Add. 3. The Metaphysical Secrets of the Multiverse




The meaning of life for every sentient being in Multiverse is Life itself. Everyone gives to his unique and unrepeatable being and existence such meaning as he/she deems fit. The sentient entity is endowed with original talents from The Lord Jesus Christ. These talents may and can be used by the individual in any way. Based on free choice, he accepts or rejects The Most High, with all the consequences and effects of such a choice. At the end of each individual stage of the individual’s life comes the so-called Last Judgment, which is the process of audit for his personal being and existence in the just completed cycle. After this process, a reasonable reward and a shift to a new spiritual, mental and physical (if necessary) level come from The Lord Jesus Christ (if a individual is in the positive state). Eventually, new tasks and missions are received. The greatest meaning of life is the eternal approximation toward the perfection of the absolute state of The Lord Jesus Christ and to all His/Her elements. This is the factor giving the sentient entities the motivation to discover the mysterious depth of the infinite Multiverse and its Creator, who exceeds it. This is the most important meaning of the whole Universe.


Why, from the eternity to the eternity, there was The Most High, now The Lord Jesus Christ in His/Her nobody and anything the created Absolute State, it is a great mystery and a secret for sentient entities.  This mystery is only able to understand in their reflection only the most perfect relative beings, the so-called Firstborns. In the process, how Multiverse will move to higher and higher levels, many others will be involved in this matter to be able to absorb and comprehend it in varying degrees with their relative sight of this situation. However, no one can fully understand it why The Lord Jesus Christ, Who is everything that has ever been, is and will, as well as everything that has never been, is and will not be, exists as a nobody and nothing created entity in the being and existence of the Absolute State through which He/She creates, manages, maintains and develops the relative Multiverse and all its beings which infinitely exceeds.


As everyone in the positive state of True Creation knows, the Absolute State and The Most High existed in a special mode of non-time and non-space from eternity. Multiverse is divided into 12 dimensions. The 13th dimension is then The Lord Jesus Christ, Who surrounds Multiverse. Multiverse, which, with its size, structure and content, can appear to be the infinite in the spiritual hierarchy even to those highest beings, appears to The Lord Jesus Christ as a small ball if human comparison are used. Everything else outside that ball is the Absolute State in that special mode, which includes in them the fullness of all states, conditions and processes in all areas of being and existence. His entire form is a great mystery to all members of Creation. Another mystery is the question of what was going on in being and existence before Creation was established. At that time there were no other relative beings. At the moment of the absolute presence, in which takes places everything that have ever been, is and will be, experienced The Most High of Myself and in Myself. However, since the God’s Magnificent Plan advanced at one point to the moment when it is necessary to begin to experience something different from the Absolute State, the first independent and free beings created according to the image of The Most High were separated from the God’s Inclusiveness of All. The process of creating other new beings from the moment when the creative process started moving will last forever.


At the time when the first relative elements emerged from the Absolute State of The Lord Jesus Christ, the Creation was established, with him the first relative beings were created who are the Firstborns. The first cycle of time thus entered its active mode. Since then, countless other beings have emerged at various stages of development. Each sentient entity is at the very beginning by the idea in the Source of All Life. In the creative process of The Creator there is a continuous emergence of these ideas. Each one is asked if she wants to become a unique and unrepeatable being, self-conscious and free. In this process, The Lord Jesus Christ will reveal to this idea its existence as it will be for eternity. If the idea agrees with its being and existence, it becomes a sentient entity. From the moment of its creation, she is bound to be and exist forever. However, in order to preserve the very principle of life, this bound can be re-evaluated at any time, and the individual can choose to step out of the order of existence if he asks for it with fully open memory from his free choice. Stopping the flow of all life energies is spiritual death. This possibility is available, but to no one in the positive state of love, happiness, joy, abundance, satisfaction, and progressive development something like this cannot come to mind. At the time of the completion of this cycle of time when the negative state will be eliminated, some individuals will undergo spiritual death from their free choice. It will be those who, even in a neutral mood in qualitative comparison of the positive state with the negative state, will not desire to return to the original God’s Nature, which is contained in each. At that moment they will become – without The Lord Jesus Christ, Who is life and resurrection – nothing in the ultimate meaning of the word. However, the number of these individuals will be negligible compared to the total.


All spiritual, mental and physical environments in the various universes of Creation are undergoing constant change. The positive state is the state of constant development,  discovering, exploration and approximation to The Lord Jesus Christ. Nothing except life itself, but it does not last forever. Just as the material body of each creature changes into dust, the bodies of all cosmic bodies, i.e. planets, stars, and other objects, after one’s exhaustion of purpose, fall apart one of the possible ways so that their elements can be used to build of new external environments in other stages of existence. Even the whole universe has been given the time of its origin, development and extinction that occurs when every particle contained in it exhausts its usefulness. Then the whole universe rolls up into itself and absorbs its entire essence. This annihilation is the cause of a new expansion, with the emergence of a new universe from the elements of the old universe, after the process of regeneration, redefinition and reorganization. Not only do external physical environments change, but also the mental (inner) and spiritual (inward) level of Creation passes through the process of constant change. These changes and the spiritual progress of all possible species touch all aspect of each individual’s life. Nobody is forever in one state, condition, and process, not in the same position against other beings, does not perform the same activity etc. However, there are some specific factors and processes in an individual’s life that last or may last forever. They are an individual component of the individual concerned and can vary greatly from others.

Hereby, ideas have been revealed to the most important metaphysical questions of Multiverse. Everyone has a different understanding and consciousness, so he/she approaches with this subject and everything else in his/her own way. The degree of understanding varies, because everyone has a different view of his/her life, the lives of others, and The Lord Jesus Christ. This varied mosaic of unique, original and unrepeatable beings creates being and existence in all its beauty.

Your Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family | August 16, 2017

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