6. Ecology and Health on Earth

Chapter Six


   Everything created in the entire Multiverse is alive. Even the planet Earth (Gaia) is part of a living entity that is formed of spirit, soul and body. Because it is also a multidimensional being, it has different bodies in many dimensions. The body in the 3rd dimension, which you know under the name Earth, by the Pseudo-Creators has been transferred to an unnatural position at the edge of the zone of displacement to could to proceed here an experiment displaying the „life“ of the negative state (see question: what would life be like without God…).  Already before a activation of the negative state, I promised everyone that I will be salvage them when the time comes and will be wholly and unambiguous way answered on this question. Now we are all on this planet in the final phase of this shortened 666 time cycle.

   The transformation of the planet Earth and humankind does not mean that the body with the more precise name Zero revibrate to the 5th dimension without anyone noticing, but that thanks to the high vibrations of love it falls apart to further it does not allow the continuation of life in the negative state, which by its energies of fear nourishes the zone of displacement. Whoever reads and knows the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ (with Peter) and Introduction of this part, written in the late of 2012, must understand that nothing from the zone of displacement can contaminate the positive state. Otherwise there would be total destruction of life throughout the Multiverse and this experiment would ended in failure. As the Creator of everything and all, such a situation I cannot allow. This also applies to human gross bodies, which are genetically modified, have otherwise placed some organs such as the heart and sexual organs. Increasing the vibrations expand consciousness though, people become more receptive, more sensitive and more loving, but their bodies are not enough sufficiently respond to the massive supply of photons and are facing to the physical difficulties. It cannot last forever. Do you want to live thousands of years with half heart and imperfect bodies? Do you like that your bodies are deforming, are they ill every moment, are aging and dying? It is true that DNA can be programmed by the idea, the word, what your scientists also have finally discovered, but it is not expedient and wise to make such a fundamental and revolutionary change to such an extent. Therefore, I have prepared the so-called duplicates, the new physical bodies, suitable for a true life in the positive state, more perfect, more beautiful and completely healthy. These bodies will receive those who will be continue in the positive direction after the division. The others will be „to live“ in the present bodies by the Pseudo-Creators. They will reward their most faithful by the technical implants and they will make the semi-robots of them without own volition. From the chipped „people“ will be slaves who will fulfill the purpose for which they were created. Many of your scientists and researchers already know that on this planet lived alongside of primitive „human ancestors“ also developed civilizations that used flying machines, free energy, atomic weapons, etc. These discoveries are kept in secret by the governments, but thanks to the internet are information about them propagated without restrain and open the eyes to the large amount of people.

   Gaia has a new physical body in the 5th dimension, which is healthy, undamaged by the activities of negative people, much more beautiful than this in the 3rd – 4th dimension. Around the equator spreads a single continent, in the north and south surrounded by the oceans. The climate is pleasant, without extremes, nature is varied, coloured and friendly. The New Earth will become home for about 600 million people. There will not be as many people on this planet already as here on the Zero. Everyone has the right to a sufficiently large living space, no one will push as sardines in small flats and big cities. The universe people will be helpful in building the dwellings,  the acquisition of free energy, the production everything that is necessary, not redundant. Many workers of light imagine that there is no need to produce anything in the 5th dimension, everything can be materialize by the idea. I will rectify here that this dimension is semi-material, and people here still cannot do without the techniques and technologies, however most often they control it by the idea. Civilizations in the 5th dimension are not on the same level. Also this is where development takes place. The people on the New Earth will be only at the beginning of their journey by the positive state and will be only „to look around“ and to learn from others. Soon, thanks to their experience and abilities, they will not only touch to the other civilizations but they will become teachers and creators of other worlds, as I have already mentioned in this New Revelation.

   In the title of this chapter is the word ecology. Surely you have expected, that we will write about the protection of the environment, sorting waste, cleaning of contaminated air, water, forests, etc. Into the division of humankind it is necessary this activity. If universe people would not be helping, humankind would be drowned in toxic waste long ago, the surface of the planet would be looked like a „moonscape“ and those who would be survived the nuclear war would live in underground cities. The body of the planet is already so sick and disturbed that it will a lot of work here to keep life in the way that you know it. You, who still believe in the „cosmetic adjustment“ when you’re revibrating to the 5th dimension ask your heart: I wish to live in an imperfect, contaminated, therefore, a sick body on a devastated, poisoned planet, full of garbage, unseemly factories, dirty towns, dying plants, among the dangerous animals…? Do you think that is expedient to preserve this legacy of Pseudo-Creators and sleeping people, their slaves? I promised you paradise on earth and I stand My promise at 100%. Therefore, I did not incarnated into the two gross bodies to I just watched, as you decline deeper into the network of the negative condition, but to I woke you like Sleeping Beauty from sleep and I showed you the true life in love, happiness and sufficiency.

   People in the positive state keep their environment in balance and therefore there is no need to any prohibitions and orders, not even ecological movements. The households and outdoor space maintenance is much easier, because the semi-material existence does not tend to fall apart as quickly as the gross one. It does not create of waste so much, all the things of daily necessities last longer, the fruits in the gardens and the woods do not rot, are not attacked by pests, flowers shine with all colors and do not dry, leaves do not fall down from trees, etc. Climate conditions make it possible to harvest all crops all year round, there is no need to fertilize not even to water, nature takes care of the optimal growth and nutrition of everything and everyone. Is falling away a lot of toilsome and unpleasant work and have left more time for travel, familiarising with other people, nations, civilizations, for the exchange of information and experiences, entertainment, art…. The factories are built under the surface of the planet, or on uninhabited planets and moons so that did not impede and did not occupy a place to the more beautiful creations and natural beauties. Of course, the production is economic and environmental, it does not harm to health or the environment, but it is useless to have it on the eyes at the expense of e.g. water areas, gardens and forests. All goods are transported by flying „plates“, in the event of any manipulation it is used the universal energy and the power of mind, in some cases, the help of robots. Do not forget that the so-called fall of human into matter has influenced life even in the positive state, and only the elimination of the negative state will enable completely new creation, where the abilities of the people will be at such a level, that they will do without artificial intelligence, robots, etc.

   Everything, what you consider to be natural beauties, you wil find on the New Earth in a larger number and even more amazing than you can to imagine. Whoever likes the sea can to live at any place on the long and rugged coastline in the north and south of the continent, who loves the mountains, finds a home in the most diverse mountain ranges with beautiful plants, crystal wells, waterfalls, rocks and round hills. For everyone will be found a place, close to his heart (Jana now feels like advertising agent of the travel agency, but that is the truth about the New Earth and life on it).

   People on Zero use the saying: a healthy spirit in a healthy body. Allow Me to rectify it: healthy (understand unencapsulated, undisturbed) spirit and healthy soul are inhabiting and using the totally healthy, beautiful and immortal body. Everything is on the contrary, differently, than people think. If I did not incarnate here and did not call millions of advanced souls into bodies, fabricated by Pseudo-Creators, people would be forever imprisoned in this illusory, unnatural matrix and they would not be found the true life of love and unity with Me, the Lord Jesus Christ. You are still many identifying with your physical body, and therefore you can not imagine that your imperfect body can be replaced without the necesity of the experience of „death“  by a perfect, crystallic body. The same applies to the body of the planet with which you revibrate to the higher dimension and „pass“ together the border of the zone of placement (positive state, true Creation). Her tortured body falls apart and will be replaced by the new, healthy and more beautiful body of the New Earth. From the point of view of lower dimensions, the New Earth will be appear as a star, because its light will glow brightly into space, but the inhabitants of this higher dimension will be perceived themselves as being massive, with solid bodies in a solid environment.So it works this in the whole of the natural universe. Do not cling on your bodies, dwellings, property, work, career, enjoyments…. What I will give you from love will overcome everything you are knowing and experiencing in this world. Also in the body of Jesus I have been exposed by many temptations (see the Bible: 40 days in the desert), but I knew, as you all now know, you who are reading this New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s Family, that anything is not equal to life in love, understanding, peace, friendship, unity and cooperation. I do not promise you luxury at the expense of others, transient glory, possessions and wealth, but health, immortality, love and sufficiency of everything for everyone.I will unlock this cage and let you out on liberty so that you could fly where heart leads you. For every one of you there is a place in the whole Creation, no one does not need to slave any more to secured himself and his family. Do not be afraid of your loved ones, because everyone has already chosen at the soul level where and with whom he will live. Let go those who have not yet fail to reached into a state in their spiritual development when they are able and willing to live in the positive state and wish of them mainly love into the next life, because they will also sooner or later get into the higher dimensions of the zone of placement.

   We compare the health of people and the health care system on the planet Zero and planets of the 5th dimension. In the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ (with Peter), I described in detail how the Pseudo-Creators fabricated the body of the true human being, altered some of its functions to limit its abilities and, most importantly, the direct connection with Me, the only source of life. The environments and vibrations of the gross world do not allow this body to be completely healthy and its cells are changing in the still of the same quality. That is why the body is aging and there is a physical death. Even after the death of the body, until recently, the soul did not go into the intermediary world of the true creation, but into a specific area which segmented the human skies, human purgatory and human hell. The only way it was possible to protect the positive state from contamination and at the same time to allow the duration of the experiment after a certain, predetermined time ((more can be found in Chapter 17 of the New Revelation of the LJC).

   The human body to keep alive and healthy is very difficult. Especially when most of the information comes from the makers and administrators of the negative state, and only a small percentage from Me and My co-workers. Even this a little amount is distorted, crumpled and damaged. That is why the health system is built „on the head“: doctors are rewarded for the number of patients, i.e. the maintainance of the people in the sickness, preferably chronic and incurable, the biological body is „treated“ by poisons and chemicals, irradiation, etc. Those who are surviving and feeling relatively well in spite of this damaging, are inscribed into the statistics of the achievements of modern medicine.  „Doctors“ usually underestimate the natural methods of healing, rejecting, except for the small exceptions, the treatment of the whole human being (so-called holistic medicine, Jan Hnízdil, MD). Again, as in all areas of „life“, the principle of the negative state is manifested here: divide and rule. The body is divided into parts and each part is „treated“ by a specialist who is mostly not interested in other parts of the body, which rather it remind to a flow production. To make matters worse, the whole planet is contaminated with the poisons from aircrafts (chemtrails), factories, means of transport, mining of mineral raw materials (oil, gold, uranium…), plastic waste…. It is commendable that some residents sort their garbage, but did you ever found out how this waste is handled? Have you seen the bottom of the ocean covered with plastics, the plastic mountains in India and the other countries the so-called 3rd world, the rivers covered with a layer of plastics where you do not see the water, in Indonesia? The body of this planet is dying, and along with it your bodies also. Or do you think it will last forever in these conditions? A special chapter of „healthcare“ is the system of vaccination. A few doses of toxic substances, such as mercury, formaldehyde, etc., are introduced into bodies of barely born children to immunity was compromised as soon as possible, and it was easier to engage such an individual on the system and to oppress him all his life, until his body (or perhaps he/she?) do not dies.

   The Pseudo-Creators are well aware that this body does not have much in common with the perfect body from Me, the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, their liege people, the scientists (on this and outside of this planet) have developed the technical improvements of the body. They promise that will make of the human beings some kind of the supermen with amazing abilities, both physical and mental. In addition, they are experimenting with cloning. By now there are many clones of human beings on the planet Zero without the majority of the population knew this. You can find them mainly among the ruling elites (no need to nominate – who seeks, finds). Under the pretence of food shortages, genetically modified crops are grown, produced in part artificial and chemically adapted food (food poisoning). People’s health also disturbs the contamination of water. The human body consists of 70% of water, its life and health are therefore closely related to the quality of this extraordinary fluid. In addition to polluted water across the planet, the intentional addition of fluoride to drinking water in many countries around the world (for example, in the US) is also contributive to the deterioration in health.

   It is not the purpose of this New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s family to particularize. Those who are interested in more information on the topics mentioned above will find them in large numbers on the Internet (as we have written, there are many co-workers of the light who are deep conversant  by individual themes about the „functioning“ of the negative state).

   In the positive state, thus already at the 5th dimension, people live in bodies that are directly created by Me, previously the Most High, now the Lord Jesus Christ. In this cycle of time when the negative state is fully activated, life in the true creation is indirectly influenced, and therefore even here may to come to the damage of the body and disease. But it is not about the incurable diseases, because one who lives in accordance with spiritual laws and has the high vibrations can by himself or with the help of the so-called biologist-doctors, to heal and repair his body (by energy). There is still a struggle between the positive and negative beings also on the physical level, so there is the death of the physical body (this applies to the zone of displacement, where the universe people of the forces of light are voluntarily flying). In this case, the relatives are reconciled to the fact that the soul who has been violently separated from the body will be incarnate again according to his choice, and sooner or later, the kindred souls will be meet and experience further lives on the higher spiritual level and will be remember all their previous lives. This involuntary separation will no longer be necessary after eliminating the negative state. From the above information, it is clear that the dead life of the negative state can not be completely cleansed and integrated into the positive state of the Multiverse.

   In the next chapter, we will deal by the connecting of the divided.

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