3. Changes in Economy

Chapter Three


   The negative state makes itself felt in all areas of life of the human society. Gradually, we will go through the most important issues to tackled together the problems it causes. We start with the economic system, because it interested most of the people. They live in imperfect bodies in an imperfect environment, which means they must constantly take care of their bodies: feed them, dress them, stay them in warm and dry, perhaps even to heal and repair their damage. No body in this world is not completely healthy and flawless, even those that are, at first glance, beautiful and without defects. Why? Because this human society is focused on material „values“, property, money, various delights. In the pursuit of profit, it is willing to destroy not only the health and lives of the inhabitants, but to destroy the entire planet and thus end life on it. As I have already said, the planet Earth has a specific and unique position in the entire of Multiverse and it is not possible to be with her genetic wealth liquidated. I will not let this happen. That’s why I’ve been here for the second time in that imperfect and very uncomfortable gross body.

   Humankind is separated from Me, from God, the Lord Jesus Christ and from others in Creation, it is living in isolation for the experiment and their choices. Therefore, it feels of lack of everything it needs for life: love, energy, food, minerals,…. Here are alternate a different economic and political systems, but none of them can solve problems that are constantly growing and deepening. Most of the people on this planet do not even suspect it is abused and vacuumed by the negative extraterrestrial entities that are hybridized with people and incarnated in the bodies of the ruling royal families, in the last centuries of the richest „people,“ bankers, presidents, high-ranking officials and politicians. These hybrids with the so-called „blue blood“ have a reptilian origin (e.g. the reptilians), they are characterized by insensitivity to others, selfishness, lust for power and property, often indulge in satanic practices and rituals, abuse children, are the cause of most wars on Earth. However, even they are managed by even more negative extraterrestrials from the zone of displacement, from the waste bin of the Multiverse. Their food are the negative energies they are constantly producing in the human population. Through the media, especially the news on tv, spread among the people the fear. A scared man surrenders his power to the ruling elites and he make it possible  constantly to enslave and abuse himself. They use the modern technology to the enslaving, which are being developed in cooperation with aliens in underground bases in the territory of many states, especially the United States and Great Britain. There are also since a childhood trained chosen the persons, often in the blood bond to the richest and most influential families, to the killing of inconvenient opponents of the planned NWO – the New World Order.

   From the aforesaid brief information shows, that the whole economic system on the planet, regardless of the political regime, state establishment, religion, is controlled as a whole by the negative extraterrestrial entities in the spirit of the aforesaid motto: divide and rule. They, in cooperation with the bankers and the secret organization leaders, they decide on the most important issues of life of the entire human society on the planet, therefore even about the wars, economic and ecological crises, state coups and revolutions, in recent decades even about the weather, health and sickness, population regulation. There is not the only sphere of life of the people which they would not controlled and influenced. The most visible means of control is the monetary system, which they led to the „perfection“ especially in the last 100 years (1913 – founding of the Fed in the US), when the central banks held by private persons print money without covering any value – gold or other valuables, and these worthless pieces of paper then they lend with high interest to governments and other subjects and thus they cause a constant indebtedness of all. The next step is the removal of cash and the switch to cashless payments, first by means of payment cards, later chips, implanted under the skin of each individual. Thus will be filled the words of the Bible: „And forcing all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slaves to have on his right hand or on his forehead the mark so that they cannot buy or sell who is not marked by name of the beast, or by a digit of her name. It is necessary to understand: who has wisdom, let him calculate the number of the beast. This number indicates the human, and that number is 666.“

   In the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ with Peter it is explained that the code 666 is the symbol of the negative state, signifies incompleteness and imperfection. Only after the elimination of the negative state we will create and live in the positive state, which has the code 777.

   Briefly, simply and sufficiently I explained, that nothing in the negative state can be to reform and change for the better, because it always occurs a corrupt, misuse and secrecy of all the positive thoughts and ideas. Therefore I’m here even in the body of Jana and we have the „army“ of the light beings here to we are helped first with the division of humankind, evacuation of that loving of part to the higher dimensions, in the end we eliminated the negative state after it is clearly answered on the multiple times referred to the question: What would life be like without God….

   Nowhere in the positive state are not needed the money. Therefore the financial system cannot be reformed, but it is necessary to annul its completely. The one who lives in harmony with Me, the Lord Jesus Christ, with My spiritual laws, always has enough of everything he needs to live and much more. It is unbearable because of the resources to destroy nature, kill animals, cut down forests, pollute watercourses and the sea, damage health of the people and thus destroy their genetic material. After the division they will be assisted by a more advanced extraterrestrial civilization (e.g., from Pleiades, Andromeda…) for the building a fair, spiritually based company, that uses free energy from the universe, produces organic food and other necessary things in an optimal amount to not stayed in the warehouses and might not to destroy. Everything is energy, even what looks like a solid matter. By increasing the vibration occurs to relieve the mass and at the same time to the awakening of long ago „forgotten“ abilities: telepathy, teleportation, telekinesis,…. Therefore, it will no longer be necessary to produce as many technical aids as before. It disappears the use of phones, a complicated transport system will be replaced by the flying machines with the antigravity drive, later reacting to the thoughts, disappears the armament, pharmaceutical and tobacco industry, in agriculture they will not use genetically modified seeds and crops, chemical fertilizers and pesticides, again they widen the methods of cultivation, that do not harm the nature and people.

   Most of the people on Earth performs slave and often meaningless, unproductive and useless work for a wages that is not enough to cover all household needs. Civilization and societies in the positive state are maintained in a constant state of abundance thanks to the cooperation, coordination, they need not to rival with one another, compete with each other, cheat and steal. The production of everything required is in accordance with the demand of the inhabitants, who just aren’t ordering the supplies, because they know that everything they get in a timely manner and in sufficient quantity and quality. Therefore it is sufficient to an adult individual worked for the welfare of the whole society a maximum of 4 hours a day (in recalculation on the current time).

   On this planet, isolated from the rest of the Creatures on the edge of the zone of displacement, coming information from two basic sources:

  1. from Me, the Lord Jesus Christ and My co-workers from the positive state at all levels
  2. from negative entities from the zone of displacement, through control programmes

Every human being on Earth (Zero) has the option to choose, which information – the idea, he accepts and which does not. According to the law: his to his, he attracts (mostly unconsciously) the information, which resonate with him. All great thinkers, inventors, artists, scientists, etc. were and are inspired by beings from the spiritual world and higher dimensions. Not even the writers and creators of the films (e.g. sci-fi) would „did not invented“ anything without such inspiration and help. From the more advanced worlds throughout the ages are coming here thoughts to improve people’s lives, economic, political, religious reforms, but they have always been and are being abused, modified and defiled, so that the outcome of such a change is even worse than the original state. Humankind boasts its advances in science, but it often uses them to self-mutilation. Again, the situation is repeated from the end of the era of Atlantis, when life is threatened on the whole planet ( see Fukushima). But this time everything will happen differently. Mainly due to the devotion and Love will not be repeated a scenario of planetary disaster. Therefore, it is necessary to divide humankind and transform of his positive part to the higher spiritual level.

   About society without money, about socially fairer society they wrote the different philosophers and thinkers (e.g., Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels), but the implementation is not possible in the world, where dominate the negative state, the people are controlled, deceived and abused, they are afraid of scarcity, of death…. A change of thinking on the basis of the expansion of consciousness and increase the vibration of love can cause any improvement. From 21st December 2012 the planet Earth literally „bathe“ in the sea of energies of love. These energies are coming here through for decades, but have been dosed to the people and planet have become accustomed on them. The year 2013 was for many people very challenging because there were cleaning at all levels. Since the beginning of the 2014 the amount of energy constantly to increases and causes even faster awakening, more radical changes in the lives of individuals, families and nations. Are ascending to the surface information about the corruption of politicians, of the puppets of the financial and secret societies, which they are in possession the majority of the assets on the planet (the 85 richest people own as much as the poorest half of humankind) and they prepare mentioned above the NWO. The spiritual level must precede a technical level, otherwise occurs to the imbalance and the society is exposed to the danger of self-destruction.

   No one in the Creation can’t own anything. Soil, forests, water, air, the whole planet are part of larger units – of the solar system, the galaxy, the universe, the multiverse, all it forms unity, of God. How can you own even a single cell of God, the Creator of Everything and Everyone, the Lord Jesus Christ? Everything is created for the life of all and everyone has, what he needs for his spiritual development. Only in the negative state, in particular on this planet Earth (Zero), is meanwhile allowed to have been violated the spiritual laws. It went so far away that people do not only own land, houses, forests, but also water resources. Water is sold in plastic bottles for many times the price of tap water in homes without there was only one sensible reason for such actions. The reasons are only the profit and the desire to control, to own. Thanks to this desire the whole planet is contaminated with waste and chemicals. There is no single place on Earth, an animal, a plant, a person, who would not be damaged and negatively affected. Already there is nowhere to hide where to run away from this life threatening landfill. If I would not intervened, that would ended this planet as well as many others (e.g. Maldek in this solar system – now the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter). On other planets in the negative state, the people completely destroyed the surface with the vegetation and animals and have resorted to underground cities, where live rough without sunlight. Often after then they come to realize what they have committed.

   As I have already said, the existence of a negative state can not last forever because it does not come from Me, it is only allowed. The planet Earth has a unique position in the Multiverse and serves as a library and genetic bank. Nowhere else is not there so many different kinds of living organisms together, nowhere else do not live in one place people with such differences  in the spiritual level. After the division of humankind this status will not be never and nowhere to repeat again, because it causes a tension, unstability, disharmony. In the positive state of the Multiverse on a one planet live people with similar vibrations to avoid extreme misunderstandings. There are no states there, the political parties, the Churches and other religious organizations. Everyone works in the area he chose on the basic of his abilities and talents, no one needs to work for livelihood, but for joy, a sense of belonging to the total, for helping others. Everybody has enough time for family, his hobbies, traveling and learning other civilizations in the universe. No one is not limited by the lack of anything that he needs for his development. Everyone it is provided with decent housing, means of transport, food (if necessary), access to true information.Life in the positive state in conformity with the spiritual laws, with the possibility of direct communication with Me, the Lord Jesus Christ, enables everyone to participate directly in creation to he wasn’t only a consumer, but a co-creator of life. Because of that already no one needs, to handed over his power to another, to ruled someone else to him. This do not mean that works are not coordinated. Of the most experienced people who have at the same time, the highest vibration, is selected the so-called Council of wise, which in cooperation with Me and with the spiritual beings from the higher dimensions recommends various procedures, cooperates with others at the most efficient production, distribution, organizes a mission on the less advanced planets to helped with the solution of different situations there. The Council of wise does not interfere with the live of families; there is no need to approve thousands of laws that restrict and bind, because you just need to follow spiritual laws. Their text you will find in the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ with Peter.

   The difference between by life in the negative and the positive state you will found in all areas and speeches. I will name the most important and most significant phenomena.


Separation from God, a little love, fear, manipulation, lies, focus on mass, wars, diseases, aging and death of the body, the lack of because of the unfair redistribution of resources and their waste, destruction of the environment, contests, control, the limitation by the imperfect laws, violation of spiritual laws, extreme weather, poor communication due to many languages, envy, sadness….


Connection and communication with God, a higher vibration of love, cooperation and help to others, sharing, truth, health, functional beautiful bodies, enough of everything, a beautiful and unharmed environment, justice, freedom without limitation (not absolute), the observance of spiritual laws, a pleasant climate, a common language on the planet, one galactic language, telepathy, joy, happiness….

   It is not the purpose of this New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ to enter into the particulars. I have enough co-workers around the world and beyond, who bring a detailed and truthful information at all levels and about all topics that concern life in the universe and also on this important planet. Everyone has the opportunity to find and study such information. Everyone is attracted according to the law: his to his, to the such information, which resonate with his vibrations, focus and abilities. Nevertheless, I emphasize here, that it is not possible to bring 100% true to all levels here. This New Revelation is the truest for the purity of the source, whether you believe it or don’t believe it.

   In the next chapter we will write about changes in the sphere of education and culture.

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