Add. 2. The Announcement of The Lord Jesus Christ About the Current Rulers of the Zone of Displacement



After the departure of Zeus and Borog from the Zone of Displacement to the neutral state, I told you that the various groups would be fighting for domination over Hells, and the power will be divided among several individuals. This was true, but only until now, as a major change has taken place and more updates are needed. Also, I did not deliberately mention any other names of the new rulers of the system because it was not appropriate to give this information in advance. But now the time has come for them. After the throne of the Pseudo-creators was released, the so-called „Trio“, which are beings standing at the root of the negative state, immediately came to this place. Its member is a scientist Sorg, his girlfriend Nechtar (Anarvi) and Endriss (Allah). It was Sorg who, at the beginning of this time cycle, began to ask, „How would life without God and His/Her spiritual laws and principles of love look like?“ and he was again the one who put all this into practice. Mapping the evolution of events in a precise chronology and time is not the purpose of this statement, but it is important to know that soon after asking this question, its essence began to turn into a form that is the opposite of everything positive. The newly created ideas could not remain in the True Creation, as its inhabitants would be completely destroyed in the process of annihilation. Non-corresponding thoughts must have had where to fall. Until then, the completely empty and uninhabited Zone of Displacement began to serve its purpose. From that moment, elements that deny true spiritual laws and principles fall into it.

Sorg loved Anarvi with all his heart and she loved him. Over time, she joined his scientific experiments, and together they began to abuse their abilities to develop just created germs of evil. It should be noted that when the above question was asked, a multiverse sense agreement was made between Me, formerly The Most High and all entities in Creation. Its content, for example, is that evil will not go beyond one cycle of time, and everyone will be given the means to return home from where he/she came from before „dropping out“. Everybody will be forgiven everything he/she did against Me and the positive state, no matter who he/she was and what position he/she held. Then the memories of its were erased, otherwise the state of evils and falsities could never be activated, manifested, revealed and terminated. Without an existentially serious answer to the question, Creation would perish. It’s the same as with you, the lightworkers. None of you have a precise idea of ​​what a spiritual role your is, for you need to remember your mission and exercise it according to your unique inner intentions, from where I lead you. If you were told exactly what you have to play for a role, nothing from this experiment on planet Zero and elsewhere would be authentic, original, and there would be no lessons to be learned about what to choose again. After the agreement, without any previous memories of it, Sorg and soon afterwards Anarvi separated from the heavenly society and gradually displaced themselves into the anti-universe. These two wanted to be together, so together they transformed their substance into a negative. Everything initially took place in the original true reality of the planet Gaia (Earth), whose part of the essence was subsequently removed, infected, and transferred to the Zone of Displacement. At the same time, however, the disease spread in its true reality and captivated many beings living on it. Endriss, a former member of the Council of the Planet, intervened in this. His wife, Lucis, was tasked with protecting Gaia to the extent necessary to be able to continue to exist in the True Creation. If Gaia was destroyed, there would be a explosion with chain reaction resulting in the collapse of the entire Multiverse. Endriss had the task of overseeing everything that would happen.

Over time, evil spread to such an extent that Sorg and Anarvi could induce a process of ultimate detachment and displacement of the planet at all its levels, thus plunging all infected beings into the darkness. They wanted to seal their fate and the fate of their minions and break all the connection with the positive state that had still lived in everyone. That is why they let the virus cause an explosion in Gaia’s heart, causing the planet Earth and its people fallen through into an isolated, abnormal and aberrant position where its reflex of the true reality be situated. Lucis has also been infected as a protector of the planet, but she has not fallen into Hells with Sorg, Anarvi and others, because she contained the life primary sparkle of a planet that had to remain in the True Creation to avoid the destruction of Gaia at the dust also in other parallel dimensions. I, formerly The Most High, saved Lucis from the fall and the fate of her loved ones. She had to say good-bye to her beloved Endriss for a long time, since Endriss, from his free choice, had the task of supervising the development of the negative state, regulating it, and ultimately becoming its ruler.

There were many inner personal reasons why Endriss was involved in launching the whole act. It is true that this is his mission for the whole, which he himself accepted in the agreement, but precisely because he was close to his friends, scientists, he, too, was stricken by curiosity and drawn into the whirlwind of action against The One True Creator and the Absolute Parent of everything and everyone. Remember that no one is doing anything against his/her will, so even this man, who later became the Pseudo-creators, did not leave his beloved Lucis involuntarily. For a moment, the love of iniquity and lies outweighed him above true and pure love. He also won the desire to know something unknown, which he preferred to the desire of his then unencapsulated heart.

From this moment on, they all began to build their rule. Sorg became Temror-Sorg, Anarvi renamed Nechtar, and Endriss added the epithet Allah. All newly acquired names emit low-frequency vibrations, and their renaming was corresponded with their transformation. Many others, including Zeus and Borog, belonged to the original elite. Everyone was assigned their role. Evil engulfed them, like many others who had become their minions and slaves. They were blinded only by themselves and hatred of Me, The Most High, later The Lord Jesus Christ. They have forgotten the beautiful experiences in heaven, enough, radiance, harmony, peace and acceptance. They plunged their hearts into darkness, and they became by hard as rock and by cold as ice. Over the eons, many factions of the Pseudo-creators have alternated on the throne. When place was vacated by any coup, the policy of directing the entire antiverse was also changed. They were never united, but they all agreed on one goal: to destroy Me, the positive state and conquer the entire Creation. But nothing like that could ever happen. For there is no one and nothing that can destroy the Absolute State. The situation in the structure of both directions of duality was almost unchanged until My first incarnation in the body of Jesus 2000 years ago. To this stage, I let the Pseudo-creators rule over planet Zero and their „Multiverse rubbish bin“  without much intervention. After I isolated them and separated them from this planet, their style of governance was reassessed. A tremendous shift and event occurred in 1987, when Jesus merged with The Most High, and I became The Lord Jesus Christ. How did it affect this black universe and its inhabitants? One of the many consequences is that, since that time, any member of Hell society can convert into the positive state and leave this unnatural way of life behind. Until that time it was not possible for spiritual reasons. A great deal of the Hell’s staff has used My gift of salvation and the individual levels of this zone are permanently emptied, abolished, and deactivated. Some Pseudo-creators also used rescue opportunities. Thirty years after the fusion of Jesus according to the earth’s linear time, the change of God’s Inclusiveness affected the wing of the most conservative activators and maintainers of the negative state. They see with their own eyes the changes leading to the gradual end of this unnatural act and are in greater confrontation with light and Love, which in its reinforced form radiates into universe and anti-universe thanks to the co-workers of God’s Family who are My first line, representatives, speakers and extended hand. Many of these angels in the bodies are or have been under their influence because they have had to recognize selected aspects of local life. The Pseudo-creators tried to greatly influence and drag many of these light beings co-working with Me also in the body of Jana, but their efforts were always gone without effect. Until recently, there were two strongest factions – Zeus and Borog, on the one hand, and Trio, on the other hand, headed by Temror-Sorg, Nechtar and Endriss-Allah. Two banks forming one river stood against each other. In order to achieve their goals, they had to help themselves in many areas so that the water of this imaginary river did not flow out of its stream bed and flowed in one stream. For millions of years the pseudo-society has formed and the rulers have alternated the throne quite often. The trio did not stand in the top positions from the very beginning, as it might seem. Because they were the ones who started it, they watched their experiment from the background rather than participating directly in the disputes. They worked almost unknown before the others, showing their true identity to others only rarely. They knew their time was coming, and they waited for the moment when the development of the Zone of Displacement will come to the time when they will be allowed to subdue their entire estate. These trio beings had the greatest experience and information about the negative state, both theoretical and practical. Although Zeus and Borog had the most ruling abilities, they could not fully comprehend and understand their manor. Temror-Sorg and his companions were the most of all above thing, and it was in line with their plan that, after being imprisoned on Nibiru, which was one of the few things they could not have foreseen, Zeus came on to the throne and Borog helped him. Though the Trio did not know when Zeus would exhaust its usefulness and his isolated fear-built power would collapse, they could have predicted that this would be done even before their second arrival on planet Zero. At the latest then, they would officially assume the highest position, since the fullness of the negative state cannot manifest itself in only one direction of fear and cruelty, by means of which Zeus and Borog ruled, but there must be room for manifesting all its negative elements in equally represented quantities. In this case, they are the elements of falsities, untruths and distortions by which the Trio will now rule. Only Temror-Sorg et al., they had the means to remove Zeus in good time and get rid of him, though himself had no idea of ​​their intrigues. But an unexpected thing happened. After inward conversation with our co-worker Martina (Siri), who came into his heart and poured light into him to be able to speak to The Lord Jesus Christ, Zeus chose not to continue his negative way of life and voluntarily left the Zone of Displacement and went to limbo. He will remain in this neutral state until the end of the cycle of time and then choose whether accepts Me as the Only Source of Life. This act was a great victory for the positive state, but a great loss for Hell, because it lost the Pseudo-creators, which determined the order of the entire anti-universe. It was a big blow to the Trio, because they wanted Zeus to rule until their second coming on planet Zero, and after his removal from the king’s position they would still use him for their plans and goals. So they lost an important entity prematurely, which they intended to keep as a puppet to the very end. Since his friend Borog was basically the same as his predecessor, the Trio did not prevent him from immediately taking up a vacant post after Zeus, thinking that the new king of Hells, who had once been ruler, would only hold the necessary time in that position to be then removed. As has been said, the fullness of the negative state could never have occurred in the style of governance which this couple had. So it went on in a new coat. This situation lasted only 9 days of linear time, because on February 25, 2017 Borog chose, like his species, to left the Zone of Displacement and went to limbo. This happened in cooperation with Martina (Siri) and Monika (Thory). What led to this is in context described in previous messages on our website in the cell of God’s mission. For an earthly observer following this act, it may seem that these events have occurred in too rapid a sequence, but consider the fact that time passes in Hells much slower compared to earthly time, so it has passed  at the innermost spiritual level of Hells, during these nine days, where the Pseudo-creators reside, decades long. The lower the dimension, the slower the passing of time and vice versa. On the other hand, in the highest dimension of the True Creation (12D), where the Firstborns live, the closest beings Me, is no longer time.

At that time, the company of the remaining Pseudo-creators was even more in chaos than they had done before because it was thwarted the efforts of the Trio and their plan with the Zone of Displacement was terminated in advance. The ongoing chaos, however, ended vigorously the official accession of Temror-Sorg to the post of the ruler of Hells. There was no one better who could get there at this time. You could say he rightly took what he owned. But he was not the only one. Nechtar and Endriss-Allah, the most experienced and the oldest of them, helped to him. Power was divided equally between these individuals, and the rest of their minions had to subordinate them. Though the crown was held by Temror-Sorg, the scepter gripped Endriss-Allah, and the apple had Nechtar. This trio was something like an emperor, a king and a priestess. They helped and supported each other. Soon the situation changed slightly when there was an agreement on the exchange of positions between Temror-Sorg and Endriss-Allah, when the latter of them had taken the crown from that other, because he was the oldest and most experienced of them. Everything was done in an official way and in the presence of representatives of all levels of anti-universe. From now on, Endriss will only be known as Allah, and will also perform with that name. Sorg will be known from now on as Temror, and the name Nechtar remains, because it has changed it from the beginning. The Pseudo-creators have discarded all their former forms, binding them to the old position when acting on others from background, and entering a new form of hybrids with which they will be able to rule over their domain and bring the negative state to the final stage when it will be able to fully manifest itself in order to show his mischievous nature. Change of their names also has pseudo-spiritual reasons because they are loaded with gross-vibratory energy.

Allah remains the ruler of Hells until the end of the cycle of time and it is not sure whether he will save himself and accept the gift of salvation and transformation into the positive state. In his sentient nature, unprecedented degrees of evils, untruths, falsities, cruelties, fears and many others, have been encoded yet.  It is with these elements that he will be, in balance representation and interconnection with each other, rule together with Temror and Nechtar. Their abilities to with the coming into these new positions have further improved, and there is no one really else who could fully exploit and manifest the potential of the negative state and lead to its reveal and thus to the end. By what the special means they will rule, it can not be revealed for security reasons at this time. However, these means will unpredictable and refined, and not everyone sees through these wolves in sheep‘s clothing. This Trio is farthest from Me, The Lord Jesus Christ. They are the darkest and most obdurate entities that ever existed in the whole Creation and there is a long way back for them if they ever decide that way. Although this claim to some readers at a lower spiritual level may seem difficult to accept, these Pseudo-creators (like everyone else in the „Multiverse rubbish bin“) are doing invaluable service to the whole and and Creation, without their actions, could not get the answer to question of how life without God looks like. I love them very much, just like other, but it is only upon their free choice whether they will accept My love and will want to live forever after My side. Without exception, once everybody understands why I tolerated so much evil. If it were not, I would violate My own spiritual laws, and freedom of choice would be denied. There would be only the possibility to be positive. For a moment, this unnatural situation will last until its fruitful ripening occurs. Until the coming of Allah, which, among other things, is directly behind the rise of Islam, the situation on this planet will continue to deteriorate, but not for you because you have protection and in the right time you are ascending. When the Nibiru reptiles come to this 3D reality that falls into Hells, they will first become peacemakers and resolve political, economic and other artificially induced problems. Their coming will be accompanied by all the pomposity and glory of the rejoicing of the unsuspecting, spiritually sleeping people. They gradually modify the relics of the true God’s Word, then completely distort it and create a new world religion from these falsities, apologizing for the commission of evil and denying The true God of The Lord Jesus Christ. Upon receipt of the chips and the introduction of the New World Order, all spirituality is lost from the people. After some time uncovering terror will be unleashed, all-planet devastation of the environment will occur, and people will become puppets controlled by 99.9% who blindly obey the orders of their lords and gods. This whole world will change out of all recognition. Concurrently, many attempts by the super-army to attack the True Creation will be carried out. When the situation is completely intolerable, we will come back together and eliminate life in the Zone of Displacement once and for all. Know that I have everything under control and everything is how it should be. You, the closest co-workers of God’s Family, do not have to worry about yourself or your loved ones. You will have everything you need to live in peace and sufficiency in this reality, until your ascension. There will be no more frequent attacks and vibrational falls, as you have experienced many of them. This message comes just a day before a major change in spiritual, mental and physical levels, since, starting March 6, 2017, global protection is coming on you, angels in human bodies, so that your mind does not have to face the control programs of negative entities or Pseudo-creators themselves. All influence will be lost on you. This change occurs in direct context with the beginning of God’s mission among people. It will be connected to the mission of Jesus 2000 years ago, taking place predominantly in the territory of today’s Palestine. The mission of the second direct incarnation of Jana will take place in the Czech Republic, the spiritual center of the planet Earth. The battle is already being acquired for you in favor of love and light, although there will still be the negative state for some time. What is important is that you have overcome its in your inward. Thank you for your loyalty to Me/Us, which you have shown.

Your Lord Jesus Christ | March 5, 2017

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