30. Hollow Earth



Every planet in the Multiverse is hollow (this also applies to moons and suns). On the surface and inside, there is life in different dimensions, that is, parallel realities that are invisible from your point of view. Specifically, we will deal with the reality of planet Earth in the 3rd – 4th dimension (so far planet Zero) and from there, from your habitat – temporary „home“, we make „a trip“ to other realities of this being called Gaia. It is necessary to start with important information: not only one reality of one planet Earth, but all planets, solar systems, galaxies and universes, is undergoing transformation or ascension. It is a natural process in accordance with spiritual laws. Nevertheless, the reality in which you live, that is, planet Zero is crucial because the negative state has been activated here and will also be terminated here. Therefore, for the second time I have been directly incarnated into the human body to personally and with the help of the multitudes of angels bring out humanity from the trap of the negative state. I repeat this essential information because few people understand its importance so far. The Most High, now The Lord Jesus Christ, did not incarnate or will incarnate into another gross body other than two bodies: the man of Jesus and the woman of Jana. No other direct incarnation is needed. Into the bodies of the great prophets and spiritual leaders were incarnated by the beings of the highest dimensions, mostly Firstborns, but they were always relative beings, not absolute (I do not mean gods from the Zone of Displacement, but spiritual masters from the positive state).

Humanity, which depicts the pseudo-life of the negative state, lives on the surface of the planet, called Earth, from the perspective of conscious beings it is called Zero (because of the specific and unique position and role it holds throughout the Multiverse). Other planets and civilizations are also undergoing transformation, but none of them is in position 0 where both negative and positive beings and the influences of both opposing spiritual forces are mixed in one „place“ for a long time in relative balance. This means that other planets are either more negative and inhabit the Zone of Displacement, that is, the anti-universe, or more positive, and inhabit the Zone of Placement, the True Creation. Planets and their inhabitants are undergoing spiritual development. When the vibrations of the planet’s population increases, for example, in position -1, usually there is the destruction of the whole civilization because it cannot be suddenly moved to the positive state. Beings leave their temporary bodies and go through spiritual purification in the intermediate world. Only then can they, according to their free choice, decide where they are incarnated within the positive state. In the positive state, transformation is much simpler and „painless“ because there are conscious beings who observe spiritual laws (not yet absolutely, but violations are only small) and have connections with their spiritual advisors from the higher dimensions and with Me, The Lord Jesus Christ. You may understand that the situation here on planet Zero is different. Given the huge, abysmal differences between the population, it has to be divided into two basic realities: the majority will remain in this gross reality that falls to position -1, the smaller will continue in duplicates of these physical bodies, deprived of everything that is negative, in the new reality of planet Earth in the fifth dimension of the positive state, in much more enjoyable and easier life than it experiences here. The above information suggests that this experiment will not be repeated anywhere else in the Multiverse, so there is such a huge number of incarnated beings from many levels of both positive and negative state. This direct experience is literally invaluable to every sentient being. Ascension is not just about human beings, but also affects animals, plants, and minerals. That’s why there are so many different species, far more than on other planets. You have certainly noticed that in recent decades a large number of animal and plant species have disappeared, while species that are more adapted to survive in an unhealthy or poisonous environment have appeared. As vibrations increases, there is also the division in animal and plant kingdoms. As we have written on the pages of this New Revelation dose, the environment in this reality will deteriorate with the fall of part of humanity to Hells, the ascension of that smaller, positive part of humankind will be accompanied by a significant improvement in the environment. Everything is related to everything, the same to the same, the same attracts the same…

For several centuries, governments and elites have been keeping humanity in lie and ignorance about the planet Earth’s body. We will not deal with the details and the various absurd theories and scientific pseudo-teachings, we will focus on the topic: the hollow earth. At the north and south poles, there are 2 250 km diameter holes, from which the aurora borealis is coming out, visible from any satellite or spacecraft. It is no coincidence that airlines are banned from flying over both poles. The glare emits the inner sun, which is energetically connected not only with the Sun of this solar system, but with all the sun, up to the central, that is, with Me, the Only Source of Life. As on the surface, there are also life within 12 dimensions of the positive state and 12 dimensions of the negative state. You can reach the inner Earth not only through the two polar holes, but also through the many entrances to the underground tunnels that form the network across the planet. In the same dimension where you are playing your current role, descendants of ancient Lemuria civilization live who have saved themselves from the destruction of their continent on the surface. They have a very important task: to balance the negative energies with their high vibrations and assist in the ascension of humanity to higher dimensions. Although they have long since fulfilled the conditions for living in the 5th and higher dimensions, they voluntarily decided to remain in the gross bodies to become guides their brothers and sisters on the surface.  More information about the life of this civilization can be found at www.pomoc-lidem.cz directly from one of the spiritual leaders of Adama. There are many other articles on the Internet with eyewitness evidence, just choose and listen to your intuition. Not everyone is ready for these messages yet.

I will explain how is it possible that in the 3rd dimension there are human beings with high vibrations in a peaceful society without ascending into the 5th dimension. As you already know, there is an experiment on planet Earth/Zero that is unprecedented in the entire Multiverse. Speaking of the balance of positive and negative energies that are necessary for this specific position of 0, you might wonder from where such amount of positive energy is taken when there are so many wars, misfortunes, poverty on the surface of the planet and the vast majority of the population is controlled at 95 to 98% by negative entities?  You find the answer in this chapter of The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family. Telos residents (under Mount Shasta, California) live in bodies of the 3rd – 4th dimension voluntarily. Although they have a spiritual level of the 5th and higher dimensions, they show that it is possible to be loving, cooperating, and assisting even in gross bodies. Thanks to their vibrations, they can also visit higher-dimensional civilizations not only in the inner Earth, but also on other planets and solar systems. They use very advanced technologies and are ready to share their knowledge and skills with every human being who chooses the positive life. When this experiment is over, they will also move to higher dimensions because the 3rd-4th dimension will not be populated by any sentient beings in the new cycle of time.

There are several civilizations in the higher, that is, the 5th dimension of the inner Earth, and they are associated with the Agartha community with the capital Shamballa. You can also ascend there if you wish after the division of humankind. There are many places where you will be welcomed with open arms and they will be willing to listen to you because you have personal experience of living in the negative state.

Also, the Zone of Displacement has 12 dimensions, but everything is upside down. That is, in the highest dimensions, the beings that most violate the spiritual laws of the Multiverse live, so they are most selfish, longing for power over others, willing to do even the worst to achieve their goals. How is it possible that they inhabit both subtle and intangible dimensions and worlds? Because there are two kinds of vibrations: positive, about which we have written about in connection with transformation, ascension, and negative, which are related to fall and transmogrification (see Chapter 19: „Life After Human Life“, previous dose of The New Revelation). Imagine two pyramids, connected by bases whose peaks are on opposite sides. Planet Zero is at the point of interconnection of the two bases, the other planets and the sun are either in the positive part or in the negative part of this imaginary body. It is a very simplified interpretation, but it is sufficient for your idea. In the new cycle of time, when life will no longer exist in the negative state, the structure of Creation will be simpler, and most importantly, it will lack the 12 dimensions of the anti-universe. Only an uninhabited „waste bin“ will remain where it will be possible to discard ideas that are not in accordance with the spiritual laws of love (in the Bible called „lake of fire and brimstone“). 

You also have the waste bin on your computer where you are „throwing away“ everything you no longer need. If necessary, such information can be retrieved and used. If anyone needs the answer to the question: How would life without God, The Lord Jesus Christ look like, be found in this databank of the Multiverse.

How about the existence of Hell? The whole Zone of Displacement is Hell in many forms and levels, because there are beings who have consciously and unconsciously renounced My love and they experience the experience of separation from the Only Source of Life. They live in fear, humiliation, physical and mental suffering, in an environment that matches their opposite vibrations. On planet Zero, called the kindergarten for Hell, life is also depicted in violation of spiritual laws, and many people, especially incarnated from the positive state, feel themselves here like in Hell. Hell is a term for spiritual, mental and physical suffering in connection with rejection of Love. It is not only about the state of mind, but also about the creation of negative (opposite) vibrations in which beings are entrapped to be tempted to commit evil in all forms for their selfishness and greed. In the inner Earth you will also find all the dimensions of the Zone of Displacement, thus Hells. The testimony of visiting these „places“ full of horror and unhappiness brings many people who have been there, especially in the last decades, after leaving the gross body during clinical death. I allowed them this unforgettable experience before their time of stay in the body expired, for personal lessons, and for other people to be able and willing to listen and believe them. Why Am I in Conversations with God (with Neale Donald Walsch) talking that Hell doesn’t exist? For the same reason like when I speak to you from a position other than the Absolute Position of The Lord Jesus Christ. You are so contaminated with life in the negative state that you are getting different levels of truth to be able to ascend at all (see the treatment of drug addicts). In addition, your distorted information about anything, including Hell, needs to be erased, removed, and then just to give new, gradually adding more accurate and truer. Conversations with God is meant for beginners on the spiritual path, The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ to the most advanced. There is a plethora of teachings, directions, and spiritual schools to meet the needs of every spiritually seeking and awakening individual. It is important to distinguish who is the source of this information because you know that you are in the middle of the battlefield between the positive and the negative state.

People deal with external affairs, caring for their bodies, dwelling, fun, they got used to believing anything on the basis of tangible evidence. Most do not even know that they will not find the truth in their surroundings: at television, newspapers, books, scientists, doctors, teachers… but only within. What is clear evidence for one is no evidence for another. Therefore, I advise you not to try to understand everything with reason, because it is under constant fire of control programs, manipulation and misinformation. Take a moment to relax without external disturbances and meditate or pray, make contact with your soul and spirit, angels, members of the multidimensional family, and above all with Me, The Lord Jesus Christ. There will be a short period when there will be a greater manifestation of evil, it will appear that love and goodness are retreating and losing, but that will only be an appearance. With increasing light and increasing positive vibrations, all the hidden and less visible dark sides of human nature are revealed. Many awakening people begin to understand that they are being abused, seek answers outside the official sources of information, refuse to take part in war events, see absurdity in pursuit of property, money, and careers, change their attitudes to all existing habits, change their lives. True deterioration of conditions on planet Zero will come after the division of mankind and the ensuing second coming of the Pseudo-creators, even if it doesn’t look like it at first. You definitely know the proverb: when they are catching bird, they are singing to him nicely. Everyone has a free choice and ability to change. This means that no one is destined to participate in the final phase of the existence of true human life under the rule of the Pseudo-creators and the short victory of the negative state. There are still a few years left for the ascension (only I, no one else, or My direct incarnation, Jana, know more accurately). Use this time to receive and spread the gift of Love, The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family, including all previous doses. Let me remind you that before the division of humankind, there will the Event or the Warning, the brief extension of consciousness and the encounter with Me, the evaluation of life so far (some sort of rehearsal of the Last Judgment). As I have already said, I stand out as the Trinity of God and until the beginning of March 2015 I dictated the Messages to My prophetess Mary of God’s mercy from Ireland, which are primarily intended for Catholic believers and other members of the Christian churches who are not yet (overwhelmingly) ready to accept The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ – see www.varovani.org. My Plan of salvation human souls is perfect, I do not forget anyone, I am „here“ for all. Only I know you in the smallest detail, literally every cell of your bodies, every thought, secret wish…

This dose of The New Revelation will end in Chapter 33 and until the division of humankind and the ascension prepared headed with My direct incarnation Jana, will be available at our www.bozirodina.cz. I again turn to readers and practicing, our co-workers, to translate this book into other languages and spread it to the whole world (of course I know who it is and thank you for your help). Once the last chapter has been completed, it will be available for download.

In the next chapter, we will prepare you for the Event or the Warning.    

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