8. Influence of the Negative State on the Earthly Pseudo-life



Planet Earth (Zero) is a nursery for Hells, or the Zone of Displacement, the anti-universe. It is the most important source of negative energy, without which this Multiverse garbage bin can do without, and soon after the disintegration of the planet’s body in the 3rd – 4th dimension, everything „living“ in the entire Zone of Displacement begins to collapse. It is clear from the above statement how important it is to divide humankind and allow both ways, not only to ascend to the higher dimensions of the positive state, but also to pseudo-win the negative state. I know how people cling to this material „life“ and usually can’t imagine another life. There are many reasons for their adherence, some of which we will mention here:

  1. They have no idea that there is life elsewhere in the universe.
  2. They have distorted information about life elsewhere in the universe.
  3. They are programmed by negative entities to love their local life here.
  4. When they are already aware of life in the positive state (heaven, higher dimensions), they are afraid of losing some of the pleasures.
  5. They forget that they are not a material body, so the planet is not.
  6. They do not know the essence of the existence of duality and the negative state.
  7. They don’t believe anything they can’t touch what they can’t see with their eyes.

Add 1. Even today, the rapid dissemination of information (the internet, television, mobile phones…) a large number of human beings do not believe, suspect or know that they are not the only living and intelligent creatures in the universe. Any mention of extraterrestrials is ridiculed, downplayed and labeled as sci-fi, spreaders of such information are crazy and conspiracy theorists. Do not waste valuable time persuading these people to change their minds anyway.

Add 2. These people already admit the existence of extraterrestrial life, but rely on television information (see some documents on possible contacts with aliens in the past, archaeological findings – for example, Erich von Däniken) or various channeling from lower spiritual worlds that are far from the truth and often rather, they discourage the desire to better learn about life outside this planet.

Add 3. Most human beings (up to 95%) are controlled and programmed by negative entities so that they do not overly think about the reasons for their existence and prefer to engage in the work of nourishing their material body, nurturing offspring, entertainment, and other activities, without time, energy or taste go inside and seek communication with their higher Self. When they are looking for answers to life outside this planet, they are easily confused and influenced by various recognized authorities (scientists, officials of official religions, governments, even celebrities). Through the media, they are shown to them the life of selected individuals in luxury, and they are told that anyone who works hard and is predatory enough and disregards others can achieve such life. If they do not have these qualities, they have to settle for the lives of the subordinates of the more successful and wealthy (that is, slave life, full of stress, lack, diseases…). For a long time, elites use a method for their slaves in all economic and political systems: bread and games (see Roman Empire).

Add 4. People have very distorted information about life in the positive state of the Multiverse, especially in the area of ​​love and sexual relations. I have described this topic in detail in Chapter 20 of The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ with Peter and in the previous books (Who You Are and Why You Are Here, Messages From Within). There is still a opinion that nowhere else in the universe do the creatures experience a sexual relationship and do not know orgasm. As The Creator of everything and everyone, I can assure you that nothing can be created without sexual energy, the union of male and female principles. The higher the vibrations, the more beautiful, longer and fuller the orgasm of beings who love each other. The Pseudo-creators and their minions and helpers are well aware of this fact. Therefore, they minimized the possibility of experiencing orgasm in fabricated human bodies in order to prevent them from associating with Me, The Lord Jesus Christ. In addition, they trie to provoke a contradiction in the perception of sexual union. On the one hand, they represent him as something unclean, fallen (see religious organizations), on the other hand they promote prostitution, homosexual and other unnatural ties, family break-ups, provocative behavior and perverted sexual practices. At any cost, they are trying to separate true love and sex. In the positive state, sexual relationship is connected with love. This does not mean that the couple must live together „forever“ or „all their lives“, they are not bound by anything (marriage promise, property, whatever you have here), if they feel that they have passed on everything they need, they break up as best friends and continue in other partnership relationships. Another pleasure most people don’t want to give up is food. The gross body needs more energy than the subtle body. This does not mean that nobody eats anything in the positive state. Rather, without the supply of food, such a perfect body will not starve. Everyone has the opportunity to eat what he/she likes. In addition, the taste and smell of any food is much more intense, fuller and brings a much greater experience than it is here. Just note that burgers with fries are not there. If it is worth it for you to continue slaving to the bankers, corrupt governments and others for them, stay with them after the division of humankind and show the others in Creation how the life without Me, The Lord Jesus Christ looks like, with the chip under the skin.

Add 5. Few realize that he/she is not a material body but a consciousness. That is why people cling to their bodies. They are afraid of death, but paradoxically they do their best to destroy and liquidate their bodies: for example, by consuming alcohol and other drugs, unhealthy or poisonous food, lack of, or excess, movement, „treatment“ with chemical agents, negative thinking, etc. In all dimensions, the body is merely a suit or a means that makes it possible to experience different kinds of experience and is not a permanent part of the being. The same, but on a different level, applies to space bodies, such as planets. The planet Earth’s body, which is currently very ill, will soon meet the purpose for which it was used. Gaia’s being has more bodies, as I have already said in this New Revelation, and therefore a part of humankind „moves“, or ascend to the body in the 5th dimension, called the New Earth. Nothing is missing from the natural beauties of the „Old Earth“, on the contrary, it is even more beautiful than you can imagine. On the other hand, you will not find anything related to life in the negative state.

Add 6. Who has not read The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ cannot fully understand the existence of the negative state. Not surprisingly, when you have been closed for hundreds of thousands of years in isolation, you do not remember previous lives, and the vast majority still have an encapsulated spirit and soul, that is, they have no direct connection with Me, the Only Source of Life. In addition, you are programmed and controlled by negative terrestrial and extraterrestrial entities that constantly persuade you through many spiritual teachings, religions and directions that the existence of duality, good and evil, light and darkness is a natural part of God. They makes Me directly responsible for everything that happens to them. Only The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ brings the truth about Pseudo-creators and the activation of the negative state (see Chapter 6). For many reasons, we will not repeat again here a detailed and completely concise explanation of the origin, limited duration and elimination of the negative state in Creation. It is enough to recall the aforementioned fundamental spiritual questions: How a life without the spiritual principles of love of The Creator of everything and everyone, formerly The Most High, now The Lord Jesus Christ, soon The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family, would look like.

Add 7. The limited pseudo-life on this planet allows only slight possibilities of perceiving reality. Therefore, there are many hypotheses, theories and contradictory teachings about the origin of life, the universe… People most often derive from the experience gained by the senses (sight, touch, taste, hearing, sense of smell). What cannot be classified as sensory perception is called unnatural, paranormal, and mostly non-existent. Scientists have named the higher dimensions of the Multiverse that they cannot see by dark matter. Nothing is further from the truth. True Creation literally revels in the colors you cannot see in this fabricate body. You live in black and dirty (spiritually, mentally, and physically) the anti-universe, where you slave to your masters, and many still enjoy how life is beautiful and amazingly fun!

Animal genes in the human body from the Pseudo-creators, along with low vibration due to negative choices, control and fear, cause human beings to continually arguing about something, defending their „territory“ even at the cost of killing often in very cruel ways. The history of humankind on this planet is literally the history of wars. The names of the war „heroes“ and the dates of the important battles and victories of the right party are hammered into the heads of the children in the schools. To make matters worse, after some „revolution“, history is simply rewritten, and formerly celebrated warlords are suddenly damned and defamed. Nobody knows long ago about what really happened. In addition, public opinion is manipulated so that no one knows the true cause of the war. If people knew that the elites, especially the bankers and the mighty of this world, who are mainly seeking profit and power over the others, are the chief architects of almost all wars, they wouldn’t put on their own lives and would join together to avoid any wars. I am not talking about the upcoming global fascist state with central government, army, currency and religion (NWO), but about a peaceful community of people who have awakened from sleep and want to live in a more just and loving world. It is this kind of life that I have prepared for all those who no longer want to live poorly in the rubbish heap under the baton of the Pseudo-creators and their minions.

As I have said several times, entities throughout the Zone of Displacement nourish the negative energies of people. Therefore, they do everything to cause fear:

  • they are planning wars on the whole planet Zero
  • planning all economic crises
  • planning environmental disasters (for example, an oil rig accident in the Gulf of Mexico, Chernobyl nuclear power plant, Fukushima)
  • planning pandemic diseases (such as „Spanish flu“, AIDS, Swine flu…)
  • planning to reduce population through wars, diseases, famine, vaccination…
  • planning to gradually reduce human rights and freedoms to chipping and constant control (see George Orwell’s book – 1984, David Icke’s lecture)
  • planning to manipulate the weather (HAARP, chemtrails…), causing earthquakes, tsunamis, extreme droughts or floods, snowstorms and tornadoes, poisoning forests, water, air, food… people
  • planning family breakdowns (juvenile justice, gay marriages, pedophilia, sexual perversion and exuberance in the media…)
  • prevent the spread of true information (censorship in all media, including the internet – see youtube videos deleted)
  • prevent the introduction of free free energy, nature-friendly technologies and people (Nikola Tesla, M. T. Keshe)
  • prevent natural and non-invasive treatment of diseases
  • prevent the cultivation of „unapproved“ crops, spreads genetically modified seeds and crops; intimidate agriculturists, farmers and gardeners
  • prevent free access to drinking water for people
  • they evoke sexual, national, racial, religious, economic, political… divisions and hatred in people
  • induce feelings of inferiority in people (deliberately concealing and distorting God’s Word by all churches, suppressing spiritual and mental abilities, especially in children…)
  • they conceal the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life, while working with negative entities and in exchange for modern technology they allow them to abduct people and make various attempts at them

Again, it is not the purpose of this New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family to give detailed information on the above topics. It is a summary of the negative state’s influence on life on this planet. Everyone who seeks finds. If you still feel that such a life is bearable and acceptable to you, I do not stop you from doing it for a while. But first the „Warning“ or „Event“ comes when I will open your consciousness for a while so you can choose which of the two main paths you want to go, then, without the presence of loving people, I will let the negative state prevail, finally, I will end this experiment with My Second Coming of The Lord Jesus Christ and I will eliminate the negative state by My energy of love. LOVE is the only cure for everything sick, miserable and stolen from True Life.

We will write about LOVE in the next chapter.


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