Add. 6. Jesus‘ Journey Around the World



The time has come to I reveal to you not very known facts about the life of My first direct incarnation in the body of Jesus Christ concerning the time between his 12th and 30th years of life. No one has until recently been able to know what was the purpose of My life at that time, because there was no unambiguous written or oral testimony that would refer to that period of time. Throughout childhood, youth and adolescence of Jesus, only the mention of the disciple of Luke was preserved, capturing My encounter with the people in the then Jerusalem temple at the age of twelve. This moment was the first appearance of The Most High in the human body in front of the public. Then I returned back into seclusion and spent a peaceful childhood with My parents in Nazareth, where I was thoroughly preparing for My later work.

The aim of My incarnation on this planet was primarily the need of personally and experientially recognize all aspects of a typical human life in the gross body, later to go through all levels of Hells, to abolish the dominant Pseudo-creations government over the Zone of Displacement, to give to all beings the free choice, and eventually all the deformed, stolen and dirty elements of the negative state to clean up and return it back to Sources. In this extraordinary process, I acquired the New Nature and became The Lord Jesus Christ, The Only Absolute Creator of everything and everyone. In order to gain all the necessary experience with life here, I could not live all the earthly life in one place. It was necessary to thoroughly recognize all religious, pseudo-spiritual and other human systems that existed at the time. At the age of 18, I therefore left My parents‘ home and began the extensive traveling phase, during which I visited every continent on planet Zero using spaceship of universe people.

The first goal of My journey was India, where there were already widespread religious doctrines – Hinduism and Buddhism whose interpretation and practice contradicts true spiritual laws and principles from Me. They were founded by Pseudo-creators, as well as other world religions, to lead away the human souls from The only true God and the Parent of all beings. I first docked in the town of Varanasi on the west bank of the Ganges where I lived among the simple folks and extended verbally God’s Word, especially the thoughts of equality of all people and the need to seek God in your heart. I healed those who believed in their inward, I helped to people get rid of false belief and I did miracles that soon spread throughout the region. But My public activities displeased to the administrators and rulers of the area who were directly run by the Pseudo-creators, therefore they provoked by many dissensions against Me. Approximately one year after My stay at this place, I again moved to the area of Ladakh, located on the border of India and Tibet, using of a „flying saucer“. Surrounded by the Himalayas, I spent several years in various monasteries where I learned the principles of Buddhist philosophy to gain the most experience and later to be able to purify it, just like everything I ever came into contact with. To the monks who undertook Me, I explained the basic ideas of My teachings to spread them among other people even after My departure. I preached in monasteries and other places, once again I walked among the simple folks and I did miracles. I gained great popularity here, and most of those who came into contact with Me were willing to accept the basic ideas and principles of God’s Word. About the working of The Most High in the body of Jesus has preserved to this day also written scrolls, the so-called Saint Issa’s biography, as I was called in this area. Approximately four years later, it was time to leave this area and set out on the trip again.

The goal was China, then I moved to Japan, where I lived a simple life for another year and I gained experience with the way of existence there. The subsequent pilgrimage consisted of a visit to today’s Philippines and Indonesia, and then I docked in Australia. Here I taught the native Australians the connection with their soul and the cosmic order, because they were not yet ready for the higher truth. Their spiritual level that I helped them to develop is still much higher today than the descendants of the settlers of this continent, usually living in coastal cities. In Australia, I had to deal with difficult natural conditions, I sleep in caves and I taste the hard life of primitive nations. But wherever I came I was welcomed with warmth and friendship because I was guided exactly to those individuals in whom I could plant the seeds of God’s truth and love. With mockery and rejection, I gained rich experience in the final part of My earthly pilgrimage when I returned to the Middle East. Another destination for My trip was the tropical islands of the Pacific Ocean. I gradually visited Vanuatu, Fiji, Kiribati and the numerous islands of Polynesia. Here I learned the different shamanic culture of local people and I studied what this way of life is all about. Maybe you can imagine what confusion in these and other areas has been triggered by My person, having a different look, skin color and bringing ideas which were not available anywhere by then. However, I had the ability to speak to everyone in his native language so that everyone could easily understand and have a more personal relationship with Me.

When I left the vast Pacific area, I visited a very short visit to the Antarctic ice continent, from where I traveled to South America, where I found other kinds of native cultures. I finally visited on the Yucatan peninsula of My beloved Mayans, where a highly developed empire with a society based on the observance of true spiritual laws was located. The Mayans usually incarnated from the higher dimensions of the True Creation and enhanced at that time the very poor spiritual level of the planet Zero. It is no coincidence that their physical residence was located near the area where a meteorite sent by the Pseudo-creators, which caused the mass extinction of dinosaurs, their unsuccessful experiment, had fallen some 65 million years ago. Up for another few centuries after My visit occurred the decline of the Mayan civilization, in whose forehead came the beings from the lowest levels of Hells, who introduced a system of living sacrifices and their initiation to false gods. At the same time, however, I let most of the members of this empire withdraw from this reality to the 5th dimension so that they do not suffer under degrading conditions and can continue to help the whole. In Tikal, then the center of Yucatan, I spent some two years between „My“ people who, thanks to the spiritual maturity, the most resonated with Me and perfectly understood My divinity. One of the last stops was the visit of North American Indian tribes to the territory of today’s United States and Canada. Even their primitive life was much more peaceful than it did in places where people lived in cities and denied the importance of going inward, focusing all their efforts on material things. The Indians, after the „discovery“ of America, had a fate similar to that like other natives who had forcibly lost their living space due to the expansion of the then great powers and in many cases were forced to accept a consumer way of life. My trip around the world ended with a visit to Western Europe, on which the Roman Empire spread. The world and its environment were diametrically different from what it looks like today. In the two thousand years ago, approximately 200 million people lived on this planet, most of whom were concentrated in the Mediterranean, North Africa, Middle East and East Asia. The overwhelming majority of the surface remained completely intact by the activities of human, it corresponded to the richness of nature and the organisms living in there. Shortly before the 30th birthday, I returned to Judea. Here begins the familiar part of My life described in the four Gospels. I returned to the Middle East after twelve years as the only person who traveled through the world and had experience with many of his inhabitants and various human systems. No one at that time was able to accept this fact, so I always told My loved ones about what I was doing during My youth that I taught others the god’s love and the truth where it was needed, and I Myself learned all that life is about. In the short transition period, the twelve closest co-workers (disciples) grouped around Me, the spiritually most advanced souls incarnated on this planet, called here to it to stand by My side and help Me spread the God’s Word. I was accompanied also with the then wife Mary Magdalene, with whom I had begot a daughter Sofia. This is how the so-called the bloodline of Christ was founded, which persists until today. During the three years preceding to the twelve years of preparation for the fulfillment of the mission in Jerusalem and around, I preached peace and love for all people, I introduced God as an absolutely loving and forgiving being who sees into the heart of every individual and loves all of his children without exception. After the crucifixion, My body was taken to the rock tomb. On the third day Mary found an empty tomb. I have already appeared to her in the astral body when I told her not to touch Me because I lacked a material form. At the end of the third day, I let the soul of Jesus to move into the duplicate material body and stayed there for 40 days, after which I entered a multidimensional spaceship (covered in a cloud of steam) and left this reality.

In the body of Jesus, I have taken on this world a gift of mercy and salvation, laying the foundations for later elimination of the negative state. The mission of My first direct incarnation continued after I left planet Zero, when I passed through all levels of Hells, abolished the dominant government of the Pseudo-creators and separated them from their ruling positions. At the end of this long journey, to that time the relative souls of Jesus with the Absolute Divine Nature have fused. Since then, My True and Only Name is The Lord Jesus Christ, in the new cycle of time The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family, when I incorporating into the Absolute Inclusiveness and the soul of the second direct incarnation of Jana and our two children which born to us on the New Earth in the 5th dimension. It is with Jana and our team of closest co-workers that we continue with God’s mission, this time at a completely different level, place and time. Before the formation of God’s Family Team, My female nature also underwent twelve years of training (2003 – 2015), during which she studied the events on this planet in isolation and at the same time experienced numerous spiritual tests. Within three years, the closest co-workers were brought to her, helping to spread the books of New Revelation and another current God’s Word. After the upcoming ascension on the New Earth, we will continue our work, which will not be limited to this reality, but will also be permeate by other dimensions of the True Creation and the Zone of Displacement. But we will focus most on planet Zero. Until the division of humankind, we will be go here in new bodies, travel around the world, spread both portion of The New Revelation in all major languages, and acquaint together the prepared people with the highest available truth directly from Source of all Life. It is not only from the mutual context of the two missions of The Lord Jesus Christ that the time to relocate Jana and her closest ones to the Spiritual Center of God’s Family (SCGF) is constantly shorter and is very close. This event, on which a large number of beings are waiting from the positive state, will greatly speed up the transformation of the Earth and her people during their return home.

I thank all the co-workers who help speed up the final elimination of the negative state. I love you very much and look forward with you for the age of love, light, joy, mutual encounters and everything that makes life in the True Creation pleasant and harmonious.

In writing the Addition of the New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family, and another God’s Word, we will continue on the New Earth in the 5th dimension.

Your Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family | March 15, 2018

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