33. Summary of God’s Word



In the Revelation of Jesus Christ, dictated to John, there is written about My Second Coming to this planet and at the same time about the woman who gives birth to a son and finds refuge in the desert… Only in The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family I have brought the explanation and the literal meaning of this prophecy. Jesus Christ cannot return in the gross body because it would be a repetition of the same, which for spiritual reasons is not possible. Jana is not the incarnation of Jesus Christ, but The Lord Jesus Christ, His/Her feminine essence, in order to be complete the process of „materialization God“ in the bodies of both the man and the woman. The Prime Creator of everything and everyone, formerly The Most High, now The Lord Jesus Christ, soon The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family is the Absolute Source of Life for all beings of the Multiverse, and we must perceive Him/Her as an bisexual being in which there is a balance between masculine and feminine principles. Nowhere in the positive state does one sex have priority over another, live in harmony and love, do not exalt one above another. It is only thanks to the incarnation into the female body of Jana that everyone in Creation is allowed to meet face to face with the only true and eternal parent, The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family. I will show to women in the man’s body and men in the woman’s body (it relates to a new cycle of time when the female body is incorporated into absolute divinity).

The Word of God was brought through the prophets until the first pages of this dose of The New Revelation were published, since the end of 2012 I have been writing in live transmission the most important and truest information about the transformation of humanity, imprisoned in the negative state, in Jana’s gross body. It is a historic event whose importance you will understand when you get rid of the limitations caused by staying in this reality. I perfectly prepared the conditions for Our entire mission. Through Peter Daniel Francuch I have handed over the books of The New Revelation since the 1980s, which have spread throughout the world for decades thanks to the Internet. Since the 1990s I have written Conversations with God and other books with Neale Donald Walsch, intended for the general public spiritually seeking, who are not content with the concept of a punishing god, often represented by different churches and religious organizations. Jana, My wife and direct incarnation with Me first wrote Conversations with God: With You Love Blooms Love Around Us (2 parts), has undergone three pregnancies, challenging „training“, 12 years of study of spiritual directions and information from all important areas of life in the negative state, about the transformation of humanity… and the disappointment of December 21, 2012. She was evicted by executors from the flat in a demanding year 2013, she lived in a garden in a building without electricity during the summer holidays, in the autumn she went to sublease, where she currently (April 2015) occupies a small room with a kitchenette and writes this book. Meanwhile, she helps members of her earthly family, devotes himself to two grandchildren and a small white dog. She perceives this life in the body as a great sacrifice and it is difficult for her to endure all the trials I have prepared for her. Although I do not burden her more than she can bear, often the spiritual and physical conditions of her life are on the verge of tolerability. In the most difficult moments, she tells Me that she no longer wants to go on, let her take her life away, even the eternal one. Why do I publish this confession on The New Revelation pages? To make every reader, not just on this planet, realize how much I love the whole Creation, that I am willing to undergo a second, this time a long „crucifixion“ in the body and feel pain and often also helplessness change something. Jana is not touched at all that she is My direct incarnation, does not accept every test with patience and humility, as many other My co-workers who have fulfilled and are fulfilling their mission in the midst of the negative state because she has in the genes the Divinity. This does not mean that she elevates herself to someone but is not willing to humiliate herself. All beings, be it people, other extraterrestrial sentient entities or animals and plants, she considers as partners with whom it is pleasant to live in harmony and love, otherwise Hell can be created. She experiences a thorny journey on the spiral of a spiritual journey from the atheist to the Goddess in the body. This journey began in 2002 with the reading of Friendship with God by Neale Donald Walsch, continued by writing our common book Conversations with God: With You Love Blooms Love Around Us in 2003 and from late 2012 to April 2015 by leading our www.bozirodina.cz and by writing The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family. This does not stop her/our work. We still have a long way to go, because by dividing humankind we will only allow to win the negative state and answer the question: How would life without God, The Lord Jesus Christ and His/Her spiritual principles of Love look like? and at the same time we will bring out part of humanity to the higher dimensions of the True Creation, in other words to Paradise, to heaven on earth. Until ascension, we will spread The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ orally, write articles on our web pages and link spiritual directions in references that at first glance cause contradictions but lead to the same goal: increasing of the vibrations of love and deliverance from the matrix of the negative state.

We would like to thank all our co-workers, spiritual teachers on this planet Earth/Zero and beyond, for their help in transforming humanity, for love and sacrifices, without which our common mission would not yield fruit that will benefit the whole of Creation even in other cycles of time.


At the time of transmission of the last Chapter of the second portion of New Revelation (April 2015), My direct incarnation Jana was only preparing for the final part of her „training“ on planet Zero. In the months to years following the writing of Chapter 33, the Team of God’s Family was built, consisting of co-workers of light, originating in different dimensions of the True Creation. As you know, if you knew everything in advance, what awaits you, you wouldn’t be able to stand it. I give you the truth gradually to carry it. For this reason, more than three years ago, it was impossible in this book to tell the ultimate truth about the ascension of Jane and our closest co-workers on the New Earth in 5D, from where they will operate in both states of temporary duality and planet Earth 3D/Zero. Therefore, at the moment of ascending the feminine nature of God/Goddess, some of the above mentioned information from The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ of God’s Family loses its timeliness (this is the absolute minimum), but it will still be the key Word of God with the highest degree of truth that comes directly from The Source of all Life. My Word is true but at the same time dynamic and constantly evolving, so its transmission in various forms will continue to be made available to all prepared people and other beings at the time of transformation along with other information about life in the True Creation and Zone of Displacement.


With love to all beings of the Multiverse


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