26. God’s Word and Truth in Linear Time



Pseudo-humanity, not created directly by The Most High, now by The Lord Jesus Christ, but genetically altered, with an encapsulated spirit and soul, to have only a slight contact with the Source of Life, and thus its by temporary existence and manifestation to everyone in Creation could show how would life without God look like, received the Word of God during the linear time to survive this long separation. The fall of humankind has been happening for millions of years and concerns many civilizations about which today’s inhabitants of planet Earth/Zero have little or no knowledge and evidence of their existence. Only recently did scientists discover the remains of the last Atlantis which sank 12,500 years ago, but the elites are not interested in disseminating information about advanced civilizations in order not to question Charles Darwin’s misused teachings about the accidental emergence of life and development of species on this planet. They do not want any disruption of their plans to enslave humanity. They know that a sleeping human is more manageable, he is not too interested in his interior, where he can connect with Me, he mainly takes care of his physical survival because he does not believe in the eternal life of the soul. If he believe by the influence of different religions, he has completely false ideas about „afterlife“. That is why the Bible was censored (as I already said in this dose of New Revelation), especially the teachings of My first direct incarnation of Jesus about the preexistence and wandering of souls, about reincarnation was deleted.

The Word of God was transmitted in different ways during the fall of humankind, always in accordance with My Plan and the spiritual level of the population. Initially, long before fabrication of semi-animal bodies, it was not necessary to write it down, because everyone had the possibility of direct contact with Me. But since a question has already been asked that activated the negative state, people have increasingly been engaged in exploring the physical world and abandoning the entering inside, being led by other people, and not so much intuition, that is, God in their hearts. Planet Zero was under the control of the Pseudo-creators, who were involved in the development not only by fabricating a new body of a half-human, but by moving this reality of planet Earth into a new position and manipulating linear time (more in the previous dose of the New Revelation in Chapter Six „The Mystery of Pseudo-creators“). We will not discuss here in detail the period before the Flood, because to understand the correspondences between deepening the gap between sentient beings trapped in the Zone of Displacement and Me, the true and only Creator of life, just briefly describe how I have transmitted My Word to human beings on planet Zero in the last few thousands of years.

Up to My incarnation of Jesus 2,000 years ago I let the Pseudo-creators rule over planet Zero and the entire Zone of Displacement without major interventions to have enough „time“ and opportunity to prepare the scene for the last act of this drama. This does not mean that I did not send prophets who brought the Word of God. In the Old Testament of the Bible is written about them, and their (more precisely My) prophecies have been fulfilled and are still fulfilling, and this is also true of future events. There are more separate civilizations and cultures on this planet. All of them are affected by both negative forces and light forces. My Word is passed on to everyone without distinction, no one is left out. Therefore you will find the same or similar stories on all populated continents, only the terminology is different. Especially among the so-called primitive peoples, oral tradition still prevails from generation to generation, thanks to which very old stories and prophecies have been preserved that are important to all the planet’s inhabitants, mainly at the present time the transformation of humanity. At any time I speak to people through selected advanced beings, incarnated into gross bodies. They may be shamans, healers, performances of any church or sect, but also „ordinary people“ without any signs of exceptionality and extraordinary abilities. I always adapt to the level of listeners and readers so that the reach of My Words be as effective as possible without violating My own spiritual laws. Although I am associated by many people with Christianity, which is understandable with regard to My work in the body of Jesus, I am The Absolute and Only God, The God of all, even the atheists who do not believe in My existence. I do not distinguish human beings according to the name in which they pray to Me, what learned rituals and habits they use to contact Me. I accept every soul that is true and sincere to herself and others, loves Me, herself and her neighbors, forgives herself and others because she realizes her imperfection and the imperfections of others. When you get rid of the limitations of this fabricated body, you will have a different perspective on everything you have experienced, your relationships, beliefs, ideas, your entire earthly life.

How is the truth? I’ve already explained several times that you live in the anti-universe where everything is upside down. Only I am the Absolute Truth, The Lord Jesus Christ. The further away from Me (in the spiritual sense), the less truth you know and are willing to accept. In addition, the inhabitants of the Zone of Displacement are isolated from the True Creation, their spirit and soul locked in cases of energoprotoplasma, and only a tiny hole allows them to be energized by life energy and true information. To do this, they are controlled by negative programs, which are prepared for several days in advance by extraterrestrial entities. So it is impossible to I tell everyone the truth about anything at once. It would cause complete chaos and insanity, destruction and annihilation of the entire planet, and then the Zone of Displacement. Already in the previous dose of The New Revelation, I have emphasized that I adhere to My own spiritual laws of love, and in liberating beings from the negative state I use methods and means that are appropriate to the spiritual level of individuals and groups. Again, I will use a comparison with the treatment of drug addicts, alcoholics, etc. The mind, infested with poisons, that is, lies, false ideas about life as a whole, cannot be liberated at once. An unawakened individual is unable to accept even the fundamental truthful information about the functioning of the universe, the Unity of everything and everyone with Me, The only God. Any attempt to persuade him misses the effect, only provokes resistance, derision, rejection… It’s a futile attempt, speaking to a deaf ear. People in the first and second turns of the spiritual spiral are slowly beginning to be interested in „alternative information“, realize or feel that everything is not as it is presented to them by the system (family, school, media, politicians…), they are more accessible to new, partly true information from the higher dimensions of the Multiverse. Here is a specific example that refers to at www.vesmirni-lide.cz: it is stated here that Jesus was not physically crucified but only a hologram. Jana, My direct incarnation read this information on the pages above in 2004, about a year after making a direct conscious contact with Me. At that time, she accepted this statement with the explanation that Jesus had not committed any spiritual wrongdoing, so it was not possible for him to be so cruelly punished. During the following years of training and examinations, especially by receiving information in advance by My scheduled sequence, mainly by reading all the books of The New Revelation, not least by her own experience, she came to the realization that Jesus was physically crucified to complete his mission and capture the Pseudo-creators, removing their travel in time ability without anyone in Hells knowing him. In addition, based on a personal visit to a lecture by David Icke in Prague in 2010 and a long-time study of his work, she also realized that the entire universe is a hologram, and therefore information from the Talks is true, but evokes various reader ideas depending on its spiritual level, personal experiences that change in linear time. Surely you also have the experience that when you repeatedly read a book or watch a movie you notice more details, you better understand the individual events and the overall tone. This implies the need to repeat some „lessons“ on the spiritual path, but always on a new, higher level, because nothing in the life is repeated literally, it would be a violation of My laws. The more you rise on the spiritual spiral, the more truth you can accept. But this is also individual and unrepeatable. There are no two equal experiences, but you can have the same vibrations. Therefore, the only measure of your readiness to abandon the illusion of the negative state and „move“ to the other side, that is, to the positive state, is your vibrations. The division of humanity on planet Zero is the only possible way to allow continuous spiritual development to those who are already awakened, and there is no reason to imprison them, and how to bring an end to the depiction of life without God by the complete victory of the negative state. Only then can there be a gradual elimination and cleanup of the Zone of Displacement from evils and falsities and this unnatural and harmful way of life.

I’ll go back to the Bible. For security reasons, it is written in the spiritual language and cannot be taken and explained literally because it makes no sense. You can read more on this in Messages from Within (dictated by Me to P. D. Francuch) in the Sixth message: „About Swedenborg’s Understanding of the Last Judgment. About the Bible and its Various Meanings.“ Only The New Revelation reveals the truth about the existence of the negative state, and because the last act takes place, it is essential that this truth be physically present on this planet. All the holy books were and are contaminated with false and half-truth information brought in by human beings during rewriting, misunderstanding and translations, all under the baton of controlling entities. Most of the truth (except New Revelation) is found in the New Testament of the Holy Bible precisely because it contains My sayings and prophecies from My time in the body of Jesus. One who is capable of reading them also with his/her heart, not just mind, will also understand the spiritual meaning of the written Word of God. Most human beings will only be able to do so after leaving this gross body. That is why I have prepared the New School for all souls who have liberated themselves from the matrix and want to live in the positive state, in other words in Paradise or Heaven, where they will have direct, uninterrupted and uncontaminated contact with Me, The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family.

The true Word of God, which comes from Me, is easy to see if you engage your intuition. Unlike the false and untrue statements that are published as My Word, it is always full of love, wisdom, is not too complicated, and above all promises no cakes without work (on yourself), the Paradise for all, regardless of the degree of violation of spiritual laws. In addition, every text that comes from the positive state is literally „charged“ with the energy of love, the awakened readers perceive this energy directly physically. In Chapter 9 of this book I listed the most important statements from Me over the past 50 years. This does not mean that this list is exhaustive. I also speak to individuals who keep their personal Conversations with God for themselves, or communicate them to their closest relatives, friends, etc., and sometimes publish them on their blog or facebook. You will find many such statements and conversations on the Internet. No one can patent „Conversations with God“ for themselves, nor those who bring it with My permission to the wider public through printed books that are sold for money. I speak to you in various ways to help you free yourself from this unnatural pseudo-life to show you that there is nothing to prevent your return to Me. In recent decades, with the vibration increasing of the planet and humans I show Myself more often to selected and prepared people around the world, believers of all religions and atheists, not only in living dreams, but also during abandoning the body. There is always a tremendous change that literally turns them inside out because they get proof of My existence and feel the love they never knew before. Mostly I show Myself in the body of Jesus Christ, who, after the fusion with Absolute Divinity, is perfect, shining, and no one doubts that he/she has met face to face with The only true God, The Lord Jesus Christ. However, there are still rare cases where it is necessary to show also My feminine form. Since there is no time in the Multiverse, I can also appear in the perfect and beautiful body of The Goddess Jana, although she still lives unknown among you in an aging body to personaly know the consequences of life in the negative state. Some of you will have the chance to meet her here on planet Zero, but there will not be many of you, because as I have already said on the pages of this book, her mission is different from the mission of Jesus. She is also undergoing the transformation with you that does not end with ascending into the 5th dimension, but will continue for a very long time across all dimensions to Me. Jesus Christ, „soon“ after leaving planet Zero, Jana has a much longer journey ahead. After moving to the New Earth, I will live with Jana in God’s Family in a subtle body, and at the same time I will be present in an infinite number of bodies at all levels and dimensions of the entire Creation so that I can better communicate with anyone who asks Me for that. It is better to see the other party (mostly telepathically) directly in the eye than to communicate with the invisible energy. That was the reason for My first incarnation on planet Zero/Earth. After the fusion of Jana’s body with the Absolute Divinity of The Lord Jesus Christ, we will show ourselves together in the Multiverse as man and woman, God’s Family.

Jana knew on her own skin that time plays no part in My Plan. Throughout the 12 years of our communication, I had to provide her with information she called herself „the truth at another time“, from the point of view of a being trapped in a linear time – a lie. When I am at the beginning of this New Revelation dose briefly described the process of dividing humankind and ending material life on the surface of this planet, which will turn into a star, it would appear that everything will happen simultaneously and at once within a few days (important date December 21, 2012). I also stressed that on the planet Zero the negative state cannot prevail. Who of you reads carefully will find also an explanation. Planet is consciousness, its body Zero will fall through from position 0 to position -1 after the ascending of positive people, thus to Hells, where the negative state can „win“ for a short time (its name will no longer be Zero). Only then will I/We return and eliminate life in this reality. Those who will be „transferred“ to the New Earth at any time during the transformation, or incarnate there in a new child’s body (not the newborn as you know it) will live on one of the physical bodies of the multidimensional Gaia being on the body that emits light, it is the sun. I give information so that you always understand and accept one level of truth, then just another and more… I use the repetition method in spiral as we have written. Only then are you able to walk the spiritual path and increase your vibrations. In Conversations with God: With You Love Blooms Love Around Us 2, we used as an explanation of this gradual addition of the truth theorem: „We can’t ask a child in a kindergarten to do degree examination on university“. And that’s what it is about.

The next chapter will deal with the theme of (re) incarnation.

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