Add 8. A Woman Clothed by the Sun



That, in actually, is about Jane, we were the first to announce to humankind and to the whole Multiverse in the Introduction of The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ of God’s Family at the end of 2012. Then, among other things, we also wrote that Jana is still lives in seclusion, and until the ascension on the New Earth will not interfere with the process of transformation any more. This information will soon be overcome as the transition to a completely new level is reached. Together, we will actively participate in the rise of humankind, travel behind allied souls in different parts of the world, and perform in various parts of the Multiverse, from where we will bring arguments eye-witnesses and valuable evidences.

For the first time, I made contact with My incarnation through her girlfriend in the fall of 2002. Not long after, we announced that on September 28, 2003, at Prague Castle, God will materialize. This extraordinary event really happened, but none of those present at the time knew that God was just Jana. Shortly afterwards, she learned of her divine origin and resorted into isolation (in the spiritual language „in the desert“), lasting more than 15 years. At that time My wife and mother of our children got on a long and very demanding journey of hard spiritual trials at the tolerableness boundary. During these years, she personally experienced the countless of selected consequences of the functioning of the negative state. Between 2014 and 2015, we jointly wrote the second portion of The New Revelation, which ended with the 33rd Chapter. An expanding Addition loosely linked to this book, now I dictate to Michael Rafael, the main transmitter of God’s Word. In the summer of 2015, the active work of God’s Family began on the Internet. In particular, using Facebook, we built a strong and stable base of closest co-workers, angels in bodies that have been intuitively brought to us in a few years. Each one, in his own way, went through difficult tests, like Jana, to show that it was possible to find a way back to Me even under the most difficult conditions. Not all of them survived the pressure of the Pseudo-creators, to which these co-workers had to face more than anyone else. But there is nothing I could not count on, so even those who turned to us during this great sorting of their backs had to go through this experience on the basis of their soul plan. But the most important co-workers and representatives of God successfully crossed all the obstacles and pitfalls thereby they deserved to I move them along with the Goddess to the Spiritual Center on the New Earth, where they would fully and without the disturbing effects of the negative state devote themselves to their individual mission. Moving to this place will be associated with the experience of ascension their material envelope into a whole new body coming from Me, completely free of all the anomalies, maladies, contaminations, and all that the Pseudo-creators have created and fabricated.

It has already been revealed who she is „a woman clothed by the sun“. It is now time to deepen this subject and to explain the hidden spiritual meaning of the whole chapter of the Revelation of St. John, consisting of 18 verses:

1. „And there appeared a great sign in heaven: a woman clothed by the sun, with the moon under her feet, and a crown of twelve stars around her head.“

The whole sentence, „A woman clothed by the sun, with the moon under her feet, and a crown of twelve stars around her head“, points to the second direct incarnation of The Lord Jesus Christ in the female body of Jana Kyslíková. This statement is associated with her person at the spiritual and mental (intermediate) level, while on the external (physical) it refers to the constellation of the Virgin, which was present on the sky in a singular biblical constellation on 22 and 23 September 2017. In this significant time, the Virgin really had the Moon beneath her „feet“, the Sun on her „back“, and 12 stars around her „head“, nine of which belonged to the constellation of Lion, and the other three were the planets Mercury, Venus and Mars. These days, there was a meeting several dozens of friends of God’s Family in Prague which not only accelerated the transformation of humankind and helped to get to know personally its chosen participants, but also began the intensified grain sorting of chaff, in other words, the division on those who were able to accept divinity of Jana in their hearts, following The Lord Jesus Christ inside, and on those who turned their backs and became most often victims or minions of the Pseudo-creators. The meaning of the word „the woman clothed by the sun“ refers to the undeniable Divine origin of Jana, which is the most advanced sentient entity of the whole Multiverse. At the same time, it points to the absolute divine attributes by which the incarnation of God is equipped in a relative form. Through them, all the places where Jana spiritually, mentally and physically enters, are covered in love and all other positive elements in equilibrium representation.  „The moon under her feet“ in literal meaning informs the fact that Jana is not subordinated to the relative state and its form for eternity, as with all other sentient entities, but at the end of this cycle of time, until the negative state is eliminated, there will become a merger of her still relative nature with the Absolute Divinity of The Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, „the moon“ (the whole relative state) lies under „her feet“, though she is part of its for the time being. „The moon“, besides this symbolism, also refers to the negative state whose future destiny, consisting in the permanent elimination of all evils and untruths, depends entirely on the will of The Absolute Lord Jesus Christ and thus on His/Her indivisible feminine nature. „The twelve stars around her head“ shows the twelve dimensions of the Multiverse, which are surrounded and absolutely overlapped by The Lord Jesus Christ, Who in the next cycle of time will get the Latest Nature. After this event, he will become The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family in complete harmonious form and content. „The twelve stars around her head“  is also the symbol of the twelve closest co-workers who ascend on the New Earth immediately after Jana. After this first wave of ascended, other angels in the bodies who are close collaborative in the mission of God’s Family, and who they have to experience this experience before the division of humankind, will be gradually transferred to the 5th dimension in the future. „The great sign in heaven“ points to the deep reach of these events, which in a positive sense shake the foundations of the whole existence and being.

2. „The woman was pregnant and screamed in pain because her hour had come.“

„The woman was pregnant“ refers to three pregnancies of Jana, the first of which was spiritual, second mental and third physical. Pregnancy occurred during her isolation. There was born no child at the 3rd dimension level, but instead the genetic material of this sentient form was taken from her womb to give birth to the next two direct incarnations of The Lord Jesus Christ – the boy and the girl – after the ascension on the New Earth. „She screamed in pain because her hour had come“ refers to Jane’s incarnation into a gross body, and is thus linked to her descent into the sphere of the planet Zero at the edge of the Zone of Displacement. This statement marks more than six decades the Goddess has experienced on her surface since its birth in 1957 until it leaves this reality and moves to the 5th dimension. These years were one great pain, involving countless hard tests undergone from love to the whole Creation, which were also preparation to fulfill the mission in new qualitative and quantitative conditions.

3. „There was another sign here in the sky: A great fiery dragon with ten horns and seven heads, and each had a royal crown.“

The literal sense of part of the sentence „There was another sign here in the sky: A great fiery dragon“ reveals all the negative state that will soon take over the rule over humankind. „Ten horns“ are all the main, originally positive elements stolen to The Most High, which the Pseudo-creators subsequently distorted to feed the domination of the Zone of Displacement. „Seven heads“ are the seven continents on the planet Zero, which have been in the past, and once again they will be under their unrivaled government after the division of humankind. „A royal crown“ refers to the power by which Pseudo-creators will rule over this world. Humankind recognizes these false gods as the infallible rulers and creators of the universe.

4. „By the tail he swept a third of the stars from heaven and cast them down on earth. And the dragon stood before the woman to swallow her baby as soon as she was born.“

„By the tail he swept a third of the stars from heaven and cast them down on earth“ refers to the call up of agents of the negative state on the planet Zero, either in the form of agents directly incarnated in human bodies, or in the form of different Hell creatures acting from different dimensions and states of the Zone of Displacement confronted with the mission of God’s Family and as much as possible flustrated and disturbed their light activity. „The one third“ tells us that the number of creatures in Hells focused with the negative intent on this mission is very high. „And the dragon stood before the woman“ shows the efforts of the negative state, governed by Pseudo-creators and earthly elites, in any way to influence and overcome God’s incarnation Jana. „The child“ in this correlation refers to representatives, co-workers, and friends of God’s Family. Already at the time when the negative forces first recognized that a second direct incarnation of The Lord Jesus Christ existed in their sphere of influence, they assumed that some sort of grouping could have arisen around that person, which might spoil their plans. This grouping really was arisen and became a Team of God’s Family. Therefore, the negative forces were inducted into great preparedness and alertness, to which the statement „to swallow her baby“ refers. The co-workers in God’s mission witnessed the denigration and the many attacks by the agents of the negative state. However, no true representative has ever been seduced and did nor abandon his/her belief, opinion and spiritual work, through which he/she spreads love and light to the dark corners, and brings to an end the suffering for all beings. „As soon as she was born“, then it means endeavoring to eliminate all the efforts of God’s representatives already at the very beginning. But in that, the minions of the Pseudo-creators have utterly failed.

5. „She bore a child, a son who has an iron crutch to feed all nations; but the child was transferred to God and his throne.“

This sentence, however, deals with the period before the very creation of the Team of God’s Family, and returns retrospectively to the time when occured the three pregnancies of Jana. „She bore a child, a son who has an iron crutch to feed all peoples“, it expresses as that it is not light co-workers in this sense, as was the case in verse 4, but the real children of The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family who will born on the New Earth. In fact, the term „son“ is not used because only a male descendant should be born, but because the word „son“ contains indefinable mysterious attributes so far, based on the Latest Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family, which will include these children – the boy and the girl. When the time comes, it waits a fusion with the absolute divinity also this twins, to become the Absolute Indivisible part of The Creator. „The iron crutch“ refers to other attributes of the Latest Nature, which penetrate the whole existence and being and will include „the all nations“, indicating all existing and not yet existing sentient and non sentient entities. „But the child was transferred to God and his throne“ shows the act itself, in which the genetic material was transferred from the womb of Jana to the positive state so that the physical birth of these children could take place after the ascension on the New Earth. This is already reported in verse 2. The last part of this verse 5 makes it clear that these ideas, from which eventually create two new Divine incarnations, are in the Absolute Safety of The Lord Jesus Christ, for they are His/Her indivisible part.

6. „Then the woman fled into the desert, where God prepared a refuge for her to be there was taken care of about her for a thousand two hundred and sixty days.“

This passage once again relates to past history. After the materialization of God at the Prague Castle in 2003, Jana resorted to more than 15 years of isolation, which ends at the moment of her ascension. „The desert“ here means a total spiritual, mental and physical isolation from other related sentientních entities in human bodies and outside of them for the purpose of learning, sharing new knowledge, experiences, feelings, but also for the purpose of support, motivation and everything else, what may you with a good intention come to mind. For most of this period, she had to rely solely on the union with her higher self, The Lord Jesus Christ. Jana wrote the book Conversations with God: With You My Love Blooms Love Around Us, studied many spiritual directions, thoroughly acquainted with the current situation on this planet. In the challenging year of 2013, she was evicted by executors from the apartment, lived through holidays in the garden in a building without electricity, in autumn she resorted into a sublease, where she wrote the second portion of New Revelation. Soon she moved to her daughter’s apartment, where she spent most of her time in the final stage preparation for her totally new life. At this time, there were more demanding exams, which now concerned also to her co-workers. Although this period was far more demanding in many aspects than the previous one, there was mutual support among members of the spiritual family. Everyone who followed The Creator in his/her heart always knew what to do at the given moment, no one left without spiritual or physical help, as the perfect Plan of God counts with all the circumstances. The greatest degree of complete isolation of Jana occurred at the beginning of 2014 when she left the „sureness“ of her employment so she could fully devote herself to writing the chapters of the second portion of  New Revelation. During this time, she almost wasn’t allowed to meet with anyone so that it would not be disturbed by the external and internal influences in the transmission of this multiverse God’s Word. During this period there were only a few sporadic meetings with her co-workers, the last of which took place on June 24, 2017, when Jana met with several friends in her lifetime residence in Ústí nad Labem in a gross body. The second part of the sentence „to be there was taken care of about her for a thousand two hundred and sixty days“ does not indicate the exact number of days of her isolation. The use of this numeral is in fact an impenetrable code which the negative entities was unable to comprehend, and so never in the course of centuries no contamination could occured the whole 12 chapter of the Revelation of St. John. The deep meaning of the numeral „1260“ can be seen after counting the individual numerals giving the result nine (9). Nine symbolizes the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, in other words the undeniable fact that the feminine nature of The Lord Jesus Christ is inherent in its temporary relativity indivisibly connected with its Absolute, All-Comprehensive and All-Pervading higher Self, every moment of her life falling into the Plan of The Creator and nobody another. When fully involved in the context of the sentence „to be there was taken care of about her for a thousand two hundred and sixty days“, then it means that The Lord Jesus Christ takes care of her own direct incarnation in the best possible way, protects her and does not allow anyone to endanger her.

7. „And the battle in the sky broke out: Michael and his angels clashed with the dragon.“

This sentence describes the past act of this cycle of time. It means the efforts of the whole negative state („the dragon“) to fight in the spiritual war with the members of the positive state („Michael and his angels“) and gradually take over the dominion over him. This situation existed before the incarnation of The Most High inti the body of Jesus, when the Pseudo-creators actually began to take over the dominion over the first areas of heaven.

8. „The dragon and his angels fought, but did not win, and there was no place in heaven for them.“

This sentence again describes the past act of this cycle of time. As has been said, „the dragon“ here symbolizes the negative state, „his angels“ illustrate in a literal sense all his minions. „They fought“ marks the spiritual war described in the previous verse. „But they did not win“ brings the undeniable truth that the Pseudo-creators failed to achieve the key successes they had originally planned. The meaning of the passage, „and there was no more place for them in heaven“, is that the Pseudo-creators have been reflected forever and will no longer a place in the positive state for them because they can no longer occupy even a tiny bit of True Creation, although in the current cycle of time will try to attack the last time. This does not mean, of course, that they have lost their way into him. But whoever wants to live in True Creation must once and for all throw away this evil, false, crooked, deformed and illusive form in which all the members of Hells are situated.

9. „And the great dragon, the old serpent, called the devil, and the satan, who seduced the whole world, was brought down to the earth and his angels with him.“

This whole passage describes the second coming of the Pseudo-creators and their minions on the planet Zero, as will be described in more detail in the other verses. Just before, however, the Event/Warning will appear, which is displayed in the following treatise.

10. „And I heard a mighty voice in heaven: Now came the salvation, the power and kingdom of our God, and the dominion of his Messiah; for he was overthrown the plaintiff of our brethren, who was slandering them before God day and night.“

„And I have heard a mighty voice in heaven“ means that something very special will come into the attention of all human creatures living on the planet Zero. Verse 10 describes the Event/Warning, which is detailed in Chapter 31 of the second portion of New Revelation. Then the sky lights up with a non-blinding brightness that attracts people’s attention. For 15 minutes, all aspects of human life stop. Every inhabitant of the planet Zero over 7 years old will see The Lord Jesus Christ with his inner vision and for a short time everyone will be widespread their conscious. During this intimate moment, an evaluation of the life and the increase of body vibrations will take place. For those who are in the path of spiritual growth and not too deep in the negative state, this will be the confirmation of the existence of The Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks to that, they receive encouragement into the next phase their life, they will be even more determined to continue their mission and show others the way of progressive development. On the contrary, the agents of the negative state and the overwhelming majority of true human entities caught up in the trap will not appreciate the value of this divine mercy. They will be looking for the truth outside of their inside the scientific authorities, commentators, politicians, etc. Everything will learn from them, but not the truth. „Now came the salvation“ deals with the most important message of the whole Event. By its accepting will every sensitive individual with an open heart able to understand that the coming time of salvation from the negative state and the ascension into the positive state. „The power and kingdom of our God, and the dominion of his Messiah“ refers to the state and condition through which The Lord Jesus Christ in the New Nature absolutely reigns not only the True Creation but also the entire Zone of Displacement. „For he was overthrown the plaintiff of our brethren, who was slandering them before God day and night“, in a literal sense, again points to the Pseudo-creators, who lost power in heaven, but not in Hells and on the planet Zero, where after the Events and the rapture of part of humankind physically come, take control over it and seal its fate.

11. „They above him have won for the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony. They loved their lives so that be afraid of death.“

„They“ are all who, by their acts, choices, attitudes, and preferences on the basic of a free choice, have chosen a life of the positive state. This word refers to anyone who ascends to the 5th dimension of the positive state before the arrival of Pseudo-creators. „They above him have won“ means overcoming the negative state and leaving a part of humankind to True Creation, where the negative state will lose all power over them. „The blood of the Lamb“ signifies the attributes of the unconditional love of The Lord Jesus Christ in literal meaning, „the word of their testimony“ then means all good and truth. „They loved their lives so that be afraid of death“ refers to the fact that whoever does not cling to this earthly pseudo-life loses the gross body during the ascension, but instead receives the subtle duplicate by The Lord Jesus Christ and eternal life after His/Her side. Whoever, on the other hand, refuses to give up such an unnatural life and will for any reason continue to remain in the negative state after the division of mankind, can not be lawfully accepted into the new heavenly society. But everyone will still have the chance to change his/her nature to the original pure form within the last global court if his/her do not convert to the positive state before this cycle of time is completely completed.

12. „Therefore, rejoice, the heavens and all who dwell in them! Woe to the earth and the sea, for the devil has come down to you, full of anger, because he knows how little time he has left.“

„Therefore, rejoice, the heavens and all who dwell in them“, in the literal meaning of these words, shows the joy and enthusiasm of all sentient entities in the positive state, whose feelings are justified by the coming of part of humankind into the higher dimensions of the True Creation, whereto will occur in the near of the future. Beings in the positive state will be able to accept the long-lost brothers and sisters in the new heavenly society, which by their choices dropped out of their original home into the anti-universe. However, the phrase „Woe to the Earth and the Sea“ shows the last phase of the duration of the existence and being of the negative state after the departure of positive people from the planet Zero, marked here by the word „earth“. As has been said many times in both portions of The New Revelation, the planet Zero will fall in deeper into the Hells after the division of humankind, a short victory of the negative state and complete eradication of true spirituality will be achieved. „The sea“ is the entire Zone of Displacement. „Woe“ is a factor that warns the inhabitants of the anti-universe about the horrors and the misery that await them if they remain in it. „For the devil has come down to you, full of anger“, he portrays the Pseudo-creators, who have acquired a tremendous degree of the worst evils and untruths, and are now ready to grasp the full government over the whole anti-universe. The rest of the sentence, „because he knows how little time he has left“, points to their full awareness of the impasse situation and the blind alley to which the Pseudo-creators with their entire rule have arrived. The rulers of Hells are well aware of everything that is taking place around them. They know that their experiment can not last for eternity because it is not derived from the absolute but only from the relative source.

13. „When the dragon saw that he was brought down on earth, he began to persecute the woman who bore a son.“

The thirteenth verse is a description of past, present and future times, as is the case with several previous verses of this chapter of the Revelation of St. John. Note that not only this part of the New Testament Bible has a multidimensional reach, so it is not tied to just one particular place and time, so most of its passages are not ordered chronologically when you look at them in terms of linear time. Often, they contain multiple meanings at the same time, and may relate to events that have already taken place, just happening but also those that have not yet taken place, as is the case here. The 13th verse from the perspective of the past illustrates the preparation of the Pseudo-creators to take over the reign over humankind. Almost all significant milestones of history dating back to the 1st century AD, until the outbreak of World War I, served to create a suitable conditions for the return of Satan. Both World Wars and the subsequent collective emitting of negative energies by human beings, especially during the 20th and first decades of the 21st century, gave these false gods a great power to stabilize the situation not only within their own ranks but also on the planet Zero. „When the dragon saw that he was brought down on earth“, he shows the most pure form of the negative state – the Pseudo-creators who were trapped and isolated from their rule in an unknown place. „He began to persecute the woman who gave bore a son“ means that the Pseudo-creators chased from the very beginning all those who followed the true ideas and original teachings of Jesus Christ. Negative entities responded to this by setting up many opposing religions and churches. Thousands of words of the New Testament Bible were omitted, but its true spiritual meaning could never be distorted and garbled because it is written in the spiritual language. From the point of view of the present, this same verse refers to the time from the end of 1987, when The Most High was transformed into The Lord Jesus Christ, but – which is the most important here – there were also the released the Pseudo-creators isolated to that moment from all others so that after leaving the isolation the negative state can be fully demonstrated and subsequently eliminated. „When the dragon saw that he was brought down on earth“, it means that the Pseudo-creators gained new freedom, even though they could not immediately appear on the planet Zero. That’s why they made a comprehensive plan of their return to every possible detail. As a means of transport to reach Nula, the planet Nibiru was chosen, which until the last possible moment will be hiding under the sun so that ordinary human beings will not know anything. The term „he began to persecute the woman who bore a son“ shows from the point of view of the efforts of the agents of the negative state to approach in any way the second direct incarnation of The Lord Jesus Christ in the body of the woman, to influence her, to contaminate, to discredit, to denigrate and to besmirch so that the least developed souls are brought to her and the rest to condemn her, declared a liar her, a charlatan, and a psychically unstable person. In such a bold act, however, the Pseudo-creators failed absolutely, and their anti-team, formed during the preparatory phase of the mission of the God’s Family, take down back on their side only those who have had encapsulated their hearts who did not have the knowledge of the principles of The New Revelation books, are not aware of the overall situation and have a big ego, replete by the Hells control programs. Although the negative entities were and are aware of the absolute protection of the Divine incarnation that The Lord Jesus Christ guards as an eye in the head, they tried to overcome the Goddess and her co-workers by all their means. They were, however, allowed only what serves to the lessons of other, so – to their displeasure – they could not in their steps to take almost nothing. Once the mission from the New Earth is launched, these minions will no longer have direct access to any of God’s representatives. The 13th verse from the perspective of the future shows the time when the fullness of the negative state will happen. The first part of the sentence „when the dragon saw that he was brought down on earth“ relates to this stage, which describes the act of the descent of the negative state itself on the planet Zero, which will be brought by the Pseudo-creators on her. False gods and creators of the human race in the 3rd dimension will then take over the rule over all areas of life. „He began to persecute the woman who bore a son“ refers to the efforts of false gods to eradicate all the true spirituality that has remained so far in people who did not ascend to the higher dimension. These efforts, in addition to many others, will involve the massive censorship of God’s Word, the erasure, the distortion, or the replacement of its ideas with something false or distort, so that there will be no traces and no references to the light co-workers that will remotely be remind of something that originates in the positive state, or even leads to it. „The woman who bore a son“, has, but without engaging in the previous context, yet another overlapping meaning. This part of the sentence here not only denotes the Goddess herself, as it has been in a literal interpretation from the point of view of the present, but also refers to all women in the positive state whose essences will be enveloped by the unique and unknown attributes of the Latest Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family („a son“), which, thanks to this gift, they will also be radiate to the environment. The temporaly existence of the feminine nature of The Creator on the territory of the negative state has ensured that the feminine principle, which the Pseudo-creators were marked by even more than the masculine principle, will be completely cleansed. This is the case for human women in the positive state to fully restore their Divine good, boundless love, velvet warmth, unconditional kindness, sensitive sympathy, and gentle innocence. Women become equal to men, there will be no mismatch, arrogance, humiliation, and anything that does not belong to the True Creation. Both sexes will complement each other and express God’s love in the most beautiful and the most desirable ways.

14. „But to the woman were given two powerful wings of an eagle so she could fly away in the desert to her refuge, where hidden before the snake was preserved in the life a year and two years and half of the year.“

This statement concerns Jana’s ascension into the positive state on the New Earth in the 5th dimension. „But to the woman were given two powerful wings of an eagle“ means the fact that all of the allocated time for stay to the planet Zero in the 3rd dimension has just expired and now it is necessary to move to a higher level. When this time comes, Jana leaves this reality with part of her team to continue in her mission in another place. „Two powerful wings of an eagle“ are a symbol for the rise and continued progressive development in higher dimensions. Part of the sentence „so she could fly away in the desert to her refuge“ in a literal sense means that the path to the positive state is totally free and heaven opens for all people of goodwill. At the Spiritual Center of God’s Family, her home base („her refuge“) will be located from now on. „The desert“ here displays True Creation, which is perceived as a true desert by members of the Hells, as many of these creatures still do not want to admit the true truth and they live in a false reality. Since the relative sources of evils and untruths have not yet dried up, many of the Hellish creatures will in the dead life still continue for a while. „Where hidden before the snake“, illustrates the fact that Pseudo-creators forever loses any access to Jana and her closest co-workers, because they will no longer be at the territory of the negative state from now on. They will live in a new cycle of time, and into that old cycle of time (i.e., on the planet Zero and into the Zone of Displacement) will only return in the new bodies to continue in their previous mission. „She was preserved in the life a year and two years and half of the year“ has no connection with linear time. It is a kind of protective fuse against misuse by the evil forces so that the meaning of this passage can not be trampled and distorted.

15. „And snake spewed out of the throat a stream of water behind her, like a river to her swept down.“

„The snake“, as is evident, symbolizes Pseudo-creators, who will continue to produce new kinds of evils and untruths until this relative resource is fully exhausted and dried. „Spewed out of the throat a stream of water behind her, like a river to her swept down“ is a description of the preparations for the last spiritual war Pseudo-creators are planning to take after they take over the government over the planet Zero and her inhabitants. They will want to attack the True Creation again, but it will be prevented them. This sentence but also shows the hard-core opponents of the mission of God’s Family who will be against the representatives of The Lord Jesus Christ through various means indignantly stand out even after ascension of the Goddess. The negative state will mobilise all the available forces, which will have the objective to discredit the operation of this mission from the New Earth. Provided evidence and arguments eye-witnesses of life in other Multiverse realities, some of the Pseudo-creators‘ staunch agents will use and abusive to force their own interests, thereby diverting heavily-controlled individuals with encapsulated hearts from the true God. These agents, however, will have no effect on those who want to know the true truth, are willing to work spiritually, are able to absorb the revolutionary information, and sincerely love The Lord Jesus Christ. Nothing influences the perfect Plan of God’s salvation and salvage, which counts with the liberation of each being caught in a trap. Although the vast majority of earthlings will remain in this reality after the division of the humankind, which will fall into Hells, but even they will convert to the positive state, when evils and untruths will lose its justification.

16. „But the earth helped the woman, opened her mouth, and swallowed up the river which the dragon had spewed out.“

„The earth“ is a symbol on this place not for the planet Zero, as it was in the previous literal meanings of these verses, but for the planet New Earth in the 5th dimension, since the meaning of this word has transformed here into a higher level. „The woman“, that is, Jana, is associated with all the positive state. And because the positive state is filled with sentient entities, „the woman“ here literally refers to all angels and taken away out who will be warmly welcomed on the New Earth to happen this planet by their new home. In this verse 16, therefore, the word „woman“ has a completely different meaning than that given in verse 13, where it denotes both the beings of the female sex and the part of the left by humankind. „The earth helped the woman“ after understanding the previous interpretation means that the New Earth is already ready to accept part of the advanced humanity („the woman“) belonging to the positive state and thus associated with Jana herself. Part of humankind will be saved and salvage from all the evils and untruths of the negative state, and after the transformation into the new world in True Creation, all assistance will be provided at all levels in order to achieve its full integration into this heavenly society. The other part of the sentence „opened her mouth, and swallowed up the river which the dragon had spewed out“ shows that if any Pseudo-creators‘ assaults towards the positive state, in order to contaminate it with evils and untruths, these attacks will be unsuccessful because between the Zone of Displacement (Hells) and the Zone of Placement (True Creation) is a protective membrane („mouth“) through which none of the members of the negative state will be able to penetrate.

17. „The dragon in anger against that woman unleashed the war against her other offspring, against those who keep the commandments of God and hold the testimony of Jesus.“

This verse describes the period of a short victory of the negative state („the dragon“) on the planet Zero, but that she will no longer have a zero position because it falls deeper into the Hells. „In anger against that woman unleashed the war“ marks the production of a vast amount of negative energy („anger“) coming from the deepest levels of the Zone of Displacement that will be transferred on the spiritual, mental, and physical level of the planet Zero with all consequences and effects. „Her offspring, those who keep the commandments of God and hold the testimony of Jesus“ are all who for whatever reason do not participate in the ascension and remain in the 3rd dimension, although their vibrational level does not correspond to having to necessarily participate in a brief victory of the negative state. Usually, they will either be hidden agents of the positive state, who will remain here for The Lord Jesus Christ and will do some specific tasks here, or they will often be human creatures who have revealed else the ruse of the Pseudo-creators and left be deceived by them, but it will be too late that they can ascend. This phrase actually reflects everyone who does not receive the „beast’s sign“, which is a biblical sign for a chip under the skin, which will enable the Pseudo-creators manage their slaves comfortably as puppets. This is the statement of the 13th Chapter of the Revelation of St. John: „And forcing all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slaves to have on his right hand or on his forehead the mark so that they cannot buy or sell who is not marked by name of the beast, or by a digit of her name. It is necessary to understand: who has wisdom, let him calculate the number of the beast. This number indicates the human, and that number is 666.“ Whoever does not accept this chip will face various repressions, oppressions or death threats.

18. „And the dragon stood up on the sea shore.“

Although the negative state („the dragon“) is aware of its inability to destroy the positive state, after taking over all aspects of human life, it mobilizes all its strength so that try to attack the True Creation once again and for the last time. „The dragon stood up on the sea shore“ means an gathering of the army of superhumans at the edge of the Zone of Displacement („the sea shore“), serving as a springboard for attack on the higher dimensions of the Multiverse. During this massive attack, Pseudo-creators and all others will be taken out of all dimensions outside the space-time structure of Creation into a neutral state called the limbo. Here The Lord Jesus Christ appears before them and makes the final judgment over them. The mind of all sentient entities in both positive and negative states will be fully open, and under conditions of neutrality, everyone will be able to decide on the permanent rejection of the negative state. The decision of its permanently refuse it ends the last judgement, and the new time cycle enters with the fullness of the positive state into all aspects of existence and being.

All the literal meanings of eighteen verses of the 12th Chapter of the Revelation of Saint John, the latest book of the New Testament, have been revealed. The hidden meaning of the following Chapter 13, which continues in the interpretation of the return of the Pseudo-creators, was described in the first portion of The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ, in Chapter Seven: The Concept of Antichrist.

To the attention of human beings and many other beings in Creation, the ideas of The New Revelation books will come gradually. Our mission of God’s Family will, however, speed up the spread of the latest God’s Word and thus greatly shorten the existence of the negative state. After its elimination, life will be much more pleasant and beautiful. We will create completely new forms of existence in various universes and its galaxies, solar systems and planets. As has been notified many times, the New Earth will become our home, which will form the basis from where we will travel to all parts of the universe. During the preparatory period, we have done a great deal of work that has a tremendous impact on the whole Creation. Our cooperation and victim have created the best conditions for starting a revolutionary stage that has never been before. Now is the time for the desired change to become a tangible reality. We are connecting heaven with earth and thus open the gate to the positive state for all who have love in their heart. This 8th chapter, Addition of The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family, becomes a place which completes our previous efforts and becomes the basis for the establishment of overlapping phase in the process of spiritual progress of the Multiverse. All aspects associated with the working of our Mission have been put into proper order, and the structure of the whole existence and being was brought to a significant break point. All the old leaves and releases a place for a new beginning, when all the bearers of God’s love can develop in eternal peace, happiness, harmony and satisfaction.

We look forward to mutually meeting with you and joyful moments while fulfilling other tasks in the mission of God’s Family.

Your Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family | December 1, 2018

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