25. Family



Each inhabitant of this planet, placed on the edge of the Zone of Displacement, under the concept of the family will introduce the most ofen a man and a woman, living in marriage, bearing and raising children. In some cultures, there are men with more women, exceptionally there are homosexual families, that is, two men or two women, sometimes with children. Who reads The New Revelation of The Lord Christ begins to realize that everything he/she has known so far, what he/she believed, what is important in life is the opposite. As I dictated Peter Daniel Francuch in Messages From Within, there can be no true spiritual marriage in the negative state. What is considered marriage here is completely deformed, distorted, and lacking anything of the positive state.

We will not repeat here what is written in the above book and other parts of The New Revelation, but here we will give a new perspective, closer to your understanding and experiences. Sexuality and the sexual relationship between man and woman, more specifically masculinity and femininity, is a prerequisite for co-creation in the spiritual, intermediate and natural worlds of the Multiverse. Loving sharing and connecting two beings provides the pleasure none of you can imagine. That is why the area of ​​sexuality is most defiled by Pseudo-creators, so as not to establish an inner contact with Me, the Only Source of Life. At the same time, the ability of the mutual spiritual interconnecting of sexual partners has been removed, that is, to feel what the other feels. Through the control of human beings, the perception of sexuality was distorted and garbled. She has become unsuitable and unclean in the eyes of God with any name she has appropriated and changed to her own image different religions. Only the sexual relationship where love is missing, the desire to please himself/herself and the loved partner, to know his/her better, but to be based on control, the desire to own, to use, to gain any (not only financial) advantage is impure. The negative state revels in dirt, perversity, obscenity, and therefore sexual organs are located right next to the excretory. I would have to be ashamed of such nasty and imperfect bodies that cannot fully utilize food energy, smell, deform with aging and poor lifestyle, often repel the sexual partner. To make matters worse, marriages are closing, which only I, The God Almighty, can divide. No wonder people are often very unhappy in marriage, especially when it is closed for reasons other than mutual love. Even marriages that were originally based on mutual love do not have to endure to the end of the pseudo-life in the gross body. As we have already written, life in the negative state brings so many different kinds of suffering, stress, tedious work, childcare… that it is almost impossible to love your partner constantly and without fluctuations in these circumstances. I do not condemn anyone who decides to leave a partner or husband when he/she feels that the relationship does not bring joy, love and satisfaction. I know that thanks to thousands of years of false morality and images of a punishing God, it is hard to believe that just I have an understanding for all the seeking and experimenting human beings who are not afraid of change and are willing to go for true love to the edge of the world. However, there are always two sides of one coin in duality. What is good, beneficial and pleasant for one, causes pain, suffering and fear of loneliness, for lack of resources, loss of „security“. You will never ingratiate to everyone here, you have to choose „a lesser evil“. That is why it is better for your soul to make decisions after careful consideration of the situation, not to resolve each dispute with a break up and mutual denigration, blackmailing of a partner, etc. Even when two people who have children are divorced, it is possible to agree on mutual communication, help and care. Children are more spiritually advanced than most people suspect, so it is important to give them a sensible explanation of the reasons for their parents‘ break up, to make the best possible contact with them, not to prohibit or restrict mutual visits. You will most harm them when you slander the other parent, dispute disputes before the court and pull into their lives the controls of social workers who often do not defend their interests. How I wrote in this dose of New Revelation, the negative side is accelerating its plan to enslave humankind, and therefore attacks the family where relationships are ever more loving than in other forms of human coexistence. Especially in big cities where people don’t know each other and are anonymous, often ignoring their surroundings, a well-functioning family is an oasis of safety, friendship, love, mutual help… The above information suggests that living in a family, where, despite the various problems, all getting on together, are happy, support each other, is better than living alone.

That is why I, again, incarnated into Jana’s gross body for the second time to get as close as possible to people and show that the relationship between man and woman is a good foundation for a functioning society in the positive state and at the same time an optimal background for children. Remember that the birth of infirm children is the consequence of the existence of the negative state and the genetic manipulation of the Pseudo-creators with the physical bodies of human beings in the Zone of Displacement. Step by step, We, Jana and Jesus, The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family (in the 5th dimension and with the two children) lead you out of this trap into a new life where the only limitation is the observance of the spiritual laws of love. You will be free to choose whether to start a family or to live alone or in a different kind of community with other people, not to worry about material security, good education, career… because you get everything you need. Your ability to feel the thoughts and feelings of others will be incomparable to what you know and have on planet Zero. It will be almost impossible to behave in contradiction with your thoughts, that is, to lie and to cheat, flatter or manipulate someone. Any attempt at negative behavior and thinking will be reflected in a reduction in vibration, which ultimately leads to the displacement of the being into lower dimensions. Here you see the difference between life on the planet, where almost everything is permitted for the time being, where people with both high and very low vibration, each according to free choice, live together, and on all other planets, suns… where the law of the same attracts the same applies to for society as a whole, not just for individuals and groups. The family in the positive state will not be so bound by the rules, it will fall away the ownership of material things, the obligation to nurture children, or the wife, work till one drops, and most of the time to perform unpleasant duties. More freedom, liberty, the opportunity to travel and explore other worlds, leads to the improvement of interpersonal relationships, wishes to love between partners, children and parents, co-workers and all people. People feel more connected with one another and with Me, they are not isolated, they are not subject to false illusions, they do not create any churches and religious organizations because they have direct contact with the source of their life, they do not need any mediators.

On planet Zero, where each of you experiences the consequences of having the negative state on your own, there is a very common choice between two „evils“. It is necessary to listen to your intuition especially when making important decisions which also apply to other people, in the family, community, workplace, etc. Let Me give you an example: a small child loses both parents and is placed in a children’s home, where he is well cared for by the material, but the need for love is not sufficiently satisfied. A homosexual couple shows interest in adopting and educating him in this unconventional family. Should it stay in the children’s home or live in an unconventional family? What is less „evil“? Can we answer this question at all? There are as many answers as such cases. It is not possible to categorize and generalize, to refer to other cases where, for example, the child has been sexually abused by an adoptive parent, there was an „inappropriate“ upbringing, shortly be biased. When you are at a crossroads, do not always choose a more comfortable and easier way to go, do not worry about unconventional solutions, do not be afraid of changing your „established“ life. When you begin to consciously live and climb the spiral of spiritual journey upward, changes in your life will become faster. You can, but you don’t have to change your life partner, work, way of life, change your priorities. Although each spiritual path is unique and unrepeatable, some of its features are common. You break away from traditions, learned and assumed dogmas and beliefs, clinging to property and money, fear of physical life, more sympathy with other beings, becoming part of the so-called „Christ consciousness“. That means, anyone who, with the help of spiritual beings and Me, attains higher vibrations of love and is able to live in the positive state, is a follower of Jesus Christ. During the history of humankind after the fall, many advanced beings have incarnated here from the level of „Christ’s consciousness“ (even before the physical birth of Jesus on planet Zero), but it was not a direct incarnation of The Most High, that is, The Absolute Creator of everything and everyone. Only Jesus and Jana are the material Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family. Any other interpretation, deification of other beings anywhere in the Multiverse is false and misleading. I am aware that few human beings are able and willing to accept this truth, and therefore it is revealed only in this New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Family, and so far it is allowed also in texts from different sources of positive state, to use half-truths and inaccurate explanation especially of the personality of Jesus Christ, who, for obvious reasons, is much better known than Jana. In the body of Jana I follow not only the spiritual work of Jesus, but all the helpers of the highest spheres of the Multiverse, who have incarnated here, especially in the past 2,000 years, and have fulfilled and are still fulfilling My Plan to bring humanity out of the Zone of Displacement to the positive state.

The plan of elites and their „superiors from Hells“ is aimed, among other things, at breaking traditional families. Increasingly, there is a deliberate removal of children from petty reasons and their placement in substitute families, sometimes homosexuals, leading primarily to the emotional alienation of the original family, causing fear, insecurity, feeling of hopelessness, thus exactly what the negative and malevolent entities need for their „life“. In many countries, juvenile justice is running, bullying parents under the pretext of protecting defenseless children, spying on them through hired agencies, school facilities, and employers to find or construct a reason to remove children from their parents.  Hand in hand, any different sexual behavior is promoted by all means and is built above the natural relationships between loving man and woman. As I have already said, there are no homosexuals, bisexuals or transsexuals in the positive state, all of whom are the result of the genetic manipulation of the Pseudo-creators and their minions. As The Absolute God who loves all beings in Creation, even those who have fallen away and turned against Me, I love also those who have chosen to experience this experience of different sexual orientation. It is up to each individual to find a way back, or to sink further into the negative state until the end of this time cycle. You know that only the vibrations of love play a part in the division of humankind, everything that does not belong to the positive state will be removed during the exchange of the physical body for the duplicate. I am ready at any moment to accept anyone who has love in his/her heart. I’ll add everything else to him. What I have said in the body of Jesus Christ is true: „For to everyone who has will be given, and he will have more: but from him who has not, even what he has will be taken away.“ My Word does not change, I merely adapt it to the spiritual level of the people, uncovering more and more truth, naming things with real names, because it is time to separate the grain from the chaff. Anyone who incarnates on this planet at the time of transformation is part of this extraordinary process, even though he/she is not aware of it on the physical level. All his/her experiences are written into his/her DNA and he/she will be able to use it after the so-called „death“ of the body, not only in the intermediate world, but also in other incarnations. Therefore, it does not matter whether or not someone experiences ascension or rapture or ascension. The ascension of humanity to a higher level of being concerns everyone, nobody is left out and forgotten.

I will list the main differences between a family that lives in harmony with spiritual laws, at least believers (not yet knowing) and an atheistic family whose members are strongly influenced by control, consumerism, mindless lifestyle that they readily accept:

The family of believers – they communicate with Me (with any name) through prayers, they are not afraid of the death of the physical body, they do not undergo abortion, thus, the incarnation of another waiting soul is impossible, they hold more together with each other, do not worship money and property, even if they are rich, divide with the poorer, try not to consciously harm others with their thoughts, words and actions…

The family of atheists – its members believe in the absence of God, consider all life as a coincidence, focus on the consumer way of life, often in the style of „after us the flood“, have no problem to rid unborn child of life, they are afraid of death, pursuit earthly „pleasures“, careers, often being envious and not wishing others their success, status and possessions…

Why do I compare families and not individuals here? Because from a spiritual point of view, the family is the interconnection of souls that interact more with each other than groups that are „foreign“ (only in the negative state). During life, everyone changes, someone faster and more distinctively, someone less and almost imperceptibly. Even family relationships are changing. As the light increases, vibrations increase, some people awaken, changes in individual perception of reality accelerate. He/she begins to realize that his/her way of life is unsustainable. His/her closest, thus the family, often perceives it negatively, there are contradictions, mutual alienation. Initially, an awakened member tries to communicate his/her new feelings and knowledge to other family members, but he/she encounters misunderstanding, is often described as a fool, is ridiculed, and it can happen to the husbands or partners breaking up, leaving teenagers out of home, and so on. These are all important spiritual tests that everyone goes through who chooses to liberate their soul from the prison of the negative state (without understanding it on a conscious level). Everyone receives such information, meets such beings (both incarnate and non-embodied) that he/she needs for their spiritual growth. This concerns to everyone without exception, including atheists. Only a person who begins to live consciously understands that nothing is coincidence, sees synchronicity, perceives the intuitive leadership of the higher Self. I repeat: listen to your heart, then you cannot do anything what bring you back to the slavery of the negative state, you will be step by step taken to higher levels of being where you will no longer experience the suffering you know in this incarnation on planet Earth (Zero). Do not be afraid to change your priorities, leave old habits and overcome the fear of the new. I do not invite you to leave your family, your partner, etc. at all costs, because everyone has different conditions, abilities, and soul plans for the liberation from the matrix. Therefore, do not judge others, act in accordance with intuition, and spread love around you. Become a lighthouse on a stormy sea, an oasis in the desert, light at the end of the tunnel…

The next chapter will be devoted to the theme of God’s Word and truth in linear time.

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