29. Parallel Realities



The Multiverse is the energy of God, The Lord Jesus Christ, creating unity where everything is interconnected. There is nothing outside of this unity, even though it may seem temporarily separate and self-functioning. Even what you consider material and solid is nothing but energy, that is, particles vibrating at a certain speed. The higher the vibration speed, thus, the higher the vibrations, the finer and „lighter“ the mass. At a certain speed, the bonds between the particles are so small that the transition to intangible existence, that is, pure energy, occurs. Conversely, the slower the vibration, the lower the vibrations, the coarser and „the heavier“ the mass. The paradox of your official science is that it teaches atoms that consist of a nucleus (neutrons and protons), orbiting electrons around it – that is, nothing but vibrations, constant motion – and claiming that matter is something other than energy, it is even the source of life. Many scientists still cannot accept the fact that consciousness exists independently of the material body, even after the death of the body. In addition, they claim the experiences associated with dying the body (NDE – Near Death Experience) are a chemical reaction of the brain, which is not getting oxygen, are some kind of hallucination. I will explain to you the functioning of life in the simplest way possible, so that you will not only be able to understand it, but also to spread this vital information among other human beings and beyond this planet.

What is life? Infinite consciousness, the energy that vibrates the fastest of all existing energies, the energy of The Lord Jesus Christ, no one created absolutely intelligent, loving, connecting everything that exists. What you know under the concept gravity is a force that „holds“ together atoms, molecules, crystals, bodies of any being, including planets, stars, solar systems, galaxies, and universes (see saying: both above and below). It is not only material bodies, but literally everything that is part of the visible and „invisible“ Creation. From the point of view of the limited human body, the visible one is a imperceptible fraction from the invisible one. In Chapter 27, I have described how I create, even through Me created creatures (seemingly separated consciousness, experiencing individuality) other beings and environments corresponding to their vibrations. At the highest level, thus My, just the idea of anything (act) for immediate manifestation (react) in all universes and dimensions up to the lowest vibration. For Me, nothing is impossible or I create everything I think. Relative beings also have the ability to form a mere thought, but the result is dependent on the vibrations of a particular sentient being. It is evident and understandable that the closer they are to Me, The Lord Jesus Christ, the better their ability to create and their creations are more perfect. Each being follows the lives of all members of the multidimensional family „down“ (according to vibrations). Only I know all beings of the Multiverse, none can be omitted.

The greatest joy brings Me the return of the fallen being back to the True Creation, as I have said also many times in the body of Jesus (see Bible: parable of the lost sheep, of the two sons, of the lost money, of the prodigal son…) because of the experience with the negative state and above all, the understanding and acceptance of the gift of love that she receives from Me without expecting anything and wanting in return. On the basis of this communication, you may ask: Why does The Lord Jesus Christ, The Absolute God and Creator, head „the army“ of beings of the positive state and coordinate the return of human souls to the True Creation when He/She needs nothing and expects nothing? Because I care about every being in the Multiverse to be happy, to live life in love, abundance of everything and not to have to suffer because of the existence of the negative state. I can compare it to the situation on your planet: the vast majority of people want to live in peace, love and abundance, but enslaved by a small group of negative beings that force it to kill other people, destroy their homes, nature, living in poverty, dirty and poisonous environments, illness and other hardship. I am the loving parent and I do what every parent would do for his/her child, help him the best he/she can. Because I am Absolute, My help is perfect, even if you cannot judge and see it from the perspective of relative beings, moreover limited by these fabricated bodies.

What are parallel realities? Can a particular incarnate man live more lives at once in the same looking body? Has Hitler won World War II in another, parallel reality? Will there be more possible ways of life or situations in each selection, to split into two or more different realities? I will answer yes and no. Why is there no clear answer? First, we explain how the dimensions work. As you already know, every planet exists in 12 vibrational bands or dimensions that are both parallel and discrete, that is, do not interconnect and affect each other. Lower-dimensional beings do not perceive beings and higher-dimensional worlds, but higher-dimensional beings are able to see all dimensions that have lower vibrations. To make it not so simple, each being has a spirit that lives in the spiritual world, a soul that lives in the intermediate world, and bodies that live in the natural world. In the positive state, these three basic parts of the being are in contact, communicating with each other, and affecting their lives. Only in the negative state are they separated by the above-mentioned cases of the energoprotoplasm in order to display the pseudo-life without God. The body you are able to see through your eyes is not the only one, you have other bodies, invisible to most of you: etheric, astral (emotional), mental – all 3 die after the physical body’s death over time, then karmic, intuitive, heavenly and ketheric – they are part of the immortal nature of the being, carry all the records (experiences) of all lives, together with the spirit and soul they form a unique and unrepeatable sentient = self-conscious part of God, The Lord Jesus Christ (one cell of My „body“). Sensitive persons see these 7 bodies as the body’s physical coat of aura. Because you are living in the negative state, that is, in ignorance, your physical body needs to sleep a few hours a day. At this time, the subtle bodies become detached from the physical body and live their lives at different levels of the universe (for example, in the astral plane, where they deal with different situations and problems, communicate with other beings, make new friendships, etc.). You can remember a small part of these experiences even after waking up, you call it dreams. Because your subtle bodies vibrate higher than the physical body, the level of understanding is better when you sleep. Often, when you wake up, you do not understand what happened during the temporary detachment, you lose meaning, it remains a vague feeling. You don’t usually deal with your dreams. Now I will partly answer the question: Can a particular incarnate man live more lives in the same looking body? Yes, if you consider your etheric body that is almost identical to the physical body. How I wrote, lives his life outside of this reality. So I answer the first question as to whether there are parallel realities, also yes. However, there are no exactly the same planets, such as Earth in the 3rd dimension, where the same physical inhabitants would live, the same buildings were built, the same vegetation grew, etc., because it would be a violation of spiritual laws – repetition of the same. Therefore, I answer the same question and NO. You may already understand how it is with Hitler and the outcome of World War II. In the physical reality of planet Earth, he lost the war, but there are many variations in non-physical realities, no need to go into detail. When you consciously choose from multiple choices, you live in the physical body that you prefer, but your other bodies try other options, thus verifying how a different choice would happen. Everything is suddenly monitored and controlled by your soul and spirit, that is, both have much more experience than your ego, linked only to the physical body. Beings from the higher dimensions of the positive state do not live in ignorance, and therefore they are constantly aware of what all parts are doing, even if they are distant from one another and live their lives. Imagine suddenly watching several movies at once and being able to perceive them as well as advise and help each character in each story. This is how multidimensionality works. It is just an expanded consciousness, able to accommodate many times more than you can imagine. You will fully understand this when you get rid of the restrictions on the gross body that acts as a straitjacket. Although I have written that matter is energy vibrating more slowly, special laws of physics apply to it. The consequence is also the way of life on the 3rd dimensional planets, where it is not possible to create a mere thought immediately, but the path from thought to realization is long and very often unpleasant, because it is connected with toilsome work. Everything revolves around securing the physical body from threats from the environment (bad weather, dangerous nature, low energy, hostile groups of people struggling for energy = raw materials, food, land… even within the competitive environment in companies, between neighbors, states, wars run without weapons at all levels of life in gross bodies).

When we talk about the transformation of humanity and its return to True Creation, we mean the complete abandonment of the 3rd – 4th dimension, where life in a positive sense is not possible. Only the vibrations of the 5th and higher dimensions are sufficient to support the loving life of the beings, they allow the effortless creation, the movement without limits, so they are not the prison of sentient beings. Few are now able to understand and accept this truth. Therefore, we reveal it only and right here, on the pages of The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ.

The term parallel lives is not known and used in the positive state, because there is nothing hidden, everyone has access to all the information he/she is interested in, there are no secrets. Beings are multidimensional and able to perceive more lives at once, as we have already written. It is a term you know from your scientists, often „fed“ with information from the spiritual world of the Zone of Displacement, thus often by misinformation and half-truths. Most of the scientific discoveries of physics, biology and medicine come from this „workshop“. Therefore, humankind deals with pseudo-scientific theories and hypotheses and has no time and thoughts to enter into the interior where he can meet Me. Truth is easier than any lie. As long as you are constrained by this body, do everything to increase your vibrations, so that after the division of humankind or postponement of the body, you can live with Me in Heaven, that is, in the positive worlds of the Multiverse, where is „a small room“ for everybody, tailored to your wishes and dreams. Parallel worlds can be understood as universes or dimensions of the Multiverse that your scientists call dark matter. Let Me introduce planet Earth as an example. As I wrote, each planet has 12 dimensions, that is, 12 „parallel“ realities, but each looks different, has a different surface, a different distribution of oceans and land, another population. Moreover, in the highest dimensions of this planet, it is only an intangible existence, which is related to high vibrations. They are still natural, not spiritual and intermediate worlds. Each natural dimension has a respective intermediate and spiritual world, that is, the planet has 36 different realities. Do nothing of it that you are not yet able to fully understand the functioning of Creation. Given the large number of „guaranteed and only correct theories“ about the structure of the universe and its inhabitants, everyone spiritually seeking must have confusion in his head, especially when special terminology is used that makes everything even more complex. That is why I/We offer the simplest explanation and I/We recommend that you re-study all the books of The New Revelation because it is the truest and most comprehensive interpretation of the functioning of the Multiverse, especially in this time cycle when the negative state is fully activated.

I repeat again, there are no exactly the same realities, planets, beings… even the same two blades of grass or the same snowflakes. Don’t be led by the nose even so-called „astral travelers“ who have learned to consciously leave their physical body and experience encounters with different beings, visit different realities, civilizations… Even their experience may not be true because they move most often in the Zone of Displacement, thus in the anti-universe. Only a very small percentage of the spiritually awakened have the opportunity to meet with the angels of light and see for themselves the life in the True Creation to bear witness to Paradise, Heaven, higher dimensions (for example Ivo Ashtar Benda – www.vesmirni-lide.cz). You have incarnated on this planet to help increase vibrations and contribute to the successful transformation of as many human beings as possible. Once you have fulfilled the mission, you will be called off because otherwise it would not be possible the second coming of Pseudo-creators and the short victory of the negative state. Until then, you’ll be safe. Although now, during the Spring Equinox of 2015, when strong geomagnetic storms and eruptions are taking place at the same time as the Sun’s eclipse, it looks like the unleash of a nuclear war conflict that would erase humanity from the planet’s surface. Who reads The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ knows that I allow the negative side only what leads to the answer to the spiritual question: How would life without God look like…? and premature and violent termination of this experiment would disrupt My Plan. Even the supreme rulers of the Zone of Displacement Pseudo-creators are not interested in such a radical solution, because they would lose the most important source of energy and it also threaten their existence. They are coming here to take rule over all humanity on planet Zero and to be saviours, bringing solutions to all problems, including drift towards war and dissensions due to energy sources and domination over the weaker. Some human beings will see through this trap when it’s too late. They will have to endure the consequences of their elections and learn the lessons into the next lives. Remember, you’re playing a role, don’t be drawn into spreading the fear of war, don’t worry about your loved ones. You cannot know what they choose every day or when it is time to leave the body because they have already acquired the necessary experience of living in the negative state. You know that life is eternal and infinite, it has many different forms and you are the creators of your life roles. I can assure you that other roles will not be as difficult, unpleasant and exhausting as there will be no negative state in the new cycle of time. You have My/Our full support and protection and guidance that is tailored to each of you, our co-workers, our first line on this planet.

In the next chapter we will deal with the hollow Earth theme.

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