Add. 5. The Spiritual Significance and Reach of Recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel



US President Donald Trump officially recognized December 6, 2017 Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This act is the next step in fulfilling the biblical prophecies relating to the fate of the Jewish state at the time of end. At the end of 2017, the first stage of the sealing of God’s people began, beginning 70 years from the anniversary of Israel’s birth (1947/48), and 50 years since when Jerusalem in the Six-Day War (1967) fell back into the hands of this state after heavy fighting.

Revelation 7: 1-4 says: „Then I saw the four angels stood at the four angles of the earth, and they defended all four winds, that none of them blew on the earth, or on the sea, or on any tree. And behold, another angel stood out from the sunrise; in his hand he held the seal of the living God, and in a mighty voice called to the four angels to whom it was given to do damage to the earth and the sea: ‚Do not damage the earth, the sea or the trees, until we mark the servants of our God on their foreheads!‘ Then I heard the number of marked ones: one hundred and forty-four thousand of all the tribes of Israel.“

„The four Angels“ mean in a literal sense the divine providence of The Lord Jesus Christ, who, by this important moment of recognition of the status of Jerusalem, has an increased level of protection for the people of Israel. It starts by this the first phase of sealing the people of God. Part of the sentence „…that none of them blew on the earth, or on the sea, or on any tree“ means that negative powers will no longer be allowed to influence and bind Israel on a spiritual and mental level, which would not later lead to the massive liberation of the Jews from the Pseudo-creators who are the genetic creators of this nation, having as a result the most burdened DNA of all humankind. The sentence „Do not damage the earth, the sea or the trees, until we mark the servants of our God on their foreheads!“ means that the world’s elites led by the Zone of Displacement powers will no longer hold direct control and supervision over the people of Israel, because until the end of the moving of part of humankind on the New Earth in the 5th dimension (ascension) has every lightworker walking in the footsteps of The Lord Jesus Christ the maximum protection and no one falls into the bondage of the Evil against his will. Israel, after the fall of the planet Zero to Hells, will not come under the direct dominion of the Pseudo-creators, as it will be with other countries, because thanks God’s protection will remain saved of the most powerful wrath of the Evil. Although Israel will be physically left on planet Zero after ascension part of humankind, its people will later testify against Antichrist and forthcoming atrocities in the necessary victory of the negative state in this reality. „Then I heard the number of marked ones: one hundred and forty-four thousand of all the tribes of Israel.“ This sentence does not mark the physical number of the ascendeds, but has to do with another spiritual meaning that does not correspond to the literal conception of this sentence.

The Event/Warning that precedes the rapture of positive people on the New Earth will a trigger a great reminiscence of the Jews on their real and right Messiah and Parent, the Absolute Creator of everything and everyone, The Lord Jesus Christ. There is already a spiritual revival in Israel that will be enhanced by the Event, followed by the departure of part of humankind into the higher dimension. This remarkable landmark sows the seeds of truth, which germinate in the right time out, not just to those who have not yet been able to ascend. In Revelation 7: 9-10, one can find a passage whose inner meaning refers to the ascending Believers. „Then I saw, behold, such a great crowd that no one could it count up, from all the races, tribes, nations, and languages standing in front of the throne and in front of the Lamb, dressed in white robes, palm branches in their hands. And they called with a loud voice: ,Thank the Savior, our God, sitting on the throne, and the Lamb‘.“ After the end of the Israel sealing process, when the creation of protection over this country is over, the whole world will be left to its negative state of darkness to experience the full effects of the activation of evils and untruths. However, the obstinacy of part of Israel will only last until by the rapture of the Believers does not enter into Heaven (True Creation) a certain number of positive people who have The Lord Jesus Christ in their hearts who are ready for true life in love and sufficiency. In fact, there will be many, much more than the hundred and forty-four thousand, hundreds of millions will be taken out of the whole human race. After the last wave of ascension, the door to Paradise closes for the world, but not for the people of Israel. Past events (Warning, Ascension, the arrival of false Messiahs of Pseudo-creators etc.) will confirm the remaining inhabitants of Israel that their true loving God, The Lord Jesus Christ, waiting for their return for ages, is waiting with open arms and is looking forward until they also move to New Jerusalem, which is the New Earth mark in the fifth dimension of the True Creation. Thanks to God’s intervention, Jews will hear with open heart that The Lord Jesus Christ, who has taken away the Believers, is their true Messiah. That is why most individuals of this nation do not sit on the gum to Pseudo-creators who will present themselves as saviors of humankind, but they will look at this trap and will not go to Hells like most of the left humankind. The process of their awakening is also reflected in Zechariah 12:10. „But on the house of David, the one who resides in Jerusalem, I will pour out a spirit of grace and pleas for mercy. They will look on me whom they pierced. They will be weeping over him as are weeping over the death of the single-born, they will bitterly be sobbing over him, as are bitterly sobbing over the firstborn.“ The soul of Israel will be „weeping“ over knowledge, who and what The Lord Jesus Christ has always been for them.

Zechariah, who lived more than 500 years before the New Era, was a prophet who gave the picture of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and about it how the last days, The true God will be accepted by the Hebrew nation. Zechariah 1: 10-17 says, „And the man standing between the myrtle trees continued, ‚These are the ones that the Lord sent to pass through the earth.‘ Then they addressed the messenger of the Lord standing among the myrtle: ‚We have passed through the earth, and the whole country lives peacefully.‘ And the messenger of the Lord cried out: ,O Lord of hosts, how long will it be before you have mercy on Jerusalem and on the towns of Judah against which your wrath has been burning for seventy years?‘ And the Lord gave an answer in good and comforting words to the angel who was talking to me. And the angel who was talking to me said to me: ,Let your voice be loud and say, these are the words of the Lord of hosts: I am greatly moved about the fate of Jerusalem and of Zion, I am very angry with the nations who immediately put their hand to evil as soon as I was a little angry at My people.‘ Therefore thus saith the Lord: ,I will turn unto Jerusalem with great mercy; My house will be built in it, saith the Lord of hosts, and the measuring band shall be stretched out over Jerusalem.‘ And again let your voice be loud and say, this is what the Lord of hosts has said: ‚My towns will again be overflowing with good things.‘ The Lord will again delight in Zion, and will choose Jerusalem again.

This 70-year period points to the period since the Jewish state was founded after the Second World War until our days. To Israel, all prophecies about the return of Jews to their fathers‘ country are fulfilling immediately after its inception. In 2017 it is just 70 years since the establishment of the State of Israel, in 2018 since its declaration. „Zion“ here literally represents the believers, and „Jerusalem“ is the denomination of the Jewish nation. „I am very angry with the nations who immediately put their hand to evil“, does not mean a literal divine wrath, but points to the pain in the heart of The Creator, from Him/Her the nations of this planet turn away. This part of the sentence then mainly points to the Arab nations that are conducting many armed conflicts with the Jewish state. On the rest of the previous passage, it is clear what destiny awaits this country at the time of the end, and it is clear that it will ultimately have a very good goal: „I will turn unto Jerusalem with great mercy…“ God’s Plan consists in the fact that shortly after the ascension of part of humankind into the higher dimension, the Jews are late but still recognize and accept The Lord Jesus Christ as their Messiah. Thanks to those from the ranks of the Jewish nation who have remained here for their own choice after the division of mankind, but soon will understand what The Lord Jesus Christ truly means for them, there will be a massive acceptance of The Creator of everything and everyone and the salvation of the people of Israel. This act has profound spiritual reasons that the nation, which is the direct descendant of the Pseudo-creators, will return to the arms of the Absolute God. This will make the journey from Hells open even more even for originators itself of the negative state. This is referred by the sentence „The Lord will again delight in Zion, and will choose Jerusalem again“.

Israel is a puppet state in the hands of globalists who determine the evolution of world events, but that does not mean that most of its inhabitants will let to continue so that they controlled them. There is a progressive spiritual awakening of people in this part of the planet in the present. This will be greatly facilitated by the upcoming events thanks by which will brought into the hearts of individuals the seeds of God’s love, truth and mercy that will sooner or later germinate. The recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has a profound spiritual meaning that will trigger further processes of transformation changes. World leaders hiding in the background, originally intended by this decision to target the destabilization and chaos in the Middle East and to encourage the hatred of the states with the Muslim population towards the Western world and especially against the living Jews. Most of the changes are affecting Palestine, whose leaders cannot accept it that the holy city of Jews, Christians and Muslims is officially assigned to Israel. The decision was made through elites, in this case through US President Donald Trump, but this move is fully in line with The Lord Jesus Christ’s Plan for later liberation and salvation beings not only from this part of the world but also from the entire Zone of Displacement. The World Power, the United States of America, representing on the planet Zero the most diverse range of selected aspects of the negative state, by this act have inseparably combined the holy city, in which taken place to the victory of Jesus Christ over the dead life and over all evils and untruths, with the Jewish state, who is the direct descendant of the Pseudo-creators, but it will be just here where will be a mass receiving of The true God of The Lord Jesus Christ in the future, who will permanently liberate them from the bondage of their false gods. It was here, for the first time in the history of the situation when the main power of the negative state on planet Zero recognized Jerusalem which is the symbol of the defeat of death, resurrection and ascension, as the center for thousands of years of a controlled nation by Pseudo-creators, which but it will also win over the whole negative state, just as this city has witnessed of this with which this nation has been connected from ages to help lift its up into heavenly heights when the right time comes. The elites so to a large extent directly helped to the manifestation of God’s Plan without being aware of it in advance. The powers of Hells on Zero and outside it, by this unintentionally confirmed the validity of the fact that the negative state cannot be eternal and that its inhabitants are not condemned to perdition, but have the opportunity and the right to live the true life of the positive state as well as all beings in Creation because The Most High in the body of Jesus Christ, incarnated in the Jewish nation, has won over death, hatred, bondage and oppression, purifying these elements from all inappropriate foulings, and in a new positive form and condition He puts them in the Absolute God’s Inclusiveness. Through this act of unlimited mercy, everyone in Hells has the gate to heaven open if he accepts in his heart from the free choice of The Lord Jesus Christ. But were not the Pseudo-creators aware that the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel would be an important component in the plan of The Lord Jesus Christ, and ultimately serve for good and beneficial purposes? Keep in mind that neither they nor their minions are absolute but relative, so therefore they can never predict with certainty whether some of their actions will ultimately lead to the interests of the positive state of Multiverse. The Pseudo-creators, by their evil and profit-mad goals to destabilize the Middle East and to stir up further riots in it eventually helped to manifest God’s Plan.

In the ultimate sense, it is possible with certainty to claim that the whole negative state ultimately serves a good purpose, because after answering the question, „How would look life without God and His/her spiritual laws and principles of love?“ will forever be eliminated and Creation will be freed from this heavy burden. The situation on the planet Zero will be worsen, but you do not have to worry because you know everything is done for teach the whole so that this terrible theater can never be repeated. As always, keep your inner peace and top view because you know that for you who have love in your heart it waits a joyous life in joy, love, happiness, and fulfillment in the diverse worlds of the True Creation where you move during division of  humankind and ascension its ready parts to the higher dimension.

Your Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family | December 8, 2017

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