9. Love



I, The Lord Jesus Christ, I am the Absolute LOVE, WISDOM, INTELLIGENCE, GOOD… as it was announced in the previous parts and books of The New Revelation. Therefore, I am not the originator of the negative state, but I only allow it to show to all beings in Creation for a limited time what they should not vote for. This experiment is coming to an end. Just with the books of The New Revelation opens the Seventh Seal (see Revelation of John in the New Testament of the Holy Bible). No one but I, The only indivisible God and Creator of everything and everyone, The Lord Jesus Christ, can give such a true, comprehensive, objective and unique view of the situation in Creation, infested and influenced by the negative state. It is precisely from absolute love for Creation that I will not allow to live under the constant threat of contamination by a status that threatens the very existence of life. Would you go to your house where you live with your loving and beloved family, a thief or a murderer? Would you look at how he/she kills, robs and defiles everything that is dear to you? Because humanity on this planet Zero is the key to ending the existence of the negative state, I am doing all what need to open eyes to the greatest number of people in love for all the Multiverse beings. Everyone goes through an individual spiritual path, so it is not possible for Me to give everyone the same information. This topic I have already mentioned on the pages of The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family. Now is the time to expand and clarify it. I will describe here chronologically My schedule of the most important messages and subsequent events:

1. THE MESSAGE OF MANKIND (Borup’s Spiritual School) 1967 – 1969

Here I act as Orton, the spiritual guarantor of the galaxy and announce that great changes will come and this way of negative life on planet Earth is over. I also draw attention to another book of Revelation that will be brought here soon (The first book is the Old Testament, the second is the New Testament. The third book will be written.). At this time of the late 1960s, the first amplified dose of energy came from the center of the universe, causing great changes in human consciousness. There have been many significant shifts in politics, culture, human relations. The most important events included the so-called „Prague Spring 1968“ in the then Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, which was forcibly ended by the occupation of the Warsaw Pact armies. Greater spiritual awakening also led to the emergence of an unorganized hippies movement (Flower Movement, children of flowers), which also influenced music and art (The Beatles, Karel Kryl…), the attitude towards distorted morality, enslavement by the financial system, calling for peace, freedom and social justice.


Messages From Within, Four Concepts of the Spiritual Structure of Creation, Fundamentals of Human Spirituality, Who Are You and Why Are You Here, Major Ideas of The New Revelation were dictated by Me, formerly The Most High, from 1982 to 1985 to Peter Daniel Francuch, a member of the Czech nation who lived in the US.

The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ as The Lord Jesus Christ, I dictated to the same messenger Peter from 1988 to 1989, for The Most High merged with the body of Jesus Christ at the end of 1987, and a new hybrid of The Absolute God and Creator was created.

Corollaries to The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ again, I dictated Peter from 1992 to 1994.

All the books of The New Revelation, especially The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ, brought about changes at all levels of life, not only here on planet Zero, but elsewhere in Creation, even though only a tiny number of people read them at that time. In the late 1980s, the so-called „Iron Curtain“ fell and the Communist regime collapsed in many countries of the so-called „Eastern Bloc“. Many people enjoyed the newly acquired freedom and democracy because they had no idea that it was just another deception and slavery caused by the negative state. The 1990s brought about a rapid development of technologies, especially computing and the internet, which allowed and still allows for more efficient and faster dissemination of information, including New Revelation. However, the negative side is not idle and puts more resistance in the form of censorship, bringing defiled and distorted information, or rather disinformation.

3. THE BOOKS CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD, FRIENDSHIP WITH GOD and more, written with Neal Donald Walsch since 1992, are addressed to the widest circle of spiritually seeking readers who are not yet able to accept the whole truth about the origin of the negative state in The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ. I draw closer to all of you as a loving God who does not need anything, does not punish anyone, is maximum lenient and tolerant. It is true from a certain point of view. But given the situation in the entire Multiverse, I cannot tolerate the expansion of the negative state any longer at the expense of True Creation. It is no „coincidence“ that at the beginning of the spiritual journey of My only direct female incarnation of Jana, I have advised her through the medium from Moravia to read the book Friendship with God (up to the 4th book of the Conversations with God series). Even then she could not accept The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ. Being the most advanced soul of the Multiverse, she first met this vast and truest work (not only on this planet) for 9 months since the beginning of our telepathic communication, from October to December 2003. It was only after reading The New Revelation that I told her that she was My incarnation, that is, The Lord Jesus Christ in the woman’s body, at the same time My wife and mother of the child (then I used the name Jesus). When Jana and I finished the book Conversations with God: With You Love Blooms Love Around Us, I told her that Neale Donald Walsch would write the preface. Just before the book was published, I personally dictated this preface. Jana met Neal soon after the publication of our book at a Prague seminar (October 2003). She personally handed over him one copy in the Czech language and had a picture taken with him. Why didn’t I tell Neal about the preface and allowed himself to distance himself from her at the next seminar in Prague (May 2004)? It was not yet possible for the wider public to learn about My direct incarnation. She was only at the beginning of her spiritual journey and the most demanding preparation for the mission of Messiah and Goddess in the human body. But I did not allow Neale to sue her. Although Neal’s ego was not informed of the preface, his soul did. As the only God, I have the holy right to use the name of a being with whom I work closely for the benefit of all Creation when necessary, without violating spiritual laws. This I am the author of not only books Conversations with God.

Many incarnate beings of light here on planet Zero regard the books of N. D. Walsch as the work of the second (negative) side precisely because I am so tolerant, impartial, forgiving any, even the worst sins (see the interview about Hitler and heaven). Remember, I am trying to get the heart of as many people as possible to love you. Who once embarks on a return journey to Me, the Only Source of Life, will not remain on the same level, but gradually will be able to receive more and more truthful spiritual messages and information. The pace and order is different, but everyone will meet New Revelation once, although most of it will not be in this gross body on planet Zero. At first Jana read all the Conversations with God books and immediately afterwards she wrote with Me a free sequel with the subtitle: With You Love Blooms Love Around Us. It has not much in common with Neal’s books because I have called her here Messiah and mainly discussed her life with her. Rather, this book is a record of the beginning of her (My) spiritual journey in the body. Today, My beloved incarnation and woman is at a much higher spiritual level. She realizes that especially the 1st part of our Conversations with God is intended for beginners on the spiritual path and that opinions on anything during life change. In early 2004 I told her that we would continue writing The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ. Who else should write the most important and truest book?

4. THE NEW REVELATION OF LORD JESUS ​​CHRIST GOD’S FAMILY, written on the internet „live“ since December 2012 by Jana Kyslíková, The Lord Jesus Christ in the female body, part of God’s Family. By linking Conversations with God with The New Revelation I have shown my boundless love and journey from the negative state to the positive state, from Hell to Paradise, from the anti-universe to the universe, from the Zone of Displacement to the Zone of Placement.

People often confuse the meaning of the word love with the need to own of someone, control, limit the freedom of someone. Few feel the unconditional love. They think they can be happy in life only if they have a permanent partner (husband, wife) who loves them, with whom they have children, home… Soon, however, they find that such a life is not fulfilling them. They are most often looking for the cause of a partner, blaming him for having changed, not meeting expectations, and very often there are divorces that have a negative impact on children. In order for a love relationship between partners to work, one must first find love for oneself, connect with your soul, the Higher Self, God in your heart. If you invite Me, The Lord Jesus Christ, into your life, the words from the subtitle of our book will be fulfilled: With You Love Blooms Love Around Us. Only I, The Absolute God, best know your needs and desires, I can bring you to a partner with whom you will experience a loving and balanced relationship. But even this will not last forever. It is no „coincidence“ that there is a saying: life is change. Only the dead life of the negative state loves stagnation, traditions, bonds and commitments. The only truly infinite loving and love relationship you can have with Me, The Lord Jesus Christ, because I give you life, I am your mother and father, an absolutely loving partner and best friend. I will give you everything what your heart desires and much more when you live in accordance with the spiritual laws of the Multiverse (see Chapter 25 of The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ with Peter).

The higher the vibration of love the being has, the more he/she helps others, the less he/she think of his/her benefit. This also applies to human beings here on planet Zero. You will not find the most loving ones on the front pages of magazines, in leadership positions, or learn about them in schools. You can only hear about them in the TV news in connection with the liquidation of the consequences of natural disasters, when they selflessly help others, even though they have suffered losses, not just material. Love has many forms. It also manifests itself in relation to animals, nature, the planet. As I have said several times, everything is alive and has consciousness. Even houseplants in the apartment respond to your vibrations and thrive better in a loving environment. Information about the evolution of humankind is stored in the crystals of the planet. Surely they can imagine what character they are when history is full of negative relationships, conflicts, and fear. This is one of the many reasons why you cannot move to the positive state with such a contaminated body of the planet. Immediately there would be contamination. You already know that I have prepared for you new physical bodies (including the planet „New Earth“) that lack everything that is fabricated by the Pseudo-creators. It would be much easier to let humanity without My help go to self-destruction. After the collapse of planet Zero, the entire Zone of Displacement could no longer „function“ because no one would supply it with negative energy. Just for the love of you, I undergo this lengthy and demanding process of transformation even in the physical body of Jana, only love will liberate you from the clutches of the negative state.

It is clear from the above statements that in this body and on this planet you cannot recognize and feel the true unconditional love experienced by beings in the positive state of the Multiverse. You can try to raise awareness, receive true information, enter into the interior, all possible and impossible ways to approach this ideal of love, but as long as you are present in the Zone of Displacement in these gross bodies, you will not cross the boundary that separates the two opposite zones of the Multiverse. I certainly do not want to discourage you from working on yourself and increasing vibration, rather the opposite. I am opening you even more eyes so that you do not fall into the trap of would-be spiritual teachers and guides who are here as flies. Even the websites we recommend on our www.bozirodina.cz are contaminated by the negative state. Yet I urge you again: seek out what unites us, feel each heart with every single piece of information, perceive energy, your feelings (see the Celestine Prophecy).

All who read The New Revelation books have the opportunity to establish direct contact with Me, The Lord Jesus Christ. Why don’t I offer this option to others? Who did not understand that I am the Only Source of Life and out of ignorance, or deliberately does not accept Me as The Only Absolute God, Creator of everything and everyone, does not turn to Me with his/her wishes, desires and prayers, cannot be in direct communication with Me, yet needs mediators (angels , archangels, masters…). Only after the division of humankind will he/she personally meet Me and become acquainted with The New Revelation and will have the same possibility as you who already know Me. I invite you, all readers and practicing of The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ, establish an intimate, personal and unique relationship with Me, become My prophets and messengers of LOVE, help Me (Us) even more intensively and effectively with the transformation of humanity into the positive state of Creation. I will bring more love, peace, meeting with soul mates into your life, solve problems at all levels. You will feel My embrace, caress, solace in difficult moments, because all of us still have much work to do in this time of change. Ask Me with any request, try to love Me even when you are not the best, because I am not the cause of your misfortune. Before incarnating on this planet, you were all familiar with the difficulty of your task and all the dangers and pitfalls. You bring LIGHT AND LOVE into darkness and hatred. You are the pioneers of a new life, ambassadors of The true God, The Lord Jesus Christ in enemy territory. Without your help, I could not complete this most challenging task in the history of the Multiverse. Be My right hand, My eyes and My heart. We are your servants and counselors and helpers at the same time, and so it will be forever. You are all under My protection, no one will prevent you from fulfilling your mission. I count on you and count on your devotion and help. I look forward to a loving personal relationship with each of you. Don’t hesitate for a minute to reach Me. I will not be deaf or blind to your desire to share life with Me. A sincere and loving plea is enough, no rituals, special prayers or places are needed. You will find Me in your heart, free from fear and self-deprecation. I am your closest relative and I love you very much.

In the next chapter we will deal with the practice of New Revelation in everyday life before and after the division of humankind.

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