32. Preparing for the Division of Humanity



In order for the negative state not to last forever and to limit the vast majority of positive and loving beings of the Multiverse, it is necessary to let it go to the final stage, when it will be clear to everyone how a life without Love would look like, in other words, it must win for a moment on the planet where it was activated. This crucial theme coils like a ribbon that adorns and at the same time connects all the chapters of The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ as a gift to humankind and all in Creation. This gift of truth unpack beings regardless of place and time when spiritually prepared to accept it. Already in the body of Jesus Christ I have drawn attention to the division of humanity before the final phase of My Second Coming to Earth. At that time I used a parable for better remembering and understanding (see eg the Gospel of Luke: About the coming of the Son of man). Now, in the body of Jana, I continue to explain in more detail and intelligible the necessity of dividing humankind so that a short pseudo-victory of the negative state can occur and then eliminate it and end this cycle of time. Evidence of fulfilling not only biblical prophecies can be seen at every step. Never before in history of this planet has such a large number of beings from the highest dimensions of the Multiverse been incarnated here to wake up and bring as many people out of the matrix as possible, together with Me – even in the gross body of woman of Jana. After December 21, 2012, the intensification of God’s energy of love in a faster and more evident revelation of darkness in every individual is much more pronounced. You can observe it in all areas of life. What used to be hidden and concealed emerges as a sea creature who wants to eat as much prey as possible at the last moment of her miserable life and pull its down. Even so many dormant people are observing lies, rolling from all sides, ceasing to trust politicians, the main media, their „reality“ image collapsing like a house of cards. They feel threatened because they have confusion in their heads and the feeling that they are losing the certainties they relied on. You are witnessing the opening of scissors between good and evil, tensioning the rope to burst, because neither of the opposing parties will give up human souls without a fight. However, each uses different means, and only the side of love and goodness can permanently win because it is the essence of true life, an integral part of The Absolute Creator of The Lord Jesus Christ.

We also write about the need to divide humankind at this dose of New Revelation, especially in Chapter 2, 16, and 18. Now we will add to these fundamental information another, more detailed. No one can know the exact time of ascending part of the inhabitants of the planet Zero into the 5th dimension, but I give different signs, not just in the sky, which suggest that you will not wait long. Elites under the rule of the Pseudo-creators are losing patience, situation on the planet is collapsing under their hands, trying to introduce the New World Order as quickly as possible to preserve their power and the sources of wealth. They are aware of the increase in the vibrations of the population, of their spiritual awakening, and are not interest in allowing them to be freed from the control system. Because they serve the negative state, where applies the method: divide and rule, the different factions of the elites fight among themselves. Few awakened lightworkers fully understand the situation, let themselves be lulled by reports of the victorious campaign against bankers, and rejoice in the fall of the financial system in the West and the creation of a new system in the East that is supposed to be fairer. Don’t you know it’s the other side of the same coin? It is still a struggle between two and more influential clans for energy. None of them are for the happy and loving life of all the inhabitants of the planet, for the establishment of justice, freedom, and selfless help. They mainly think for their benefit and are able to do anything to keep their domination over people. They are merely instruments of their masters and gods – the Pseudo-creators. Therefore, I urge you not to give your precious energy to any of these sides of the conflict. Concentrate on your mission, consult with spiritual guides and Me. The most amazing experience in life awaits you: ascension.

The first wave of ascension (ascension) of a part of the population who fulfills the conditions will not take place in a single moment, as one might believe from previous information not only in The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family. To allow a complete victory of the negative state, I cannot suddenly let the tens or hundreds of millions of inhabitants of planet Zero disappear. It would cause unnecessary panic and chaos, a sharp reduction in vibration would cause natural disasters not experienced by humankind. I act step by step, in accordance with My spiritual laws of love, to bring humanity out of the swamp of the anti-universe with as little losses as possible. It is a process that will last for several earthly years, and I will take into account relationships and loving relationships so that I do not unnecessarily divide families and partners, friends and soul mates. No one else knows all, even the most secret wishes and desires of your heart than I, your eternal parent and friend. But I don’t give anyone a life in Paradise for free. Be prepared, keep up your efforts to ascend, because nobody has a ticket to a new life in the 5th dimension of the positive state for sure and prepaid. Seductions of the other side are very sophisticated, and sometimes even beings from the higher realms of the True Creation succumb to them. Even Jana understood that the greatest demands I have on those co-workers who are closest to Me. It cannot happen that I require you more than you can handle, or I do not burden anyone more than he/she can bear.

How will take place the rapture of positive people and what will happen to them? As I have already said, I use several ways:

1) The most advanced beings, usually incarnated from the 7th and higher dimensions of the Multiverse that live consciously and communicate with spiritual guides or with Me, are instructed just before ascending that the time has come to leave this reality and move to a higher dimension. They will feel very strong vibrations, the whole body will shake and tingle. When they reach the boundary between frequency bands, they disappear from the perspective of the inhabitants of this planet. Because it is not possible for them to continue to use bodies, fabricated by Pseudo-creators, they will receive a duplicate that will be almost the same form but will be healthy, free from defects and bodily imperfections (including obesity, baldness, incomplete dentition, etc.). In the new body, they will be placed on a planet that matches their vibrations and preferences.

2) Beings living in harmony with the spiritual laws of love, often incarnated from the 5th dimension of the Multiverse, but also the true human beings who, during their lives, were inspired by positive patterns, whether earthly or spiritual (eg My first direct incarnation of Jesus Christ, His mother Mary, other holy and loving people…) will be lifted with the help of universe people to flying ships, where they will be told what’s going on, and after the body change they will be trained and transported to the New Earth planet in the 5th dimension. There they get a dwelling and everything they need for a full-value life. Because it is not possible for the whole family to ascend in all cases, lone beings will be grouped into new communities and families, choose where and with whom they will be best. It may happen that they take in the children whose parents remain in the old reality, because they did not have high enough vibrations. Everyone has a free choice of how he/she will continue his/her unique and unrepeatable life.

3) Exceptionally, those who fulfill their mission in the body and will not be interested in continuing life in the natural worlds will return to the spiritual world where they will continue to help others. It applies only to the most advanced beings who no longer have any reason to incarnate even in the finest bodies of the highest dimensions. Their body will be divided into elements, it will not be a death experience, as with other people.

4) I will experience a totally unique experience in the body of My only direct incarnation, Jana. It would be different than 2,000 years ago, when I let the tortured gross body be taken away by universe people, and showed up in duplicate 40 days after resurrection that was more perfect and more beautiful (that is why the disciples, including Mary Magdalene, didn’t immediately recognize Me). Even this body I left after the ascension because it was still not as perfect as the bodies of people in the positive state. As I have said several times, it has been cleansed of everything that has been fabricated by the Pseudo-creators and incorporated into God’s Totality. It’s hard to explain what that means with the earthly language. Now, as The Absolute God, I have the opportunity to show up in the body in every dimension and universe so that I can communicate face to face with every sentient being and has an even more intimate and personal relationship with her. Jana’s task is to bring humanity out of the negative state to the True Creation and continue the long journey through dimensions to be an example to others and to prove My/Our love and devotion to all beings of the Multiverse. From the 5th dimension, I will accompany her in the body of The Lord Jesus Christ, and together we will raise our two children and live on the New Earth with those who ascend there or incarnate there. More detailed information about Jana’s next journey will be communicated at the next dose of The New Revelation, which we will write (in another way) after the division of humankind on the New Earth.

The first wave of ascension began as early as the end of 2012, but so far it concerns individuals and small groups of people not to attract too much interest from the planet’s population. You certainly notice that the number of missing and missing persons worldwide is increasing. Their disappearance is not always explained and justified sufficiently. It is true that for many disappearances are responsible the negative entities that need human sacrifices for their perverted rituals, but more people are being rescued in disasters, traffic accidents, some are freed from poor living conditions, such as the homeless with a good heart, Christians in the area dominated by radical Islamists who are not yet to leave the body and their task continues in a higher dimension… The number of people transferred to a higher dimension in this way will rise in the coming years, culminating just before the arrival of the Pseudo-creators, when has to abandon this reality, which will then fall from position 0 to -1, My direct incarnation of Jana. Only then will be not only remove our www.bozirodina.cz, but all the pages where The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ is published and other true information from Me and co-workers from the positive state. Therefore, use the remaining time to disseminate this vital information to help as many people as possible to navigate in this difficult situation when the struggle of light and darkness culminates. During the Pseudo-creators‘ short reign, only those individuals who accomplish their mission in this reality will be taken away, continuing in this life without experience of the death of the body, to bring personal testimony to pseudo-life on Earth in Hells. The second wave of ascension will happen suddenly at the final stage of My Second Coming, when the many times mentioned question will be perfectly answered and there will be no need to continue true human life in the Zone of Displacement. At that time, the scenario will be with minor deviations that I cannot yet say at this time, similar to what we wrote in the Introduction to this New Revelation dose, and especially in the article „Latest information for December 21, 2012“.

Time does not matter, everything happens at the right moment when everyone is ready to take the next dose of information in order to spread consciousness and quantum leap in personal development. Though the transformation of humanity on planet Zero takes place more quickly than anywhere else in the universe also thanks to My help, it is still a process that cannot be rushed to avoid irreversible damage (I mean not material damage but spiritual damage). The law of free choice still has to be respected, no one can be forced to accept love against his/her will. As long as there is the negative state, everyone has the right to choose such a life and to be part of the game of duality. The specificity of this reality and also the main reason for My personal presence in the body is the imprisonment of many beings in isolation and ignorance, control and almost 100% disconnection from Me, which means that without help they would remain forever by the slaves of the negative state without knowing the true reason such life. When activating the negative state, I promised everyone involved that at the right time I would bring them out of this unnatural way of life, because I knew well that they could not do without My help. We write this explanation in order to take the wind from the sails to those who think that the transformation of humanity is only a matter of the inhabitants of this panet, and therefore there is no need for external help (eg universe people). Even you, co-workers and helpers from the positive state, sometimes have the effort to downplay the contribution of beings from higher dimensions and the spiritual world. It is good that you are cautious and do not accept any telepathic or written or otherwise communicated information as a dogma and try to verify its truth with your heart, that is, intuition, but understand that each of you is at a different spiritual level and that the level of truth is adapted to this. Only on the pages of The New Revelation, I personally admitted that I am forced to use false and semi-truthful statements because you are all infested with a false image of reality and of God (gods). You get meticulously measured doses so you won’t be go mad for the quick revelation of the complete truth about your desperate pseudo-life in the negative state. Who has come here and is able to read and accept The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ automatically becomes a candidate for a pass from this madhouse and Noodledom. I will compare it to the movie Matrix: you chose a red pill and see the reality without veil in all its nakedness and „beauty“. You should have an understanding for those who are incapable of doing so and have chosen a blue pill for now. Finally, everyone in Creation will be grateful to them because they will show a life without Love, the last act of this drama. As you like to say: every cloud has a silver lining. We are „here“ in order not to repeat this horrific theater in the future (in the next cycle of time).

The last chapter summarizes everything important from this dose of The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ


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