3. Changes in the Economy



The negative state manifests itself in all areas of human society’s life. We will gradually discuss the most important things to solve the problems that cause them. We start with an economic system because they are interested in most people. They live in imperfect bodies in an imperfect environment, which means that they must constantly take care of their bodies: nurture them, dress them up, keep them warm and dry, or heal and repair their damage. No body in this world is completely healthy and flawless, nor those that are beautiful at first glance and without blemish. Why? Because this human society is focused on material „values“, property, money, various pleasures. In pursuit of profit, she is willing to destroy not only the health and lives of the population, but to destroy the entire planet and thereby end the life on it. As I have already said, planet Earth has a specific and unique position throughout the Multiverse, and it is not possible for it to be destroyed with its genetic wealth. I won’t let that happen. Therefore I am here for the second time in that imperfect and very uncomfortable gross body.

Humankind is separate from Me, God, The Lord Jesus Christ, and others in Creation, lives in isolation because of the experiment and its choices. That is why it feels lack of everything it needs to live: love, energy, food, raw materials… There are different economic and political systems, but none of them can solve problems that are constantly growing and deepening. Most people on this planet have no idea that it is being abused and emptied by negative alien entities that are crossed with humans and incarnated into the bodies of ruling royal families, in the last centuries of the richest „people“, bankers, presidents, senior officials and politicians. These „blue blood“ hybrids have reptilian origins (for example, reptilians), characterized by insensitive to others, selfishness, desire for power and property, often indulging in satanic practices and rituals, abusing children, causing most of the wars on Earth. However, they are also driven by even more negative aliens from the Zone of Displacement, of the Multiverse waste bin. Their food is the negative energies they constantly evoke in the human population. Through the media, especially the news on television, it is spreading fear among people. A frightened man gives his power to the ruling elites and lets himself be enslaved and abused. They use modern technology to enslave, which, in collaboration with extraterrestrials, is enhanced in underground bases across many states, especially the United States and the United Kingdom. There, too, selected individuals have been trained since childhood, often blood-related to the richest and most influential families, to kill the uncomfortable opponents of the upcoming New World Order.

From the brief information above, it follows that the entire economic system on the planet, regardless of political regime, state system, religion, is controlled as a whole by negative extraterrestrial entities in the spirit of that motto: divide and rule. They, together with the bankers and leaders of secret organizations, decide on the most important issues in the life of human society on the planet, including wars, economic and environmental crises, state coups and revolutions, weather, health and disease, population regulation in recent decades. It is not the only area of ​​people’s lives that they would not control and influence. The most visible means of control is the monetary system that have led to „perfection“ especially in the last 100 years (1913 – the founding of the FED in the US), when central banks, held by private individuals, print money without covering any value – gold or other valuables, and these worthless papers then lends with high interest to governments and other entities, thus causing the debt of all. The next step is to remove cash and transition to cashless payments, first through credit cards, later chips, implanted under the skin of each individual. Thus the words of the Bible will be fulfilled: „And he gives to all, small and great, the poor and those who have wealth, the free and those who are not free, a mark on their right hand or on their brows; So that no man might be able to do trade but he who has the mark, even the name of the beast or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. He who has knowledge let him get the number of the beast; because it is the number of a man: and his number is Six hundred and sixty-six“.

The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ with Peter explains that code 666 is a symbol of the negative state, meaning incompleteness and imperfection. Only after the elimination of the negative state will we create and live in the positive state that has the code 777.

Briefly, simply and adequately I have explained that in the negative state, nothing can be reformed and changed for the better, because all the positive thoughts and ideas will be defiled, misused and concealed. Therefore, I am also in the body of Jana, and here we have an „army“ of light beings to help first with the division of humankind, bringing the loving part to the higher dimensions, eventually eliminating the negative state then, when many times repeated question is answered: How a life without God would look like…

In the positive state, no money is needed anywhere. Therefore, the financial system cannot be reformed, but it must be abolished altogether. One who lives in harmony with Me, The Lord Jesus Christ, My spiritual laws, always has everything he/she needs to live and much more. It is not feasible to destroy nature, to kill animals, to cut down forests, to pollute watercourses and seas, to harm people’s health and thereby to destroy their genetic material. More advanced extraterrestrial civilizations (for example, from Pleiades, Andromeda…) will help after the division, to build a fair, spiritually based society that uses free energy from space, produce organic food and other necessary things in optimal quantities so that they do not stay in storage and do not have to to destroy. Everything is energy, so it also, what looks solid, material. By increasing the vibrations occurs to relieve the mass and at the same time to the awakening of long ago „forgotten“ abilities: telepathy, teleportation, telekinesis… Therefore, it will no longer be necessary to produce as many technical aids as before. The use of telephones will disappear, the complex transport system will be replaced by flying machines with anti-gravity propulsion, later responding to ideas, disappearing arms, pharmaceuticals and tobacco industry, in agriculture, genetically modified seeds and crops, chemical fertilizers and pesticides will not be used, again, cultivation methods that do not harm nature and people will grow.

Most people on Earth perform slavish and often absurd, unproductive and useless labor for pay, which is not enough to cover all household needs. Civilizations and societies in the positive state are kept in constant reach through cooperation, coordination, they do not have to rival with each other, compete with each other, cheat and rob. The production of everything you need is in line with the demand of the people who do not order anything in the stock because they know they will get everything in time and in sufficient quantity and quality. Therefore, it is sufficient for an adult to work for the welfare of the entire society a maximum of 4 hours a day (converted to current time).

On this planet, isolated from the rest of the Creation on the edge of the Zone of Displacement, coming information from two basic sources:

  1. from Me, The Lord Jesus Christ and My co-workers from the positive state at all levels
  2. from negative entities from the Zone of Displacement through control programs

Every human being on Earth (Zero) has the option to choose which information – the idea he/she accepts, which he/she does not. By law: the same to the same, he/she attracts (usually unconsciously) the information that resonates with he/she. All great thinkers, inventors, artists, scientists, etc., have been and are inspired by beings from the spiritual world and higher dimensions. Even writers and filmmakers (such as science fiction) wouldn’t „invent“ anything without such inspiration and help. Throughout the ages, thoughts from more advanced worlds have come to improve people’s lives, economic, political, religious reforms, but they have always been and are being abused, altered and perverted so that the outcome of such a change is even worse than the original situation. Humankind boasts of its advances in science, but often uses it to harm it. Again, the situation at the end of the Atlantis era is repeated, when life on the planet is threatened (see Fukushima). But this time everything turns out differently. Above all, thanks to dedication and Love, the scenario of a planetary disaster will not be repeated. Therefore, it is necessary to divide humanity and its positive part transform to a higher spiritual level.

Various philosophers and thinkers (for example, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels) have written about a moneyless, socially more just society, but realization is not possible in a world where there is the negative state, people are controlled, deceived and abused, afraid of lack, death… Any improvement can cause a change in mindset by expanding consciousness and increasing love vibrations. Planet Earth literally „bathes“ in the sea with the energies of love from December 21, 2012. These energies have been flowing here for decades, but have been dosed to make people and the planet get used to them. The year 2013 was very demanding for many residents because of cleaning at all levels. Since the beginning of 2014, the amount of energy has continued to increase, causing an even faster awakening, more radical changes in the lives of individuals, families and nations. Information about corruption of politicians, puppets of financial and secret societies, which seize most of the property on the planet (85 richest „people“ own as much as the poorest half of humankind) and are preparing the aforementioned NWO. The spiritual level must be preceded by technical, otherwise there is an imbalance and society is at risk of self-destruction.

No one can possess anything in Creation. Soil, forests, water, air, the whole planet are part of larger units – the solar system, the galaxy, the universe, the Multiverse, creating unity, God. How can you own a single cell of God, The Creator of everything and everyone, The Lord Jesus Christ? Everything is created for everyone’s life and everyone has what they need for their spiritual development. Only in the negative state, especially on this planet Earth (Zero) is it yet allowed to violate spiritual laws. It has gone so far that people don’t just own land, houses, forests, but also water resources… Water is sold in plastic bottles for many times the price of tap water in the home without a single reasonable reason for doing so. The reasons are only profit and the desire to control, possess. Due this desire, the entire planet is contaminated with waste and chemicals. There is no single place, animal, plant, human on Earth that is not damaged and negatively affected. There is nowhere to hide, where to escape from this life-threatening waste dump. If I did not, this planet would end up like many others (for example, Maldek in this solar system – now the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter). On other planets in the negative state, people have completely destroyed the surface with all the vegetation and animals and resorted to underground cities, where they live without sunlight. They then often realize what they have done.

As I said, the existence of the negative state cannot last forever, because it is not from Me, it is only allowed. Planet Earth has a unique position in the Multiverse and serves as a library and genetic bank. Nowhere else are so many different species of living organisms together, and nowhere else are people with such differences in spiritual level. After the division of humankind, this state will never and nowhere be repeated because it causes tension, instability, dissonance. In the positive state of the Multiverse on one planet, people with similar vibration live to avoid extreme misunderstandings. There are no states, political parties, churches and other religious organizations. Everyone works in an area they choose based on their abilities and talents, no one has to work for a livelihood, but for pleasure, a sense of belonging to the whole, helping others. Everyone has enough time for family, their hobbies, traveling and learning about other civilizations in space. No one is limited by the lack of anything they need for their development. All are provided with decent housing, means of transport, food (if necessary), access to true information. Life in the positive state, in accordance with spiritual laws, with the possibility of direct communication with Me, The Lord Jesus Christ, allows everyone to participate directly in creation, not just a consumer but a co-creator of life. Because of this, no one else needs to give his/her power to another to be ruled by someone else. This does not mean that the works is not coordinated. Of the most experienced people, who also have the highest vibration, the so-called Council of Wise is chosen who, in cooperation with Me and the spiritual beings of higher dimensions, recommends different approaches, cooperates with others on the most efficient production, distribution, and organizes missions on less developed planets to deal with different situations. The Council of Wise does not interfere with the lives of families, there is no need to approve of thousands of laws that restrict and bind because it is sufficient to observe spiritual laws. You will find their wording in The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ with Peter.

The difference between life in the negative state and the positive state can be found in all areas and manifestations. I will list the most important and distinctive phenomena.


Separation from God, little love, fear, manipulation, lies, focus on matter, wars, diseases, aging and body death, lack due to unfair redistribution of resources and their waste, environmental destruction, competitions, control, restraint by imperfect laws, violation of spiritual laws, extreme weather, poor communication due to many languages, envy, sadness…



Connecting and communicating with God, higher vibrations of love, cooperation and help to others, sharing, truth, health, functional beautiful bodies, plenty of everything, beautiful and undamaged environment, justice, freedom without limitations (not absolute), observance of spiritual laws, pleasant climate, a common language on the planet, one galactic language, telepathy, joy, happiness…

It is not the purpose of this New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ to go into detail. I have a lot of co-workers around and beyond the world who bring detailed and truthful information at all levels and on all topics that relate to life in space and on this important planet. Everyone has the opportunity to find and study such information. Everyone is attracted, according to the law: the same to the same, to the information that resonates with his/her vibration, focus and abilities. Yet I stress here that it is not possible to bring 100% truth to all levels. This New Revelation is truest because of the purity of the source, whether you believe it or not.

In the next chapter, we will write about changes in education and culture.

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