8. The Influence of the Negative State on Earthly Pseudo-Life

Chapter Eight


   Planet Earth (Zero) is the nursery for hell, or also the zone of displacement, anti-universe. It is the most important source of negative energy without which this rubbish bin of the Multiverse can not exist and soon after the disintegration of the body of this planet in the 3rd – 4th dimension will start to collapse all „alive“ in the entire zone of displacement. From the above-mentioned the message clearly shows how important it is the division of humankind and possibility of  both ways, not only its ascension into the higher dimensions of the positive state but at the same time the pseudo-victory of the negative state. I know how people are clinging on this material „life,“ and mostly cannot imagine another life. They have many reasons for their clinging, some here:

  1. they have no idea that life exists even elsewhere in the universe
  2. they have distorted information about life elsewhere in the universe
  3. they are programmed by negative entities to love life here
  4. when they have already idea about life in the positive state (heaven, the higher dimensions) they are afraid they will lose some benefits
  5. they forget that they are not the material body, therefore nor the planet is not
  6. they do not know the essence of the existence of duality and the negative state
  7. they do not believe anything they cannot feel, what they do not see their eyes

Ad 1.   Even at the present time of the rapid dissemination of information (the Internet, television, mobile phones…), a large number of human beings do not believe, feel or know that they are not the only living and intelligent creatures in the universe. Any references about extraterrestrials they are ridiculing, depreciating, and designating as science fiction, the disseminators of such information the are marking like fools and conspiracy theorists. Do not waste your precious time by convincing these people, you will not be able to change their minds.

Ad 2.   These people already admit the existence of extraterrestrial life, but rely on information from television (see some the documents about possible contacts with aliens in the past, archaeological findings – e.g. Erich von Däniken) or various channelings from the lower spiritual worlds that are far from the truth and often rather discourage from the desire to better  communicate about life outside this planet.

Ad 3.    Most of the human beings (up to 95%) are controlled and programmed by negative entities to not thought too much about the reasons for their existence and rather they have dealt with work, thus with upkeeping their material body, upbringing of offspring, fun, and other activities, and they did not have time, even the desire to walk into their inward  and to seek communication with their higher self. When they are looking for answers to the theme of life outside of this planet, they let easily to confuse and influence by various reputable authorities (scientists, representatives of official religions, governments, even the so-called celebrities). Through the media is shown them the life of selected individuals in luxury, and is presented them that such a life can be achieve by anyone who works hard and is sufficiently violent and unscrupulous of others. If they do not have these qualities, they have to satisfied with the live of the subordinates of those the more successful and richer (i.e., to live of slavish life, full of stress, lack, diseases…). For a long time, the elites use for their slaves in all economic and political systems the method: bread and games (see the Roman Empire).

Ad 4.   People have a very distorted information about life in the positive state of the Multiverse, especially in the area of love and sexual relations. I have described this topic in detail in particular in the 20th chapter of the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ with Peter and in previous books (Who Are You and Why Are You Here, Messages From Within). Still, there is a predominant view that nowhere else in the universe are not beings experiencing a sexual relationship and they know what is an orgasm. As the Creator of everything and everyone, I can assure you that without the sexual energy, the unification of masculine and feminine principle, nothing can be created. The higher the vibrations, the more beautiful, longer and fuller is the orgasm of beings who love each other. This fact is very well known to the Pseudo-Creators and their minions and helpers. That is why they reduced on minimum the possibility of experiencing orgasm in fabricated human bodies to prevent them from joining with Me, the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition, they are trying, in every possible way, about  the evocation of contradiction in the perception of sexual liaison. On the one hand, they present it as something unclean, perverse (see religious organizations), on the other hand they support prostitution, homosexual and other unnatural unions, families breakdown, gutsy behavior and perverse sexual practices. At all costs, they try to separate the true love and sex. In the positive state, the sexual relationship is associated with love. This does not mean that the couples have to live „forever“ or „all life“, they are not bound by anything (marriage vow, property, whatever you have here) if they the feel that they have already handed over everything they needs, they break as best friends and continue in other partnerships. Another enjoyment that most people do not want to give up is food. The gross body needs more energy than the subtle body. This does not mean that no one eat anything in the positive state. Rather the point is that without of food such the perfect body does not die of hunger. Everyone has the opportunity to eat what tastes him. In addition, the flavor and aroma of any food is much more intense, fuller and brings much more enjoyable experience than it is here. Just I point out that you do not find burgers with fries there. If you worth taking so that you further slaved of the bankers, the corrupt governments and others for its, then remain after the division of humankind with them, and with the chip under the skin, show others in Creation what life is like without Me, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Ad 5.   Few realize that he is not the material body but the consciousness. That’s why people clinging to their bodies. They have fear of death, but paradoxically they do everything to destroyed and disposed their bodies: e.g. by the consumption of alcohol and other drugs, unhealthy to poisonous food, lack or, conversely, excess of movement, „treatment“ by chemical preparations, negative thinking, etc. The body is in all dimensions only a suit, or a means for experiencing of the different kinds of the experience, is not a permanent part of the being. The same, but on another level, applies to cosmic bodies, such as planets. The body of the planet Earth, which is currently very ill, will soon fulfill the purpose for which it was used. The Gaia being has more bodies, as I have already said in this portion of the New Revelation that is why part of humankind „relocates“ or revibrates on the body in the 5th dimension, called the New Earth. Nothing is missing on her from the natural beauty of the „Old Earth,“ on the contrary, it is even more beautiful than you can imagine. But you will not find anything there that is related to life in the negative state.

Ad 6.  Whoever did not read the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ cannot fully understand the existence of the negative state. No wonder when you are closed for hundreds of thousands of years in isolation, you do not remember previous lives, and the vast majority still has an encapsulated spirit and soul, so has no direct connection with Me, the only source of life. In addition, you are programmed and controlled by the negative terrestrial and alien entities which constantly convince you even through many spiritual teachings, religions, and directions that the existence of duality, good and evil, light and darkness is a natural part of God. They are making Me directly responsible for what is happening to them. Only the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ brings the truth about the Pseudo-Creatures and the activation of the negative state (see chapter 6). For many reasons, we will not be repeat again here a detailed and wholly accurate explanation of the origin, the limited duration, and the elimination of the negative state in Creation. Just a reminder of several times mentioned of the fundamental spiritual question: How would life be like without the spiritual principles of love of the Creator of everything and everyone, formerly the Most High, now the Lord Jesus Christ, soon be the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s family.

Ad 7.     The limited pseudo-life on this planet allows only a slight perception of reality. Therefore, there are a great many of hypotheses, theories and contradictory teachings about the origin of life, the universe,…. People most often draw from experiences gained by senses (sight, touch, taste, hearing, smell). This what it is impossible to classify among the sense perceptions, they title the unnatural, paranormal and largely non-existent. Scientists have named the higher dimensions of the Multiverse, which they is not be able to see, the dark matter. Nothing is further from the truth. True Creation literally blazes with the colors you are not be able to see in this fabricated body. You are living poorly in a black and dirty (spiritually, mentally and physically) anti- universe where you are slaving to your lords and still you take pleasure in how the life here is beautiful and amazingly entertaining!

   Animal genes in the human body from Pseudo-Creators, together with low vibrations as a result of negative choices, control and fear, cause human beings to constantly argue about something, defend their „territories,“ and at the cost of killing, often very by cruel ways. The history of humankind on this planet is literally by the history of wars. To children in the schools you hammer into the head the names of war „heroes“ and the dates of significant battles and the victory of that right party. To make it worse, after some a „revolution“, history simply overwrites, and formerly celebrated millitary leaders are suddenly condemned and defamed. No one all long anymore knows what’s what really happened. In addition, there is a manipulate of public opinion so that no one knows the true cause of the war. If people knew that the elites, especially the bankers and the powers of this world, who are mainly seeking to profits and power over others, are by the main creators of almost all wars they would not hazarded their own lives and would joined together to could not  to become any wars. I am not talking here about the planned global fascist state with the central government, army, currency, and religion (NWO), but about a peaceful community of people who have awakened from sleep and want to live in a more just and loving world. I have prepared just such the life for all who no longer want to live poorly on the rubbish heap under the baton of the Pseudo-Creators and their minions.

   As I have already said several times, entities in the entire zone of displacement feed by the negative energies of the people. Therefore, they do everything to they evoked the fear:

  • they are planning the wars across the planet Zero
  • they are planning all the economic crises
  • they are planning the environmental disasters (e.g. offshore oil platform crash in the Gulf of Mexico, Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear power plants)
  • they are planning the pandemic diseases (e.g. „Spanish flu“, AIDS, Swine flu,…)
  • they are planning the reduction of numbers of the population by wars, diseases, famine, vaccination,…
  • they are planning the gradual reduction of human rights and freedoms up to chipping and constant control (see book by George Orwell – 1984, lectures by David Icke)
  • they are planning the weather manipulation (HAARP, chemtrails, …) and so are causing earthquakes, tsunamis, extreme drought or floods, snowstorms and tornadoes, poisoning forests, waters, air, food… people
  • they are planning the breakdown of families (juvenile justice, homosexual marriages, pedophilia, sexual perversion and media dissoluteness,…)
  • they are obstructing of the distribution of true information (censorship in all media, including the Internet – see the deleted videos on youtube,…)
  • they are obstructing of the introduction of free energy, the technologies thrifty to nature and people (Nikola Tesla, M. T. Keshe)
  • they are obstructing of the natural and noninvasive treatment of diseases
  • they are obstructing of the cultivation of „unapproved“ crops, are spreading the genetically modified seeds and crops, are intimidating farmers, land workers and gardeners
  • they are obstructing of the people from having access to drinking water, are collecting money for it
  • they are eliciting in the people sexual, national, racial, religious, economic, political,… dissensions and grudge
  • they are eliciting in the people feelings of inferiority (deliberate concealment and falsification of God’s word by all Churches, reppression of spiritual and mental abilities, especially in children,…)
  • They are concealing the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life while are co-working with the negative entities and in exchange for modern technology, they allow them to abduct people and make different attempts on them

   Again, I warn that the purpose of this New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s Family, is not to provide detailed information to the above topics. It is about a summary of the influence of the negative state on life on this planet. Anyone who searches will find it. If you have still feel that such a life is tolerable and acceptable to you, I do not obstruct you from continued for a while. But first comes the „Warning“, or „Event“, when I will open your consciousness for a moment so that you can then choose which of the two main ways you want to go, then I will let without the presence of loving people to win the negative state, in the end this experiment I will finish by My Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and by My energy of love I will eliminate the negative state. The only medicine for all sick, defiled and stolen from the True Life is LOVE.

   We will write about LOVE in the next chapter. 


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