Add. 4. Time-Spatial and Genetic Manipulations in the Evolution of Mankind and Planet Zero



The Pseudo-creators have manipulated time over the duration of the negative state, and have been able to move freely to a preselected point within this time cycle. Only after their imprisonment and separation from this planet Earth (Zero) was their ability to travel in time towards the future removed. With this, they have prepared in advance all that is necessary for their triumphal return, when after the division of humankind they will again take over the rule above those who, from their own choice, will choose to continue in the dead life of the negative state until its complete end.

Before the time of the Sumerian Empire, Old Egypt, the civilization of China and India and others, existed here a large number of much more advanced civilizations coming from different corners of the universe, which were variously involved in the historical development of the planet. These civilizations came from both the negative (the majority) and the positive state, since the planet Zero has been established as the only point of contact between the Zone of Displacement (Hells) and True Creation (Heaven) since its inception. Many spiritual wars and dissensions across the entire time span were taking place here. Since there were countless manipulations of the space-time continuum, it would be pointless at this point to perform a chronological analysis of the individual stages of history.

But what is important to realize? Just over 12,500 years ago, two major civilizations – Atlantis and Lemuria – have been operating on the surface of this planet. While the Atlanteans have fallen from their own negative choices from the higher dimensions of the True Creation, the Lemurians never identified themselves with evils and untruths. Their descent into the lower vibration spheres has been entirely voluntary in order to help humankind.

Their peacefulness and dedication was a great thorn in the eye of Pseudo-creators, and they have prompted armed destructive conflicts against this civilization, aiming at eliminating their efforts. In Atlantis, where both positive and negative elements existed until then, now evil has prevailed because she has come under the direct influence of false gods and later creators of the human race. The spiritual fall of the Atlantean civilization was completed by an attack on Lemuria using highly sophisticated destructive weapons which could be compared with the most powerful atomic bomb or any other known weapon because they functioned on completely different principles such as the ability to break up the mass into basic building blocks. However, the Lemurians knew well what was going on, so they moved from the area of today’s Pacific Ocean where Lemuria has originally located, into the Hollow Earth, where their positive civilization could continue to thrive without the disturbing effects of the negative state. To Pseudo-creators have never been allowed to completely occupy the space under the surface of the planet Zero.

Atlantis attacked Lemuria in about 12,500 years ago of linear time. But this attack did not bring intended result for Atlantis, for the high vibrations of love Lemuria canceled any direct threat of the members of this positive race. The Lord Jesus Christ (formerly The Most High) would never allow the suffering of beings who obey the spiritual laws and principles and are here for a very important task of transformation humankind. At that time, the evacuated Lemurian continent was hit by destructive shots of Atlantean weapons, but they caused their own annihilation of Atlantis. After this attack, which brought doom and self-destruction to the aggressors, many planetary cataclysms led to a change in the distribution of continents and the extreme destabilization of the planet at the spiritual and mental levels. The Pseudo-creators found it necessary to erase all references leading to this secret history of the planet Zero for the later human evolution of the new human race, thanks to the space-time experiments, they wiped out all the necessary traces that would refer later earthlings to the remains of something that should remain hidden them.

The continents were split into their present form, the surface being modified to show nothing of real historical events and contexts. At the place where Atlantis was located, the false gods let to arise the Atlantic Ocean. The devastated continent of Lemuria, including the overwhelming surface of the Pacific Ocean, the Pseudo-creators let fully to flood out also. Though they could completely wipe out all traces left behind these civilizations, they did not do so because the leftover equipment will still be useful to them once they returned to Zero. Proof of artificially protected artifacts is, for example, the area of the so-called Bermuda Triangle where destructive multidimensional weapons are found in temple complexes and pyramids on the seabed and will serve in the future to the intended attack on the positive state of Creation. Pseudo-creators outside of space and time experimented with various variants of the planet’s evolution. In all possible detail, they designed a great deal of potential scenarios how their world should go. Though they were not bound by time and space, it took them millions of years to get their own way. In these efforts, there was many unsuccessful and unexpected events, such as the creation of dinosaurs that they let to die out before 65 million years of linear time by the impact of the asteroid. Another of the many unexpected events was the already described self-destruction of Atlantis, whose civilization, after the destruction of Lemuria, should have occupied together with other races from the Zone of Displacement of True Creation.

After the subsequent effacement of all the obvious tracks, the Pseudo-creators decided to create a completely new prototype of the human race that would be isolated from all the others in the Multiverse. For the ultimate reality in which today’s humanity lives, has been elected the development branch in which more than twelve thousand years ago, Atlantis collapsed, but with the difference that Pseudo-creators, thanks to their ability to move time and space, had destroyed all traces which could lead to its legacy. This changed reality then could be colonized a new race of people. The prototype of the fabricated human body is formed by genetic manipulation so that best helped to manifest the negative state and ensure unlimited energy supply. By manipulating time, distorting information and artificially producing evidence in the form of fossils, the false gods have achieved that they have succeeded in deceiving contemporary scientists, believing that human was the result of gradual, natural and undisturbed natural development from Purgatorius (the alleged common ancestor of the human and the apes), Proconsulus, Australopithecus, Homo Habilis (a human of skill), Homo Erectus, Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon, the last precursor of today’s human. Cro-Magnon was cultivated with all previous hominids step-by-step into shape from which Homo Sapiens Sapiens arisen, a typical human being and the final product of the negative state. The prototype of the physical envelope contains 95% of animal fabricated genes of negative origin and only 5% of the genes stolen from the True Creation of The Lord Jesus Christ.

Prehistoric, Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age, as well as all human history, did not become exactly as history teaches. Homo Sapiens Sapiens was literally planted on planet Zero without having to develop from its ancestors through progressive development without external interference. All of its predecessors served only as a genetic instrument to compile today’s human, were not a condition for its creation. People have a closed heart and no special abilities that existed before the present era. The human wise in the form in which contemporary humankind lives, has begun to fully work until at the beginning of antiquity. Together with the closed spiritual heart, unconscious processes, isolation and everything what brought the negative state into human dead life, human began to effectively fulfil the role of the slave and servant of its creators. A typical human era began approximately in the period Sumer, Egypt, ancient China and India (around 5,000 BC). Pseudo-creators initiated the emergence of these civilizations to which they could rule. After many millennia, they let humankind to mature into the present state, with which they could attack the positive state as originally intended with the participation of Atlantis. False gods were physically present on the planet Zero and despotically tied all civilizations, driving them into bloody conflicts of all kinds. Antiquity was the spiritual time of the dark, and many extraterrestrial civilizations from the Zone of Displacement were partook in rule with Pseudo-creators.

None of the rulers of Hells could not count that will be separated from the planet Zero in one in advance an unspecified point. The Most High in the body of Jesus Christ incarnated on Zero 7 years before the new era and was crucified after 33 years of life. After his death and subsequent resurrection and ascension, he passed all levels of Hells. In this act, Pseudo-creators were cut off from their existing positions and isolated in an unknown location. This act, in the third dimension, manifested itself, for example, by the collapse of ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, which were under their direct domination. From the end of antiquity to the present day, Pseudo-creators have been operating on the planet Zero only through their representatives – the elites. The core of the elites originated from the original Jewish nation, whose members are the direct descendants of the rulers of the Zone of Displacement, because their genetic fund is the most burdened by evils and untruths.

These Zionists shared different roles and began to divide into other factions. Throughout the Middle Ages, most of the world has been governed by ecclesiastical laws and religious dogmas. Christianity evolved in Europe, Buddhism, Hinduism in Asia, different kinds of natural native religions in America. From the spiritual point of view, it was better for North American Indians and Central American Mayans who lived in maximum harmony with nature and to a large extent communicated with mature beings from higher dimensions. Over the course of the decades, however, the beings of the lowest degrees of Hells began to incarnate in the ruling lines of South American tribes, which caused their gradual spiritual and later also physical decomposition. This phenomenon was most pronounced in the Mayans, who until then had preserved important components of true spirituality. This empire, the foundation of which was made up of positive beings from True Creation, was violently forced to change its course of life and priorities. The system of their faith has since been based on the worship of false deities, rituals, and sacrifices, as was the case with other tribes. But I, Lord Jesus Christ, intervened at the right time and let the Mayan positive members to ascend to the 5th dimension, where they continue in their further development.

After the arrival of the Spanish, Portuguese and later French and English conquerors in America, the era of colonization and conquest of native peoples began. During the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries there was territorial expansion. In 1776, the elites gave the command to create a new territorial unit – the United States of America, from 13 independent Illuminati colonies on Eastern seaside, which will serve as a world power, monitoring and controlling the best part of the world. This role has begun to be fulfilled by the US during the 20th century and has been fulfilling it to the present. By the second world power was established the Soviet Union after the Bolshevik Revolution which, after less than 70 years, had once again been transformed into the Russian Federation. The third most important world power is China, the seat of the Illuminati group of the White Dragon, controlling mainly Asia, the Pacific region and part of Africa. Former colonial powers of Britain and France had to retreat in the new power play and gave up most of their colonies during the last century. The Zionist-Kabbalistic group with the main background in the US and Great Britain is directing the Western world and trying to maintain the dominant role of the United States. Russia is at the border of conflicts of interest and is ruled by both factions. Even here, the New World Order (NWO) is building hard, although many people see Vladimir Putin, who is like many other leading politicians and presidents by a biological artificial clone, as a kind of salvation and hope for rescue. Only a few people realize that this is just the other side of the same coin. From the negative state, in this crucial stage of transformation, only the love in your heart and acceptance of God, The Lord Jesus Christ as the Only Source of all Life, will save you.

Pseudo-creators have programmed human development from a relative (not absolute) position of non-time and non-space, until their second coming, when they once more take the reign over the planet Zero. There is therefore nothing so serious as to hinder their plans, there is nothing fundamental that they would not expect in the current development of humankind. At present, the elites just fine tuning details to allow the best conditions for the pompous return of their gods whom so they willingly serve and continue to turn away from Me. This world in the third dimension, after the division of humankind and the arrival of the creators of the human race, will fall through deeper into the Zone of Displacement along with those who continue to choose the dead life of the negative state. There will be a time of darkness that will not, however, last for long. When the potential of the negative state will fully exhausted, I will come back here with the archangels and angels, and we will end this experiment together, eliminate life in the Zone of Displacement, and save all beings from Hells, so that everyone can choose whether to live in the fullness of the positive state, love, joy, harmony and sufficiency.

The descendants of the Lemurians and other positive races built the developed civilization in the hollow Earth over the course of the millennium. In Telos, a luminous city under the Mt. Shasta in California, I have secured everything necessary for My second direct incarnation Jana and her closest co-workers so that they can safely fulfill their missions without interference of the negative state. Without the mission of God’s Family, it would not be possible to take away part of the prepared humankind into the fifth dimension of True Creation. There will be a descent of heaven on earth for those who have an open heart and wish to free themselves from the straitjacket of this system. Together with the spread of the God’s Word, we will reveal and elucidate the many secrets that have remained hidden to humankind, and we will help the seeking people find their way back Home so that they can ascend as many beings as possible.

Your Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family | November 11, 2017

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