27. (Re)Incarnation



This dose of The New Revelation is intended primarily for the inhabitants of planet Earth/Zero, and is therefore written in a more comprehensible language. At the same time, it is a rainbow bridge between the spiritually written Bible (or more precisely the New Testament) and The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ, thus the true Word of God. Currently, the transformation is bringing another spiritually seeking to a true explanation of the situation in which humankind is located, naming life in the negative state without embellishment and flattery, and showing the way to the True Creation. In the book of Messages from Within you will find a detailed explanation of the process of incarnation of human beings on Earth (see Message 32nd). The most important thing can be a surprise for those who deal with the topic of reincarnation and regression hypnosis, that is, evoking memories of „past lives“ on this planet: in fact, reincarnation does not exist because it would violate spiritual laws. In the previous chapter, I explained again and in more detail why I am passing on to every Myself personally, or through advanced beings, information that is often contradictory. It is a process of uncovering higher and higher levels of truth. Accordingly, we need to move on to a topic that is very important to human beings: Why can’t we repeatedly incarnate on planet Earth/Zero?

I will start from the creation of the first sentient beings by The Most High, now by The Lord Jesus Christ. Not to be alone and to know Myself better in diverse forms and situations, I have separated several ideas to which I have given their individual life with their consent. I have created the first line of relative beings that have not yet had physical bodies (even subtle). These beings have the ability to create other beings, but they cannot do without Me (remember that everything is connected in the universe, I am the Infinite Energy that permeates everything, I am the Only Source of Life). Being in close contact with Me, they are extremely loving, wise, creative and selfless. To avoid unnecessary confusion, I will not use any names and terminology, create your own idea yourself. None of these firstborn beings abandoned Me or opposed Me (how the literal interpretation of the Bible misunderstands especially on this planet, isolated from others), on the contrary, she creates another line of positive sentient beings that she cares for as their parent, of course in cooperation with Me, the Absolute Parent of all. These beings in the second line have spiritual bodies corresponding to their qualities and abilities, they still do not have physical bodies. They can appear anywhere in the Multiverse and take any form as needed. Even these beings create with My help and with the help of their first-line parents other sentient beings they care for and help them create another line… I created man as the fourth line of beings and placed him in the natural universe. His body is subtle, perfect, and I have given him the ability to create, travel in time (which is bound only to space and matter – even the subtle you cannot see by your imperfect eyes), free will… Imagine Creation as an imaginary pyramid, on which at the top and at all levels and „floors“ I am, The Lord Jesus Christ present. Below the top is the line of Firstborns, My closest co-workers, whose energy is linked to all the beings who have helped to create and are part of a multidimensional soul family. From the perspective of the Firstborns, figuratively speaking, from the first line of the multilevel pyramid downwards, it is infinitely many beings in all dimensions and levels of the Multiverse. From the 3rd dimension point of view, these are 12 multidimensional beings, the 13th I am, The Lord Jesus Christ. A true human being who does not come neither from the positive state or from Hells, after postponing (so-called „death“) of body, gets into the intermediary (intermediate) world according to its vibrations, where it prepares itself in collaboration with its guards and higher Self on the next an incarnation on another planet of the infinite Multiverse. Its life tape (speaking to you in a comprehensible contemporary language) is copied to another being from a spiritual family to continue to handle life situations and lessons. Therefore, it is possible for its to talk about „its“ past lives on this planet in regression hypnosis. This truly revolutionary information could not have been communicated earlier for spiritual reasons. You already know that I am progressing to a higher level of truth only after mastering the previous level, otherwise there would be a misunderstanding and rejection of such revelation.

If a being of higher dimensions and levels of the positive state is incarnated on this planet, there are fewer multidimensional beings „over its“, depending on where it comes from. For example, a being from the 5th dimension has another 11 including Me, My direct incarnation of Jana only 1, thus Me, The Lord Jesus Christ. In the past dose of The New Revelation, I wrote that only beings from the positive state are incarnated here repeatedly for the purpose of spiritual help (prophets, healers, spiritual leaders, etc.) and beings from Hells for the purpose of spreading evils and lies, reducing the vibrations of the population. It’s true, but partial. The closer to Me the being is (again it is about the vibrations of love), the more different qualities, abilities, wisdom… it has. When incarnated on planet Zero, it uses only a small portion of this vast number of properties. In another incarnation, it selects a different set of features as needed and the situation, creating a completely new being that is here for the first time, but carries the previous one’s life tape. It also applies to beings from Hells, only their properties and goals are completely opposite, that is negative. In a literal sense, no sentient being is repeatedly here. From the perspective of a reader imprisoned in a gross body, fabricated by the Pseudo-creators, whatever his/her soul comes from at any level of the Multiverse, it is difficult to imagine the functioning of life, the creation of new beings and worlds. A vague idea can be given to spiritually awakened quantum physicists, deep psychologists, people with extracorporeal experience.

When I was here in the body of Jesus Christ, I surrounded Myself with the disciples to whom I passed the Word of God to best understand and accept it to be able to spread it to other inhabitants of this planet. I created the first line who, after My departure, did the same thing at its level. Already at that time I used a very effective way you know today under the imprecise term multilevel marketing. Whoever is at the forefront of this pyramid system, whether it is used to disseminate products, services, or ideas, is always interested in helping not only its frontline, but all its co-workers in the network. It is no coincidence that Jana, My Self in the material body, has worked for various MLM companies for 12 years. At the same time, she knew that everything positive and useful on this planet was misused, distorted and used to enrich several individuals at the expense of the majority. This is the nature of the negative state. As long as humanity lives in the Multiverse’s garbage bin, there will be no peace, enough of everything, especially love.

The entire Creation can be compared to a pyramid network where all are energetically connected, and beings with higher vibrations help beings with lower vibrations. I, The Lord Jesus Christ, help everyone without distinction. There is no one being I would not know that I would not help, to which I would turn My „back“. You can ask Me for anything, I will not deny you anything, if it is in accordance with your plan, not your ego desire. The problem of staying on planet Zero is oblivion, isolation and control. Yet, like all beings, you have a connection with Me, albeit imperceptible. However, even in these difficult conditions, you have the freedom to accept or reject any thought that comes from anywhere, that is, from the positive state or the negative state. In Chapter 19 of this New Revelation dose, I compared the hierarchy and its functioning in the True Creation and the Hells (antiverse), where everything is turned upside down, built on the head, and completely perverted. Only in the new cycle of time, when there will no longer be the negative state, will all energy be devoted to the creation of new, unprecedented worlds, ways of life, the rapprochement of all beings in the Multiverse. It will no longer be necessary to separate the individual dimensions, especially the protective membrane between the True Creation and the Zone of Displacement, all beings will have unlimited access to all parts and dimensions. At the same time, they will be able to communicate directly with Me/with Us, The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family without an intermediary.

You are now witnessing the greatest battle for the human souls in the history of not only this planet Earth/Zero, but the whole Creation from the beginning of its existence. Both sides, both positive and negative, put maximum spiritual potential to get as many souls as possible on their side. The methods and means of the Pseudo-creators and their helpers are diametrically opposed to those used by Me and My co-workers. In any case, every being from the positive universe adheres to spiritual laws, especially the law of free choice, and therefore does not impose upon anyone, does not use violence (spiritual, mental or physical), contacts only those who are ready for it and transmits information that helps to increase vibrations, spreading consciousness and freeing from control. Dark workers do the opposite: they do not abide by spiritual laws, use the technical and mental control of minds of unsuspecting people, use easily bribable and unstable beings to perform spiritual, mental and physical violence, promise material wealth, power and fame for collaboration with the system, but they often break their promises and get rid of the used and unneeded of  „slave“ or take him „for reward“ to the higher dimensions of the Zone of Displacement, where he knows the true mental Hell. Then it is too late to show regret and soul searching. He will wait for the final phase of My Second Coming, when he will be given a last chance to transform into a positive being, capable of living in the New Multiverse, where there will no longer be the negative state. By that „time“, he would have the chance to know the false pseudo-life in Hells thoroughly, and on that basis, decide if it is worth losing the chance to live forever on My/Our side. As I have already written, after the fusion of the body of Jesus with the Absolute Divinity of The Most High, I can also appear with My helpers also in the Zone of Displacement without the immediate destruction and liquidation of all beings. I will hear every soul trapped in Hell who regrets its actions and begs forgiveness, is able and willing to accept Me as its true parent. That doesn’t mean I pick its up to Heaven immediately. It will have a long way to go before it must demonstrate a sincere effort to improve, that is, to increase its vibrations. It will be cleansed in a special school, undergoing a process of so-called fumigation, and, like all other beings, will be acquainted with The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ to better understands how the negative state arose and works, why it cannot exist forever, as many beings, not only on this planet Zero, thinks.

How about incarnation in animal bodies? Is Buddhism right when it teaches that a human being can incarnate into the body of any animal? I’ll start from the formation of minerals. All creation takes place on a quantum level, everything has a common ground. The primary is the idea, followed by the plan of creation, finally the realization. Unlike creation in the material world, where everything is done in a linear time and where much effort is needed before anything is done, everything happens at the same time in the spiritual world. In the intermediate world, this idea will be examined to see if it works and fits into a broader concept. When its usefulness is assessed, it is transferred to the natural universe. It depends on the vibrations of a particular natural (physical) world, how long it takes to realize any idea and plan of creation of minerals, rocks, plants, animals, technical and other objects… Every particle, even the smallest (invisible to the naked eye), is part of the larger and larger parts that are part of the whole, that is, of the entire Creation. All particles interact, the law of action and reaction applies. There is no dead or inanimate product of nature throughout the Multiverse (as children continue to learn in the science lessons of this planet). Every stone, ie mineral or rock, has a consciousness which, unlike human consciousness, is at a lower level and is not an individual, thus separate and independent consciousness, but an energy field, unifying all the knowledge and experiences of minerals and rocks not only on one planet but throughout the natural universe. Plants also have consciousness, are at a higher level than minerals and rocks, higher species of plants, especially trees and houseplants communicate with each other, have emotions (feel love and fear…). Animals, especially domestic animals, living close to people, in addition have the intelligence, the ability to empathize with the thinking and emotions of their human „owners“. Individual animal species have a common, so-called group soul. A man I created is unique because in his soul (in DNA) life experiences are written from minerals and rocks, through plants and animals, up to other creatures you don’t have here and you don’t know. When you get rid of the gross body and bring your consciousness to a level before falling (by activating the negative state), you will feel unity with everything, including Me, The Lord Jesus Christ. It follows from the above information that a human being cannot (re) incarnate into the body of an animal because it would be a regression, a way back against development and spiritual laws. Every human being is God’s creature, as I have said above, has copied the experiences of lower life forms without experiencing such a life. This is confusing for the so-called „scientists“ on this planet, who separate matter from energy, linking everything visible and „invisible“. It is a dead end and many are already aware of the absurdity of this concept. When I wrote in the previous dose of New Revelation about the incarnations of true human beings who are on this planet for the first time, it was not a physical bodies, but a soul and a spirit that were created directly to depict this unnatural way of life. Only after leaving the physical body is they given the choice of where they will incarnate next. It is not the purpose of this New Revelation to go into detail and use professional terms, it is the ultimate in clarity and simplicity, so that as many readers as possible understand and accept this information from the highest source and at best use it in their lives. Especially in recent decades, humankind has received a vast amount of information from the spiritual world and also directly from Me, The Lord Jesus Christ. Again, I remind of the sentences of Jesus: whoever seeks, finds who is knocking, it will be opened him, who has, it will be added him…

Therefore, I am adding to you, the readers and practicing of The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ, a simplified explanation of the functioning of the spiritual development of the individual in relation to the entire Creation. An individual sentient being is created either by the direct endowment of The Lord Jesus Christ (formerly The Most High), or by the sexual union of the two loving beings of the opposite „sex“, thus male and female, when the idea of ​​the birth of a new being arises. This applies universally, only in the Zone of Displacement is this a negative idea, often on the planet Zero by the unconscious act. In higher dimensions, sentient beings are androgynous and therefore, in a sexual act, the masculine aspect of one being merges with the feminine aspect of other being. The new sentient being from Me will receive a set of properties that are unique and unrepeatable in the entire Creation because nothing is duplicated. Most beings live in the positive state, have no the need to incarnate into material bodies, they share the experience of staying with matter with other beings of their multidimensional family. As I have already written, the life tapes are passed to them (DNA entry)  in order that they can continue on the spiritual work of their predecessor. Upon leaving the body, it will occur the Last Judgment, that is, the evaluation of the individual life, the acceptance of other tasks on the spiritual path and the incarnation on another planet according to the vibrations and choice, if necessary. Again, I emphasize here that the repeated incarnation on the same planet (no matter what time or state or political structure…) would violate spiritual laws would not bring the necessary spiritual development.

In the next chapter, I/We will introduce you to the history of humanity on planet Zero under the rule of Pseudo-creators.

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