1. Be grateful for it that we being live at the time of transformation on this planet

My beloved on the planet Zero…

   Be grateful for it that you have come to this planet here at the time of the transformation where grain separation from chaff is taking place, in other words: division into two basic directions – positive (minority of humanity) and negative (most of humanity). You live for that to fulfill your mission, which you mostly do unconsciously. So everything is fine. You have agreed that you will accept the task on the Zero, you are here from your free choice and have all the means to make it successfully.

   Many of you do not realize that every second of this time has a multiverse meaning. They will learn from you the being in other cycles of the time who have not had the honor to be present in a negative state, let alone in the revolutionary time of transformation, when there are only a few physical years to the division humankind. You are honored, that you exist right now. You have a eminent domain which currently has just about 7.4 billion a incarnated people in the world.

   And to make matters worse, after you already this right to be on the Zero, where both positive and negative states affect one another, no one will have. Why? As I have already said, lightworkers will be called off in a few years and therefore a negative state will prevail. This means that in a short time (even from the point of view of linear time flow) one part of this experiment will be completed. By this keep in mind the end of blending light and darkness on planet Zero.

   The next end of the last part of the experiment will take place in the elimination of the negative state when to everyone without any difference will be answered the question: How would life without God and His/Her spiritual laws look like? Learn more in the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s family on www.bozirodina.cz. There is stated therein the highest degree of truth, that’s why I suggest you read it if you haven’t already. Nobody forces anyone into anything, you can still choose whether to serve light… or darkness. From this are derived the consequences of the further destiny of your soul. Remember that you will be free with light only.

   I love everyone without distinction.

Your Lord Jesus Christ

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