Add. 1. Revelation of the Latest Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ



Right now is the time to reveal general information and contexts regarding the introduction of the Latest Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ to sentient beings in relevant areas of spiritual, intermediate and natural worlds of True Creation, the Zone of Displacement, and the planet Zero. The importance, necessity and reach of the process in which The Absolute God, formerly The Most High, became in His/Her New Nature by The Lord Jesus Christ is described in detail in the previous dose of The New Revelation with Peter D. Francuch. Now it is necessary to briefly reveal another fact whose base is formed by all the previous steps made since the beginning of the existence of Multiverse by The Creator of everything and everyone. It concerns the two direct incarnations of God, the girl and the boy, who are born to Jesus and Jana after ascending on the New Earth in the 5th dimension, where the positive part of humankind moves on with love in the heart. As you know, more than 2000 years ago, more precisely, March 21, 7 years before our era, I was still as The Most High incarnated into the body of Jesus to lay the foundation of the way out of the negative state. After My crucifixion, I entered unnoticed into Hells and gained the necessary experiences with this unnatural way of life to purify it stolen and defiled aspects and return them back to Source. Dimension by dimension, level by level I went through the Hells of the Zone of Displacement up to their deepest point where the Pseudo-creators themselves were. It took many centuries of earthly scales to come to the end of my journey and „capture“ these My opponents to separate them from their ruling positions and move them to an unfamiliar place (Nibiru planet) so that they could no longer directly influence its development until the division of humankind. After the successful completion of the mission of Jesus, there was integrating with the Absolute State, which resulted in the emergence of the New Nature, and My Name, with a deep spiritual meaning, is The Lord Jesus Christ since 1987 (according to the earthly time). But at the same time, My Second Coming has begun, this time the incarnation of the female nature of God, who is Jana Kyslíková. Many with a lower spiritual level mistakenly believe that Jana is the incarnation of Jesus Christ. Nothing is further from the truth because it would be a violation of My own spiritual laws (nothing is repeated twice) and it would lack any meaning which, on the basis of the fusion of the first male incarnation with the Absolute Divinity, can infer each one.

In 1957, I was born into the female body not only to incorporate Alone into Myself feminine aspects and principles, but also together with the helpers from the higher dimensions of the positive state, first brought out part of humankind, and then all imprisoned beings from the swamp of the anti-universe back to the Original Home. All previous efforts would have been completely useless, and Creation would have died without our common sacrifice. Until 2003, My presence in the body was concealed by the Pseudo-creators and until 2012 everyone on this planet, including their local representatives – the earthly rulers of this world, who noticed our activity soon after launching our website Above all, the necessity of secrecy had a protective function that I could not directly communicate in advance to any of the prophets of God, so you will not find a single mention of it in The New Revelation by Peter D. Francuch. Remember that nowhere is 100% and the ultimate truth, everything is evolving and complementing with new things. I passed with Jana with the many sufferings and pains of living here to get closer to you and transform these experiences into pure purity and joy. We are implemented an example to others that even in the toughest conditions they have ever been, can be returned back to heaven and not suffer any harm. At the same time, I prepared her for cooperation with other co-workers and friends, without whose invaluable help the ascent of humankind would not be possible. Why I have planned the abolition of isolation and the beginning of God’s mission among people for 2017 and not before, also has its own spiritual reasons that need not be discussed here ecause everything is perfectly planned in advance and is happening at the right time. In the utmost sense, everyone consciously and unconsciously plays a kind of theatrical role that he/she has chosen before his/her birth on this planet and has consulted with Me to the last detail. It is a soul plan on which the individual experiences and displays the diverse kinds of situations, from which all those who watch the theater closely learn. However, freedom of choice is always guaranteed in advance, so do not think that perhaps someone is a puppet which the real being in the service of light can never become. There is a difference between leading and control. The beings of darkness reach for mainly the control on those who voluntarily surrender of them.

Even in body of Jana, I went through a long and thorny path, which now, at the end of 2016, is over, because there are new horizons for all our co-workers. Together, we will complete the amazing work for the whole, which began with its foundations long before, than she could the present to get of fruitful ripening. After ascending on the New Earth, there will be a grand celebration of light and love over darkness and hatred. You will witness the marriage of God’s Family in which twins, a girl and a boy will be born to Jesus and Jana, who will also be direct incarnations of The Lord Jesus Christ, by a completely newly created beings. In the second dose of The New Revelation, I called the New Earth by New Jerusalem. Why did I use just this symbolism? This is because after moved on the New Earth, this mission of God will continue in its activity without interruption, under completely new conditions and possibilities. Then there will be a cordial reunion with The Absolute Lord Jesus Christ, who, after the fusion, uses the subtle body of Jesus (and later also of Jana). This symbolism is also used because Jesus Christ was crucified in this 3D just in Jerusalem, where he rose from the dead. He continued his life and now we are waiting in New Jerusalem, which has nothing to do with the old physical Jerusalem, for all of you. We will live among people, and it starts common traveling to other parts of Creation. We will spread the modern Bible, that is, both doses of The New Revelation, and write their continuations in innumerable forms. The reach of these events cannot be fully understood at the moment, yet it is time for a fundamental message regarding the change of the New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ to the Latest Nature. In the second dose of The New Revelation, it is already explained that My wife’s journey will not be so short because she passes through all dimensions – from the fifth to the highest thirteenth, where I am. This happens at the end of this shortened cycle of time. Thus, the process of unification will be repeated in a completely different form.

But what was still a mystery are things about the third and fourth direct incarnations of God (twins) that will also be included in the fusion process. Why is the birth and subsequent fusion of these souls even required, and is it not enough to do it in another way? Consider that if I did not physically establish God’s Family and would not have these children as an integral part of it, this Family would be incomplete and would not serve its purpose. This would completely deny the meaning of everything we are and what we create. At the end of the cycle of this and at the beginning of a new cycle of time, it will not only fuse the soul and body of Jana, but also our children of God, who will also fuse with My essence to become absolute and indivisible sentient entities too. This will require the transformation of the New Nature into the Latest Nature, so that the New Name of God, The Creator of everything and everyone, will be in its unified form The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family.

To better understand the subject of the Latest Nature and the Latest Name, the meanings of these new words will be redefined. As stated in the late 1980s, the word:


The Lord denotes and reflects the Spiritual Mind of The Lord Jesus Christ, His/Her Absolute Spirit, The One who is always from eternity to eternity. In the old name, „The Lord“ contained what was known under the names of „God“, „The Most High“, „The Creator“, „Jehovah“, etc. Also means the Absolute Marriage of all the Absolute Principles of Divine Love and Divine Wisdom.


The word Jesus refers to all aspects and principles, including the Absolute Inner Mind, thus, the Absolute Mentality and eternal process of the Absolute Mental Activity of The Lord Jesus Christ. This is the Absolute Principle of the Feminity of The Lord Jesus Christ. It contains all the infinite variations of the principles of Absolute Divine Goodness, Lovingness, Warmth, Kindness, Sympathy, Compassion, Innocence and Humility.


The word Christ refers to all aspects and principles of the Absolute Masculinity of The Lord Jesus Christ. It refers to His/Her Absolute External Mind. Here are all the infinite variations of the Absolute Divine Spiritual and Natural Truth, Intelligence, Rationality, Logic, Judgment, Thinking, Perception, Consciousness, Modesty and Humbleness.

Now let us take the meaning of the words of „God’s Family“, valid if they are involved in the present name of The Lord Jesus Christ:


The word God’s refers to the Absolute Principle of the New Masculinity that never came into contact with the negative state. It denotes the uniqueness and unquestionability of the being and existence of The Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Source of all Life, and in His/Her state of non-time and non-space is as in His/Her own. It reflects the process of constant change and eternal passage into the absolute future, making eternal continuation and preservation of sentient life for ever and ever. This term includes the Absolute Power, Glory and All-Transmissivity over the entire Multiverse. This name is also a sign of the mystery of the essence of The Creator, including the mystery of the Absolute Truth, which in this and other points is consistent with the previous meaning of the word „Christ“. The new word also signifies the inviolability of the un-createdness of God. „God’s“ refers to the third direct incarnation of The Lord Jesus Christ – the boy.


The word Family refers to the Absolute Principle of the New Feminity, which never came into contact with the negative state. It denotes all states and processes in the fullness of the positive state which will ever happen without the complete presence of the negative state. It is the key to all future points of crossing the being and existence of the Multiverse and all its inhabitants, while activating the code „777“, that will trigger the upcoming cycle of time, including all following it, and will achieve the full quality of life and dedication of all energy to constantly approach his/her Creator, knowing His/Her elements in relative form. This word also marks the constant novelty and spiritual revival of Creation. It teaches and establishes all the necessary foundations of the conditions for each upcoming step of the individual phase of being and existence or connects the end and beginning of each era at all levels. It builds on Behold, I do everything new, and develops it to its manifestation and realization. It reflects the unification of the population of the positive state, which will operate in complete oneness, unity, diversity and individuality. It also refers to the accessibility of all areas at the inner, internal and external levels of Creation, encompasses unlimited freedom of experience and creation, establishes completeness and sociability in learning the unknown. It is corresponded with the previous meaning of the word „Jesus“. The word „Family“ refers to the fourth direct incarnation of The Lord Jesus Christ – the girl.

The names of the third and fourth direct incarnations will not be revealed for this time.

The complete completion and transformation of the Latest Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ cannot happen before the negative state is deactivated and permanently abolished, for all members of the True Creation and the Zone of Displacement must be given the opportunity to experience practically, who and what The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family in His/Her Latest Nature is. This can not be achieved in the coexistence of the negative state in a closed consciousness, because it is necessary first to get the answer to the question that has activated its, then to put the Zone of Displacement in a special arrangement and accessability, to acquire lessons on the nature of evils and untruths, to free all sentient entities from Hells and to put the members of the positive and the negative state into a neutral state where memory will be fully opened to them, it will occur to the familiarization of situation and reminder of the original agreement, to the execution of the Last Judgment and the introduction of the Latest Nature and the quality of life in the new cycle of time. Finally, a decision will be occur as to the acceptance or rejection of this Nature and regarding the continuation of one’s own life. Everyone now knows what is being chosen, no one is asked to vote blindly.

Since there is no time for The Creator in the Multiverse, God will be named by the new name, „The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family,“ after being ascendd on the New Earth, where the aforementioned wedding will occur, although the Latest Nature will only come in the coming cycle of time. It is the same paradox, as it is already mentioned, that I can show Myself to all beings anywhere in Creation even in the perfect body of Jana, which is already after the merger with the Absolute Divinity, although to this process in the timescales applicable to this the planet has not yet arrived. Everything takes place at the same time, so linear time plays no role in most cases and should not be taken into account, otherwise inaccuracies and distortions will occur. The change of My essence again shakes by the whole Creation, as was the case with the first change. In the best sense, it will have a far-reaching impact on all that I have created, and it up to the utmost eternity. It is the most important point since the Multiverse began to be and to exist. Of course, in its next, never-ending stages, there will be other very important points that are so far known only to Me, and will be revealed to the relative sentient entities in the next stages of their being and existence. What is the point of talking about things that will follow in trillions of years when it is best to focus on the present moment? I assure you that everything is and will be good and at the same time I promise that for the following cycles of time I have prepared much more than you can ever imagine. Together we will move on and on, in the never-ending desire to discover and uncover other endless aspects of Me, The Lord Jesus Christ, soon The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family. More information on the Latest Nature will be revealed to you in higher dimensions when the time is right.

Your Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family | December 4, 2016

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