28. The History of Humankind on Zero under the Rule of the Pseudo-Creators

Chapter Twenty Eight


     True human beings are the only sentient beings who have not experienced life in the positive state nor in hells before their incarnation on the planet Zero (the stolen reality of the planet Earth). Their spirit and souls are from born in isolation from other Creations and preparation for the incarnation takes place in a special intermediate world directly related to this experiment. This is the only way to display life, separated from the original source, the Lord Jesus Christ, with all possible choices and impacts on other beings in the Multiverse. From the previous portion of the New Revelation (if you read it), you know that beings of both positive and negative state and true human beings, are incarnated on this planet which is absolutely unique and extremely important to others. Everyone, prior to their incarnation in the gross body, agrees that they will not remember anything from previous lives or from preparation in the intermediate world (in the case of true human beings). Everyone is exposed to the effects of both positive and negative spiritual forces, must choose between good and evil every moment. Life here is the most difficult, because everybody is bombed with lying information about everything, few are able to verify the truth by going inward. Moreover, everyday labor is necessary for the survival of this imperfect body fabricated by Pseudo-Creators. For more information on how true human life „works“, see the previous portion of the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ in chapter thirteen: „How to Survive Human Life.“

   Although the negative state exists for millions of years, it took to Pseudo-Creators for a very long time than prepared the conditions for the fabrication of the human being to meet all the requirements of its „creators“  and, at the same time, be able to survive in such a different and demanding conditions. Many attempts of genetic engineering did not come off, they got into a dead end. The results of these unsuccessful attempts found by your archaeologists in excavations around the world are also part of your mythology. The creation of the cave half-human has had to confuse the „future“ scientists to more easily believe the so-called evolutionary theory of the evolution of human from a creature like monkey (see again in the previous portion of New Revelation) and thus further led away the controlled human beings from God, the Lord Jesus Christ so that it could win the negative state. It can be said that the history of true human beings, i.e. humankind on the planet Earth/Zero, really began with the creation of a specific being by Pseudo-Creators who had and have many helpers from the zone of displacement, from your point of view of „aliens“ from different star systems and planets. They founded different civilizations and taught human beings to work and slave for their lords and gods. It may be an incredible paradox for you that learn most truth from the mythology and science fiction films and books, except of going inward, which makes only a tiny number of people. It is only in connection with the publication of all parts of the New Revelation that a large number of spiritual canals are opened from higher dimensions of the positive state, helping people at different spiritual levels to receive ever more truthful information about their origin and purpose. Whoever wants to know the truth about the history of humankind must completely forget what he has learned in schools of all kinds, read in historical books, heard on television…. Literally it applies the saying here that history is written by the winners. Generally: so far, the negative state is victorious that is not interested in revealing the truth, because there would be a wave of awakening and rejection of such a way of life. That is why the rulers of the zone of displacement and this planet respond to increasing light and vibrations rising by accelerating the preparation and realization of greater control and enslavement of the population (NWO, chips, radars, cameras…). You, readers of the New Revelation, know that the transformation of humankind is none a cosmetic arrengement, that it literally is a fundamental change in the understanding of the essence of life and the return to the True Creation without gross bodies from the Pseudo-Creators. You can only have eternal life with Me because the pseudo-life of the negative state is temporary. With its elimination at the end of this cycle of time, all the „conveniences“ that are closely related to the existence of this unnatural way of life, the dead life of anti-universe, will disappear.

   Although humankind is imprisoned in linear time, extraterrestrial civilizations that are involved in its „development“ from the beginning of the fabrication of creatures similar to the monkey interfere with the events on this planet continuously even against the motion of time, that is, from your point of view, they return to the past, affect the present and the future. For some scientists and researchers there is no longer a secret that it is possible to travel in time, use interdimensional gates, teleport to any place, into a pre-selected time… thus influence the development of individuals, groups and entire civilization on the planet. Therefore, any attempt to map the history from a linear time perspective is condemned beforehand to bad success. It is necessary to focus on the present moment, unnecessarily do not to pry into the „past“. What use is your knowledge of the „important events“ of human history, when you do not know what is most important to your life? Whoever connects his life with Me, commits oneself to My hands, receives answers to all questions, the highest truth about Creation and the meaning of life will be revealed gradually to him. As I said in the body of Jesus: I am the way, the truth and the life … God is love. Whoever believes in Love, lives in accordance with Her, will not remain without My help. Most people do not know Me, and therefore they worship the false god. It’s not about what name they use, but what they feel in his heart. He who loves Me as his only true parent, he is not afraid of Me because he feels and knows that Love does not punish and hurt.

   People worshiped different gods, always in connection with the extraterrestrial beings who ruled any civilization (Sumer, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Maya…).  Even the Lord from the Old Testament Bible I’m not Me, the only Creator of everything and everyone, formerly Most High, now the Lord Jesus Christ, as I indicated in chapter 13 „The Truth about the Old Testament Bible.“ You know that after the crucifixion of My body, Jesus Christ, I could enter into hells and capture the Pseudo-Creators, who until now ruled over the entire zone of displacement and the planet Zero. This means that even the so-called chosen Jewish nation was not led by Me, but the Pseudo-Creators who impersonated the only God and creator of the universe. Because the negative state, as I have repeated many times, works on the principle of divide and rule, it also occurs between individual extraterrestrial „gods“ and Pseudo-Creators to wars for energy sources, thus the object was and is humankind that they created and have completely controlled until My first arrival on this planet. An example is the rivalry between the Lord and the Egyptian gods during the liberation of Jews from slavery led by Moses. With My permission, Moses were handed over the stone tablets with the Ten Commandments which were „adapted“ for the needs of the people living in ignorance under the control of the rulers of anti-universe. Only in the body of Jesus I modified and redefined these laws and emphasized the most important: „I give you the new commandments to love one another; as I have loved you, love one another“. After 2,000 years, I bring the New Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, where Ten spiritual principles is published, which applies to the entire Multiverse (see chapter 24: The Ten Commandments Revisited and chapter 25: The Mystery of the Ten Spiritual Principles).

   From My First Coming to the present, when My Second Coming is already underway, I am preparing humankind for deliverance from the negative state directly on this planet Zero. Until then, preparations were took place in the spiritual and intermediary world. In the body of Jesus, for the first time, I introduced the Most High (Myself) as the God of love and forgiveness, willing to bring the greatest sacrifice. Even after such a long time (from the point of view of human life) most human beings are not able and willing to believe in a loving, selfsacrificing and un-punishing God. Rather, consciously and unconsciously, they accept the false gods that create hell from their lives and hold them in the illusion of the material world, isolated from others in Creation. Because I Myself adhere to spiritual laws, I do not force anyone to follow Me/Us. As long as there is the negative state, each being will be able to experience this according to her choices, preferences and vibrations.

   As I already wrote in this New Revelation portion, Pseudo-Creators are coming along with other extraterrestrial „gods“ to the planet Zero to personally take part in the final phase of this cycle of time. Because it was removed their ability to travel in time so that they could not interfere with the beginning of Creation, they use the planet Nibiru as the „means of transport“. Information about this brown dwarf is kept secret to the public, some evidence is being removed directly, only alternative media bring messages about its movement, appear videos of „two suns“ in the sky. The Pseudo-Creators still have many abilities what would never occured you even in a dream, they can change the form, materialize and dematerialize the bodies, move with the power of mind, but only within the zone of displacement that they temporarily rule (with My permission), they use all sorts of tricks and magic to achieve of their objectives. In addition, they use their subordinates who still have the ability to travel in time but are limited to the current cycle when the negative state is fully activated to can realize the prepared enslavement of humankind, their pseudo-creation, and for a short time they have won above the positive state on this planet (more precisely: in this reality of the planet Earth). Before the Second Coming of the Pseudo-Creators, lightworkers and all those who at that moment will meet the conditions for revibration to the 5th and higher dimensions will be called off, because of fulfilment the purpose of the temporary existence of the negative state.

   I will reveal another truth about Pseudo-Creators: they have appeared under different names as gods on all the continents of this planet. Among the most famous are Zeus, Shiva, Quetzalcoatl, Jehovah (Jahve). It is not about names, but about the very essence of perception and worship of God. Whoever worships God as entity who causes fear, fears of punishment, in addition he also uses different rituals, aids, i.e. external means of communication, does not turn to Me, the Lord Jesus Christ, but to Pseudo-Creators and their helpers (extraterrestrial beings, often in bodies of various reptiles and dragons), thus supporting the existence of the negative state. I know it sounds harsh and you will surely tell Me that humankind lives in ignorance and is controlled, so everyone can not know the truth about the only Creator of everything and everyone, the Lord Jesus Christ. I will explain it simply: It is essential to answer the crucial question for which you are experiencing this hell. Everyone plays their part and, before incarnation into the gross body, was acquainted with it and freely decided that accept it. Even though he has forgotten this agreement, he has all the tools to accomplish his mission, he has also the ability to change his attitude (from negative to positive, that is, to convert). If you are interested in the way Pseudo-creators rule, read the chapter 29 of the previous portion of the New Revelation.

   The history of humankind under the leadership of the Pseudo-Creators and their minions from the zone of displacement = black universe is full of wars, violence, destruction of human and natural creations, manipulation, secrecy, lies, robbing, …. If the advanced souls from True Creation were not incarnated here, the true human beings would not have a positive example of loving life, empathy, unselfish help to neighbour, forgiveness, for millions years they would not have been able to transform and live in the positive state. Among the most important incarnated angels from heaven belonged:

John the Baptist

Mary, the mother of Jesus

Mary Magdalene

St. Wenceslas

Charles IV.

Jan Ámos Komenský

Emanuel Swedenborg

Anežka Česká …and many „unknown“ people who lived in accordance with the spiritual laws spread the light in the darkness of this miserable world. You have certainly noticed that I do not mention here (apart from two Czech sovereigns) any kings, presidents or other prominent personalities glorified in historical writings and textbooks. You will find the answer not only above in this chapter, but in the whole New Revelation. Everyone who is incarnated from a positive universe feels that he is not at home here, he must accept misunderstanding, often also ridicule, because of different opinions and attitudes, peaceableness, which is considered a weakness, with a restriction in all areas of life. I deliberately do not mention here the angels who are still active in the bodies on this planet and are helping in the most important time not only for humankind but also for the whole Multiverse (some names you know from other chapters).

   There are currently 7 billion people on this planet. The vast majority is controlled from the Moon, Jupiter, Mars and Earth transmitters, only a tiny population is disconnected from the system, aware that she lives in an unnatural world and is looking for a way out of this matrix. Just these individuals are often exposed to various types of baits of negative entities. Only those strongest who ask for the direction of Me, the Lord Jesus Christ and My helpers, are protected and led away of the labyrinth of traps (often at first sight of attractive, loving and useful). Negative side, as is its custom, uses all means to acquire human souls, does not loathe of anything. Do not be deceived by any would-be true, by humankind „useful“ propaganda, do not side any side to the conflict, do not support any politician, religious leader, celebrities from showbussines, the media …because they are not from Me. Anyone who proclaims that the financial system can be reformed to be fairer, by eliminating some elites, everything will be solved, he did not understand the nature of the functioning of the negative state. The Pseudo-Creators are careful not to reveal themselves to the public, they install the pieces you know from television, use the system of honey and whip, or the game on a good and bad cop, but always in order to gain consent with their secret government and planet management. Do not give your precious energy to anyone and nothing, who and what is related to the pseudo-life on this planet. Concentrate on fulfilling your mission, enter inward, always ask your heart and not reason what love would does. You just so „survive“ human life and you will be picked up into higher dimensions, or after leaving the body you pass through the New School and incarnate yourself on your chosen planet or star. It’s much easier than it looks at first.

   In the next chapter I/We will briefly explain the operation of parallel realities.

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