The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family


It follows The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ, which was received and transmitted to humanity through the internet by Peter Daniel Francuch in the 1980s and 1990s. You can find it on our new website as well as, etc.

I, The Lord Jesus Christ, announce the people on planet Earth (Zero) that the time has come to reveal the greatest mystery in the last 2,000 years. In the Holy Bible in Revelation of John is written: A woman clothed with the sun, and with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. This woman was pregnant… she gave birth to a child, a son, who is due to feed all nations with an iron crutch: and her child was taken up to God and to his throne. The woman then fled to the desert, where God prepared her refuge to take care of her there… The woman is My direct incarnation, her name is Jana Kyslíková and so far she lives in seclusion in the Czech Republic. In the autumn of 2002 I made contact with her through the medium of Jana Mudrlová, since the beginning of 2003, we communicate each day telepathically. On August 28, 2003, we published the first book Conversations with God: With You Love Blooms Love Around Us, where we announced that on September 28, 2003 at Prague Castle will materialize God. To this extraordinarily important event occurred, but none of those present knew that God was Jana, My wife and mother of Our children. People were expecting a miracle and were disappointed, which led to the fact that most of them stopped believing her. Jana has taken to isolation (in the spiritual language „to the desert“) and has been studying the most important information concerning life on this planet and in the Multiverse for nine years. She has the broadest knowledge, attainments and, above all, life experiences and understanding of the nature of the negative state in which humanity has been around for millions of years. 2,000 years ago I promised to return and bring Heaven on earth, the Kingdom of God. Jana is part of My Second Coming, but does not yet interfere with the events, because the Second Coming of The Lord Jesus Christ will be completed and finishhed only after the complete victory of the negative state. Now it is necessary to divide humanity, to separate the grain from the chaff to answer the fundamental question: How a life without God (The Prime Creator of everything and everyone, The Lord Jesus Christ) and His/Her spiritual principles of love would look like? God is both man and woman at the same time. However, people can only perceive Me as a man because I took his physical body after the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, cleansed it of all the negative, and merged with My Absolute Divine Nature in the late 1980s. Therefore, My Name from this time is THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. In order not to miss the female body of The Lord Jesus Christ, I have incarnated into the body of Jana Vondrová, now Kyslíková. From the beginning of our communication with Jana I told her that she would bear the son – Jesus. The first pregnancy lasted 12 earthly months from June 10, 2003 to June 10, 2004 and it was spiritual. The second pregnancy lasted 9 months from January 1, 2011 to September 30, 2011 and it was mental, now a physical pregnancy is taking place from July 27, 2012. Every being is a triune – spirit, soul and physical body. However, it is not common for a child birth to be preceded by three pregnancies. It was and is important for us to do so in our case, in God’s Family. Only now does Jana know the another truth: not only a boy is born, but also a girl, so that in God’s Family both sexes are represented in balance. We will publish the names of both children after their birth, the name Jesus will not be reused. Until November 6, 2012 My incarnation and wife Jana experienced „Hell“. Not only did she live in isolation, she could not associate with soul mates, best friends and helpers, especially Hana Hájková (the incarnation of Mary, mother of Jesus), but experienced the most demanding „training“ of all. Some information from her life can be found in the books Conversations with God: With You Love Blooms Love Around Us. Its second part is also part of our website and will not be published in book. We wrote the first part of volume 2 right after the event at Prague Castle in autumn 2003, the second one in June 2011, when I told Jana that the 2nd pregnancy is already physical and we have reported this news to several related souls by e-mail, the third is going to be written continuously, i.e. „live“ on our website. In order to Jana withstand such a long and demanding training, I had to tell her in the past 10 years also information that we can call a lie, an untruth or a half-truth. Remember that you all, including My incarnation of Jana, live in the Zone of Displacement, that is, in the negative state. If I had told her at the beginning what awaits her, what hardships, spiritual, mental and physical she will undergo to bring humanity out of the negative state to the positive state with Me, she would go crazy and not survive. One of the most important false information was the announcement in writing about the existence of Jiří Král, My masculine direct incarnation, her husband and father a small Jesus. Only July 13, 2012 I told her the truth that is My only direct incarnation currently, and another Lord Jesus Christ in the male body would be redundant. Although I said Jana is pregnant for the third time and she has twins, a boy and a girl, she is not a typical physical pregnancy as you know it in the 3rd dimension.

For many years, I have been bringing information about the relocation of the Earth into the 5th dimension through various beings on Earth and from universe. Later, we will discuss this topic in more detail. What is essential is that life in the positive state lacks all what is fabricated by the Pseudo-creators, what is negative. As stated in The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ, the reproduction of humanity on planet Zero is very primitive, imperfect, dangerous and painful. Women in the 5th dimension do not wear a child as „an intruder“ in their abdomen, do not bear it in pain and blood, but the child develops in the fetal bag of biological material to the size and ability of the child, which does not require day-long care. Our twins are developing in the same way. After being transferred to the New Earth, Jana meets Me, her man, The Lord Jesus Christ in the material body, and sees the children in the fetal bag. We will wait together for their birth and then God’s Family will be total and complete. Since then we will have a New Name: The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family. We will live on planet Earth in the 5th dimension with other positive people as promised in other words by Jesus Christ 2000 years ago.

My Plan to eliminate the negative state I have described in detail in The New Revelation that I dictated to Peter (the incarnation of My disciple of the same name). Now we will focus on the division of humankind. In order to win the negative state in the Zone of Displacement and thus answer the above-mentioned fundamental spiritual question, it is necessary to divide humanity on planet Zero. I repeat that this extraordinary planet is placed in a specific position at the border of the Zone of Displacement and, as the name implies, is neither negative nor positive. At the same time, people are isolated on it, they do not remember, with few exceptions, their previous incarnations, they do not communicate as people in the positive state with Me, the Only Source of Life in the Multiverse. The division will take place on December 12, 2012. The Bible says that you will not know the day or the hour. Since the Bible is written in the spiritual language, it cannot be understood literally (see example in the Introduction: the desert = isolation). Much has been written and spoken about this date in various sources in the world. By this date ends the Mayan calendar, crop circles (messages from extraterrestrial civilizations) draw the attention to him, they all see him. Some people are hoping for a better life, others fear it, another do not believe that something will happen and pay attention to it. Who is right? I’m here in the human body to answer this question without expecting you will believe Me. Above all, believe yourself, your heart. The truth is hidden there. Do not rely on any gurus, spiritual teachers, church dignitaries, prophets, etc. Everyone here fulfills their spiritual task, whether you knows it or not. You will not find the Absolute Truth on this planet because I am the Absolute Truth. The more material the world, the lower the vibrations of love, the less truth is present. Jana, My incarnation and woman, also passes through this knowledge.

Today is November 9, 2012. Until December 21, 2012 we have exactly 6 weeks left. Everyone at the level of his/her soul decided where „to go“. Positive, loving and unselfish people who do not pursue money and property at the expense of others and therefore have higher vibrations will move directly to the New Earth in the 5th dimension (the positive state). It doesn’t matter where they will be at the moment, they don’t have to go anywhere, look for interdimensional gates, they will be ascended and picked up. I have millions of helpers here on planet Zero and in its immediate vicinity. No one will go unnoticed. People, focused on matter, loving this life at the expense of other people, animals and the entire planet, will be „saved“ by aliens from the Zone of Displacement according to the law the same to the same. In flying ships, they will be taken to several planets in the 3rd dimension, where they will continue to live in the negative state and will be directly involved in its pseudo-victory. These planets include Mars, about which humanity is mistakenly informed that no human beings live there. It is true that there are no suitable conditions for living on the surface of the planet, but cities and bases are built underground where everything is ready for part of the population of the planet Zero. Elites on planet Zero are well informed about the upcoming events and have moved their valuables there in time. They have clear instructions from their gods – the Pseudo-creators that I have released to take over the government over people for a short time. They will act there as saviours and redeemers, peacemakers and unifiers, because there will be only one planetary government, one religion and one virtual currency. People will be chipped, as written in the Bible (Revelation of John 13:16-18): „And he forces all, small and large, rich and poor, free and slaves, to have branding on their right hand or forehead, so that he cannot buy or sell who is not marked by the name of the beast or by its name. That must be understood: whoever has the mind, let him add up the numbers of the beast. That number indicates a man, and it’s number 666“. This is a symbol of the negative state. Can you ask why people have not been chipped on planet Zero, even though various prophets, contactees, etc. have written about it? Because the position of this planet does not allow almost one hundred percent control over humans. From further information you will understand that this civilization, mixed from both positive and negative people, can no longer exist in this strange and unnatural form. What about people who are not spiritual enough, loving, willing to selflessly help others to can and want to live in the positive state, not enough materialistic, selfish and unscrupulous to continue the negative state? They leave their bodies, will be opened their consciousness, and in the spiritual world they will prepare for a new incarnation according to their vibrations and free choice. There are other ways, but they cover a very small percentage of people on planet Zero, so we will not mention them. You can find a more detailed description in lectures, videos and statements by George Kavassilas, Richard Vošický…

Nobody and nothing will remain on planet Zero because it will become a star. The negative state will continue briefly on the 3rd dimensional planets. People will „live“ there either in underground cities with modern technologies and chips, or on the surface of natural planets without technologies, as is also known here with so-called primitive nations. When it is completely and totally answered the question: How a life without God would look like… will we return to the Zone of Displacement and end the negative state. This will end the entire cycle of time when the Multiverse shrinks. This means that all souls will return to their source, to Me. Then together we begin to form the New Multiverse, where the negative state will no longer be present in its active form. All experience and knowledge of life in the negative state will be stored in a special „place“, in the Bible called „the lake of fire and brimstone“, in the current language of the virtual database, where anyone who asks the above question will be allowed to find an answer without the others would suffer.

In the new cycle of time, I/We, The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family, will live among the people, and everyone, without exception, will be able to meet Me/Us. We will not now describe life in a new cycle of time because you will create it with Us.

In writing The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family, we will continue after moving to the 5th dimension.

The whole New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ is available in the spiritual, intermediate and physical worlds so that no one can make excuses for not being informed. It is not important for everyone to read it, its knowledge is not a condition for relocation. The only ticket to the positive state (Paradise) is love (higher vibrations).

I love all of you very much and look forward to each of you, because sooner or later we will meet each other. Time does not play any role because it does not exist. Only love is eternal.



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