of Jesus enter into the hells, where I captured them, separated them from their ruling places and imprisoned in an unknown place. At that time they lost most of their previous power.

   Let’s go back to writing the Old Testament. It has both demonic and angelic origin, but the whole appears to be negative. When the bad entities (demons) acted at that time on humans, they did not need such a complex system of controlling beings from transmitters placed on the Moon and elsewhere, as you have today. After all, everything was under the undeniable government of Pseudo-Creators, who could create any conditions showing the negative state! The rulers of evils and untruths knew well that something was going on (My First coming), but they did not know exactly what, because no one sees into the absolute mind, but they suspected that sooner or later will be written up a „something“ what would contain the undistorted God’s word. Therefore, from the mind of the Pseudo-creators, unprecedented untruths have came out which have created the concept of a punishing God, which requires obedience, victims, toadying and other things. This God of the Old Testament really represents Pseudo-creators, who created out of themselves false gods and creators of everything and everyone. Humankind has been worshiping them ever since, because they have had „God’s word“ from them, but few have realized that it is purely false. From the very beginning, when they were displaced into hells, they wanted to worshiped them beings which were trapped, but they did not want to this beings know exactly whom they worship, that is way they took on themselves many forms and created many false religious teachings, dogmas and doctrines.

   After the bad entities dictated the whole text of the Old Testament to humans, this work was ready to become an integral part of the Bible, where it was supposed to be present next to the teachings and life of their opponent – Jesus Christ, that is next to the New Testament. That’s what happened. The vast majority of human beings, when reading the Bible, have the problem of distinguishing the true God’s word from satanic. Only a very small thousandth of a percent of the people in the gross bodies from the Pseudo-creators understands the significance of the individual passages of the New Testament, which have a profound spiritual significance that correlated with the coexistence of the negative state next to the positive state and all the things involved in taking actions in this cycle of time. The New Testament is written in the spiritual language so that it does not become infected with untruths and to take literally its words has no meaning. In complete form and with explanation, the meaning of its passages is explained in the books of the New Revelation, which Peter Daniel Francuch brought from Me. The New Testament was censored throughout its existence, thousands of words were omitted, but its true spiritual significance could never be garbled and distorted.

   I have everything under My control and the plan on the evacuation humankind back to heaven is perfect. When the typical human era ends in the zone of displacement and elsewhere in Creation, so the New Testament becomes obsolete and will be replaced by something completely new, because the new cycle of time enters into being and existence. Everything will be new, because in the God’s world, stagnation and clinging to old values is inadmissible.

Your Lord Jesus Christ

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