7. Unification of the Divided



Every soul that incarnates on planet Zero is aware in advance that after „birth“ in the body it does not remember anything from past lives, where it came from, what is its mission. Newborns still have a connection with the spiritual world, but they are gradually involved in the matrix of the negative state and become controlled beings. Life on this planet can be compared to puppet theater without exaggeration. Puppeteers are hidden under the surface of several planets and moons of this solar system, using the most advanced technologies to keep human beings illusioned that they live a full -valued life and have free will. As I have already said in the previous chapter of this Revelation and in Chapter 17 of The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ (with Peter), the body, fabricated by the Pseudo-creators, has little to do with the body that I created. You who have read this New Revelation have already managed to at least partially escape from the control program and communicate with your soul and beings from the positive state. This awakening ability has been written into your DNA to be able to accomplish the task you voluntarily accepted before incarnation on planet Zero. Yet some beings, coming from the True Creation, may not wake up and get stuck in the net and temptations of the material pseudo-life. Everyone was familiar with this risk in advance.

You do not need any rituals, organizations, priests, gurus to communicate with your higher Self and other positive beings. All it takes is sincere desire, love in heart, peace, and at least a moment to get away from the „noise“ of thoughts that take you away from life in the present moment. The higher the vibrations you have, the less likely you are to attract negative entities that like impersonate to someone known and recognized, such as a spiritual master, or even a god with any name. Even when reading anything, including this New Revelation text, use your intuition, the heart, do not rate it with your mind, which is almost constantly „bombarded“ by control programs. It is precisely because life on this isolated planet is the most difficult and the most complicated, I have called in this time of transformation a great number of beings from different levels of the True Creation to guide others. Each has its own specific task, the necessary talents and tools to pass on what is needed at a given place and time. You already know why there are so many different languages, religious, economic, political and other systems, races, etc. on this planet. To pass on the necessary information to as many people as possible, I first had to allow the division in My own ranks. I watched, and I still watch as My messengers of light argue, who is right, who does not, they call others impostors and ambassadors of darkness, jealous of others‘ achievements, count their followers, readers and listeners. Know that none of you has the right to judge and does not know the Absolute Truth because you are relative beings. Look only for what connects you with others, try to understand the differences. My love is greater than any one of you can imagine, and only I best know who and what I will attract and bring back home, to the True Creation. Nor is My direct incarnation of Jana able to accept more love than she can bear. She is also limited by the fabricated body, undergoing a lengthy and unpleasant journey from the negative state to better understand others and to empathize with their diverse states and problems. Until recently you were not allowed to know about her existence on planet Zero. You even received false information that questioned her divinity, labeled her as a dark party associate, longing for fame, power and money, even a schizophrenic. Know that the opposite is true. In love with humankind, I undergo many spiritual, mental and physical suffering in Jana’s body, living modestly, knowing that few people can accept Me as the Goddess in the human body, The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family. Like 2000 years ago, humanity is not able to know the true God from the false. He will worship the wolf again in sheep’s clothing because he is interested in the outside and does not care for the inside. For many reasons, I do not use any „miracles“ in Jana’s body, but with few exceptions, I do not heal the sick, do not return the soul to the dead body, etc. After the division of humankind, all loving people will receive new bodies that will no longer need to be repaired and „cured“.

As I said, ambassadors and lightworkers have incarnated into different bodies throughout the world. Everyone receives information tailored to be able to receive and disseminate it. No wonder they’re so different. There is not only one truth in duality. It depends on the point of view, the spiritual level of man, the degree of control and many other aspects. When communicating with people and spreading information about the transformation of the Earth (Zero), it is necessary to adapt to the listener and not to force him/her truth at all costs because he/she is not and cannot be absolute. Do not become a leader, guru, someone superior to others, do not establish organizations with firm order and rules, rather meet and communicate in groups of related individuals who are constantly evolving, changing and willing to admit that they can also be wrong. Listen to others and feel with your heart what can enrich you with. Do not argue unnecessarily and do not slander not to amplify the already large amount of negative energy. After 2012, many spiritual directions are connected. Many lightworkers are more aware of the work of their colleagues and are helping to spread the information they need more efficiently and faster than before when everyone was „playing on his/her sandbox“. Please, and I ask you to seek even more intensively what connects you to others, to rise above your ego and to help to reach and awaken even more human beings. It’s up to you how many will be released from the trap of the negative state after the division of humankind.

The other side is not idle and by subtle methods tries to disrupt our work and seduce unsuspecting people to cooperate on their own enslavement and control. It also uses spiritual methods that look like pious and harmless, but in fact they are a trap from which a being does not have to break out for many incarnations into the material body. I do not intentionally name any specific names, names of movements and organizations, etc., to give you space for self-sensation and judgment. It is necessary to be vigilant and not to be influenced by sweet talk and promises of a great future. Who has eyes and hearts open, sees the division of humankind into both directions: positive and negative. Who sees only one direction of development and is blind to the other, faces the risk of disappointment and reduced vibration. Many still think that ascending into the 5th dimension cannot happen suddenly, that it is tens or hundreds of years long to change the physical bodies of humans and the planet. Only after reading The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ can you understand that nothing in the negative state can be combined with the positive state, not compatible with each other. It is the universe and the anti-universe, matter and antimatter. Therefore, there must be a protective membrane between the 4th and 5th dimensions. Only after eliminating the negative state and the entire Zone of Displacement will this cycle of time end and a new cycle begins where no more membrane and separation will be needed. Beings will be free to develop and create, without being threatened and restricted by anyone. As I have already said, the only limitation of life in the positive state is the voluntary observance of spiritual laws (see The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ with Peter – Chapters 24 and 25).

This New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family comes at a time when various cosmic and earthly signs have been shown to humanity. The most significant is the entry of Comet ISON into this solar system. It is not an ordinary ice and stone comet, but a multidimensional extraterrestrial ship whose core forms a smart metal with properties that allow it to pass safely not only around the Sun but also to its center. The connection this Sun has been strengthened with the galaxy’s central sun and other hundreds of suns into a network that will be used in the near future to deliver the high dose of God’s energy of love. This will speed up the process of transformation, and soon the division of humankind will take place, as has been said several times. This dose of energy will be visible even to the naked eye, many will remind you of the so-called auroras at night, or a flash of white light by day. In other words, primarily for believing Christians, what is going to happen at this time is described in the related pages www.varovani.org. In a nutshell: for a few minutes consciousness will spread to every person on planet Earth (Zero) and meets face-to-face Me, The Lord Jesus Christ. A quick recapitulation of his/her life will take place, in the words of the Bible „Last Judgment“. Then everything ceases and it will be up to each individual how to deal with this experience. Without this My mercy, only a very small percentage of the human population would be in the positive state. Time has to be given to process this experience because it will cause great confusion in the minds. Those who are ready for change will welcome him and be even more courageous and keen on spreading God’s Word, feeling My protection and support at every turn. Many will not understand what has happened, they will seek different explanations from religious and scientific authorities. Of course, this will be exploited by the elites and will transmit information that distorts and misrepresents the true meaning of the event. They will use My intervention in their favor and realize the false second coming of Jesus Christ to create one worldwide religion and strengthen the New World Order (NWO).

Several earthly years after this event, which is unprecedented in the entire Multiverse, humanity will be divided as it was announced in this New Revelation. There are many negative beings who are afraid of My love energy and cannot bear it. They literally run away from her. These people will continue to build the chip totality, NWO and pseudo-victory of the negative state.

You ask how the believers of non-Christian religions will respond to the meeting to Me, The Lord Jesus Christ? Who are watching our site www.bozirodina.cz, you will find the answer in some videos, whose links are located here. I reveal Myself to continually selected Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, atheists… and I give them a direct experience with the only God, with Me. They become My messengers and followers, spreading the true Word of God among their friends, relatives and not having it in such a different cultural and religious environment simple.

Although the Pseudo-creators will use, or rather exploit, the event I call „Warning“ to create one global religion, it will not be for the benefit of Christians as one might think. For they will use the form of Jesus Christ! That is their meanness, craftiness, and manipulation. First, they slowly modify God’s Word at masses and other religious rituals to take as many believers as possible away from Me, the true God, without the overwhelming majority of them knowing it. They will unconsciously worship Satan, the Pseudo-creators, the originators of the negative state. True Christians who will follow Me, The Lord Jesus Christ, will be persecuted and silenced. This period will be the most difficult because it will hit most of the planet’s population. There will be many natural and artificial disasters, wars, the collapse of financial and economic systems, the revelation of many secrets. People reach to the bottom to rise as the Phoenix from the ashes and deserve a life in the positive state (paradise). This is how I respond to the thoughts and questions of many lightworkers: Is it possible for people to get into the 5th dimension, Paradise, without making it themselves, deserving? Nothing is free. I do not mean money and other „valuables“ but your love, devotion, cooperation with Me, The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family. Throw away your pride, self-centeredness, adherence to material goods and enjoyments, and accept Me into your heart as your closest relative, father and mother. You will have everything you need for your life, I will include you with the love you have not yet known. Only one who receives Me as the Only Source of Life will have eternal life. I’ve long been waiting for your return home. It’s time, My dearly beloved children.

The event I have also described as „Warning“ is another important „acceleration“ of transformation after December 21, 2012. Many already realize that without My help you would not be free from the matrix of the negative state. Don’t be shy about asking for my help in finding the best way for you. No one knows your soul and your unique life as perfectly as I, The Lord Jesus Christ. Although your life will not be simple and completely happy into the physical division of humankind, communicating with Me will bring spiritual comfort and material help at the right moment. You know, as My direct incarnation of Jana, that I do not burden anyone more than he/she can bear, and everything, even the most difficult problems, will be resolved in time. After sudden enlightenment during the Event, no one can excuse himself/herself for having no experience with Me, The Lord Jesus Christ. He/she will have a free choice to follow Me into the positive state of the Multiverse, first into the 5th dimension, or to turn away from Me and continue to be the co-creator of the negative state. Anyway, the end of this unnatural situation is approaching, and after a short pseudo-victory, the negative state will be eliminated and the souls will then freely choose whether to accept Me as the Only true Source of Life or to take away their life to further infest the True Creation. The way to eternal life leads only through Me, The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family. There is no other God and Creator of everything and everyone.

In the next chapter we will analyze the consequences of the negative state on the current pseudo-life on planet Zero.

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