Messages of the Lord Jesus Christ for the Co-Workers of God’s Family on Earth/Zero

Accepted by AA Rafael in the body of Michael R., from March 2016




    1.  Be grateful for it that we being live at the time of transformation on this planet
    2.  Look only for it what connects you with others
    3.  The only medicine for all sick, defiled and stolen from True Life is Love = higher vibrations
    4.  You will find Me in your heart, devoid of fear and self-depreciation
    5.  The basis of transformation and ascension to the higher dimension is the increase of vibrations, the expansion of consciousness
    6.  The higher the vibrations of the Love of the being, the more she helps others, the less she think of her profit
    7. The transformation of humankind would not have been possible without the help of more advanced universe civilizations that work closely with Me, the Lord Jesus Christ
    8. Whoever surrenders his power to another becomes helpless
    9. The time is coming of the division of humankind into two main directions:
  10. The Old Testament is not from Me, the only Creator of Everything and Everyone, the Lord Jesus Christ!
  11. The more you ascend after the spiritual spiral, the more truth you are able to accept
  12. The ascension, or the revibration into the higher dimension of Multiverse, is the abandonment of reality without the experience of death of the physical body
  13. Transformation is the way to heaven, transhumanism is the way to hells. Transhumanism will bring more enslavement, transformation will bring liberation
  14. The event I described also as „WARNING“ is another important „acceleration“ of the transformation right after December 21, 2012
  15. Finally, cast away the fear of anything, let to lead by Me, the Lord Jesus Christ. No one knows you, does not love and does not protect you as perfectly as I, your best and most loyal Friend and Love
  16. Sexuality and sexual relationship between man and woman, more precisely between masculinity and femininity, is a basic prerequisite for co-creation in the spiritual, intermediary and natural worlds of Multiverse
  17. How to simply describe life in the 5th dimension of the True Creation? As a dream that is called Utopia in your on the Zero
  18. In the Multiverse everything is connected, it is one living organism, and each, though small, the particle affects the whole
  19. The law of free choice is the condition of Life, but can not be understood as absolute
  20. There is no only religion on this planet that would not be influenced or created directly by the makers of negative entities
  21. Humankind is separated from Me, God, the Lord Jesus Christ and from others in Creation, lives in isolation due to experiment and its choices
  22. Several additions to the Last Judgement
  23. The revealed truth of God’s Word
 24. Revibration the family to the 5th dimension or how the media is lying to us
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