31. The Event = the Warning



The „humanity“ experiment is coming to an end. Every sentient being who directly and indirectly participates in the pseudo-life of the negative state has gained a lot of experience with this unnatural and perverted way of life in this cycle of time. Question: How would life without God and his spiritual principles of love look like…? will be answered very soon. Then there will be no single reason to artificially stretch the agony of the Zone of Displacement because it will lose any meaning. How will it be unambiguously and demonstrably answered to the above question? When people, thanks to technologies (chips, implants, radars…) become puppets, controlled at 99.99%. Then they will no longer have even a slight opportunity of choice, which contradicts the basic condition of life in the Multiverse = free choice and ability to change. At present (2015), humankind is controlled at 95%, awakened individuals at higher turns of the spiritual spiral are controlled at 10% (for more and more detailed information see www.vesmirni-lide.cz). Once full-area and compulsory chipping occurs, the control rate reaches almost 100%. Such a situation can only last for a short time, otherwise there would be permanent damage not only to controlled beings, but to all residents of the Zone of Displacement (anti-universe), which would result in a domino effect that would destroy life even in the positive state. You can’t yet understand the impact of such a disaster, but believe that nothing like that will happen. I am Absolute, Almighty, and I would never allow the destruction of the entire Creation. Although we have written about chipping in several previous chapters of this New Revelation dose, some important information needs to be added:

  • secret use of nanochips in vaccination, chemtrails, and food is used to boost population control, so-called brainwashing, sterilization, health deterioration… but it cannot be used for financial transactions, ie shopping, selling, transferring to other people’s virtual accounts…
  • inserting an RFID chip under the skin (on the hand or forehead) with the conscious permission of person will allow the full-area implementation of a cashless financial system. Only then will the words of the Bible be fulfilled: „And he gives to all, small and great, the poor and those who have wealth, the free and those who are not free, a mark on their right hand or on their brows; So that no man might be able to do trade but he who has the mark, even the name of the beast or the number of his name…“
  • the population of selected localities is tested and gradually prepared for the cancellation of cash, the use of biometric data (fingerprints, eye iris scanning, DNA samples…) in identifying on bureaus, in tourism, healthcare, telecommunications (see Pakistan – SIM cards in phones, verified fingerprints)…
  • mandatory chipping will be introduced after the division of humankind and the second coming of the Pseudo-creators to planet Zero

Given the deteriorating situation in all areas of human life, especially the intensification of control, I will give every inhabitant of this tested planet a personal encounter with Me, The Lord Jesus Christ before division. It is a unique and unrepeatable event that will help many people decide where to go at the time when they will stand at a crossroads. During life, you still have to choose between two or more options that are presented to you from the positive (in the minority due to control) and negative state. Some decisions are less important, others are crucial and affect not only this, but also other lives in the natural worlds. The time to divide humankind into two main directions is approaching:

  1. Fall into Hells at position -1 along with the reality where you live.
  2. Ascension to the 5th dimension of planet Earth = New Earth.

Other options are not so important that we deal with them on the pages of The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family.

At the end of the last chapter, we promised you that you, readers and practicing, we would prepare you for this important Event, which I have called „Warning“ in the recently completed Book of Truth. My mercy is great, and therefore I respect the spiritual level of each individual, his faith, knowledge and attitude. First of all, the sky will shine with a non-blinding brightness that will entice people’s attention. Everything will stop for 15 minutes, including traffic. You don’t have to worry about mass traffic accidents, air disasters or chaos. Everything will be taken care of with the help of universe people, My faithful co-workers, deployed in flying ships around the planet Zero. They have technologies that allow the whole event to take place in peace and safety. Every citizen over 7 years of age will see Me with their inner eyesight, because I will allow for a short period the expand of consciousness with the ability to telepathy and activation the third eye (pineal gland). Because I do not want to cause trauma to believers other than Christian religions, I will not appear to everyone in the body of The Lord Jesus Christ, but I will adapt My appearance to the faith of an individual, even an atheist. During this intimate moment, there will be an evaluation of the past life = the Last Judgment, everyone will feel My love in the form of increased body vibrations. Because it is an experience that will not be the same for two people, moreover, no external means of communication can record it, it will evoke completely different feelings and responses. For those who are on the spiritual path, it will be a confirmation of My existence and encouragement to the next stage of the individual mission, literally I will pour them „new blood into their veins“ to continue their positive lives with greater determination and trust in Me and My Plan and be an example to others. As soon as the Event is over, each person’s consciousness returns to its original state. This can be compared to the return of the astral body to the gross body upon awakening from the dream. Most people do not remember dreams or do not understand their meaning, so they do not take lessons from the lesson they have received during their sleep. Yet every person will feel that he has experienced something extraordinary and will try to share this experience with his/her loved ones. People’s reactions will be very different, from completely positive to completely negative. Especially the beings incarnated from the Zone of Displacement with the mission of disrupting transformation even in the most nasty ways will react negatively to the high vibrations flow from Me. It is understandable because their vibrations are opposite and when they „collide“ with the vibrations of Love at one point, „an explosion“ of anger, resistance and hatred occurs. This does not mean that all beings from Hells will have the same negative feelings and attitudes. There may also be a change, that is, to the transformation of consciousness and mentioned agent of Hell will „light up“ and become more positive, he will follow Me. Sleeping and controlled human beings who have no idea of ​​the spiritual path and are mainly concerned with the material aspects of life, will seek answers outside of themselves, that is, from scientific authorities, commentators of the mainstream media, politicians, etc. What will they learn? Everything possible, just not the truth. The whole Event will be downplayed, ridiculed and explained as hallucination, mirage and nonsense. Those who believe will be considered fools, supporters of conspiracy theories who are now more dangerous than Islamic IS terrorists (the Islamic State, funded and supported by elites, especially the US and Israel). Despite rejecting the true explanation by the main media, the Event will be abused later when the Pseudo-creators take control of humanity and planet. As I have already said, one of them will initially be admired and favored for his appealing exterior (the reptile’s essence will be hidden from the eyes of the people) and decisive behavior. He will remind many of them of the form of Jesus Christ to confuse even more believing Christians. Gradually seduces them out of the way I prepared and showed 2,000 years ago. The Pseudo-creators also stage the Second Coming of Jesus Christ exactly as it is literally described in the Revelation of John in the Holy Bible (they have far more advanced technologies at their disposal than humankind knows).

Why do the Event or Warning happen even though most people don’t understand its meaning and believe in the existence of The God of Love with any name?  Because I will give the last chance to all people without distinction to choose whether to follow Love, or turn their backs on It and become slaves, and even more the puppets of the negative state, showing its complete victory. It is still time to freely choose a side (not a political one…) to which you will incline. Many of the people, when recapitulating their lives from a non-egoistic point of view, realize what iniquities and evils they have committed, hurting their neighbors (not only relatives), what they have caused by their selfishness, greed, desire for power, money, glory, status, etc. In a personal meeting with Me, billions of seeds will be sown, germinating right away, or after many years, or in other lives. There is nothing I would not do for love to save souls from Hell, but I cannot force anyone to change his/her mind.

Can you prepare for the Event? Of course YES. It is better to know than not to know, so spread this information to your loved ones, spiritually related souls, but do not force anyone. You know that you don’t have to throw peas on the wall. If you have Catholic believers or Christians of other churches in your neighborhood, point them to the Book of Truth (see www.varovani.org) and let them read it. I give you the best advice on an ongoing basis: enter your inside as often as possible and connect with Me, The Lord Jesus Christ. For you, the Event will not be any unexpected surprise, it will help you fulfill your unique and unrepeatable mission. You are the guides of the blind and the deaf, shining on the path in the dark, spreading the truth among the mountains of lies, bringing God of Love to all who are willing and able to listen and believe you.

The aim of the Event is that each individual thinks about his/her life and looks at it from a perspective other than an egoistic point of view. To feel My love for a little while and get rid of control. In rare cases, the heart of particularly hardened beings does not withstand such a high vibration and „bursts“ with regret for actions that contradict love. Everything is done according to My perfect Plan, no one is loaded more than he/she can bear. Only the most spiritually advanced are able to understand that there are many levels of truth tailored to the particular hearers and readers. Especially in the reality of this planet Zero, where almost all are controlled, programmed as puppets, some few keep in contact with Me and beings from the positive state, it is necessary to dose the truth as a cure: little by little and at intervals so that it can be absorbed. This dose of The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ is also written so that reveal other levels of truth. We will use a comparison to a climber who wants to conquer the world’s highest mountain. He cannot go straight to the top, but he has been training on the lower rocks for years and when he is ready and has enough experience and excellent physical and mental condition, he sets out to conquer the dream peak. Even then, he cannot climb at once, he needs a base camp, a team of helpers, climbing equipment and good weather. As he climbs up, he must occasionally rest, acclimatize, because with a higher altitude he thinns the air, sometimes he needs an oxygen apparatus. When he is at the top after the hard work and renunciation, he has a wonderful feeling of happiness and freedom, and suddenly forgets how much effort and inconvenience he has experienced before he has reached his goal. Looking around and rewarded with the breathtaking scenery of snow-covered mountain massifs, he is far from the hustle and bustle of big cities, enjoying the tranquility, peace and beauty that only a few individuals can see with their own eyes. You will also feel in the same way who fulfill your demanding mission and return to your true home. I never promised you that your trip will be easy. The task you have voluntarily accepted you seem too heavy now. Sometimes you feel like you can’t handle it, you fall under its weight on the ground, but you always get up again and continue with your clenched teeth in your way. When you feel you see „the end of the tunnel“, the light hides for a while and you panic and looking for the right direction. Believe that all of you will reach your goal once. It only depends on you for how long, with what effort and what you bring. Of course, I do not mean material things, but experiences, spiritual lessons, loving relationships…

After writing this dose of The New Revelation, we are ready to continue to spread God’s Word orally, face to face. Whoever is interested in meeting Me in the material body of Jana will be brought to the right place at the right time. We also do not use an e-mail form on our www.bozirodina.cz because only advanced beings in human bodies who listen to their intuition, Me and they know they don’t need any technique to communicate with Me, visit this site. Less than 2,000 years ago I volunteered let to crucify to prepare the way out of the negative state. It is no coincidence that we will end this continuation of the Holy Bible soon after Easter 2015, at the time of commemorating the most important event of human history: the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. In the previous dose of The New Revelation, the purpose and spiritual meaning of this act of salvation is sufficiently explained. Out of love for all the souls of the Multiverse I have undergone physical and psychical torture in the body of Jesus and pseudo-life experiences in the negative state in isolation, poverty and renunciation of everything that makes life a life in the body of Jana. I am here for the second time and lastly in the gross body of the Pseudo-creators and humanity does not accept Me again. Those who rule this world know about Me, but they are silent. Most are unable and willing to accept the truth about God of Love, The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family. Although The New Revelation, especially the dose I write in the body of Jana, is mainly intended for human beings on planet Zero, they will mostly read it up to leaving this reality, after the division of humanity or the death of the body. Only you, readers of live transmission, have the privilege of receiving the truest and most important information directly from The Source of Life in an undistorted and authentic form at the time of fundamental changes in the place where the negative state was once activated.

The penultimate chapter is devoted to preparing for the division of humankind.

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