Add 7. The connection of the Czech nation with the mission of God’s family

Addition Seven  


   Although we stated at the conclusion of Addition 6 that we will continue on the New Earth in the writing of this book, the circumstances of the divine plan at this time claimed the publication of two further chapters that need to be anchored in multiverse consciousness at the end of the preparatory phase of the Mission of God’s family, than the Goddess of Jana and some of the co-workers move to the 5th dimension. This chapter, in the 100th anniversary of the existence of Czechoslovakia, will provide an interpretation of the spiritual-historical background of this state, summarizes the importance of the position that the Czech nation occupies towards the whole, and also will answer the question why My feminine essence is embedded in this territory.

   The Czech nation, long before its creation, was destined to become the spiritual center of the world, where the most important God’s mission, on which the fate of the Multiverse depends, will be in the mass. For I, the Lord Jesus Christ, have an absolute spirit, I exist in the embracive state of the 13th dimension where there is no linear time as you know it in this limited reality. In Creation everything is happening simultaneously and suddenly, although every particle from atom to whole is progressing gradually. This process of gradual occurrence and growth has been going on since I  created the first relative beings. Inhabitants of the positive state who follow events in the Zone of Displacement are aware of the flawless perfection of My plan, which is the ultimate liberation of all beings who are turning away from Me for the time being. This plan is based on an important agreement made between the Creator and the other relative entities before all evils and untruths could enter into its being and existence. The most important point of the agreement was the promise that the negative state will not last beyond one cycle of time, and then, once it fulfilled its purpose, there will be nothing to hinder the flowering and full splendor of Multiverse, which occurs in the new stage of joyful creation of endless variations of life and forms of love. Not only on this planet Zero, but in the whole of the anti-universe, each has more or less deformed perceptions, narrowed understanding, and his mind is constantly influenced by programs of entities violating spiritual laws. Because of this fact, very few spiritually awakened individuals on Earth/Zero can understand the perfection of God’s plan, as there are not many readers of the New Revelation books. No one else can understand why all evil and suffering is tolerated when I am omnipotent and I could make an immediate end. If this happened before the necessary, but short, victory of the negative state in the anti-universe, the whole Creation would succumb to self-destruction, for there would be no choice but to be eternally positive. Everything is a question of free will. The direct participants in this experiment wanted to voluntarily experience what it is like to live in separation from God. The overwhelming majority of spiritually awakening human beings can not yet accept the published information from the co-workers of God’s family. Agents of the negative state, atheists, materialists, but also those who are already in the beginning of their ascension journey and come in contact with us sometimes attack our co-workers in various ways and with their still closed hearts which are unable to sense the truth, they condemn not only our actions and God’s word with the highest degree of truth, but also the above-mentioned perfection of God’s plan, which they can not fully understand. On the basis of it, everyone will be free from captivity of sin and untruth, saved and integrated where he was before the so-called Fall, even though much more water will pass through. Every sentient entity will then evolve in a lasting acceptance, love, joy, abundance. Everything that is happening is in perfect order, there is no need to fear the failure of the individual and the whole because I have everything under control.

   In order to prepare the conditions for life in the fullness of the positive state and not to allow the destruction of Creation, I had to take the appropriate steps. I will not talk about the necessity of the birth of Jesus and Jana, of the fusion with the absolute and other things previously revealed and available elsewhere, but I will focus on what is most important in this chapter: the physical refuge of the Lord Jesus Christ in the bodies of man and especially woman. Because I know everything that ever happens from eternity to eternity, I had long before the process of creation began drawn up an important plan of the lives of both My direct incarnations, as well as a background where they could effectively fulfill their missions. I have incarnated into the male body of Jesus Christ 21 March, 7 years before the new era. It was necessary I came to the territory of the Jewish race to the then Judea. It is the Jews who are the last direct descendants of the Pseudo-creators, and have the highest possible degree of evils and untruths in their genes. After removing, purifying and rebuilding the elements and the deification of this gross body I gained by My stay on the Zero, I mastered the Zone of Displacement, and the Pseudo-creators lost most of their previous power. The gene pool of this race was one of the main reasons why I was just a Jew. It is no coincidence that they have a privileged position even today, which has improved even more after the artificially induced Second World War. About this topic later. It is from these ranks originate the most powerful rulers of this world,  are led even more by negative rulers of hells, who control all the flow of money, pillage and unjustly divide the natural wealth of the planet, turn away from the true God, and gradually introduce the New World Order (NWO).

  The future destiny of the city of Jerusalem, the present-day state of Israel, Palestine, Egypt, and the Middle East surroundings, where I worked more than two thousand years ago, in contrast to the fate of the Czech Republic in connection with the God’s mission, is not adherent at all three levels (spiritual, mental, physical), but only on the innermost – spiritual. Later I will explain why in the Czech Republic dominate all three levels in equilibrium representation. As has been said, the reason Jesus‘ place of work in this geographical area was, in particular, to take up the body with the most burdened DNA, and later transform it into pure and divine. Because I predicted that the elites will abuse the reference of Christ’s teaching (so-called true Christianity) lasting approximately to the 3rd century. n. l., before its being overthrown and transformed into a Church controlled hells, I made the conditions for writing the Bible, which is written in a spiritual coded language in its own meaning, which is explained in the books of the New Revelation with Peter D. Francuch. At this place, I remind you not to forget that as the Creator of everything and everyone, I have never encouraged anyone to create any religion (not even Christianity) whose followers are held in fear, uncertainty and disinformations. The presence of the true Word of God in the Bible ensured that humankind was able to survive to the present times without falling deeper into the Zone of Displacement, along with the planet from where it would not be able to return into the true Creation. Because I knew thanks My providence that a few centuries after the crucifixion of Jesus, minions of the Pseudo-creators establish another false religion – Islam, which will conflict with My original teachings and spread aggressively to other continents, had to be built in its immediate vicinity, before the very foundation of Islam, a solid foundation with the grains of spiritual truth coming from Me. This truth recorded in the New Testament could not be misused in the course of history, since the literal meaning of My ideas, which was inserted into this book, first brought to the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ in the late 1980s. If My ideas were not provided and recorded in the Holy Book I proclaimed 2000 years ago in the Middle East, from which a Christian religion was later created with an unclean intent, Islam would have flooded all of Europe in the Middle Ages, and true God’s Word would not be available , because it would be completely eradicated. That is why I, according to the perfect plan, indirectly directed the expansion of Islam to the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa, but not on the European continent. Here he managed to lay roots shortly on the Iberian Peninsula, later on in the Balkans. The rest has been protected before its predatory claws until nowadays. At present, however, there is now a controlled moving of millions of Muslims into Europe who have the task, after the division of humankind, to unleash full-scale violence against the original inhabitants, but also to support the social, economic, political and cultural disruption of this part of the world. My protection of Central Europe from undesirable influences at the right time has prompted the successful emergence and development of a newly-formed Czech nation, built on pure and noble values, which will provide Me with a physical refuge to I can incarnate in 1957 on this planet for the second time, this time into the female body .

   We will not deal here with the chronological description of history, since in this reality it is true that history is written by the winners (so far it is the negative state), therefore, humankind history is mostly false, misleading and modified. Whoever wants to know the truth about history must forget about everything he has learned in schools, read in books, heard on television, and so on. We will only focus on the most important moments directly linked to the ongoing God’s mission. In 863, the prophets of faith Constantine and Methodius arrived. Although they were sent under the head of the Church, they were angels in the human bodies sent directly from Me to carry out an important mission of laying the solid foundations of this Slavic nation. After several centuries of complicated formation of the state, which had faced many violent assaults, intrigues and conflicts of all kinds, there was a temporary calming situation. The principality became the kingdom, led by several dynasties, of which the most prominent were the Přemyslids, later the Luxembourgs, the Jagiellons, and the Habsburgs. One of the most important angels from heaven who took the role of the sovereign of the Czech lands was Charles IV. Just he has lifted all the life aspects of this state, including those of the spiritual. He was able to stabilize and unify the spirit of the nation, protecting and enhancing it in the form of pure ideals throughout his earthly pilgrimage. St. Wenceslas crown, made by Charles IV., contains a thorn of Christ’s crown in its cross at the top. About his placement was taken care of directly by Me, the Lord Jesus Christ, when I moved this thorn from Jerusalem at the territory of Prague by means of ships of space people, where many centuries later it was discovered by informed people so that it could be planted in the crown. His presence on this royal jewel has a profound meaning that you cannot imagine yet. Since its creation, the development of the Czech Kingdom has taken place almost 100% according to My plan and under God’s protection, to survive the ages of heavy trials, serfdom and oppression at the expense of the more powerful nations led by the Pseudo-creators and their minions,  who since ancient times for the task to destroy him and get down on his knees so that humanity could never be transformed. It, however, I would never let that happen, that’s why I already from the time of the emergence of this state was sending in its territory co-workers from different dimensions of the positive state. Since 1346, when the thorn was placed in the St. Wenceslas Crown, this nation is already completely protected from all the influences that would directly threaten its existence, since from the middle14th century until the middle of the 20th century, when was born My second female incarnation, the most important preparations were made for the beginning of the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  When there was to the onset of the Habsburgs a several centuries later, the Czech nation lost its original sovereignty. Herewith came under the rule of the Austrian Empire, from which Austria-Hungary was founded in 1867. There has been a decline of the proud feeling for centuries of cultivated collective spirit. The elites of that time had long been aware of its prominent position. When the Pseudo-creators failed to destroy the kingdom by crusades, many wars, power struggles, political intrigues, artificially induced famines, the bloodshed of the Church masking behind the servant of God, they chose to break it from within by hitting the Habsburg rulers at the appropriate moment when at the battle of Mayence died Louis Jagiello. For almost 400 years, the elites have endeavored to encircle and undermine the Czech people. German culture was forced to him, with an emphasis on the fact to the Germans increasingly enforce their role in the territory of a foreign nation and oppress its inhabitants. The Habsburg supremacy was the longest period of darkness. Because I could not commit the destruction of the Czech lands, even in this difficult period I sent to the territory of Bohemia light co-workers of higher dimensions to help him in the course of his renewal. With the help of My protection and help coming from all sides, the Czechs managed to break out of all the hindrances, overcome very serious problems and managed to get back on your feet, literally rise as a phoenix from ashes. The period of national revival was crucial, because then there was a very significant shift, which later resulted in laying the foundations of the restored state. Since the middle 19th century, there has been an increase in the influx of pure God’s love and energy, which has restored all previously lost ideals of national feeling. The process of this major change at the physical level was fully manifested in 1918, when there was the end of the prolonged domination of a foreign power and the emergence of Czechoslovakia, formed by Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia, and the brotherhood nation of the Slovaks. To the eastern part of the Republic joined the Ruthenia, annexed in 1945 to the Soviet Union.

  The period 1918-1938 is connected with technical and industrial development. The New republic was one of the most advanced countries in the world, and it enjoyed great respect and acquaintance in almost every corner of the planet. Its inhabitants enjoyed a relatively high standard of living, and the spirit of the nation could again breathe freely. But he was not allowed a long prosperity. The advent of Adolf Hitler is linked to major changes throughout Europe. This puppet in the hands of Illuminates should have take care to unleash the greatest war conflict in the history of humankind. The Second World War was initiated in its background by influential and very wealthy Jewish families, the so-called zionist-kabbalistic group, forming the main axis of ruling elites over the Western world. This group taken care of putting Hitler on the place of the chancellor, to then by all appropriate means, which he of those the highest places received, he founded the Third Empire and started the Nazi war machines. At the same time, however, the same group of influential Jewish families funded all the war machine of the US, Great Britain, France and all others that fought against Nazi. The financing of the Soviet Union was shared by the Zionists with the White Dragon Group, which also taken care of the incursion of the Japanese Empire into the Pacific.

  Czechoslovakia gradually came under the increasing influence of the Third Reich after was fabricated the Munich Agreement, when it was betrayed by its „allies“ France and the United Kingdom. After the occupation of the border, later followed by the declaration of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, there was the next period of darkness. However, it was not destined to win to Hitler, and thus to dominate all over Europe, to kill all the „inferior“ nations, and to populate the conquered territory by the Germanic race. The elites had well planned all the steps forward, so their plan also rested in the final defeat of Nazi Germany. Hitler was commanded to occupy most of the continent first, conquer individual nations and unleash fear, anxiety, and resignation in them. Negative entities ruling over the planet Zero are gaining power from everything that promotes evil and suffering. Therefore, the order was issued to attack the Soviet Union and let the front up to the gates of Moscow. Then, in this great game, the cards were reversed and the Red Army began to win. The war has left a decimated population of many countries, destroyed infrastructure, brought about an economic collapse, a breakdown of all existing values, tens of millions of dead people on both sides, and last but not least, helped maintain the status quo in which the negative state takes pleasure. A similar warfare took place in the Pacific when the Japanese occupied most of the Pacific islands, but were eventually „driven“ back. This whole act has been computed into detail, but the purpose of this chapter is not to deal with the real reasons and the results of the Second World War. Weakened nations after the war have lost their original dignity and sovereignty. That’s why their mercenary governments have committed themselves to becoming vassals of transnational associations of various kinds (NATO, Warsaw Treaty, COMECON, EU, …), and according to the slogan „divide and rule“ the elites initiated the bipolar division of the world into the West and the East. Transnational union and associations of all kinds in the near future will serve to complete the final phase after the decades of building of the New World Order. One of the main reasons why the Jewish ruling families against the ordinary Jews incited the violence during the Second World War was the fact that a new state – Israel, was to have been created to justify the concentration of members of the Jewish faith at one point in the sensitive geographic area, where the influences of many nations with different cultures interfere. Israel is a US puppet and helps destabilize the Middle East because it is responsible for incitement to armed conflicts not only with Palestine and other Arab neighbors. The situation of the defeated Germany has been abused against other nations, which is fully manifested mainly in the present. Although the holocaust took place, it was overly exaggerated after the end. Ordinary Germans have still a remorse for it, therefore they are opening doors to Muslim immigrants. Of course, this situation plays into the hands of puppeteers and makes it easier the situacion for them because the ordinary population, feeling guilty about their past, cannot see why should they oppose migrants, on the contrary, the invasion of Muslims, unsuspecting what is the matter here, they rather endorsing.

   Renewed Czechoslovakia has been waiting for more than four decades of communist domination. The Pseudo-creators could not allow this nation to be free and independent, as it was shortly after 1918, so it came into the sphere of interest of the Soviet Union. Communist totalitarian ideology was, among other things, aimed at eradicating the remnants of true spirituality that still lived in people. The socialist system and its course of life were oriented to matter, narrow mind, atheism, denying the existence of God. The most difficult period of Communist persecution took place in the 1950s. In their second half, when the situation was somewhat better, came the long-awaited time for which this nation was destined to become the physical home of Me, the Lord Jesus Christ, the absolute being, the Creator of everything and everyone whose feminine essence was separated into a relative form and was born into this world. Rightly, therefore, perceive Me as a bisexual being, in whose absolute state male and female elements are represented in harmony and balance, without which it would not be possible for eternity to create other beings.

  Jana Kyslíková, My second direct incarnation, was born on March 6, 1957. By this act began the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, which will last until the end of this shortened cycle of time when the negative state will be eliminated. I chose Ústí nad Labem instead of her terrestrial residence, where the positive and negative effects of conflict are most evident. On one side you will find here many natural beauties, which are most intensive in the Elbe Valley, in which this city is set-in. On the other hand, there are ugly slums with criminality, ruins, industrial remains, and permanent scars on the environment, what is there left of his looting.

  Now I will explain why the fate of the Czech Republic is linked to God’s mission in all three levels – spiritual, mental (intermediate) and physical.

1) Spiritual level: The development of the Czech nation took place under My leadership and protection in order to ensure all the conditions necessary for bringing the part of humanity to the positive state. The transformation affects the entire planet, but this spiritual center of the world cover and unites all activities for the rise of mankind into true Creation. The capital of Prague, at its spiritual level, anchors the ray of pure God’s love, connects the sky with the earth and spills out this living God’s energy into all corners of Earth/Zero, thereby greatly helping to balance negative energies. Enhanced protection of this territory from external and internal disturbance influences will last until the division of humankind.

2) Mental (intermediate) level: The people of this Slavic country had to face severe trials from the beginning of their existence, suffered ages of bondage, impoverishment and oppression to the detriment of the more powerful nations. Still, he always recovered and, as a phoenix of ash, took off in a new and stronger form to meet promising tomorrows. Just as Jesus, who had to suffer patiently all the injustice, great mental and physical pains; as well as Jana, who had to experience thousands of spiritual tests on the tolerableness limit, to show trust in My perfect plan, to know the pain of deceitfulness on the part of their neighbours, to endure attacks of the negative state on their person, and to experience other difficult life situations; so the Czech nation passed through the narrow and thorny road leading to Paradise. These life paths of both My incarnations and the spirit of the nation have led and continue to lead to their complete liberation from all aspects and limitations of the negative state, as well as to the saving of the whole Multiverse to took place to starting of the fulness of the positive state in the next cycle of time. While Jesus Christ, after his crucifixion, entered into hells, where he showed the possibility of change, and after the end of his mission he would merge with God’s totality; Jana Kysliková, after writing the second portion of the New Revelation and building of the team of God’s family, moves with her co-workers into the Spiritual Center of God’s family, located on the New Earth in the 5th dimension. The last indisputable fact related to the intermediate level concerns the existence of a global language on the New Earth. It is the Czech language now which will be used for communication between all the inhabitants of the new, positive reality of this planet. As the most apposite and most cultivated language of all, it was created directly by Me, the Lord Jesus Christ for this noble task. Many centuries ago, through My envoys, it was brought to the Czech basin to evolve to its present form under My oversight. Now it will serve as a means of communication for all beings who will live in the higher vibrational level of Earth. The pure essence of the Czech nation will not die, but it will be reborn so that this time, without pressure and constraint, it could develop, and in full splendor flourish into new forms.

3) Physical level is connected with this Mission because I, the Lord Jesus Christ, I am present in this territory in the human body of a woman. Here I have incarnated, grew up and spent all the time devoted to My stay on planet Zero. Even though I will no longer live in the gross body after the start of the Mission of God’s family, our work from the 5th dimension will still be the most orientated in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This also applies to the fact that here is the highest concentration of beings from the different dimensions of the positive state in the gross bodies that individually cooperate to evacuate a part of humankind into the true Creation. Some of them belong to the so-called Christs‘ bloodline, and are therefore the long past biological relatives of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, whose descendants have spread over the centuries to all the inhabited continents of the world.

  On the other hand, the future destiny of Jerusalem and other countries where I have been in the body of Jesus Christ is not and can not be linked to God’s mission at all three levels. The reasons for incarnation in this geographical area were of a purely spiritual nature.

   Since the late 1960s, there has been a further increased influx of God’s energy from the center of the universe, which has caused great changes in people’s consciousness. There have been many significant shifts in politics, culture, human relations. In the countries of the Eastern Bloc at the time, there was an increasing number of efforts for a change of regime that oppressed its inhabitants. In Czechoslovakia, there has been more release and promising prospects for change. The development of the events resulted in the so-called „Prague Spring 1968“, which was forcibly terminated by the occupation of the Warsaw Pact troops. The leadership of the Soviet Union did not want to allow the release of conditions, followed by a US-led capitalist coup, and therefore decided to direct military intervention. Because the elites have to plan a long time of their tasks assigned by Pseudo-creators and proceed so that their efforts as little noticeable as possible, globalists have already received commands for the gradual dismantling of the bipolar world with two superpowers in the early 1970s. While the so-called normalization was taking place in the socialist republic at that time, the shadowy government behind the scenes was keenly preparing the theater for the end of the communist era. In the Czechoslovakia, the process of political and economic change began in 1989 with the Velvet Revolution, which was not a revolution, but a planned coup initiated by the secret services of the USA and the USSR. Metaphorically speaking, the old coats were taken down so that they could to continue the new disguise. The most prominent role played here was Václav Havel, who served as a puppet and a stooge for the public. During a short period of time, there was a reorientation towards capitalism and a transition under the influence of the United States. The elites in building the NWO were not satisfied with the position of powerful of the Soviet union, therefore, was under the leadership of Mikhail Gorbachev decided on its distribution and transformation in the Russian federation. In 1993, according to the spiritual plan of the Slovak nation, which was to have its own autonomy, two independent state bodies – the Czech Republic and Slovakia – were formed. At the end of the century, the Republic joined the NATO Military Alliance, and entered the European Union a few years later (2004). These acts and many other events that have been happening since the end of the Communist era until present serve to removal civil liberties more quickly under the guise of democracy, undermining state sovereignty, enforcing repressive laws, taking control of all aspects of life. The reins of power was shifted to the EU headquarters in Brussels, which speeds up the introduction of the modern totality in this part of the planet. Just as in Europe and elsewhere in the world, after the arrival of false gods, mandatory chipping will take place, having a goal at comfortable control of people on 99.99%.

  Protecting this territory from artificially evoked negative influences will last until the division of humankind. Then it would prevent the necessary victory of the negative state in the 3rd dimension, which will be eliminated after its full manifestation. Do not be annoyed that even Bohemia is waiting for the same fate in this reality. Life is eternal, only its form changes. As you already know, the spirit of the nation will continue to exist, moves to the higher planetary level in the positive state. The mission of God’s family will not be physically restricted to the Czech Republic alone, but since it is the spiritual center of the world, it will be most effective here until the revibration of the last wave of positive people from 3D to 5D. From the revibration of My direct incarnation of Jana on the New Earth, we will be able to travel absolutely without restriction for anyone to all corners of the world and beyond, using a teleport gate (Bifrost) and a spaceships.

  I thank the light co-workers of all the nations of the planet Earth for their selfless help in transformation humankind. I love you very much.

Your Lord Jesus Christ the God family | November 1, 2018

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