4. Changes in Education and Culture



The negative state manifests itself in all areas of human life on planet Earth. Especially the education and training of children and youth serve puppeteers to consolidate their power and control more effectively. The more independent, educated, creative people are, the worse they can be manipulated and enslaved. Therefore, the entire education system is set up to provide a large amount of isolated information, divide it into many branches and not seek their interconnection. They are „educated“ specialists in anything who are not oriented in other branches, thus limiting their flexibility. Often, when they lose their jobs in their branch, they are not able to gain others, they are stressed and feel useless and needless. The point is not that everyone knows and can everything, but they understand that everything is interconnected and forms a whole – the Multiverse where spiritual laws apply. Their observance leads to increased vibrations, widening of consciousness and thus easier remembering. All information is stored in every cell of your body, in your DNA. As many scientists on planet Earth have already discovered, the universe is a hologram where even the smallest part contains information about the whole. Therefore, it is not necessary for small children to learn to recite some lessons, dates of historical events, names of military and political leaders, and so on. It is enough to develop intuition in them, connection with their soul, with their divinity. Everybody has a talent for something else and because of that he/she was incarnated here, and therefore forcing him/her to study something that will never need what makes him/her unhappy and stressful, reduces his/her self-confidence, trust in adults, throughout the human community. There are also schools in the positive state, but they work differently than here.

Above all, there is no separation from Me, The Lord Jesus Christ, the Source of all information. At an early age, children are consciously associated with Me, feeling what is important for them, beneficial and what is not. This does not mean that the role of parents and teachers in the upbringing and education of children is eliminated. Their relationship is not based on enforcement, command and superiority, but on cooperation, mutual enrichment, trust, and above all love. Children are led to observe spiritual laws, consciousness of unity, they are therefore not evaluated, do not compete with one another or envy one another. Why and what should they envy? They have everything they need for a happy and rich life, no one threatens them whenever they have access to true information. Even in the positive state, no one is perfect, but everyone knows that he/she has the opportunity to develop freely, to increase his/her vibrations and thus to approach God, The Lord Jesus Christ, the Only Source of Life, Absolute Love, Wisdom, Good and Intelligence.

We will discuss in detail the shortcomings in the education system on this planet:

There is not the only state that would give enough money to educate children and youth. That is why school classes are already crowded at the 1st level primary school and the teacher does not have the opportunity to provide individual access and care. More talented children are bored because of lack of stimuli, they try to draw attention to themselves and thus disturb others. Slower children are not enough to set the pace of teaching and feel inferior, they go to school with dislike or disgust, have different diseases. Learning in such disparate and crowded classes is Hell. Teachers often abandon the quality of teaching and become involuntary warders and watchers. Another enemy of quality education is the division of subjects into a predetermined time schedule – a timetable. It has to be followed for changing teachers of different subjects, moving pupils to other classrooms, often at the expense of completing the work done, the idea, the topic. The children then have confusion and chaos in their minds, information does not connect with others in one whole, they are like scattered puzzles that lie on the floor and no one has the time or desire to combine them into one image. Teachers are educated in only a few subjects, so they do not look for connections with other subjects that they do not know enough, and therefore, in teaching, there is usually no link between all subjects and creating a coherent knowledge. Again, as in all areas of life, there is a fundamental principle of „functioning“ of the negative state: divide and rule. This is connected with the constant dividing of children, their evaluation, opinions of educational advisors, punishments, the highlighting of those who thoughtlessly repeat the learned „curriculum“ by heart, do not use their own intuition, ideas, wording. Children out of the gray average are undesirable because there is more work with them, the teacher takes them as competitors because they often know more than he/she, and thus his/her authority is compromised. Various competitions are an integral part of the educational process on this planet. Children are getting used to competition and competing with each other from their childhood, they are taught that they will be „successful in life“ only at the cost of defeating rivals, their mental or physical insult. They are not brought up in love for themselves and neighbor, for God, nature, animals and the planet. When they are led to faith in God, they have to accept various dogmas and untruths. God, under different names, often raises fear in them, not love and a sense of security and unity. The system teaches faith in the materialistic god – MONEY. The company highlights and recognizes those who have the most money, property, luxury things, can buy anything, such as young and beautiful bodies of hireling women and men. You can’t buy true mental and spiritual love. People who bring the most values ​​of society are neglected, poorly paid, often ridiculed and liquidated. All these shortcomings and problems deepen with the increasing Light that comes to the planet Earth and reveals the true nature of the negative state. More and more beings from the higher worlds of the positive state are incarnating here. Since early childhood, they have manifested themselves in their uniqueness and abilities, their wisdom and love. The education system for them is outdated, obsolete and limitative, it does not meet their needs. With their telepathic connection with higher spiritual beings and with Me, The Lord Jesus Christ, they bring solutions to improve life in all its areas and manifestations. More and more adults are listening to these indigo, crystal and rainbow children, they are seen as hopes for humanity’s survival.

How to change the education system after dividing humanity on Earth? As I said, there is no money in the positive state, so there is no shortage of anything. The resources of the planet are fairly distributed to all and people work for joy, benefit of the whole. Parents are the most important teachers in early childhood. Since they are not obliged to go to work from morning to evening, they have more time and energy for their children. Especially mothers develop intuition, independence, creativity, love in children. Fathers teach practical skills, logic, play together games. Families live together, but so that each member has enough space, privacy, and peace for their needs and hobbies. More generations are involved in raising children. Grandparents are not physically stitched and impotent, have enough energy, wisdom and patience to help develop their grandchildren and great-randchildren. Children do not spend most of their time in school desks, but are taught through modern technology in various places, most often at home. Teachers are coordinators, partners and wise counselors, they do not enforce obedience on the basis of their function, age and knowledge, because they know that even a child is a full-fledged being with advanced soul and spirit. They physically meet with their group of pupils, if necessary, for example on various occasions, celebrations, cultural, sporting… events. There is no need to build large school buildings to ensure their continued operation. Teaching is often transmitted to nature, where children are best acquainted with the life of minerals, plants and animals, learn to love them and communicate with them telepathically. Thanks to fast means of transport it is possible to travel outside the home planet, dimension… and thus gain direct experience with the functioning of Creation and life. They recognize and realize that they are part of the whole, an important, unique and unrepeatable being who loves his life and takes it as a gift, an opportunity to develop, create and self-realize. For Me, The Lord Jesus Christ, it is a joy to know Myself through such happy and loving God’s sons and daughters. Everybody is educated and developed to understand the interconnection of individual parts, he/she is oriented in various fields, he/she can find information in the space database, inside him/her. Yet no one knows or understands everything in the 5th dimension. But he/she can recognize his/her talent and plan for his/her soul. Accordingly, further education and development is in progress. He/she can work in any field, never do what he/she does not want, what does not bring the benefits of society or even harm others. The feeling of happiness and fulfillment transfers to his/her surroundings, the family, thus maintaining high vibrations of his/her body and planet. He/she creates a harmonious environment where he/she does not have to suffer from extreme weather fluctuations, there are no poisonous or otherwise dangerous plants and animals in the wild, nobody lives in constant fear of health and life threatening. Only in the new cycle of time, where there will be no negative state in active or dormant form, will it be possible to fully develop a positive life in all aspects, levels and fullness.

We will return to the present moment on this planet for a while. An integral part of life is the area of ​​culture, which contains a number of manifestations both individually and collectively at the level of municipalities, counties, nations, states, humanity on Earth. Many times it has been said and written that Earth is a genetic library, a space databank, a unique ecosystem with an exceptional position on the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy. The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ explains in detail why it is so important for eliminating the negative state throughout the Multiverse. A large number of human races, crossed and genetically engineered for millions of years by extraterrestrial races under the direction of the Pseudo-creators, cause diversity in culture, religion, way of life. It brings extreme differences of opinion, leads to wars due to resources, different habits, limited and deliberately distorted understanding of life. In addition, the whole experiment on Earth (Zero) is isolated from the rest of Creation for many reasons, and so people think that their culture has developed without any interference from outside. The opposite is true. The Pseudo-creators and their minions program 95% of humankind and are preparing to increase this control through chips beneath the skin, achieving nearly 100% manipulation. Why can’t 100% control people? Because it must remain the minimum necessary for the true Source of Life, The Lord Jesus Christ, otherwise humankind would not have been able to survive for a second and would not have been sufficiently and exhaustively answered the many times mentioned question.

We will deal with the mass culture on Earth, especially with the so-called show business. The name implies that it is trade, that is, money and influence. It is not about to let the most talented and best artists give joy and pleasure to others, but for the most part to bring great profits and help control and distract the population, distract it from the problems, influence its thinking, opinions and behavior. Some „artists“ directly sell themselves to the ruling elites and become puppets and instruments of the negative entities, especially deliberately harming young people who try to imitate them in different ways. Together they worship the Golden Calf without realizing that they serve the forces of darkness and deepen the negative state on Earth. On the other hand, there are more artists who have already seen this game, are interested in transformation, are seeking the truth and trying to communicate it to others. You can recognize them by the fact that their music, lyrics, paintings, movies… arouse love, compassion, joy, harmony, peace in the soul, increase vibration or reveal the truth about the nature of the life of the universe and this planet. It is precisely in the field of culture that dividing people into negative and positive manifests itself most clearly, here the differences manifest most. In particular, the music and film industry is influencing and shaping people’s minds on a massive scale. Art of all kinds is most commonly „consumed“ by people through television. Since the mid-20th century, this medium has been at the forefront of people’s interest and has become the most effective means of manipulating human history. „Information“ from the TV screens about the events on the planet , movie stories and series, music, sports, „realityshow“, etc., flock to viewers, creating a false image of the world in people’s minds. Advertisements „enforce“ goods and services without which they cannot „live“ because they have more successful, desirable, better paid (rather bribed). Subliminal signals are being used, which further enhance the control of the vast majority of unsuspecting population. Although the spiritual law of free choice is valid in the Multiverse, it is not possible in such an environment to ensure that anyone decides in accordance with their soul when its mind is isolated from communication with the soul (and thus finding the truth and optimal solution). That is why I am here in the material body and assist with other lightworkers in transforming humanity and the planet. Otherwise, the negative state would last forever.

In the positive state, people participate in cultural life in a much more creative way. There is no limitation due to lack of money, higher body vibrations and widespread consciousness allow the human being to experience and actively create works of art in all areas: music, fine arts, theater… You will not find commented news that will influence and shape people’s opinions. Everyone has access to a space database to get any information he/she want. Even in the higher dimensions of the Multiverse, people have different talents. Exceptional talents in all areas are admired, people gather at their performances, but there is no unhealthy to fanatical worship, imitation or extreme reward. Every talent is from Me, The Lord Jesus Christ, and serves the pleasure of others, therefore there is no need to place these people on a pedestal and glorify them as gods.

In their free time, which is enough due to short working hours, everyone can develop his/her hobbies, not be limited materially or spiritually. The only limitations are the universal spiritual laws that everyone has known since childhood. If anyone has doubts as to whether he/she acts in accordance with them, he/she can directly ask Me, The Lord Jesus Christ, by internal communication. I will gladly answer anything. I love communicating with every cell of My body that lives an individual life to better know Myself. Therefore, it hurts Me that because of the existence of the negative state, so many beings are isolated and diverted from Me. I love even those who hate me, reject, trample and dishonor. In the body of Jesus I spread love and taught I need to love even your enemies. In The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ, I reveal the essence of the negative state and specify that you should love the soul of every being, but you do not have to accept and love the negative manifestations of those beings that violate spiritual laws and cause suffering to others. If you also loved negative speeches, you would agree with the existence of the entire negative state and thus support it and give it energy.

My Word has been distorted for thousands of years. The topic of the next chapter will be just religions on this planet.

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