5. Religions on Earth

Chapter Five


   The true human beings, fabricated by the Pseudo-Creators, have only a little connection with the only source of life, with Me, the Lord Jesus Christ. As I have already said in the previous chapters of the New Revelation, this situation has been and is allowed and temporarily tolerated for an important spiritual reason (see the answer to the question: What would life be like without God…). The human body is deliberately isolated from the soul and spirit to be more manageable and served their masters and gods. The number of helixs has been reduced from 12 to 2, which has greatly reduced the spiritual and mental abilities, reduced intelligence, ability to perceive and feel the energy of love. The feeling of separation leads to the strengthening of one’s own ego, to the competition and the fight about energies of all kinds. The Pseudo-Creators have became gods, who through the advanced technologies have controlled the entire humankind on this planet to become an inexhaustible source of their food – the energy of fear. The evidence you can find in all cultures in the history of the Earth (Sumer, Egypt, Greece, Rome, …). All these religions were based on the worship of several gods, bringing of sacrifices (also human), the fomentation of wars, an unfair distribution of resources, dogmas.

   Only 2000 years ago I incarnated into the human body of Jesus Christ to  prepared the way from the negative state and enabled its elimination. After the crucifixion I have entered into the zone of displacement (to Hells) and captured the Pseudo-Creators there and imprisoned them in a specific and unknown place, so that they could not longer interfere with the events on this planet and the zone of displacement. This does not mean that humankind was deprived of control at this moment and could take a breathe of relief. The Pseudo-Creators had and still have many of their minions and followers who continue in their destructive work. Soon after My departure from Earth, these minions started to invade and falsify My teachings. When they realized, that does not make sense to stop it, they used My disciples to establish the Church. Instead to people were personally connected with Me, earlier the Most High, and they found Me inside their temple = body, they continued in the old tracks with a new coat. Of course, I was counting with this and therefore the Bible was dictated in the spiritual language to was not possible the falsification. If the true Word of God was not available here, humanity would extinct and the question could not would be answered. Nevertheless, the text of the Bible was censored and some of the gospels were completely eliminated, but the most important thing remained: God became human and brought the supreme sacrifice to bring out humankind from the negative state and made the human by divine, Love is the only way to God, the Lord Jesus Christ.

   Of course you ask: What about the other religions, which refuse Jesus Christ as the son of god, or even God himself? How is it with Buddha, Shiva, Allah,…? I shall reply: There is no the single religion on this planet that would not be influenced or directly created by the makers and servants of negative entities. They did lure the entire nations into a trap, in the name of any God, they massacred them in the wars, they have left them live rough in terrible conditions and they have promised paradise after the death of their body. Who can love such a God?

   Who is handing over his power to another, becomes helpless. The Churches and their leaders are having the power, retrieving property, determining what is in accordance with the God’s will, what is sin, are punishing in the name of God, therefore are manipulating and controlling. Especially in the past 2000 years was based a large number of the Churches, whether Christian or others, on the entire planet. Those that were not in accordance with official doctrines, are called sects. There is not the only Church, sect or other religious organization and movement, which would deputized the true and only God, the Lord Jesus Christ. All without exception worship the false God, no matter what they are giving him the name. It is not surprising that for many people this situations is unsatisfying and they are looking for alternative solutions and explanations. Atheism is one of the most successful systems of belief in the past 200 years, especially the misuse of the natural sciences (see Darwin’s theory of evolution, taken out of context). Why do I call here atheism by belief? Because true science works on the basis of true evidence, not on hypotheses that need to be edit at any moment according to what fit or doesn’t fit. In addition, the specialization in individual disciplines does not allow to arrive at an objective truth, still applies here the principle of the negative state,  many times said: divide and rule. Many of the findings and evidence have been and are hidden and destroyed, because it refutes the belief in atheism. But in the last 100 years, the situation in this area is improving, thanks to the incarnation of the advanced beings from the spiritual worlds, which help with the rising of vibrations, consciousness, transformation of humankind, its return to Me, the true source of life. Some scientists, particularly quantum physicists, deep psychologists, and especially versatile and contemplative people are proving of My existence, but they are still behind the results of their research defame, ridiculed, and often liquidated (I draw attention to the work of C. G. Jung and Miloslav Král). In many countries there are increasing people beginning to understand that everything in the universe is interconnected, forming one whole, one consciousness. They become spiritually seeking, leaving the old dogmas and systems of belief, they are connecting through the heart chakra to their higher Self. They understand that they do not need any intermediaries to communicate with Me (although most of them still do not know who I am), are leaving their spiritual teachers, gurus, priests,… organizations of all kinds.

   As well as on the territory of today’s Great Britain, the negative state has arisen and extended like a black death on the planet, and also in the space, there must be a place on the same planet where is concentrated and from where is increasingly spreading the divine energy – Love. Many think that this place is Jerusalem, mentioned in the Bible. As I have emphasized several times, the Bible cannot be understood literally because it is written for security reasons by the spiritual language. If you look at today’s Jerusalem and Israel, it is hard to imagine that it is the spiritual center of the world, the heart of the whole planet, a peaceful and loving place with higher vibrations. Long before the birth of Jesus Christ, I have prepared the most suitable place for My second direct incarnation, this time in the female body – a territory later called Bohemia, now the Czech Republic.

   The Czechs (and brothers the Slovaks) during of the centuries of enslavement and oppression have evolved into a peaceful nation that proves to survive also in the most difficult conditions, sympathizes with others, proves to unite and oppose when it is attacked, spiritually and physically (e.g. the period of the Hussite movement for the cleanup of the catholic Church). Now here is incarnated most the helpers of the light and so it  becomes, that more and more people are leaving already unneeded Church organizations and looking for God in their inward. Paradoxically, this nation is referred to as atheistical. All the churches are contaminated by the negative state, and therefore their leaders, especially the popes of the Roman Catholic Church, have sought for the liquidation of this small nation. They sent the crusades, they burned to death of Jan Hus, the preacher and reformer of the Church, in the time of the Inquisition they let to kill a large number of so-called heretics, especially women. Women were the most frequent the target of attacks of  the Churches not only in Bohemia, but all over the world.

   Negative entities are well aware of the spiritual power of women, the bearer of life, love and intuition. They did and are still doing everything so that women did not have equal status with men, in all sorts of ways they are breaking the families, provoking conflicts, spreading fear, thereby preventing the raising of the vibrations of love. Especially in Muslim countries, women are considered to be inferior, they have to cover from head to toe, they must not walk to places reserved only to men, often are married against their will. In the Jewish religion, there are thousands of commands and prohibitions again that it is necessary to respect so that these believers got to heaven. Do you think that Me, the only God and Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ, I’m interested in what clothes you wear, how many times do you pray at the wall, on the carpet or in the church? As I have already said several times: the only ticket to the Paradise (the positive state) are your vibrations of love. You do not worry about the spiritual development of other people, because you can not know what path their soul has chosen. Focus on your own development, change of thinking, live in the present and listen to intuition. Invite Me into your life and I will show you the perfection in imperfection, synchronicity, I will get rid you of fear and I will include you with love. You will have everything you need for your spiritual, mental and physical development. Each of you can to communicate with Me through the heart chakra, to share life with Me, to rejoice and to love. I love you all without exception, I’m waiting for your awakening, throwing off the shackles of the negative state, the metamorphosis of caterpillar to a beautiful colour butterfly.

   After the division of humankind on the planet Earth, you realize and experience your multidimensionality, you feel the connection with others and with Me, literally spread out your consciousness, you will radiate more light. On the New Earth you will no longer need any religions, the spiritual leaders and guru. Yourself will become teachers of other beings in the Creation. You have all the prerequisites to be „by My side“ and to create new worlds without the negative state, because you have recognized it sufficiently and understood that life in isolation from Me does not bring joy, happiness, fulfillment, and love.

   As you already know, must first to win the negative state for a short while. Until the division you will witness the spiritual struggle about each individual soul. The Pseudo-Creators are on their way to taken over the government over the people. They approach to Earth with the binary solar system of the Nibiru (planet X). This brown dwarf is seen in the moments, when it is illuminated by the sun, and in many places on the Earth are, thanks to it, 2 the sun in the sky. Elity is trying to conceal this fact and are doing everything to shaded this astronomical phenomenon (chemtrails).

Nibiru is about 4x bigger than the Earth and its approach is affecting the live of the people and the entire planet. Like all space bodies, is hollow and inside and on the surface there is life in the different vibrational layers – dimensions. The Pseudo-Creators are inside this body in the 4th dimension. Between the 4th and 5th dimensions is the protective membrane to prevented the possibility of the penetration of negative contamination into the positive state. On the surface of Nibiru in the 5th dimension to the Earth is approaching the Annunaki civilization, which in the past significantly influenced life on Earth/Zero (see Sumer, Egypt, Greece…), but now has the higher vibrations already and cooperates with other civilizations in the positive state on the rise of humankind. Thanks to the contradictory information are still considered a threat. I advise everyone to inspected any information or communication through his heart, no by a brain, and he didn’t let anyone to influence. As I have pointed out many times, it is not possible to provide the pure truth in an environment infested by the negative state. Each resonates with the other information and beings. Again, I repeat that I am present also at other levels to help at the most effective with the transformation of humankind and the planet Earth. Anyone don’t curse, don’t rate, don’t judge…. Only I have the absolute overview of the state of your soul and spirit, I prepare for you an individual path from the negative state to the Real Creation.

   Elites under the leadership of the Pseudo-Creators, are preparing the greatest deceit in the history of humankind: the second coming of Jesus Christ on Earth. Using advanced technologies, they create a holographic image in the sky to they confused and got into the trap especially Christian believers, but also many other people. Preparations for this event are in full swing. In cooperation with the new (last) Pope Francis, are gradually unifying the churches in the world  so that achieved of perfect control of the people by creating a single world religion within the New World Order (NWO). Who reads the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, brought by Peter, knows that I will not return to this planet in the body of Jesus Christ. Most people does not know this New Revelation and moreover, is understanding the Bible literally, which will allow the implementation of this deceit and fallacy. The Catholic Church also uses the misunderstood statement of Jesus written in the Bible: „Blaze the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven“…. and focuses on charity, material help to the poor and needy, the people leads away from the spiritual meaning of God’s Word. No material assistance will not change the nature of the negative state. Just work on yourself, raising the vibrations of love, expansion of consciousness, the adoption of Unity and return to God, will emancipate you from the shackles and move into the higher dimensions of the positive state. I recommend you, so that you have not let deceived by external effects, phenomena and „miracles“, but felt by heart what is real.

   I will mention the so-called eastern religions, which in the last decades, influenced many people even in the west. In particular, the ideas of Buddhism are very popular, and many find it more comprehensible and more acceptable than other spiritual teachings and directions. I repeat that no religion does not come from Me, formerly the Most High, now the Lord Jesus Christ. Each contains the partial truths, but at the same time is by the trap of the negative state. This does not mean that the believers of these religious do not have the chance on the revibration to the positive state. Any loving person without distinction of religion, race, position, anything that you have on this planet, will be after the split of humankind to continue in life on Earth in 5. dimension or other places of True Creation, where he will become acquainted with the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s family at the right „time“.

   It is only after „leaving“ of people with higher vibrations that the short victory of the negative state will be allowed under a baton of the Pseudo-Creators. One of them will look like to Jesus, he will do various „miracles“, his image will be on the eyes everywhere in public spaces, in the media, in the churches … and literally pushes away the original paintings and especially the true Word of God. He will bring peace on Earth, he will solve economic problems, he will give to people more advanced technology and he will use these technologies to „improvement“ the material bodies of the elect ones. The other he will let chipped and he will make controlled puppets and slaves of them.

   When it will be clear to everyone that I have not created such a life and will be answered the question that has activated the negative state, I will be return and finish this experiment by eliminating the negative state. To everyone personally I reveal the truth and according to the law of free choice he chooses, whether he will live in a new cycle of time in accordance with spiritual laws or I take away the life of him to he not impeded already to the full prosperity of the True creation.

   The New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s family is the only message where it is thoroughly explained why divisions of humankind and the short victory of the negative state must occur. It becomes a unifying element of all the different interpretations about the transformation of humankind and the planet Earth. The truth have those who perceive and observe the increase of the vibrations and a shifts in the consciousness of people, as well as those who see deterioration in all areas of life, building  the chip of totality and the NWO. Meanwhile with My permission is going on both at the same time. At the right moment I will intervene and divide humanity so that a short term let to win the negative state, without by it suffered all the inhabitants of the planet. This experiment has not been, is not and will not be proceed nowhere else in the Creation. After the end of this cycle of time, everyone they rest a little and will be create a new life, even better and more beautiful than in the previous cycles of time.

   At the conclusion of this chapter I will explain why some co-workers of light are not familiar with the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ  and sometimes have the feeling that all beings (even people on this planet) are gods. He thinks that Jesus Christ is one of them, or even they are at a higher level than he is. This I allowed also because I know that everyone is not yet able to accept the whole truth. For many of them in the course of their lives for a moment, I am abolished the limitations by the material body and enabled them to recognize Unity, thus a state of complete connection with Me. They had the feeling that they are themselves by God. In this cycle of time, the entire Creation is divided into dimensions according to the vibration. Beings from the higher dimensions are helping with the expanding of the consciousness to beings in the lower dimensions, i.e. in the zone of displacement. In order to raised the spiritual level of true human beings (creatures), fabricated by the Pseudo-Creators and their minions, I sent the most advanced souls of Multiverse in different periods into the gross imperfect bodies. Also from the zone of displacement, here incarnated and will still are incarnating negative beings with different levels of evils and untruths to seduced to their side as much as possible of the human souls. Still is being in progress the spiritual sorting of humankind. Every individual is a multidimensional being and is part of the higher beings at the same time. The More High Being, which contains everything and all beings, is Me, the Lord Jesus Christ, now the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s family. No one, therefore,  cannot to be equal Me because is the relative being. This is explained in detail in the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, especially in chapter 2: The Nature of the Lord Jesus Christ.

   In the new cycle of time, the situation will be easier, there would be a linking of all the dimensions and will perhaps direct communication with Me/Us in the whole of Creation. It will still be true that I am the only absolute being who contains and transcends all that is created and uncreated. You cannot to replace Me, to destroy Me, nor to become equal with Me because there are not 2 absolute entities.

   In the following chapter we will deal with the ecology and health of the people.

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